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# Micro Travel Notes # Avoid Cold Phuket Island

In the cold days of 39 days in the south of the Yangtze River, ice and snow freezing rain started from Shanghai in the morning and flew 3,800 kilometers south. On the way, I took off my thick clothes and carried my backpacks bigger and bigger. In the afternoon, I arrived at Phuket Island on the Indian Ocean, which was already covered in heat wave and sweat. Walking on the beach in the evening, looking at the sunset in the Indian Ocean, the hot sea breeze blowing past, smoking people to sleep, thinking of the cold when leaving home in the morning, lamenting the social progress and technological development, and enjoying the blue sky, sunshine, beach and sea.

Pattaya’s Unique Style

Pattaya’s Unique Style

Early on, people who listened to Thailand’s return talked about “transvestites”. Frivolous language and ambiguous intonation make me very disgusted with “transvestite”. In my mind, these two words are almost synonymous with obscenity and pornography. When I learned that we had watched the “transvestite” performance on our itinerary, my attitude was not to agree.

“Transvestite” is one of Thailand’s characteristic tours, and there is a saying that “not seeing transvestite performances is tantamount to not coming to Thailand”. There are basically transvestite performance groups in all parts of Thailand, but the largest and most exciting ones are the “Aqsa Transvestite Performance” and “Tiffany Transvestite Performance” in the seaside resort city of Pattaya. It is said that the transvestites in these two performance venues are the most beautiful in Thailand. The performance venues are extremely luxurious and the performance venues are wonderful. The audience is almost full every day. We went to Tiffany, who performed specially for Southeast Asian tourists.

Before entering the stadium, there was already a lot of noise in front of the door. Transvestites dressed in gorgeous costumes took photos with tourists during the performance. The charge for each photo is 40 Thai baht. If there is no change, it will be changed.

Under the guidance of the manager, we came down to the VIP table in the middle of the first row, holding the juice delivered, and we entered a fantastic world. In the beautiful music and the magnificent background, beautiful actors appeared one by one. The tall figure and slim waist branches made me a woman who was thrilled. Ears wear gem earrings, chest hanging crystal necklace, gorgeous dress wrapped around lotus steps, beads around emerald green, graceful, light and graceful, just like fairies descend to earth. There is also a wisp of green silk full of amorous feelings and a smile when looking back. It can be called absolute beauty. Oh, my God, I’m afraid stunned is a portrayal of the whole audience.

The performance level of the program is extremely high and the movements are extremely graceful. “They” (I really can’t write “them”) wear high heels of at least three inches, sing and dance, and sing classics from all over the world in various languages: Katyusha and Arirang are melodies that we are all familiar with. When I heard singing “Rose Rose Heart Drunk” in pure Chinese, my heart was really drunk. Although I know that because the vocal cords cannot be completely feminized, I just play the recording lip-synch. The delicious type has no difference and is more dedicated than some big players in China. At this moment, I have no concept of gender and no obscene feeling about “them”. Only the enjoyment and appreciation of art and beauty, only admiration and emotion. Photography is strictly prohibited in the venue. The tour guide threatened us that if we were found to have taken candid photos, we would still go to jail. The excellent view allows me to see the actor’s eyelashes, and the camera in the bag seems to be gaining momentum. I really want to take these beautiful and rare pictures, and I want my friends who have not come to share this visual feast with me. I restrained the movement of taking out the camera several times, not only for fear of being discovered, but also to show respect for actors and folk customs.

The 90-minute performance seemed to end in a blink of an eye. We took a photo with these beautiful actors in front of the door. Winning the three championships in the three beauty contests of 06.08. 10 in Thailand is the focus of my camera pursuit. Although these elegant smiles are professional, they are still charming.

In the dim light of night, Pattaya is brightly lit, fragrant wind fills the air, and melodious music seems to sing softly in my ear. Looking at these smiling “beauties”, my mood is more guilty and heavy. I feel guilty for my past prejudice, and I feel heavy for these “beauties” who have an average life span of only 40 years. The sharp contrast between the glamorous present and the cruel future constitutes their life. Is this road a willing choice or a necessity? I don’t want to delve into it. I only send my best wishes to these people with distorted gender and soul: May beauty last forever and youth last forever!

[Thai Self-Tour] Travel Preparation and Travel Strategy for the First Thai Tour with Full Load in fear and trembling


Last month, I received two important phone calls, one from my hometown unit, and two months later I officially retired to learn about the basic situation of some families. The other was from the staff who traveled to Duoduo, saying that my travel notes were selected for the ultimate award of “Let’s go abroad to Thailand Station”. The former is what I expected, while the latter is really an accident! Because there are too many bosses in the forum. Later, I carefully analyzed the three Duoduo birds who went to Thailand, and I couldn’t help admiring the cleverness of the decision makers. The three people represented three classes respectively, and I represented the basic civilians who were purely illiterate abroad. At that time, I was excited and accepted the gift. After thinking about it, I felt a little regretful: I didn’t know anything about English, Thailand’s political situation was unstable, and I was still free to travel alone. I couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat on my back! Fortunately, the family was very supportive. They said that it was really not possible. They just stayed in a place in Thailand to play and did not wander around.

When the second spring of my life comes, give me a big gift. When I live up to my great trust, I will go forward bravely… Fortunately, I still have nearly a month to read more strategies online.

The first step is to book a plane ticket immediately! Because December is the peak tourist season in Thailand, one price per day. Chunqiu AirAsia is the first choice for our working class. Therefore, I booked a large round-trip transportation from Shanghai to Bangkok in the spring and autumn, and a small round-trip transportation from AirAsia Bangkok to Jiami. Major traffic is less than 2K and minor traffic is nearly 600. There is an episode here. The website of AirAsia was unable to book tickets after a night of ordeal. It was useless to change many browsers. The next day, I called AirAsia and replied that I had tried Firefox. It was strange and it was really successful! When the air ticket was booked, it was really that there was no turning back. I carefully handed in my itinerary to the organizers of the event.

