Sorry, I opened it today and found that the itinerary for the first day was deleted. I didn’t know that Yododo had a what problem, so I made up 13.09. 05 again.

13.05.10 Shanghai-> There was an incident before Shimizu set out. In order not to let my parents know that I had gone to Japan “again and again”, I told a beautiful white lie, claiming that I had gone to Southeast Asia to bask in the sun and get rid of mildew. However, the yen plummeted. When it fell to 6.45 of my psychological price, I couldn’t sit still and exchanged 80,000 yen directly. The 80,000 yen was put in the drawer for fear of being exposed by my mother, so I folded it up one by one and hid it in the ticket book. When I was hiding, I was still thinking that I wouldn’t even be able to remember where to put it… When I think about it afterwards, I already knew the future at that time. Two weeks before my departure, when I began to prepare my luggage, I suddenly found that little Qian Qian was missing. ) One morning, the cat went through the drawer of the house and couldn’t find me. I just vaguely remembered that I had hidden the money and it was hidden in a place where my mother would never find it, but I couldn’t remember where I was hiding it when I was killed. Finally, out of the idea of a large number of people and great strength, I told my parents the truth and mobilized them to help me find it. I didn’t find it for a weekend, so I fed the money to the cat, adjusted my mind and went to the bank to exchange 100,000 yen (which fell to 6.3 at this time). Then my dear mother called me, and she actually found me this sad and happy mood. Who can understand it?

So I took 130,000 yen in cash (the remaining 50,000 yen is in the bank waiting to appreciate, although I still hope it can continue to fall in my heart) and embarked on my sixth journey to Japan without any expectation (this time the destination is very clear. Shizuoka and Yamanashi, the two rural (hello) plans that hate each other for which side of Mount Fuji is more beautiful, are plump. They fly directly from Shanghai to Shizuoka Airport, stay in Shimizu for one night, and buy Izu Dream PASS the next day to take a ferry to Izu Peninsula. If they are lucky, they can enjoy the majestic side of Mount Fuji on the ferry. Unfortunately, the reality is bony, On the day of departure, I will not say anything about it from Shanghai to Shizuoka. The plane was also hit by strong air and fell like a roller coaster. There was a burst of alarm in the cabin. The only advantage is that there are too few people on board (the fourth doctor of China Eastern Airlines, who was expressionless when checking in as if I had stolen his money, threw the air ticket to me casually and said that when he got on the plane, there were only 29 people in total), so it took only 5 minutes from gliding to opening the hatch. It attracted everyone’s chorus of admiration (^ ^) 8 (^ ^ *). Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for me to be happy. When I entered the country for inspection, I experienced the first time in my life that I was unpacked. The enthusiasm of the customs eldest brother asked me more than N questions and kept praising me for my good Japanese. After thinking about it, I was not left behind just because I spoke Japanese well. Those who used BODY LANGUAGE to communicate in front of me clearly cleared customs soon. So I let go, the customs eldest brother opened not my suitcase, but loneliness (o; ) o “Shizuoka Airport is also a small airport. You need to take the local Jingtie bus to get to the city. There are two buses, one goes directly to Shizuoka Station, and the other goes to Shimada and then changes to JR. Recently, the Japanese are a bit unreliable. Last year, they were completely trapped in Hokkaido and Tokyo (a night train suddenly changed carriages and the two stores suddenly changed rest time). This time, they also met. The timetable of the official website found in advance was temporarily renovated, and finally they caught the bus to Shimada under the enthusiastic guidance of INFO. After arriving at Shimada Station, I first pulled out SUICA, which can be used in most parts of Kanto. In the past, my understanding of SUICA was really superficial. I only knew to brush it when I entered and left the station. This time I realized that so many convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and even scenic spots could be used, which was much less labor-saving than collecting a lot of small change. I happened to meet the rush hour after work on Friday, which made me feel nauseous all the way. I also thought that I could not do it. When I arrived at the hotel, I quickly washed and slept. As a result, when I got off the bus and was blown by the salty and wet sea breeze, I was as energetic as FRANKY who drank Coke. Touching the riverside city opposite, which specializes in eating sea food, I casually picked a family that is open and sat down to eat. Delicious Chinese rice (although the sashimi is not as fat as imagined, the vinegar rice below is still very good) and it is clearly 5 pm that there is still a special meal for the afternoon market, plus the fried shrimp cake and delicious flavor soup at the back, which is only 1500 yen. In an instant, I was resurrected with blood and found the hotel I stayed in with my luggage. To be honest, the business hotels near Shimizu Station are really expensive. They are all over 4000 yen. It is very difficult to find the 3900 yen home, which is still a smoking room. Moreover, COMMENT on RAKUTEN said there is a karaoke on the first floor. After hesitating for half a day, I still spent an extra 300 yen to choose a non-smoking room type (this 300 yen was offset by RAKUTEN’s points) and specifically indicated that I must be given a quiet room. Finally, the 7th floor was high enough and I slept soundly. By the way, I also sent a bottle of Fuji Mountain natural water. There are also tea bags specializing in Shizuoka County in the room. Although they are not worth much money, there are always two stops in Shimizu, a happy by citizen, who has something to take. Local people may use the new Shimizu opposite the hotel more frequently. However, for sightseeing, they should be familiar with JR Shimizu Station because there are two free buses at its gate. One class leads to DREAM PLAZA (Maruko Museum is in its 3L) and the other class leads to Shimizu Port (sailing directly to Tufei Port in West Izu by boat). In the 1L exhibition hall, Hu Ge was actually photographed (now Xi Ge is on stage, ah, I will treat you with a crime of disrespect. Oh (Ji) Very funny ninja maze city. The highlight, Maruko Museum. In fact, my feelings for Maruko are the same. Among the primary school students in Japan who will never grow up, Conan Jun is the favorite, followed by Dream A. However, I may come to Shimizu once in my life, so I have to see if it is not. This is basically the scene restoration. Apart from collecting all kinds of STAMP, there is no other interaction, which is much worse than Gangchang Aoyama’s Hometown Pavilion and the Three Eagles’ Mori. If you are satisfied with playing in one place, you will not want to buy souvenirs. If you are not satisfied, you will want to bring something back. Shizuoka’s specialty tea is green and green. The fish cake bought only because it is cute, but the facts have proved that it is really just cute. (-) Qingshui-> Soil and Fertilizer-> Xiatian-> Hejin

