In April 2010, the family is planned to visit Saipan Island and Hong Kong. Immediately begin to make preparations. Since I had to handle the passport myself, and my son and wife had to go to work and go to school, it was not easy to ask for leave, so I first handled the passport and Hong Kong Pass in May. On July 5, my wife and son had a holiday, so they all went to get their passports and helped me get them back by the way. Passports take 12 working days and Hong Kong passes take 15 working days, so their passports cannot be obtained until July 26.

In July, I began to look for tour groups to Saipan Island, but Guangzhou did not have them, only in Beijing. So I changed my schedule and wanted to go to Bali. After reading the travel notes for several days, some travel notes and replies mentioned that Phuket Island and PP Island are more beautiful and cheaper. So they began to pay attention to Phuket Island and PP Island. At the same time, I began to prepare for the beach tour.

The preparation work includes understanding the destination situation, various expenses, local tourist attractions, air tickets and hotel orders, and preparing related tourist items. According to other people’s travel notes:

    Phuket Island is located in the Indian Ocean in southern Thailand and is the largest island in Thailand. PP Island is located to the east of Phuket Island. It takes 2 to 3 hours to reach PP Island by boat from Phuket. There are two ships coming and going every day. PP Island is very small, but it is surrounded by beaches. It is very beautiful and suitable for snorkeling. Beach, coral and tropical fish are very attractive. The most beautiful photos of Phuket come from PP Island. Less than PP Island in Phuket is a trip for nothing. Phuket Island’s peak tourist season is from November to April every year. This is the dry season. There is no storm, the water is clear and the sky is blue. The island is full of European and American tourists. Hotels are 100% to 200% more expensive than in the off season. The other time is the off season, which is the rainy season in Thailand. Thunderstorms often occur. The sky is thick with clouds, so the sky is not blue. It rains almost every day, resulting in turbid sea water. However, some tourists said that the rainy season there only rains for a short time every day, which does not affect the play. Phuket Island has many UnionPay ATMs, which can use UnionPay cards to directly withdraw Thai baht. The exchange rate is calculated according to the exchange rate announced in China. Don’t bring RMB for exchange in the past, because the exchange rate is not ideal. If the Thai baht cannot be exchanged in China, you can bring a small amount of US dollars to exchange it in the past. The largest beach on Phuket Island is Patong Patong or Paton. It is very lively, with bars, magic shows, transvestite shows, Carrefour supermarkets, super-many travel agencies and super-many hotels. But the beach is less clean because of the large number of people. Kata Kata Beach is located in the south of Patong. It is relatively clean and has strong waves. It is suitable for surfing. Hotel conditions are relatively good and cheaper. Shopping is convenient, but much worse than Patong. Phuket Airport is located on the sea to the northwest of Phuket Island, about one hour away from Patong. Generally, carpooling is optional, with 150 Thai baht per person and 550 Thai baht per taxi. Phuket Island can rent motorcycles or cars to play. There are police on the island who check their driver’s licenses. If they do not have a driver’s license, they will be fined 250 baht? But after one penalty, they will not be punished again for several days. Some people say it is OK to use a Chinese driver’s license, while others say no. Motorcycles are about 250 Thai baht per day and cars are 600 Thai baht per day, excluding gasoline. Motorcycles need about 60 baht of petrol every day. The traffic on the island is on the left. PP Island is very beautiful and is the essence of island tourism. It is recommended to live on the island for 1 to 2 days. The first choice is snorkeling, followed by watching the sunset at ViewPoint and staring blankly at the beach. PP Island Wharf is called Tongsai Bay Tongsai, and it takes half an hour to climb the mountain to View Point. PP Island hotels and restaurants are more expensive than Phuket, and the conditions are also worse. Snorkeling on PP Island is usually on a long tail boat, which can take 4 to 6 people. The chartered boat has a 4-hour tour of about 1300 Thai baht and a 6-hour tour of about 1800 Thai baht. Usually, I set out in the afternoon to visit 2 to 4 small islands and beaches, including Maya Beach, Mosquito Island, Bamboo Island, etc. I can stop swimming or snorkeling at any time at sea. Return to the sea to watch the sunset. Boatmen can provide snorkeling tools. Snorkeling beaches may have many shells, starfish, sea urchin and coral. You must wear sandals or flippers when entering the sea. It is necessary to bring seasickness medicine to prevent seasickness from affecting the whole day’s play and mood. During the rainy season from May to October every year, you should be careful when swimming at the seaside of Caron, and always pay attention to whether the red warning flag is inserted, because there will be heavy wind and waves during this period of time. Avoid activities near the beach when the red flag is plugged in. Racha Island, or Emperor Island, is 15 minutes by boat from Phuket. Late development, less * *, quiet and high accommodation costs. There are coral reefs, suitable for snorkeling and surfing. Kata Beach is 17 kilometers away from the city and has two beautiful bays, which are W-shaped. The wind here is calm and the sea water is clear and bottomed out. It is suitable for swimming and fishing. This beautiful beach is divided into a big kata and a small kata by a small hill. There are beautiful coral reefs near the south of the bay. In addition, this bay has less wind and waves and cleaner sea water, which is suitable for swimming and snorkeling. ViewPoint is located on a hillside to a high place. When the weather is clear, you can stand in the pavilion of ViewPoint and look down. You can have a panoramic view of the three bays of Kata, Caron and Little Kata. It is also one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. Arrive at Phuket Airport: Free map is available near the Tourist Association counter at the exit, English version; At the exit is the ATM of SCB Bank of Thailand. From the lobby of Phuket Airport, you can take 11 Minibus to 150 B/person to Patong Patong Beach, 180 B/person to Karon Caron Beach and Kata Kata Beach on the left hand side, and take Taxi-Meter (550-700 B/car, including 50TIPS) on the right hand side. There is a bus to Buji Town, 25BATH, there is no need to take a taxi.