The second step is to apply for a visa (because Weibo was also included in the top 20 of many Thailand tours three years ago, the time was short, I didn’t have a passport, so I gave up the final competition and applied for a passport afterwards). I called the Thai Consulate in Shanghai. The formalities were a little annoying and the cost was 230 yuan. Adopting the opinions of netizens, Taobao found a reputable and many of our partners: the price was 244 yuan, and it was promised to be completed in a week, and Shunfeng postage. The material is very simple: one passport and two recent 2-inch photos. Out of prudence, I sent the materials to Xuhui Store and signed the contract.

I sent it on Friday, and the next Friday I received a call from customer service, saying that I had signed it and received the visa. It was another great excitement.

The third step is to book a hotel. I want to stay in Thailand for six nights, of which two nights are arranged by the Thai Travel Bureau and four nights must be booked by myself. At present, Youduo has no overseas post station, Therefore, I fixed my eyes on several major websites in China and felt that the prices were very high. As a big man, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I didn’t go for leisure and vacation, nor did I go for shopping and corruption. I was satisfied to be able to appreciate the strange scenery and humanities. I located my accommodation in the youth tour near Kaoshan Road, because the scenic spot I was going to was not far from it. Accidentally, I broke into Yagoda Agoda. After repeated comparisons, I booked a Swalin residence. The netizen’s evaluation was very good. First, it was 10 minutes away from Kaoshan Road and 20 minutes away from the Grand Palace, and it was quiet in the middle of the noise. Second, there is a little sister who works in China and can provide many conveniences. Third, the price is very cheap, more than 70 yuan a night, including breakfast! I chose four people, and when I booked it, I wondered why I didn’t fill in the gender information. Afterwards, it proved that I caught up with a world trend, a mixed residence of avant-garde fashion! I booked the first two nights of my arrival in Bangkok and the night before my departure here, and the result was very satisfactory! Jiami booked a youth tour for one night, which was very close to the official holiday hotel and cost more than 70 yuan.

The fourth step is to change the Thai baht. It is said on the Internet that you will go to the Bank of China to change this thing. A friend of her child has just returned from Thailand. She said ICBC can also do it and it is more cost-effective. One afternoon, I went to the nearby ICBC and changed to Thai baht without an appointment, because my figure was not large, I changed 6,000 Thai baht, and then I changed some at the ATM in Thailand.

Step 5: Fill in the draft entry and exit registration form. I downloaded a sample form of Thailand’s entry and exit registration form on the Internet, filled in the relevant items, and was prepared for danger. This preparation made it easy for me to go through customs. I didn’t ask anyone who didn’t know English (these three forms were given to you by the airport when I left the country. When I entered Thailand’s border inspection, I took the above two forms, stamped you with the exit registration card, and then booked them on your passport).

Now it is time that everything is ready and only the east wind is needed. In order to be familiar with some simple languages, I have installed two more softwares on my mobile phone. It is said that Wu Nong’s soft language, and Thai women’s pronunciation is even softer Mann, with endless lasting appeal, which has long drawn people to the country that makes people yearn for… Sometimes some English words that they cannot understand can also be translated properly.

Hua 50 yuan bought a Thai mobile phone card online, but my mobile phone is telecom, so I borrowed a mobile phone. During the seven days in Thailand, it was more than enough to make phone calls online.

The preparations are gradually ready and the heart is gradually steadfast. Unexpectedly, another yellow shirt army came out. CCTV’s rendering really made people nervous again! A few days before departure, smog was rampant in Shencheng and flights were delayed in large numbers. It was really a good thing! However, my heart has already calmed down at this time. A big man has nothing to fear. He just hopes that the weather will improve as soon as possible and take off normally.

Everything is developing in a good direction. At that time, the spring and autumn will be full of tourists flying to Bangkok.

When Bangkok was close to thousands of lights, I had a simple fast food at the airport and was ready to take a taxi to my destination. I was new here. It was safer and the cost could not be saved. The guide sign of Suwannabe Airport is Thai, English and Chinese, so without much effort, I came to TAXI and took out the order for Swalin residential buildings. According to the above address, the airport staff helped you contact your taxi driver. All the way was an elevated road, during which the driver asked me twice for money to pay tolls, once 25 baht and once 50 baht. From east to west, the car passed through almost the whole of Bangkok and came to the Swalin residential building in the small alley. The watch showed 470. I gave the driver 500. Instead of looking for it, he held out five fingers (tips). After giving 50, he repeatedly said OK. This taxi ride is the most expensive one in the whole trip, but in terms of conversion, it is only 120NMB, which is not expensive compared with Shanghai. There is a saying on the Internet that about 400 people can get to the city. I feel that the driver did not detour. When I asked others the next day, the price was about the same.

Swalin dwellings

When I entered Swalin’s residential buildings, I saw my name on the whiteboard at a glance. In a foreign country, a warm current surged in my heart…

Swarin’s residential buildings are basically inhabited by foreigners, and there are very few Chinese. That night, my upper berth was a black man, and the upper and lower berths next door were an American couple. For the first time in such an environment, Inevitably feel embarrassed, But fortunately, I fell asleep early, Foreigners have all gone to Kaoshan Road for trouble. I got up early the next morning, but they were asleep. In addition, there was a soft barrier in front of the bed. Besides, foreigners could show good basic qualities on these occasions (drunken is another matter) and hid in the small shop to form a unified system, regardless of spring, summer, winter and autumn, IKEA bedding and quiet environment. They slept soundly for three nights.

Although the words are not clear, foreigners are generally very friendly and always take the initiative to greet you. The eyes are the windows of the heart and each other can reflect people’s sincerity.

This residential building is opened by Bangkok people. The front desk is a Chinese girl named Xiaomin, a former backpacker. When she came, she never left! With her, my trip to Bangkok saved me a lot of heart and money.

The next day, Xiao Min gave me a Chinese map, marking the locations of Kaoshan Road and the Grand Palace. With this map, I am not worried about what either. My sense of direction is still good! On this day, I walked for 10 kilometers and made a big crossing from ancient times to present…

Under the contact of Xiao Min, the trip on the third day was even more exciting. It took only 190B to appreciate the unique culture of Danonsado Aquatic Market, and it was a comfortable Toyota car pick-up (Bangkok’s mini buses are basically this kind of car). You know, Bangkok is nearly 100 kilometers away from there!