I got up early in the morning and heard the sound of rain all over the world. I turned on the TV and even noticed that if the hotel had not been booked, I would definitely have chosen to take JR all the way to the hot sea and then change buses to enter the Izu Peninsula. But who makes me full of expectation for the hot spring hotel in Hejin? So I dragged my luggage case to the platform of the free SHUTTLE BUS in the heavy rain. As expected, I was the only one who got on the bus. Although I felt very sorry for the uncle who drove here specially, it was better than not letting him run empty. Here, let’s briefly introduce the best companion to visit Izu Peninsula: Izu DREAM PASS (hereinafter referred to as DP, is divided into three routes: Golden Road: 5890 yen, Shimizu-Tufei Ferry once, Tufei to Xiatian Outer Ring East China Sea Bus for 3 days, Izu Express for 3 days. The reason why it is called Huang Jinlu is that it takes the peripheral route through Huang Jinqi. When the weather is clear, you can see the very beautiful sunset of Xiyi Bean. Wasabi Road: 6500 yen, clear water-soil fertilizer ferry once, soil fertilizer to Xiatian’s inner ring East China Sea bus to take at will within 3 days, Izu Express to take at will within 3 days. The advantage of taking this route is that you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery of Izu. Fuji See Road: 4640 yen, Shimizu-Tufei Ferry Once, Tufei to Xiusan Temple East China Sea Bus Free to Take in 2 Days, Xiusan Temple to Mishima Izu Hakone Railway Free to Take in 2 Days. As the name implies, this route is to see Mount Fuji, and you can also soak in the famous Xiushan Temple Hot Spring. Because it is impossible to play around before arriving at the hotel in Hejin with a large box, Wasabi Road is meaningless to me (the number of buses in rural Japan is also pitifully small), so I paid 10,000 yen to buy Golden Road DP. As a result, my little sister told me by her calculator that it only costs 2,950 yen. Huh? Can’t be a mistake, isn’t it 5890 yen? My little sister and I reconfirmed, As a result, I was told that I was offering half-price concessions now, so I was in a good mood. Even if the torrential rain completely blocked my good wish to enjoy Mount Fuji at sea, even if the waves rolled and shocked me, even if I almost vomited it out, even if I was drenched like a drowned rat and didn’t go anywhere in a day, I couldn’t stop my good mood of 3,000 yen.