Itinerary reservation

When preparing for the trip in early July, I searched for travel notes and saw Ctrip’s free trip to Phuket Island, which lasted for 5 days and was not expensive. Later, I also saw the trip to PP Island of Phuket Island, which lasted for 5 days. I stayed on PP Island for one day and flew directly from Hong Kong to Phuket Island, saving time. The hotel was available and quite good. The total cost of 2 large and 1 small was about 8,900, less than 3,000 per person, including air tickets, hotels, airport shuttle and round-trip tickets to PP Island. Later, I told my father that he also wanted to go, so I placed a new order and scheduled a trip from Guangzhou to Phuket via Bangkok on August 11, with 3 big, 1 small and 2 rooms, with a total cost of about 13,000 and 3,300 each. As Ctrip needed 2 days to process the order and waited 2 days after placing the order, Ctrip called back and said there was no air ticket. It was very disappointed! ! Then I booked the trip on August 14, pushing the time back for 3 days, but worried that Ctrip would spend another 2 days telling me that there was no air ticket, so I went to other websites to try my luck. As a result, the round-trip air ticket from Guangzhou to Phuket was found at 2450 yuan per person on the flying website. Calculating hotel expenses is similar to Ctrip’s, and each has its own advantages:

    Ctrip is a one-stop service for air tickets, hotels, airport transportation and ferry tickets. However, the itinerary cannot be changed, only for 5 days, and PP Island can only live for one day. You can deduct the fee by credit card. Air tickets to fly to the website are booked separately from hotels, and there are no hotels on PP Island. Only online bank transfer or bank transfer is allowed. The itinerary is free, as long as there are tickets, the itinerary for as many days can be decided at will. And the reply was very quick. Within half an hour after placing the order, someone contacted me to determine whether there was a position for the flight. I began to think of a trip to August 11 and back on August 16. But the waiter replied that there was no seat left. Finally, I found a round-trip air ticket for August 16 and 20. As the tickets were all connecting flights in Bangkok, I was worried that I would not be able to catch the second flight due to the delay due to weather or airline reasons and would be left behind in Bangkok. Therefore, I hope to book two flights with less tight connection time. Later, it was learned that the connecting flights were all from Thai Airways, and the luggage did not need to be carried by themselves, but could be passed directly. Moreover, if the flight was delayed due to weather and other reasons, the airline would arrange it. Both companies have a confirmation link, that is, someone will contact for confirmation after placing the order, and then start to deduct the fee. Cancel at any time before confirmation.