Bangkok Langman Airport

In the afternoon, the mini bus to Bangkok’s Langman Airport is also Xiaomin’s contact, 150B. By Jiami, it was completely dark. There are two bus routes at the airport, one to Jiami Town and the other to Onan Beach. The fare is 150B. As long as you say “Onan” here, they will understand. I only say “Onan” and “BB” here, and they parked their cars at the door of BB (actually the basement of Onan Bay Resort) (Onan Beach is a few kilometers away, and they deliver the guests one by one, which is commendable).

Holiday Inn Onan Beach

The next day I stayed at Holiday Inn Onan Beach and felt like I had gone from hell to heaven.

During the three days and nights in Jiamionan, I took three morning lights and two sunsets, perhaps the hanging eyes of God. The sunset on the last night was unforgettable all my life.

When returning to Bangkok from Jiami, the sun had not set. After leaving the airport, I have completely lost my reserve when I first arrived in Bangkok. I can have a leisurely experience of Bangkok’s public transportation. First, take A1 Airport Express to the light rail station in the downtown area, and then take N3 to Kaoshan Road. In the meantime, when asking for directions, just say “Kaoshan”. Everyone knows. Thais are very friendly. They will write you a small note for fear that you don’t understand. Everyone knows Arabic numerals. It took twice as long to get to Swaling, but the Thai baht only cost 36.5 B, saving money to eat a delicious fast food on the roadside.

On the last day, we have to say goodbye to Bangkok. It’s not far from the Monument to Democracy. I’d like to see it. Listen to Xiaomin’s introduction, don’t be nervous, you go and have a look, maybe there are still people in charge of food! As a result, this is really the case. The sit-in demonstrators are still there. The logistical support is very strong. There are food, drink, tents and mosquito nets, but there is no tension. This is really a cultural landscape that cannot be seen anywhere.

Swalin dwellings

Goodbye, Swalin residential buildings, from the beginning to the end, it is you who have brought me to a satisfactory end in Thailand!

In a short period of one week, I stayed in the basement youth tour and enjoyed luxury hotels. I experienced the unique culture, appreciated the scenery of Jiami, and overfulfilled my itinerary (visited the demonstration site)!

From uneasy to full load, the first post station is the key! An illiterate trip to Thailand ended in the sunset at Bangkok’s Suwannabe Airport…

The Different Style in the Pastoral

The Different Style in the Pastoral

Garrison in the reinforced concrete jungle all the year round, you can yearn for such scenery: green grass is like shade, flowers are like brocade, and you lie comfortably on a white rocking chair. Bathed in the setting sun in spring, the squeak of windmill leaves rang in my ears, and the fragrance of lavender drifted in the breeze. Boys and girls brimming with youthful atmosphere are playing in the flowers, and the quiet and warm atmosphere surrounds the body and mind… Don’t think this is a fantasy, we have had such an afternoon in Thailand.

After five days in Thailand, the non-stop tour made me feel somewhat tired, and the visual fatigue also made me lose my enthusiasm for taking photos. The high temperature of over 30 degrees and the scorching afternoon sun made me sleepy in the tour bus. I don’t know when the car stopped in what. The strong local flavor stimulated my already numb nerves. I was injected with marijuana like a drug addict and immediately refreshed.

Silver lake grape yard is more like an exotic garden. There are several pairs of exquisite wooden shoes under the Dutch windmill, with some dreamy colors in the backlight. I asked Ha Mei and Xiao Shuai to sit in wooden shoes and take photos. Look, they look like “princess and prince, live a happy life from now on”

Beside the blue-purple lavender, there are unknown red pollen flowers, and the golden sunflowers open their smiling faces in the face of the sun, as if welcoming our exotic visitors.

A Wang Lvshui sprinkled coolness into the wind. Between the two heart-shaped wreaths of red and white in the lawn, the letter LOVE looked very romantic. I suggested that Xiao Shuai put the wedding here in the future. He showed vacant eyes, “I don’t know who to marry yet”! (dizzy! I didn’t say to let him get married now)

The tour car drove us through the fields, the spring breeze blowing gently, and the scorching sun seemed to soften a lot. In a row of small white wooden fences, patches of flowers are swaying. A small rocking chair attracted me. The iron chairs on both sides of the rocking chair were full of red flowers in full bloom. Two colorful parrots (fake) decorated the white rocking chair with colorful colors.

The companions of the same trade rushed up with cheers. The five people crowded in rocking chairs with happy shapes, and their laughter drifted on the beautiful land. I did not squeeze over to join the joyous procession, but watched and felt quietly. Although this vineyard is not a world scenic spot, there is no historic site for a thousand years, and even no information can be found on Baidu, the leisurely and relaxed it brings me is especially unforgettable. In the past, when I went on a trip, I always came and went in a hurry looking for places of interest, historic sites, mountains and great rivers. Did I ignore what? In this rural area full of local flavor, looking at these happy companions, I am adjusting my travel mentality. There is no need to deliberately pursue which places to see, and there is no need to always walk in a hurry. Just find such a small village, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, stay away from the swords and swords of the exit field, stay away from the traffic crowd of places of interest, live quietly for a few days, relax the tight nerves, and breathe out the dirt in the lungs. Although people drift on the road, their hearts perch in the calm harbor. I don’t know if this is the true meaning of traveling, but I know how to travel in the future.

It’s time to leave the vineyard. The next trip is the water market and the dinner at the seaside restaurant. I’m afraid I won’t be able to rest until midnight. Ha Mei asked me with concern if I was tired, but I was like a car leaving the gas station and set off at full speed towards the next goal.

