As my younger brother went to Bangkok on a business trip, I was a little overwhelmed by the fact that I had not been abroad. I quickly applied for a passport and visa with LG.

Passport: 200 yuan/person (the photo was taken when the Hong Kong and Macao pass was issued before, and the police officer said it could be used.)

Visa: 100 yuan/person (Thailand visa-free fee by the end of March, (* _ _ *) hee hee… saved!) I found a company that signed on behalf of me, Suning Universal on Guangzhou Road, and the service was good! You can also handle it through Ctrip! It is better to have my signature on the last page of the passport.

We started diving together. After collecting detailed strategies, we started to do it! Air tickets are so expensive! Finally, I saw that Thai Airlines has a package ticket from Guangzhou, which is cheaper than China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines. Guangzhou-Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Phuket-Bangkok-Guangzhou has a total of 4,250/person (including all infrastructure fuel costs). If the time is sufficient, you can buy cheaper ones. I have received the lowest quotation of 3,280/person, but the time is not suitable for me! Before, I also planned to order a low-cost airline. Finally, I added up the price of each segment to be about the same. Moreover, Thai Airways is much better in both hardware and software. There is also a guarantee of time! Later, it proved that my decision was wise and SHEN WOO’s!

3.24出发:南京–广州,与LG在白云机场会合转机TO曼谷。广州出境后的机场免税店好多DD很便宜,尤其是烟草类的,曼谷那边的品种没这里多,而且那边的包装很可怕!我拿起来看了一下就赶紧扔掉了。(都是吸烟不好的宣传画,好恶心!)但不能多买,要不泰国那边不让过。下午准点14:40坐上了飞曼谷的飞机,泰航的宽体客机比国内的小飞机要平稳多了!服务也不错,食物也很丰富。由于是国际航班空姐,空哥都会些中文,沟通起来还比较方便。当地时间17:00抵达曼谷(有一个小时时差,要将手表调慢一小时)。取行李,入境只要顺着**就不会错了。(本人英文水平有限,能看懂一点,但听不太懂,哑巴英语的悲哀!LG出来是充当了挑夫和保镖的重担,一般对外交流都是我。)找到了7-11买了一张SIM卡199B叫HAPPY CARD(一点都不HAPPY,这是我最失误的地方了,扣钱那个狠啦,简直就是个无底洞!弟弟告诉我买的卡名字我忘了。)7–11对面就是机场快线和CITY LINE到市区,很方便。(后来搞清了,走的是一条线,机场快线速度快,价格高些。)我乘的是CITY LINE到Makkasan,35B/人。(机场快线要100B/人)下站后直接打车去住处,弟弟给我安排住在他附近叫SV CITY (这是单身公寓,他们单位出来的都住这,150B/晚,环境不错,虽然位置有点偏但交通还算方便吧,能看到湄南河。)在这里碰到宰客的了。一个泰国小伙问我去哪,说的是泰语,我就把弟弟给我的泰文和英文的地址给他看了,他还很热情的搬了两把椅子给我和LG。怕怕!周围的人没这待遇!他不会英文,伸了三个指头,意思我懂了是300B,我迷迷糊糊的点了点头,一会车来了,他跑到司机那里咕噜了一阵子,司机给了他些钱,多少就不清楚了。我们上车后,他让我给司机300B,我没理他,就对司机说:By meter!之前在攻略上看过有这种情况,最后司机把给他的钱要了回来,给我打了表!到了住处表上显示120B,我给了司机150B,算小费吧!加上有个50B的过路费,又省了100B哦!之后去附近吃泰式火锅,那个锅有点怪,不过口味算是这次泰国行里比较适合我的口味的了,才80B/人。超便宜!两位男士吃得也很满意。在外面逛了逛回去睡了。第二天才知道这天晚上发生地震了,清迈还有房屋倒塌。

3.25 Visit the Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha Temple and Zheng Wang Temple. The resplendent and magnificent buildings and exquisite murals of the Grand Palace are worth visiting and there are many tourists. The Sleeping Buddha Temple was under repair. I thought it was not open, but later I knew I could still enter. Zheng Wangmiao has to ferry there, 3B/person, and the ticket is about 50B. After that, I took bus No 7 to SIAM. After shopping, I was disappointed. First of all, there were DD everywhere and the price was similar. Some small bags in Bangkok’s bag store are not bad and cheap, so they can be taken back to give away. Finally, I bought LEE’s jeans in the shopping mall near my residence. They were folded in half, more than 900 B, equivalent to about RMB 200 yuan. LEVIS is more than twice as expensive.