Considering that I didn’t want Ctrip to delay me for another 2 days and then tell me that I didn’t have any air tickets, I decided to book air tickets on the flying website together. As the hotel had more choices, I decided to book air tickets first and the hotel would look at them again. Ctrip’s trip was cancelled. Finally, I booked a 6-day trip, starting from Guangzhou on August 16, stopping in Bangkok to transfer to Phuket, and returning from Phuket to Guangzhou via Bangkok on August 21. It is planned to live in Phuket Patong on the 16th, PP Island on the 17th for 2 nights, Phuket Kata Beach on the 19th for 2 nights and return on the 21st. The cost is 2450 yuan per person, with a total of 9,800 for 4 people. There is no discount for children and e-tickets. Since credit card deduction is not supported and online banks do not have so much money, they can only transfer money through ICBC and handle fees in 50 yuan. Since the passports of his wife and son have not yet been issued, the supplementary information will need to be obtained on July 26.

At 6: 30 p.m. On July 30, I finally got back four passports from the office at the visa * * point, all of which have already completed the Thai tourist visa.

Initial itinerary:

August 16: 15:45 Thai flight, leaving Qingyuan at 12 o’clock, take the bus to board the airport. Arrive at the airport around 13 o’clock. Arrive at Bangkok at 17:45, transfer, take off at 19:20 and arrive at Phuket at 20:40. Take a taxi to Patong and check into the hotel. Hotel undecided.

August 17: Get up in the morning to eat breakfast in hotels or restaurants outside, take a walk by the sea, book tickets to and from PP Island at the travel agency, and buy some daily necessities, including drinking water, etc. Check out near noon and have lunch outside the restaurant at noon. Take a boat to PP Island in the afternoon. Stay at PP Island at night. Go to ViewPoint in the evening to watch the sunset or go swimming on the beach. Dinner at the hotel or restaurant, eat seafood BBQ. Hotel undecided.

August 18: Breakfast is eaten in the hotel or outside the hotel. Swimming. Go to the travel agent to set up a long tail boat and start the wonderful trip of the day. Lunch is eaten in a restaurant or on a boat. It is estimated that it will take 4 to 6 hours and about 2,000 Thai baht. Watching the sunset on the boat in the evening. Eat dinner in the restaurant in the evening, seafood BBQ.

August 19: Breakfast is eaten in the hotel or outside the hotel. Swimming, taking photos. In the afternoon, I took a boat back to Phuket. The hotel was booked at Kata Beach. Outside the restaurant for dinner. Hotel undecided.

August 20: Breakfast is eaten in the hotel or outside. Beach swimming, surfing, snorkeling. Shopping, shopping. Lunch, dinner. You can also rent a car or motorcycle to play on Phuket Island.

August 21: After breakfast, you can go to the seaside for a while, check out before 10 o’clock, take a taxi to the airport at 10 o’clock, the 13:05 plane arrives in Bangkok at 14:30, the 16:05 plane takes off from Bangkok and arrives in Guangzhou at 19:55. Take the airport bus back to Qingyuan at about 21:30 and get home safely at 22 o’clock.

Thailand Visa

According to the Internet, from March 10 to March 11, Thailand’s tourist visa is free of charge. You can go to the Thai Consulate by yourself. You can go through the formalities in the morning and not in the afternoon. You can only get a license. Hand in the information as soon as possible in the morning and get the visa in the afternoon. However, more information needs to be provided. Travel companies * * take a long time, usually 3 working days, and need to charge * * fees, usually 50 to 100 yuan. From Taobao, I found a * * point called “Journey to Yangcheng” and only accepted every visa from 20 yuan. And the credit is quite good, many people handle it. Decided to give it a try. I bought 4 * * visas from the Internet. On July 26, my wife went to Guangzhou to get her passport and handed it in together with my father’s and mine for a visa. It is expected that the visa will come out on July 30, just when I go to Guangzhou for training, and I can get my passport at the * * point.

