Last week, I went to Japan for a trip and was ridiculed by JMS when I came back. The reason was… the reason was… the original factor occasionally brought a notebook!

The reason for the incident is Sujie: Before leaving, it seems very expensive to think of surfing the Internet in a Japanese hotel (70 RMB per night or how much?) , so a “black sheep elder” taught me a trick: go to Weiluo City to buy the right to use Japan’s Wi2 network for 7 days, and then go to Japan to bring his notebook with him. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t stop shopping every day. There was no time to find a place where I could use WI2 to surf the Internet. Even if I find it, what else can I do besides writing a diary and sending microblogs to talk about QQ? (Stealing, you can fight against landlords…) And mobile phones can also do these things!

JMS said that I should go to Starbucks in China and use my notebook to install petty bourgeoisie? Do you still play like this when traveling to Japan? Interleukin travels and holds international conferences. Wow? ? ? ! ! !

So I realized that in the era of mobile phone Internet, I have already had a rough and rough look at JMS’s experience in traveling to Japan. I have only been able to travel abroad. Wow: equip myself to go abroad in the province! Japan’s bar code price comparison free mobile phone software scans commodity bar codes at home to see if the price is wooden or deceiving. Inquire about the current best selling goods in Japan and never buy outdated goods. If you want to check the history of shopping, you can also share it with relatives and friends!

So… So… Are these real “black sheep” swollen on the Internet? It turns out that Japan has introduced a mobile phone card called b-mobile, which can use the mobile phone to surf the Internet with unlimited flow within a certain period of time (in two stars!!) , much more convenient than WI2; With a notebook, the saved weight can be used to sweep more goods ~ and because the shortest time limit is one month, they have met many friends in the process of finding tourists who can be transferred and relayed, which is really fun! Next time, the next time I go to Japan, I will also play like this! Huh? Would you like to hear more about this kind of card? Go to Baidu to search for “B-Mobile”! The “Small Squad Going to Japan to Save Money” Douban Group and the “Japan Tourism Food Collection” Sina Weibo also have very detailed introductions!