A Visit to Thailand-Mr. LV

Today, I would like to talk about Mr. LV, one of our shopping guides on this trip to Thailand. Mr. LV is first and foremost a handsome young man, At the age of about 28 or 9 (I guess), People are lively and cheerful. I have been to Thailand for three times (if I remember correctly). I have reached a certain level of familiarity with Bangkok and Pattaya’s eating, living and playing. Therefore, I enthusiastically shared with us a lot of his Thai tour experiences along the way. What is delicious and fun, what must buy and so on, which is equivalent to half of our tour guide!

On the afternoon of our first day in Bangkok, we went directly to MBK, a department store in downtown Bangkok. The store has a total of 8 floors, ranging from delicious food, T-shirts and clothing, mobile phone accessories to supermarket hypermarkets and furniture. There are more than 2,000 stores in total, but most of them are cheap counters and some can bargain. Mr. LV left our first impression here. After everyone came back from a tour, what basically didn’t buy it either. First, he didn’t know he was short of what when he first arrived in Thailand. Second, he didn’t want to go back to buy what gifts. Besides, the luggage will get heavier and heavier after a week’s trip. However, Mr. LV is different. He has already received three shopping bags by this time, mostly Thai local products and dry goods, as well as some seasonings, shrimp sauce from what. When we looked at him in surprise, he also looked at us in surprise: what didn’t buy it either. The things here are so cheap. . Indeed, I have a preliminary understanding of Thailand’s commodity prices here, which are basically the same as the domestic price level, or slightly lower. For example, look at a flowery skirt I bought-199 Thai baht (about RMB 50 yuan), which is very cheap, isn’t it?

Coming out of the mall, we took a bus to the hotel where we stayed on the first day. While resting in the car, Mr LV suddenly said, “ah, I forgot to buy my Bangkok bag! Last time I bought dozens of them, it was not enough to go back. This time I will buy more. “We all sound surprised, what bag? So popular! Then Mr. LV began to introduce Bangkok bag to us all the way. The most repeated thing was that it was LV in the cloth bag. Ha ha, although he said all the way, we still had no impression after all, but we were more curious! Moreover, it was from this time on that we began to call him LV. . Therefore, this is how Mr. LV’s name came from! At that time, I didn’t expect Bangkok to lead our whole trip ~

After staying in the hotel, we went to Chinatown, a night market in Bangkok, at night. LV accompanied us because he was looking for Bangkok bags here. < img src= "/wp-content/uploads/648. Gif"/> Chinatown at night can only be described by the word “lively”, mostly roadside stalls (fruit stalls, bird’s nest stalls, shark’s fin stalls, snack stalls and other stalls). There are many foreigners here, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, eating small cold dishes and looking at the beautiful women passing by. The feeling given to me is that they are very Thai. Ha ha, they seem to have integrated into the life here and enjoyed it! According to the tour guide, most of these foreigners come from Europe. They usually rent a cheap house here to live for one and a half months as a way of vacation. No wonder they are so unlike “tourists”. Mr. LV did not find the Bangkok bag he wanted, but he recommended us the famous snack of Chinatown-crystal sugar bird’s nest, which can be seen everywhere on both sides of Chinatown. One bowl can be bought at about the price of RMB 60 yuan, which is the cheapest bird’s nest in the world. We are all saying that the women living here are too happy to eat bird’s nest every day. No wonder the skin is so good! The price of snacks in Chinatown is not expensive, you can buy a hot snack for 20 beads! There are also all kinds of tropical fruits, which give people the feeling that they are delicious and cheap! It is suggested to eat these roadside stalls for dinner! Good choice.

On the second day in Bangkok, we went to the Grand Palace and had no time to shop. Mr LV also had no chance to buy Bangkok bags. At this time, everyone has already begun to look forward to seeing the Bangkok bag store and seeing what Bangkok bag looks like in what. Ha ha. Fortunately, LV told us that Bangkok bags are not necessarily available only in Bangkok. There are chain stores in Pattaya, Phuket and other places. It is a kind of cloth bag with exquisite workmanship, handbags of various sizes, cosmetic bags, etc. It is fashionable and beautiful, and the price can be cheap, so it is very popular with girls!

In the afternoon, we drove to Pattaya and stayed at the Wulan Hotel Resort. After dinner in the evening, we visited Pattaya’s famous seaside road. Night Charm Bati is a city with a completely different night market from Bangkok. On one side of the road are all kinds of bars, restaurants, hotels and shops, while on the other side is Pattaya Beach. The lights are brightly lit. Pairs of foreigners and Black Pearl (Thailand MM) walk leisurely, hug each other and flirt with each other, which has become another unique scenery on this street. Mr. LV walked alone after we returned to the hotel and finally bought his Bangkok bag. Unfortunately, we had already fallen asleep at that time, and we left separately on the next day’s trip, so we didn’t have a chance to see the Bangkok bag he bought.

In the next two days, Mr. LV played several golf games. We were also busy visiting scenic spots and never had a chance to go shopping. But at the moment, everyone’s expectation for Bangkok bags has reached the point where they must be bought! Not seeing one side, lifelong regret! We also discussed with the tour guide whether we could find time to visit NaRaYa’s Pattaya chain store. Fortunately, on the last day we sacrificed our last chance to have dinner and went to the Royal Garden Plaza in downtown Pattaya, which has a flagship store of NaRaYa. Legend has it that it has been a long time since I saw it all day long. It is indeed worthy of my name. Look at everyone’s shopping basket and you will know. Calculate it. The five of us bought a total of more than 40. Ha ha, not much, not much. When I came back, I said it was not enough. Speaking of which, the long-legendary Bangkok bag can make its debut ~

When meeting Mr. LV at the airport again, his luggage was packed with a large woven bag besides his luggage, which was full of his “shopping results” of the past few days. It seems that he swept a lot of goods. Wouldn’t it be a waste of time to come to Thailand and not buy more back? Why? Cheap! Ha ha, a man is so crazy shopping, it seems that Bangkok is a perfect shopping paradise is true, so I would like to remind friends who want to come to Thailand to bring a big suitcase when they come, or they will carry a woven bag to return home like Mr. LV.