After that, I checked the official website again. The discount started 4 days before I arrived. It was really LUCKY. By the way, this activity will continue until March 31 next year. Those who want to go must hurry. He also sent a postcard celebrating the success of Mount Fuji’s application for World Heritage (it was finally wet by heavy rain;)

The boat is an ordinary sightseeing boat. When the weather is fine, you can go to the deck to watch the sunset. However, today, even I, a total of less than 10 guests, all nest indoors, chewing potato sticks that become more and more addictive, drinking canned coffee, and then getting seasick and lying down 30 minutes after sailing.

When I arrived at the other shore, I felt relieved to be redeemed and gave a figure to the distant ship.

However, the rain was getting heavier. Fortunately, the BUS station in Tufei Port had INFO to take shelter from the rain. After waiting for 20 minutes, the bus arrived. I rushed excitedly to the bus bound for Xiushan Temple. Fortunately, the driver’s grandfather probably met many people who got on the wrong bus. He asked me about my destination with great experience and then told me that it would be 5 minutes before the bus went to Matsuzaki. It was a close call. You know, the price to pay for getting on the wrong bus in the Japanese countryside was very heavy ∑ ()! !

After that, I changed buses all the way. If the weather is fine, the sea view along the way should be extremely beautiful, not to mention now. After 2 hours, he arrived at Xiatian smoothly, found it and ordered a sea bowl. The aunts in the store are very enthusiastic and the taste can only be said to be average, although crab flavor soup and other side dishes are delicious.

Soaked to the skin, I went out and found that I was already getting off the cat and getting off the dog. I had no choice but to give up all my plans and take Izu to Hejin’s Hot Spring Hotel Stone. It was said that the first day of accommodation in Izu was originally intended to live in Xiatian, but later it was found that the location was very partial. There are quite a few beside Hejin Station, and it is relatively cheap after the season of Hejin Sakura. The reason why this family was chosen is for their special soup. Put on hemp clothes and lie in a large room paved with hot spring heated ore to help promote blood circulation, open pores and reduce pressure. The time is within 10 minutes at a time, depending on everyone’s bearing capacity. Anyway, my endurance cannot be compared with that of those ninja turtles. I am the first to escape every time. However, as long as you buy this COURSE, you can go in and challenge several times. Generally, everyone will blow and drink water in the nearby lounge so as to carry out the next challenge. In a sense, I should thank the heavy rain, which made me unable to go anywhere in the hotel, so I went in and challenged 10 times. After coming out, the whole body was white and bright and the skin was smooth and tender. The key was that what’s waist soreness and backache were all well and he slept soundly at night. On the other side of the hotel, there is a public hot spring (separate for men and women). It is most comfortable to make soup or something after sweating all over.

There is a riverside lounge on the first floor, but there are a group of smoking uncles, so I went back to the room on the second floor to rest. This is divided into smoking/non-smoking rooms and rooms/foreign rooms. I was originally going to book non-smoking rooms and rooms, but when I looked at the picture, the non-smoking rooms did not have balconies, so I booked smoking rooms and rooms instead. As soon as the door was pushed open, I cheered. How could I pinch it so cleverly? Outside the balcony is green hills and waters.

