Sleep until you wake up naturally and open the curtains to enjoy the pleasure.

Come to the water market

After drinking the local Thai milk tea, the taste of the tea is more heavy, and there are quite a lot of ice cubes. It is not entirely filled with ice cubes. In Thailand, there is a kind of chili called Broken Soul Pepper, which is used for both dishes and sauces. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the waiter will bring you a cup of ice cubes with a lot of ice water before eating here.

On August 8, the camera was in a bad mood and didn’t shoot much. . .

Even if you don’t go to what, it’s very comfortable to look out quietly like this.

I got up very early on August 9, which is also the day to leave here.

Honey lemon yogurt and skim milk bought at 7 eleven before watching the song and dance show in the evening.

The Orient Princess is a theater with an average age of 16-20 years old. It can only be called an old demon. . . . . . Speaking of the Princess, I really don’t want to use the term transvestite to refer to TA. While keeping a professional smile when treating TA like a group of obscene people, I saw a little reluctance and even a little shyness, but when I came into contact with me alone, I could feel TA showing the most authentic kindness to me. At the end of the day, when I went downstairs with the crowd, I was so cute that I kissed and then pulled my face. I said goodbye to TA and entered the cabin. A new group of people boarded the Princess here every day. All kinds of people are just passers-by. Ha ha, you must not know that I, a little Chinese girl who has never been used to being touched by others, think this kind of contact is actually very beautiful.

At this point, my journey was all over and I have been asleep ever since I came back. Fortunately, I have not forgotten everything about it because of this. At the beginning of opening the space, I turned off QQ. It seems that I am not used to the flashing of the small sign. I don’t want to break away from my friends, but it will be filled with the memory there. I will let my thoughts belong only there and completely there. This is the first time I have separated from my family and friends.