Finally, I attach the true portrayal of–Mr LV’s shopping spree, the hero of this travel note! Ha ha

Tsunami Leaves Soul Phi Phi

Walking by the sea in the hotel garden that afternoon, I saw this small pavilion surrounded by gorgeous flowers and plants. It has characters and nameplates, and has the style of a Thai temple. On one side of the pavilion, there is a table serving fruits and flowers, a bottle of mineral water, and lampshades on each of the four columns. I think the lights are bright at night. In the bright tropical sunshine, I couldn’t help feeling cold. This is the trauma left on Phi Phi Island by the South Asian tsunami, and it is the altar for the dead to commemorate the victims of the tsunami on Phi Phi Island.

More than six years have passed, and people seem to have forgotten the disaster. The wounds have leveled the waves in the Indian Ocean, but are the wounds in their hearts still painful? Tourists from all over the world on Phi Phi Island come and go in a hurry, enjoying the blue sky, sunshine and sea with laughter. Few people will walk to this pavilion. I am lucky enough to be here. I stand silent and show my respect for both hands. I mourn to the tsunami dead of that year. Let’s rest forever.

Indonesia’s 9.0 magnitude earthquake at 7: 00 a.m. Bangkok time on December 26, 2004 was the fourth strongest earthquake recorded by human beings on earth. The tsunami caused more than 200,000 deaths, thousands of deaths on Phuket Island and 400 deaths on Phi Phi Island, known as Honeymoon Island, including 200 foreign tourists and Phi Phi Island, which was basically destroyed.

After returning to China, I searched some information on the Internet and compared the photos taken this time to better understand the destructive power of the Indian Ocean tsunami in South Asia.

The location of the memorial pavilion, which is the scene of the disaster relief a few days after the tsunami and the location where the photos of the dead foreigners are hung, clearly shows Lah-Dalum Bay.

A beach destroyed by the tsunami

Is this dead tree a tsunami relic?

A cruise ship destroyed by the tsunami

Today’s beach cruise ships

Human beings cannot be careless in front of nature. Today, all the buildings on Phi Phi are filled high and built. The sand beach on the left in the following figure has laid solid concrete piles to prevent accidents before they occur.

Pattaya Night

Pattaya Night

After supper, it was already very dark. Pattaya beach is hazy, At first glance, it is only a dark piece, which is displayed there in a vast way, like mountains in the dark night. The dark faint blocks your view, making you unable to see how wide it is or how long it is. You can only feel the darkness very deep and far from the consciousness of understanding the sea. Even Superman’s heavenly eyes, wisdom eyes and law eyes cannot see the end.

At this time, the breathtaking blue sky inherent in the sea, White clouds, The green oases at the junction of the sky and the sea, The vast and boundless blue and clear sea water and the chirping of some flying seabirds have quietly retreated to the back of the deep darkness and changed into a quiet and delicate scenery. The color of the sea water has also changed into dark green like chameleon, shining with the lights along the coast and sparkling, appearing extremely mysterious and beautiful.

The lights of the Long Beach Street were shining continuously and densely, red, yellow, white and blue, shining from the tall buildings, from the roadsides, from the coconut and palm trees, from the cabin-like bars, and sprinkling on the sea and sand. There are not many people on the beach. Besides people, there are also some colorful dogs playing with the beach and sea water. The dogs on the beach spread out in pairs of three and three, walking leisurely like people.

Some people say, “Pattaya, you don’t know the darkness of night during the day”. Indeed, the place that best embodies this sentence is Pattaya Pedestrian Street, which is located in the long seaside street. In the evening, all kinds of adult performances here are bizarre, and all kinds of chicken, duck and goose shops add radiance to each other. The whole pedestrian street is brightly lit, just like the Milky Way Xinghai. Tourists from all over the world rub their shoulders and heels, and they do not know how to return.

The transvestite is one of Pattaya’s characteristics. When American soldiers found that there were too few women on this beautiful beach, the transvestite came into being. Strangely, corresponding to the beautiful transvestite, Thailand’s ugliest women are all concentrated here, with black skin, concave nose bridge, thick lips and short stature. They are too ugly to bear to see more.

But these ugly women, Europeans and Americans are extremely fond of it. They think that they are full of wild beauty and their shiny skin is full of temptation. They are just like the “golden cat” who starts to arrest people. It is too attractive. It is not surprising that a foreigner in the street who is tall and full of superiority often follows a local woman who shows her big teeth with a short smile.

The pedestrian street is full of restaurants, open-air bars and small stalls selling clothes. The bars here are different from Bangkok in that there are no walls or doors, only cheap beer, bronze-colored bar women and the uneasy and turbulent air inherent in the tropics. Sometimes there are expired transvestites who make guest singing and dancing here, or singers with long hair and a little resemblance to power trains who sing and take photos of them. They will also shake their hands and POSE happily.

Some neatly dressed “Thai sisters” with long shoulder-length hair stood or sat by the door of the store, gazing amiably at every target that could be caught in the past. There are many street stops soliciting customers, most of whom are holding a sign with their “service price” written on it. Some of them are gorgeous, some are hot and some are gentle, making all the people who pass by feel the temptation of “* *” here.

The band was accompanied, the singer was singing, and the girls were dancing on the bar. The bar was almost full of people, men, women and children. Each person has a drink. If he is happy, he can also sing a song and ask the band to accompany him. Some foreign girls, happy, also jumped onto the bar to dance a song. Fully degenerate, without any worries.

There are colorful neon lights everywhere, deafening music everywhere, exposed girls everywhere, and foreigners everywhere for fun. This is Pattaya’s night. It is difficult to distinguish which is the real Thailand. Day and night are completely two worlds. Ha ha, heaven and hell are all on earth.

Walking along the street to the dim lights, a Russian bar appeared. I looked at the words written on the wall and still vaguely understood them. He went in. The boss is Russian. As the number of Russian tourists gradually increased, they came here to open a bar with many guests every day. I listened to Russian songs accompanied by guitar or accordion, deja vu and felt a little nostalgic.

Foreigners come to Pattaya to perform and open bars, which should still be relatively rare. On the one hand, this shows that Thailand’s tourism industry is developing relatively well and foreigners can make money here. On the other hand, it shows that the economic recession in Europe is still relatively obvious, especially in Eastern Europe. Otherwise, with the arrogance of Europeans, I think I would definitely not like to come to the East to perform arts.