On July 28, I went to Guangzhou to attend the training, and at noon on July 30, I went to Liwan * * Center to get my wife and son’s Hong Kong pass. In the afternoon, I called the passport visa * * point, and the feedback from * * point will not be brought back from the consulate until 6 pm. So after the training at 4: 00 p.m., I walked to the book purchasing center to kill time. It was almost time to arrive at * * o’clock. After waiting for half an hour, I finally got my passport at 6: 30 p.m. So far, the passports of the four people and Thai visas have been completed.


Strictly speaking, Thai cuisine should include soup, curry plates filled with condiments, sauce used to dip in fish and vegetables, sometimes spiced salads can be used instead of curry plates, or you can freely combine various sauces and spices to bring up meals suitable for your taste. Andaman Sea Fresh in Patong Beach: Phuket’s seafood is famous for its large number of fish, crabs and squid, especially the fresh and delicious prawns and lobsters rich in Andaman Sea. In Phuket, seafood, whether Thai, Chinese or Western, can keep the original taste and delicacy of seafood. SavoeySeafood: A famous seafood restaurant on Patong Beach. There are three halls to choose from, one is an indoor air-conditioned hall, one is an ocean view hall near the beach, and the other is like a stall. The price is the same and the consumption is about 400-500 Thai plants per person. Curry crab and Dongyingong soup are the special dishes here. Address: 136 ThawewongRoadPatong. PatongSeafoodRestaurant: Facing the sea directly, the geographical location is excellent. You can enjoy the beautiful sea view while eating. Many tourists are attracted to it. Yellow and green curry and water spinach are the characteristics here, and the varieties of water spinach are different from those in China. Seafood tastes authentic and the price will be slightly higher. Usually, a dinner for four people costs about 2500-3000 Thai baht. 99 seafood stall: a street in seafood stall near Th bang_La, of which restaurant 99 is a restaurant opened by Fujian Chinese. What it has done is more in line with the taste of the Chinese people and has been affirmed by many netizens. Fried rice with oysters and pineapples is very worthwhile. The fat taste of raw oysters, the ripe pineapple and various seafood mixed with the taste of Thailand’s top fragrant rice, is not found in China. Classic old shops in Phuket Town: Classic old shops are basically concentrated in Phuket Town and mainly deal in food with traditional Phuket characteristics. Natural Restaurant: As its name implies, the restaurant environment is surrounded by green plants and goes up the wooden ladder built by the store itself. The semi-open seat is like eating in the forest. All the dining tables in the store are modified with sewing machines. The specialty here is Sweet and Sour Spicy Phuket BeanSalad, which is a kind of long beans with crab feet cut up and mixed with pork, dried chili, shrimp and squid feet. It is a spicy dish. Located in 62/5 L Soi Phutorn Bangkok Rd, open 12:00-24:00 hours. Lin Laixiang Bird’s Nest: Southern Thailand is the main bird’s nest producing area in Southeast Asia. Mr. Deng Hanxiang, owner of Linlaixiang Bird’s Nest, started to trade bird’s nest in Bangkok 20 years ago. Now the store not only sells bird’s nest products, but also has stewed rock sugar bird’s nest, coconut bird’s nest and other bird’s nest of various flavors, which cost 200 Thai plants per bowl. Bird’s Nest Store is located in Phun Phon Rd, south of Phuket Town, and is open from 9: 00 to 18: 00.