After that, all day long, I sat by the window and drank tea gracefully, enjoying the drowned rats galloping along the road gracefully.

Forgot the price, This simple accommodation is 5,000 yen (you can soak in ordinary hot springs, but not mineral hot springs) and 6,800 yen if mineral hot springs are added. Moreover, I can continue to soak after checking out the next day (I didn’t have this heart after seeing the long-lost sunrise the next morning). There is no traditional Huaishi cuisine COURSE, only some simple snacks (curry rice is 500 yen, which tastes good), so the aunt at the front desk suggested that I simply order a take-out. Speaking of which, I haven’t introduced the aunt at the front desk yet, He looks very much like PUB’s mother Sang, At first I was a little scared, As a result, after two days of contact with her, I found out that he was really a very kind person. I took good care of myself as a crooked nut. I explained in great detail all the way how to take a bath, drink more water, even if it was hot, don’t always blow the wind and be careful of catching cold. I also ate oranges and made hot tea. Even after she changed shifts, she specially instructed the following aunt to prepare me with a replacement set of clothes. Compared with those grandfathers who met in Yidong after I checked out and bowed and watched me go away, this aunt was really just a warm aunt next door, full of human touch ((‘_’) 13.05. 12 Hejin-> Tufei-> Yidong

Early in the morning, I woke up with the cheerful singing of birds. I opened the window and saw the long-lost sunshine. Even the fragrance of flowers floated in the humid air. How can I fail to live up to such a beautiful morning? I immediately went out of the door with my camera on my back.

The hotel is very close to the sea and is only a few steps away.

Give some sunshine and it will be brilliant, which is a true portrayal of me.

It’s a pity that I am still lazy. If I got up earlier, I might have seen the sunrise in East Izu.

711 Matcha Buffy (290 yen) is the best! It’s really the best! ! ! After watching the interview with President 711 in the temple, Murakami Takashi said that under the economic downturn, everyone went straight to the cheap price, but in fact there were still a considerable number of customers who were pursuing slightly more expensive but better goods. 711 took this route. President, you are really wise. I can say responsibly that the quality of this dessert in your family far exceeds that sold in some caf é. Next to it was Gree Gao’s, who bought it only after seeing the temple. The new jelly, which claims to be scattered as soon as it is shaken, did not feel particularly brilliant.

Go back to Hejinchuan.

Crossing the vermilion bridge is Hejin Station.

I took this because I thought that the former author of Heitalia said that when she came to China, she was shocked to see that the fake HELLO KITTY had a mouth. I would like to say, your own fake goods also have mouths, ok (` ´) ~.

In front of Hejin Station in the morning.

After a walk, I checked out and took my luggage to the hotel in Yidong. I checked my luggage first. At this moment, I was still sitting in the most common Izu and could see such a beautiful sea view.

It was already lunchtime when I arrived at Xiatian again. I found Song smoothly by relying on the great GOOGLE map APP. It was also a famous store. The store was basically full. How could the Tian Ji made be so bad to eat?

Naturally, I had to take a good walk and digest the greasy food. I was going to climb the sleeping posture mountain. Later, I heard that I could not climb it because of the monopoly of the cable car, so I had to walk around aimlessly. As a result, I accidentally found an excellent scenic spot for free mountain climbing and sea view: Xiatian Park.

The advantage is that it is unknown and basically no one climbs, so the whole journey is original ecology. The disadvantage is that it is too original, All kinds of lizards are running around and my heart is about to jump out (imagine, In the mountain where there was only the sound of my own footsteps, suddenly there was the sound of Zissoso in the grass, and then a long thing jumped out … …) so at last I ran down the mountain screaming (thanks to the heavy rain yesterday, my leather shoes were wet, so I came to climb the mountain in CROCS sandals, and running was called a fast one.

If you are as daring as I am, I don’t recommend you to spend one hour hitting those viewing platforms. In fact, you can overlook the whole Xiatian Port as long as you climb for 5 minutes. Wild flowers on the roadside. After climbing for half an hour, I climbed the first viewing platform. The scenery is not as good as the previous effortless (` ´) ~. The second viewing platform (-_-), which climbed for half an hour, only the blue sky is still so pleasing to the eye.

