In the fierce sunlight on the streets of Meiying, they dragged their steps to find a suitable restaurant. Because our previous shopping and the restaurant nearest to the station were almost full, we had to persuade the fart that urged us to take a seat to turn around. . . Once again came to a noodle shop, When I entered, I found only Japanese desks and chairs. Is the tatami with cloth cushions and low tables, Because of the cool and pleasant temptation in the store, I really didn’t bother to leave any more. I hesitated for a moment and decided to “take a seat”-to be on the safe side, I bent my legs to one side = _ _ = Although I was not used to it at first, I felt tired after eating, and enjoyed this Japanese food style with a little leisurely drinking hot tea, which was also a good experience.

After the lunch break, the afternoon plan is to visit Fuliano, the site of the famous Farm Tomita. Although I know that fame may outweigh reality, it is better to visit from afar. So set out again.

Arrive at Nakafu Yoshino. I took the map at the station. It was found that the station staff was a very serious young man and bowed 90 degrees for 3 seconds when the train left the station. I really admire this. Many young Japanese are doing seemingly ordinary service work, but they also show a high degree of professionalism and professional quality. It is in sharp contrast to the impetuous trend in China. Perhaps this is the inevitable and unique development characteristic of developing countries. After leaving the station, I was delighted to find myself facing a temple. If I weren’t worried about not having enough time for the next tour, I really wanted to see the secluded land.

While looking at the map, looking for road signs and finding the right direction, he stepped forward. Farm Tomita is not far from the station. It takes about 20-30 minutes to walk. Although the sun is too bright and it is really hard to take pictures with umbrellas, this road has its own walking value! When I stood on such a road, I began to get excited.

Needless to say, the road is clean and tidy enough to make your chest feel comfortable. This avenue is just above the mid-level mountain, overlooking the whole Zhongfu Liangye. It connects to the clouds at the foot of the sky forward and reaches the distant mountains backward. It slowly rises and falls with the terrain of the mountain. The field of vision is extremely wide, not only looking one kilometer away from the front and back, but also facing the opposite mountains in parallel. That is the Shishengyue Lianfeng in the master’s works and lens countless times. The pale blue mountains are endless, and the rolling sea of clouds is also endless, winding and magnificent, leaning low above the mountains, adding to the majesty. Not only is it picturesque, but it is also like a powerful and shocking symphony, which makes people feel excited. However, the open scenery is so calm that there are almost no pedestrians on the road and only occasionally cars pass by. The motorcyclist roared along, leaving behind a string of wind. Staring at the magnificent cloud posture ahead, I hope it can remain in the negative of memory forever. For local residents, perhaps this is a good day during the summer vacation. Who would have thought that a foreigner was silently moved by the scenery they were used to seeing? Only through the harmonious coexistence of nature and human beings can the beauty of the scenery be passed down from generation to generation for ten years. I hope the earth can be like here.

Along the way, I saw many road signs unique only to Hokkaido-the down arrow, which was used to indicate the edge of the road when snow was covered in winter. A beautiful red bridge and cyclists became the scenery in my camera. Not far from the bridge is Farm Tomita. Honeydew melon-like green balloon as a sign, the balloon originally seen on the train is here.

First of all, I saw honeydew melon shops and ice cream shops. If it weren’t for the trip, you should really sit down and enjoy the delicious food leisurely, although the price will more than double that in China.

Further on, it is the main entrance of Farm Tomita. Before entering the door, I saw the lavender workers working hard. In China, there is definitely a charge for places like this where tourists come in an endless stream, but only shopping can be consumed here, and sightseeing is completely free. Indeed, many tour groups’ bus handlebars and parking lots were full. This is a map of Farm Tomita.

On the Internet, there are many beautiful pictures of Farm Tomita. The best season is in mid-July when lavender is in full bloom, and only about ten days a year is the best viewing period, which is harvested as soon as time passes. There are a lot of Taiwanese friends who have taken 12 beautiful pictures and posted them on the Internet. I think I will also experience the beautiful scenery I have not experienced through their photos. If you are lucky enough to visit here in July, you must set aside enough time to enjoy and enjoy it, otherwise you will definitely regret your green intestines ~! Moreover, we must go to the official website to “step on the spot” and find out all the places before, then we will not turn around ~! The most famous lucky flower field, that is, lavender field, is already covered with ashes….

First, I began to visit the Dried Flower House. Once I entered, I was stunned by the colorful Dried Flower Paradise.

If you have money and don’t care about defeat, then defeat. The number of peripheral products is as wide as the ocean, beyond your imagination.Essential oils and soap are just the most common. I had to pass by dizzy.

Because the row of houses beside the flower field are all connected, I strolled away and did not know which room I was walking in. The Tomita Lavender Archive, which came to Farm Tomita, introduced the history of Farm Tomita. I like its staircase design very much. I have to take off my shoes before going upstairs.

Plush surroundings make * * saliva. . . However, one of the two fists is more than 1,000 yen. . . On the second floor, there are exhibition boards to introduce history, and there are also rooms specially displaying and introducing different lavender species. Specimens are also attached in detail.

Outside again. It seems that the field of flowers is shown in the figure below. At that time, I was only concerned with taking photos and limited to the limited tour time. My brain capacity reached the limit. . . Then it passed through the greenhouse, which was also a simple lavender.

At the corner of WC, I foolishly didn’t look at the map (because of the limit of brain capacity), so I passed by the forest house and colorful flower fields after WC. Everyone must remember not to learn from me. And there seems to be no impression that the poppy shed has ever been in. . . Looking back now, why don’t I really take a map? Drink a bottle of yogurt in the open-air seat in front of Little Square and sweat a little.

After that, it seems that we were attracted by the colorful fields of autumn flowers. However, once again, some tragedies have neglected the “house of incense and dried flowers”, “house of perfume” and “house of distillation”. Although maybe I went there for a cursory look. . . In fact, on the other hand, in many places, it is probably: not to regret all one’s life, but to regret all one’s life. However, in Japan, there are still many places where I feel that I do not regret for life. In order not to regret for life, I can still go to autumn colorful flower fields.

I believe Farm Tomita has a more beautiful scenery. Moreover, if I had more time to visit that day, I would have seen more.

Because my mind has been thinking about going to Caixiang after watching Farm Tomita, then driving back to Fuliano to pick up my luggage, and then going to Meimanniu’s home stay, to finish these things before dark! Considering the distance and train time, it was really not easy, I admit that the state at that time turned into “man-made death”. It is impossible to travel without regrets. I think if I am lucky enough to go to Fuliano again in summer, I will seriously take the map and revisit Farm Tomita. Moreover, to buy postcards, to do more things that I didn’t do this time!