3.26 下午两点的飞机到清迈,上午不敢跑远,就在附近的仑披尼公园溜达。很多当地人在晨练,老人们下下棋,在这里就感觉不到曼谷的乱哄哄了。曼谷的交通是出了名的,但公共交通还不错,有BRT走的是专用道。有MRT,这个票价和南京想比稍微有点高,20B起步,相当于4-5元人民币,南京地铁2元起步,4元好像能到终点了,而且距离很长。下午三点多到了清迈,120B的出租车将我们送到了通过AGODA预定的STAR HOTEL ,80$两晚。酒店一般,年代有些长了,而且服务生可能看出我们是中国人,完全没有要帮我们搬行李的意思,只好自己搬,好在自带了挑夫。在我们后面办入住的老外的行李他殷勤地搬走了。通过这件事取消了我原来准备每天放20B小费在床头的打算。清迈是个适合闲逛的地方,不要带任何的任务,随便走走就能看到好多历史悠久的寺庙,建筑。清迈的居民住宅有点偏日式风格,小巧,别致,清幽。看了都忍不住想住下了。有好多的GUEST HOUSE很有特色,哎!后悔先定好了。

3.27 Originally, I was riding an elephant today, but the weather was not beautiful and it rained. It has been raining for a long time, so I continue to wander aimlessly. I visited Qingman Temple, Dafo Pagoda Temple and some temples that could not be called. After eating some snacks, I did not dare to compliment and was not used to it. In the evening, I went across the Chiang Mai River and saw many local people go into a very small restaurant and follow them. The DD taste inside is quite good, the environment is good, and the price is really cheap. There are also local specialties to sell. I bought some dried bananas, jackfruit and meat floss (this is not clenbuterol). A meal is about 60 RMB. The boss is very enthusiastic. The key is a handsome Thai boy! Each dish is very delicate, and the local little girl just sits and eats casually with her legs folded. I visited the night market in the evening. It turned out that the night market was quite close to the hotel where I stayed. DD in the night market is really not very good, but there is a shop like Nanjing Arts and Crafts Building near the night market. There are few customers in the shop and there are no what salespeople. The handicrafts inside are very good and have a sense of design. They can also offer a 20% discount. They bought some candlesticks, elephants and so on, and four pieces of DD1280 B. LG did not think so very much. He thought DD here was definitely more expensive than outside. As a result, I was wise! The handicrafts in the night market are similar to each other, with no characteristics and no low price. When I come back, I give it to my friends. They are all very porridge.

3.28 中午去普吉。住在7Q酒店,也是通过AGODA订的,99$两晚。在酒店楼顶的游泳池能看到大海,房间就没景了,但装修的很现代,很干净,服务生也很好,他们进房间都会把鞋子脱了,这些细节让人觉得很舒心。期待啊!结果令我很失望啊!到的时候是阴天,在海边走了走就回去休息了。这段时间天天只能看英文台,自己感觉英文水平都提高了,哎!环境造就人啊!哦,提醒一下,这里打车很贵的,不论到哪里200B。我和LG吃了晚饭回来,我不知是食物的原因还是这两天总坐飞机的原因,胃有些疼,就叫了辆车,也没问价格,谁知开了有3-4分钟吧,要200B,酒店服务员说是这个价

3.29 Today, my younger brother arrived in Phuket to join us, but the rain was getting heavier and heavier, so I had no choice but to go to Carrefour and bought many DD’s. Later, I saw the DD I bought at Phuket’s airport duty-free shop, which was twice as expensive.

3.30 The plane arrived in Bangkok at 1: 00 p.m. and arrived at the seaside in the morning in the rain. The umbrellas were blown away. The hotel called a car to deliver the plane, 400-500B, I can’t remember clearly, it is cheaper than the outside (700-800B is required for the opening). It was raining so hard that I was worried about whether the plane would be affected. I hit Bangkok and soon had to transfer to Guangzhou for security check. When checking his luggage, he was told to change planes, so he didn’t have to pick up his luggage in Bangkok, but went directly to Guangzhou. Fortunately, the journey went smoothly and arrived in Guangzhou at 8 pm on time. Stay in Motai near Guangzhou Airport and there will be two routes tomorrow morning: I will return to Nanjing and LG will return to Zhuhai.

3.31 Return to my warm home at ten o’clock in the morning.

Cost: A total of about 15,000 yuan.