Running down the mountain to see the long-lost main road was really a bitter tear. ) Clouds are beginning to gather again. PERRY ROAD, imagine Lijiang, the same. Remind passing car owners to be careful of cats flying out. There is a cat waiting to cross the road nearby. This tangled wire is also a major feature of neon. Because DP couldn’t take the special Izu dancer, it took 40 more minutes before knowing how worthwhile it was. The conscience train, RESORT 21, which does not need to collect more money at all, made its grand debut. Each carriage in the middle has the same structure. The front of the car is even more powerful. The palm of the car runs on the second floor, so the first floor is a large floor-to-ceiling window + stepped seats. No wonder I saw a group of Japanese rushing to the front of the car to grab seats. I have taken many trains from south to north in Japan, and RESORT 21 is currently ranked first. Imagine that I can take such trains indefinitely in 3 days for only 190 soft coins, not counting the cost of other ships and buses. Is this a business? It was NPO. I originally planned to climb Xiaoshi Mountain in Kawasaki. Thanks to the comfort of RESORT 21, I gave up this seemingly relaxed HIKING COURSE, which I didn’t know how TOUGH was, and returned directly to Yidong. This god is also too happy ( ̄  ̄). The family is called caf é. Please remember its name and never go. I have never eaten such a bad Buffy (800 yen) in my life. Apart from two POCKY and bad fruits, there is only ice cream. Help, I really want them to eat 711 matcha buffy (290 yen) and see the configuration of convenience stores, matcha rolls, cream, cheese, pudding, red beans. This is Buffy, okay? Your family sells tricolor cups, okay? Kiss (-) the sea near the hotel. A foot of sand was poured. Shan Xi’s tour was booked for two nights. The first night was Subo, only 4,000 yen, and the second night was 7,500 yen with two meals. Oversized and room with washstand, balcony, refrigerator and safe. Hot springs and toilets (for men and women) are public. The lobby on the first floor has a special banquet hall and a small room for two meals. The hotel is jointly managed by a group of grandfathers and grandmothers. The service is absolutely considerate. It is the first time I have seen my name posted there in the shoe cabinet. When I go out, someone is waiting on my shoes and bowing to watch the guests stay away. Ah, I forgot to say hot springs. May is fine. It is estimated that I will freeze to death if I go to soak in winter. Be cautious. 13.05.13 Yidong-> Chengchengqi Coast-> Xiaoshi Mountain-> Yidong Kengdad’s weather forecast for Japan has changed from day to day for three days. Last night, it was reported that it was sunny to cloudy. When I got up, it was already cloudy.

JR’s chain caf é can brush SUICA. The taste is just like that. It is convenient to make a figure. After all, it can decide how much time to eat according to the train time.

Today’s destination is Chengchengqi Coast. In fact, the fastest way is to take the East China Sea bus. I also went to INFO specially to ask DP if I could take it, but the result was not good. This point should also be criticized by DP’s official website. It is called an unclear one. It means that buses in the East China Sea can be taken at will within 3 days. In fact, only buses with soil fertilizer to Xiatian can be taken. Izu is used in areas where Izu is urgent.

However, I still recommend Izu to sit down in the city and walk by himself. All the way is covered with forests and the air is fresh. Moreover, there is absolutely no possibility of getting lost on this avenue and it will arrive unconsciously.

You can also see all kinds of caf é and handicraft workshops along the way.

Cats everywhere.

Towering old trees.

When I arrived, I found that the cloudy day was also very beautiful and had a desolate feeling.

The suspension bridge, with the sea on one side and various black boulders on the other, is very oppressive.

Because I came out wearing sandals, I also jumped up and down and climbed a long way (it is not recommended for everyone to learn, after all, this is a cliff, and accidents and deaths occur every year) and took several photos for people on the way.