At midnight, the bustling streets became more boiling. People gradually entered a semi-crazy state. Even some old people with all white hair stood up and danced, singing and dancing. Large glasses of beer with foam splashed on the bar counter, on the table, on clothes and on the carpet, and a lot of money flowed into the bar counter.

The slogan of Pattaya City Government’s advertisement is: “Pattaya will never sleep. For you, she is the best tourist destination. “It is said that more than 3 million tourists gather in Pattaya every year. When these tourists watch the wonderful performance of the transvestite on the Oriental Princess, and when these tourists enter the bustling streets, no one is intoxicated, stimulated or even at a loss by this charming night in Pattaya…….

If you come, it will be a harvest: love in pai city, Chiang Mai, Thailand, pai in love

Is there a small town in your heart to think about, will let your body not move, heart is far away; Has arrived, but lingering. People of all ages like to linger there. That should be Chiang Mai, a beautiful small town in northern Thailand. As Teresa Teng sings in “The Story of a Small Town,” if you come to a small town, you will gain a lot.

How many times in my dreams are pictures of travel? A few years ago, I heard of Chiang Mai and knew that it was the ancient historical and cultural capital of Thailand, just like Mandalay in Myanmar, Yogyakarta in Indonesia, Siem Reap in Cambodia… So I grew dense grass on it.

I don’t know that Chiang Mai was how a few years ago, but now it seems to me that I am late. The development inside and outside the ancient city has given me the illusion that I am on the mountain road near Bangkok several times. So I found PAI (Bai), a mountain city-PAI in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a small town mainly for leisure and vacation. There is no cultural precipitation, just leisurely reading and drinking. PAI is what I like about Thailand. There are not many people, the roads are not dirty, the people are not bad, and the roads are not crowded. The town is very small, you can ride your bicycle to the suburbs by accident. Vacation houses inside and outside the county seat are widely distributed. Each hotel has its own personality. All vendors can speak simple English. The mountain city and the environmental conditions inside the body present a visual feast every day.

In Thai, it is called “Bai”. It is a small town in a dense jungle surrounded by rolling mountains. It does not have the prosperity and noise of Chiang Mai, but it has the fresh air, oily green countryside and beautiful hills that Chiang Mai does not have.

Chiang Mai is about 130 kilometers away from PAI. In fact, the transportation from Chiang Mai to PAI is very mature. As long as you say you want to go to PAI in Chiang Mai, there are hotel agents everywhere:

1. Small planes: There are regular flights every week, which will arrive in more than 300 RMB and half an hour. The advantage is to avoid three hours of dense turning mountain roads.

2. Minibus: The frequency is very dense, from Chiang Mai to PAI (180B, which is generally priced at 200B/person near the ancient city); PAI Return to Chiang Mai (150B/person)

3. Village buses whose stations are not closed: It is very cheap. It is said that 79B/person. I wonder if there is any price increase.

4. Yao Tuo Che: This is a way to burn in the years. After driving, you can return it directly to Aya Service, which is Minibus’s site.

If poor travelers dig up and abandon the plane first, choose Minibus to benefit them from coming and returning, both will pick up and return them according to your residence. There are many friends who want to try their best to explore PAI’s environment and go back and forth one day. I tell you, don’t hesitate, just spend your time here!


PAI’s residences are widely distributed and need not be booked. Unless you have a special liking for a vacation house, you have to live there. After basically traveling around PAI, I want to spend a year living in every vacation house here. The decoration of the shop is always warm and surprising. It is convenient to live near the main street. The vacation across the river behind the main street has high cost performance and beautiful environment. The scenery far away from the main street and near the outskirts of the hot spring is more natural and pleasant, and those who easily own swimming pools and single houses are also returned between 350 and 500B..

This time we lived in a single-family hut in 30 yuan/day, crossing the river district, and also moved into Marpi Holiday House, which is the main theme of fairy tales beside Coffe in Love, in order to truly and happily experience PAI’s quiet personality, which is indisputable with the world, in managing its own small county characteristics attentively.

After tossing and turning for 3 hours on the mountain road, I was unable to find accommodation from house to house. After getting off the bus, I was taken to this holiday house across the river by the little fat man. Above was a 400B single house with air conditioning, and below was our 150B single house with fans. Although the bed inside was a little old, I was satisfied with such an environment. This vacation house is called Pai Park! In the last place in the river crossing area, in fact, there is a Lana architectural style holiday house on the other side of the river where we do not have to cross the river. The room is spacious and clean, 450B/day.

As far as I was concerned, the sky was extremely clear. I put my tiredness behind me. I went to pat the sky material and sat outside my residence and suddenly saw a wonder in the distance: the scene of Jesus’ light or rain was empty. I couldn’t tell it apart. I shouted at Little T to come out. After he ran out, he jumped for joy and pressed the door frantically. We also knew that this natural phenomenon was so fast and passed away. Will stepping into this light beam send me to heaven?

Our residence is quite lovely, with uncarved flowers, plants and fruit trees all over it. A bridge built of bamboo rafts feels a little scared when I walk up and wander at the beginning, but I also think of the scene when the heroine of “The Little Thing of First Love” sits in this bridge.

Fairy Tale Theme Resort: Marpi is beside (coffee in love). The decoration is careful and the gardening is regularly revised. You will find that the window grilles and knickknacks in the room and even the toilet are all professional people. The room is full of refrigerators, televisions and air conditioners. The environment is comfortable and clean. Opening the curtains is the beautiful scenery of the mountain stream. When we moved in, a group of graduates and tourists were leaving, so the rest of the time and space were left to our extravagance.

There are three cabin options,

1. Large single house with round spire: 900B

2. Small single house: 600B

3. The appearance of the travel and living car is single house: 600B

There is a scene of light pillar in PAI PARK, and there is also a big tree leading to heaven here. It seems that heaven and earth are so close.