Local Features: Phuket also has some unique local dishes, such as Nam Prik Goong Siab, Khanom Chin, Phuket’s kaeng luang and Tao So, which are completely different from the Thai dishes you taste in other parts of Thailand and are definitely worth a try. Vegetarian Festival: Every year from the first day of the ninth lunar month to the ninth day of the ninth lunar month is the Phuket Vegetarian Festival (also known as the Nine Imperial Lent Festival), which is a grand gathering of delicious food together with the Seafood Festival in May. At that time, the festive atmosphere will turn into the digestion power of your intestines and stomach, urging you to enjoy special festive food with the local people. Ice cream shops: Some famous ice cream shops such as Haagen-Dazs and DQ often cost half of the domestic price in Phuket Island. Those who like ice cream can have a good time here.


Phuket specialties mainly include batik products, tin wares and cashew nuts. It is mainly concentrated in large department stores and supermarkets in Phuket Town, which are located on several major roads such as Ratsada, Yaowarat Road and Tilok-Uthit. In addition, Patong Beach is also a very important shopping place. Other beaches such as Kata, Caron and Lavey can also buy some souvenirs. Phuket Town Shopping Super Shopping Center: In recent years, some internationally renowned super shopping centers have successively settled in Phuket Town, such as Tesco Lotus and BigC. In these two large supermarkets, you can buy a variety of things such as food, clothing and daily use at relatively low prices, including the local local specialties brought back. Tesco Lotus and BigC are both located in the western suburbs of Phuket Town. On Chaofawest Road leading to Patong Beach, the two supermarkets are 10 minutes’ walk adjacent and open from 9:30 to 22:00. Central Festival: It is the largest department store in Phuket Town. Whether shopping or watching movies, it can bring brand-new shopping and entertainment experiences to tourists coming to Phuket. The first floor has NARAYA’s monopoly, which is cheaper than that in China. The top floor is a cinema. The Body Shop, Boots, Watsons, Levi’s, NaRaYa and other specialty stores can be found here. The mall is also located on Chaofawest Road leading to Patong Beach, close to BigC Supermarket. Business hours 11: 00-22: 00.

Robinson Department Store: This Thai chain department store is located on Tilok-Uthit Road. Its size and variety are similar to those of department stores in the first-tier major cities in China. There are also some boutiques in the store. Business hours 10:00-22:00.

Street Market: Although the weekend market in Phuket Town is far smaller than that in Bangkok, there are also many food, clothing and use. The whole market can be divided into indoor, outdoor and catering. Hand-woven necklace ornaments are much cheaper than other places. The food area is dominated by snacks, steamed clams, fried fish balls, glutinous rice coconuts, etc., and 100 Thai baht can be eaten to full. The weekend fair is located between Luang Pho Watchalong Road and Phang Nga Road, with stalls set up every Saturday and Sunday from 15: 00 to 20: 00. Patong Beach Shopping Super Shopping Center: There is a Carrefour near Bang-La Road, where you can buy all kinds of materials and food at relatively low prices. There is Nivea’s 50-fold sunscreen suit (including post-sun repair), which is enough to resist the sun exposure of the island. Large Department Store: JuncceylonShoppingMall is the most fashionable and largest shopping place newly built on Patong Beach. It consists of two buildings, with free performances and band performances between the two buildings. Many sports brands and Levi’s jeans here are cheaper than those in China. Junceylon is not far from Carrefour and is open from 11: 00 to 22: 00. Street market: The beach is dominated by small shops and street markets. Among them, the most popular street market is Patong Night Market, which walks along Thaweewong Road beside the beach to Bang-La Road. The streets and lanes are full of shops, from handmade necklaces to styled candles, from all kinds of swimsuits to slippers and sandals. When shopping here, one must remember to compare goods with three, and the counter-offer can be reduced by 60%, so that one can buy favorite souvenirs and gifts at a psychological price. Most businesses can communicate in English, and evening is the busiest time here. Business hours: noon-23:00.

Tax refund: all shops that can refund tax have the obvious sign of VATRefond at the cash register. A single store can fill in the form if it buys enough 2,000 baht, and can get a 7% tax refund if it accumulates 5,000 baht. Take the tax refund form to the airport to find the customs to check and stamp it. After leaving the DutyRefundOffice near the duty-free shop, you can directly return the cash. Each person will charge a handling fee of 100 Thai baht. It is suggested that peers should handle it together.