The coast of Chengchengqi is very close to Izu Four Seasons Flower Park. I can walk along the forest path or along the avenue. I was scared by lizards the day before, so I followed a group of aunts across the avenue.

Clearly it was May, and somehow there was a sweet fragrance of sweet osmanthus floating in the forest.

A blooming cuckoo.

Tickets 500 (half price from 3: 30, SUICA)

Flowers themselves are actually ordinary.

The selling point is actually here, the garden by the sea.

Sitting on the swing for a long time is actually a little regrettable. If you come when the weather is fine, what a beautiful scenery you can see.

The return trip was very southern, but I was in the mood to appreciate it at first. After that, the long uphill road almost didn’t tire me down. As I was about to reach the finish line, I met a little Japanese elder brother who asked me if there was a convenience store nearby. I told him responsibly that I had been wandering around here for nearly 4 hours and had not seen any convenience store.

First of all, I would like to thank GOOGLE map. The search function is extremely powerful. The Lamian Noodles store I am looking for is called Fu 0. When I played a Fu and began to hesitate how to play the middle circle, the name Fu 0 jumped out automatically. Of course, following NAVI to the back door is not worth mentioning. When I was wandering around the back door, I also glanced at my boss. After I entered the door, the boss said that everyone with NAVI would touch the back door.

Super delicious soy sauce barbecued pork noodles 800 yen, although their family’s characteristic is sparerib noodles

After eating and drinking, I returned to Chengqi Station. I originally wanted to make foot soup in the station. As a result, the car had already arrived and I jumped up to Chuan Nai Station.

The most convenient way to go to Xiaoshi Mountain is to take the East China Sea bus and take it directly to the foot of the mountain. Of course, in order to attract hikers, the official website also lists COURSE who walked from Chennai, claiming that it only takes 40 minutes. As soon as I looked at the little case, I set off foolishly. At that time, I didn’t know that all the way was a very steep uphill road. !

Seeing that Xisong House can turn, remember that it is the turn in the opposite direction to Xisong House. The sign on their road is wrong. Thank you again for the great GOOGLE map, otherwise I didn’t know where to go around to what (# ` ‘) Convex

It is not pleasant to walk alone on the desolate road, so when I reached the foot of the mountain, I had already taken out a little money and was ready to take the cable car up the mountain. But just as I was preparing to pay, I remembered the hardships of climbing up the road. I gritted my teeth and persevered for such a long journey, but this small hillside depends on external forces. I am sure I will never forgive myself for the rest of my life. ) He gritted his teeth and continued to climb.

I will walk till the water checks my path, then sit and watch the rising clouds. After climbing exhausted, my eyes suddenly opened up, and this kind of emotion will never be forgotten. Thank you for not giving up halfway.

Of course, this kind of romance is only a matter of more than ten minutes, and then I have to return to Chennai Station on the original journey. It really hurts my knees. It happened that there were only a few buses in the countryside a day, and when I went down the mountain, I didn’t have to take it. (The following omits the pain of returning 1000 words

At the post office, I brought a special postcard from Shizuoka County. As a result, when I got into the station, there was a car coming. Grandpa kindly told me that I didn’t need to buy a ticket. He threw me a certificate of getting on the bus and asked me to rush up.

When I returned to the hotel, I was already tired. I confirmed the dinner time with my grandfather. By the way, I advanced the breakfast time the next day by 30 minutes and went to take a bath. Eight hours of hiking a day are all uphill and downhill, without even a piece of flat ground, which is a break of one’s own record.

The banquet hall on the first floor is for those group guests. Individual guests like me are invited to eat in small rooms. All right, otherwise it would be embarrassing to sit outside and eat alone.

As soon as the dish was served, I was dumbfounded. The quantity was too small, and there was not even a dessert, let alone fruit. With the comparison of last year’s Dong Ye, I sincerely ( ̄  ̄; ) At last I was comforted by the fact that each dish was very good and was really cooked with heart. However, give me another chance and I will definitely choose to have a good meal outside. )

13.05.14 Yidong-> Hot Sea-> National-> Eight Princes

This breakfast, together with last night’s dinner, is worth 3,500 yen. This is purely a joke (dish #), but for the sake of good taste and the considerate service of the grandfathers and grandmothers, forget it.