Nordic gardening let’s revel in it again, boast again and be wanton. Don’t miss the corner of this resort!

Every girl will expect to live in Andersen’s fairy tales. When the dream picture lives in front of her eyes, can you not cover up the excitement of this little girl?

This yellow hut was built for the Thai movie “Pai in Love”. Above the yellow hut and cafe Coffee in Love are open cafes and below are pastures, which show a Nordic style. However, it did not become a tourist charging point at that time. Flower farmers took good care of gardening. Tourists read books, drink coffee and eat cakes on the balcony of the cafe. Many years later, people do not know where to go, but the sunshine is still the same, Pai District is still the same, and people’s admiration and visit add some legends and poetry.

Hong Kong Wireless TVB’s recent variety show “Happy Map” Wang Zulan Thailand also takes a lot of scenery here. The beautiful scenery is out of the question. The dessert here is the best to eat. However, it is recommended to taste delicious and rich carefully and vomit blood! And the price is affordable. Before I left, I came here again.

During World War II, the iron bridge built by the Japanese still stands firm after many years. To a certain extent, it is also for everyone to witness and not forget this period of history.

Tha Pai Hot Spring: Natural Hot Springs and Forest Park Location-Find Hot Springs in Tha Pai Hot Spring, However, the conductor of the Forest Park asked us to buy tickets to enter the small hot spring just outside the door (thus meeting the Belgian photographer and his girlfriend for the first time). This is the first time I have been so close to the hot spring eye. The temperature is quite high. People can’t just soak in the water. The staff just put eggs in the hot spring and invited us one by one. It’s delicious!

Tickets for forest park: 200B/tourists and 20B for local people. In fact, compared with domestic tickets, they are not expensive either. PAI has many places to play. Here we just want to take photos.

A small clip of “Happy Map”.

Overlooking the mountain

PAI is full of mountains and hills, and people cultivate and raise them on this land.

Chinese Village: Chinese Village, this is literal translation. In fact, the local name is “Nanhu Mountain Village”. If you go to look for waterfalls, you will pass by. A group of Chinese Hakkas live in groups. Chinese and Chinese are everywhere. People generally speak Chinese. Some Chinese hostels have also been built. But that kind of Chinese scenic spot flavor is quite strong.

Play wherever you go and shake hands with elephants!

PAI is full of happy colors that make people feel relaxed, and even the post office is so loving.

PAI is a paradise for hippies and a paradise for dreamers! Little fresh life, romantic and unruly.

This picture wants to tell you that PAI’s mountain roads are high and low. They often see their hands and feet wrapped in PAI. They should be injured when driving a motorcycle to swim in PAI, but it does not affect their emotions at all. The kind of high-spirited spirit is directly reflected on their faces!


Thai barbecue has almost become our staple food every day. It is delicious and inexpensive!

This brother is selling his scented tea, herbal tea, sugarcane sweat, sweet tea, etc. in bamboo tubes. Can buy blindly, can also mix, always under his mixed taste is fragrant and honest, later saw “happy map” also filmed him, from the program saw the street, eat meal shop, have a kind of inexplicable touched.

Exiled souls linger here! This is a “Captain Jack” with a story. I believe every friend who has been to PAI has seen him. He has been here for seven years and usually drives his little blue beetle at night. He dressed up and sells postcards that he directed, acted and took selfies. He is a master of selfies. The pictures have stories and pay attention to light and shadow. You should also go and see his photography creation if you don’t buy them.

There are also creation and commerce in our photography circle. I am sure this is creation.

The night before I left, We went to a bar with live music, He found out that he had met the couple for the third time. The first time we arrived outside the hot spring gate, the second time we went to the waterfall, and the third time we went here. The man was a Belgian photographer who was unruly and free in his bones. According to their description, he resolutely left everything to travel when he was 23 years old. After many years, he entered Myanmar twice and met this girlfriend in Mandalay. When he heard that we were going to leave for Phuket, he happily suggested to us that our friends in Phuket could borrow sailing boats for us to go to sea. From Phuket to Jiami Strait, they shuttled back and forth between the zero-noise islands to embrace sunrise and sunset. They stayed in Phuket for several years like this. What a plot like “No Country for Old Men”! However, a realistic problem is that we will not sail a sailing boat, so we failed to live up to this opportunity. They had to shrug their shoulders and see that Belgian photographers’ picture blogs are mainly humanities, mainly their records of visiting some countries. The decisive moment of the picture and the atmosphere texture can show his basic skills. When we exchanged photos, when asked about his on-hook configuration, we cleverly asked: Canon? Nikon? Sony? Pentx? He kept shaking his head: NO! Leica! But now I don’t do commercial photography. I can see from his eyes that kind of indifferent attitude towards life style. I look up at this attitude, but I am also quite rational. When I returned to McDonald’s in Chiang Mai, I said to Little T: It is not good to have too many people like Belgian photographers in the world. He said: Well, yes! There should be some poor people and some people like us who create productivity to balance the world. .

The night market in Chiang Mai made me trance to the mountain road, near the ImperialMae PingHotel, where I visited a wide range of places! Recommended PAI is more personalized and affordable than the things in the night market here!

I will come to Chiang Mai again when I have the time and the chance!

The City that Never Sleeps-Thailand’s Chinatown

Where there are people, there are Chinese, Where there are Chinese, there will be a Chinatown. The same sentence also works in Thailand, There is also a Chinatown in Thailand, I wanted to finish dinner and visit Chinatown quickly. But he heard Peter say, Don’t worry, Chinatown is more and more lively as it gets late. It is a street that does not last night. In Thailand, the real money is still the Chinese. The diligence and hard work of the Chinese are clearly reflected in Thailand, but the Chinese have also been well accommodated in life in Thailand. Take him as an example. His family has been in Thailand for three generations. He himself has married a Thai woman. He has never been to China. When he talks about Thailand, he can feel that he regards Thailand as his real home. He understands the culture there and is completely a Thai way of life.

