Japan is the country with the largest number of underground streets, with a total of nearly 80 and nearly 900,000 square meters. The largest underground street is the Bazhongzhou underground street in Tokyo, with a length of about 6 kilometers and an area of nearly 70,000 square meters. It is designed in a three-dimensional form and is a three-story caisson-type reinforced concrete structure. The first floor is a commercial street, including food and entertainment. The second floor is a large parking lot, and the third floor is a mechanical equipment room with power supply and ventilation. It can be called a small underground city. The central part is the transfer hall. After coming down from the mountain hand line, we made a big turn inside and saw the ticket gate of Bazhong State Underground Street. We thought it was another entrance. We were afraid of losing our way. We asked several people before we found out that it was the entrance to the Underground Commercial Street. There were 27 underground entrances and exits to the ground roads and shopping malls. There is no wind or rain in the underground street. Warm winter and cool summer are indeed a good place to change. Bazhong State Underground Street starts from Tokyo Railway Station in the west and connects with the center of the main street in the east. There are three squares in the underground street: Water Square, Stone Square and Flower Square, which have not been carefully examined due to the expansion. Underground streets are very useful in Japan, which has a small territory and a large population. Bazhongzhou Underground Street is connected to 51 buildings, with more than 3 million people moving every day. Not far from here, it is the most prosperous Ginza in Tokyo. Ginza is a road with a length of more than two miles. It runs from Beijing Bridge in the north to Xinqiao in the south and is divided into eight sections. It is called Badingmu in Japanese. Also known as Ginza Badin. There are both modern trends and Japanese traditional culture here. Traffic is a good place for tourists to wander. The two money in my pocket is useless here, only to fill my eyes.