In the nearby Donghai Pavilion, people can also live here. There are foreign backpackers’ favorite lodging rooms and separate rooms to choose from (only 2 people are allowed to book, otherwise I will definitely live here)

The entrance to Shop Street.

Go straight ahead is the Tanghua Trail, and you can return to Yidong Station after wearing it.

I came to the hot sea in a slow train with a thud. I trotted along to save my suitcase and then went to find the bus. I won’t say anything about the recent unreliability of the Japanese. Anyway, I didn’t find the bus on the official website. The next bus has 30 minutes left, so I went to my family to buy some dessert and then took the Donghai bus to & when I came back. In fact, if you have time, it is recommended to take a bus to go up and then walk down by yourself. The scenery is very beautiful along the coast.

Tickets were 1,000 yen, and I only spent 800 yen on the coupon on the official website, and then I got a very cheap ticket with no collection value. It is estimated that this part of the printing cost was saved.


After leaving the off-duty bus for some time, I went to buy some hand letters. As a result, I saw a special SHUTTLE BUS parked there as soon as I went out. It really doesn’t matter whether I check it in advance or not. It’s just RP.

After that, there was a long reversal. First, I took the ordinary JR line to Odahara. This section of the line was parallel to Tokaido Shinkansen, so the fare was expensive. I was charged 400 yen for a few stops. After arriving at Odahara, change to Odahara and rush to Machida, and finally change to Yokohama to go to Eight Princes. The reason why we have to take such a tortuous route is that It is because Yamanashi and Shizuoka are blocked by Mount Fuji, there is no train communication between them, the only high-speed bus also starts from Shimizu, and the time is extremely abnormal, so if you want to complete the tour around Fuji like me, you must go around Shizuoka to Kanagawa, then return to Tokyo, and finally start from Tokyo to Yamanashi.

First go to the hotel to deposit the luggage, then go to the Oz store to eat soup curry. After eating it once in Sapporo last year, I will never forget it. I didn’t expect this taste in Tokyo to be so authentic. Although it was so hot, I still drank all the soup with sweat. 5-star recommendation

I went to Musashi Xiaojinjing and took the DVD of the white face that was kept by the baby. I finally managed to put it into my backpack, but I was in a panic. Then set off for the national * *.

Last year, I dragged my bags to the door and found the black tea shop that had temporarily changed the rest time. This year, I finally didn’t play any more games.

MILK TEA BLEND, CHAI BLEND, DIMBULA and ASSAM each received 100g. When the bill was checked out, the four doctors asked me if I liked making milk tea by myself. I said yes, so she sent me two packages of other black tea samples that could also be made milk tea, LUCKY o (≥ v ≤) o ~ ~

After that, I wandered around the country. Although there were many groceries, I was used to DAISO and Taobao. I was really not in the mood to buy those expensive ones.

For dinner bought in the supermarket, sweet shrimp is the best, forget it.

The rice flour bread of a national family tastes glutinous.

All kinds of soybean milk are really delicious.

Let’s talk about the Eight Princes Hotel. Although this is a suburb of Tokyo, it is at least a prosperous suburb. Therefore, the business hotel is expensive and expensive. Finally, it ordered 3,750 yen for the Three Princes. Here, I would like to remind you that every time RAKUTEN orders, you can choose whether to let the hotel send you all kinds of PR. This must be checked. I received the news that COUPON was robbed of 500 yen one month after the reservation. At that time, the company’s Internet speed was extremely slow, and I was afraid that I would not be able to get it late. Finally, my mobile phone was unsubscribed and my computer was re-subscribed successfully. At a price of 3,250 yen, it is really a great value. Although it is located in * * and the room is not large, it has everything. After successfully killing a mosquito, I turned on the air conditioner and fell asleep. ~ zzZ