At nine or ten o’clock in the evening, We came to Chinatown in Thailand, Facing us is a string of red lanterns with Chinese characteristics. You seem to have come to China in the 40s and 50s. Shop signs everywhere are basically marked with Thai and Chinese characters, Chinese-based, At the same time, the noise is fully reflected here. The whole street is dominated by stalls, and lampblack also fills the street. Chestnuts are fried with sugar fried by machines, and 300 large bowls and 200 small bowls of bird’s nest are hung everywhere. In China, bird’s nest is worth 100 times as much as that of expensive people, but it is reduced to snacks on stalls here. I can’t believe the cheap ones. Unfortunately, I was too full for dinner and really had no stomach to hold it.

There are stalls and hawkers on both sides of the road, and the cars are still speeding in the middle that are not affected, and the diners sitting on the side of the road are not affected by those cars. Your mind will pop out: Is there a chengguan here? Can anyone manage this street? It’s hard to imagine in our city, There was so much noise on the roadside, Peter said that if you could speak Chaozhou dialect, There is no problem communicating here, Many of the Chinese in Thailand are Chaozhou people who went to make a living. They grew up here from generation to generation, In fact, Putonghua there is still very difficult to communicate. When we bought pomegranate juice, the peddler he met suddenly popped up while watching our discussion. Hello, let us be delighted. In fact, he can only simply tell us how much this pomegranate juice costs per bottle, and in-depth dialogue will not work. He can only look at us with a smile.

I followed “LV” into a shop selling meat floss. Shopkeepers still talk in Mandarin. You can taste the food in their shops. If you feel satisfied and buy it, if you don’t like it, the owners won’t take pains to introduce it to you. These shops look like old shops. It will say how many years they have been operating. These shops feel like old shops in Hong Kong. However, due to the language barrier, I did not have much desire to buy (this “LV” is a handsome boy from Yangzhou, He publicized Thai cloth bags with us from the moment he got off the plane to the moment he returned home and boarded the plane. It was said that the cloth bag was the “LV” in the cloth bag. Because of his vigorous publicity, we bought a batch of “LV” cloth bags before we came back. At the same time, he visited Thailand three times and learned about every different snack in Thailand. He almost bought a batch of Thai characteristics in a sack and returned home. It was also a pity during my trip that he did not follow his purchase.)

Chinatown has its own hubbub and clutter. But the peddlers in Chinatown have different expressions, Each runs his own life, We once stopped in front of a beautiful durian woman for half a day. Looking at her skin, she was surprised and collectively gave her the name of “durian Xi Shi”. In our discussion, durian Xi Shi always opened durian and sold durian according to her steps, with a faint smile on her face. She was not upset by our impoliteness or delighted by our praise. However, the people on the side will come and talk a few words because we are surprised to understand Chinese, and some will give a bright smile even if they do not understand the language.

When we left, Chinatown is still full of voices, Darkness has lost its role here. It is still brightly lit here. We have left, but we are passers-by. Although we are Chinese, more of them are Chinese with Thailand as their home. They live in foreign countries and stick to a cultural custom of their own country, but they also accept the cultural custom of their own land. Thailand’s Chinatown is a city that never sleeps and a blend of the two cultures.

Write some words and take some photos to commemorate my slow life in Chiang Mai for one month.

As a professional travel agency TOUR LEADER, not only because of work to frequent Thailand, in my 8 years of backpacking travel career,

Thailand is also a very important country. I have changed three or four passports. One third of the visa countries are Thailand. Of course, Thailand is the most suitable country for me to stay.

However, I am in love with Chiang Mai, a small town in northern Thailand. In recent years, I have to go to Chiang Mai several times a year, either working or traveling. I am a very lazy person, every long trip

When I came back from the trip, many friends asked me to give me a strategy, but I was too lazy to write every time and occasionally sorted out my feelings during the trip.

But this time I decided that I wanted to leave some what for my one-month slow life in Chiang Mai, and I also hoped that I could bring it to my friends who had not yet gone to Chiang Mai.

Something different. Now I have completely given up the what Restaurant recommended by what Raiders, which is full of Chinese tourists.

Place gives me a headache. This time, because I met all kinds of friends in Chiang Mai, I learned about the weekend second-hand market, ONE TOUR, which tourists seldom go to.

Not to go to the black temple, as well as various English schools and investment in Chiang Mai to buy information.

Never wrote travel notes, So I also don’t know how to write standard travel notes, I hope everyone will understand my freedom and laxity. Think of what to write about what. Many friends asked me, why do you like Chiang Mai in so many beautiful places in Thailand? Is it just because of the beautiful climate? I really didn’t know why I like Chiang Mai what before, but now I really understand why I like it, because I like the lovely people here, so I fall in love with it.


There are not many direct flights from Shanghai to Chiang Mai. Jixiang Airlines and Eastern Airlines have direct flights.

If you choose cheap airlines, Asian Airlines and Spring Airlines, Asian Airlines can fly from Shanghai to Macao, Macao to Chiang Mai or Shanghai to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Chiang Mai.

In addition, after February 21, AirAsia will open direct flights from Hangzhou to Chiang Mai.

And this time I took Chunqiu Airlines, Shanghai-Bangkok, Bangkok-BUS (NCA) Chiang Mai

There are many flights to Chiang Mai in Bangkok, and there are also many traffic. Thailand’s domestic low-cost airlines include not only AirAsia but also Bird Airlines, which is very cheap to catch up with the promotion.

RMB, of course you can also choose the train, but it is often delayed, the air conditioner is very cold at night, and it is also bumpy, suitable for people who have a lot of time to swim slowly.

And now I basically choose to do NCA bus, to Chiang Mai for 8-9 hours, if you don’t need VIP seats, then it’s not too big to buy tickets that day.

Problem, I am basically GOLDE CLASS, the fare is about 120 RMB, the car will send water, snacks and food, the service is good to explode, the car also has

WC, vip seats have game console, LCD screen, chair with massage function, but vip position is very popular, it is best to book half a month to a month in advance.

It’s worth experiencing.

Transportation from Airport to Ancient City:

According to the instructions to enter the country, the entry staff can now speak basic Chinese, so there is no need to worry about poor English. After coming out, there will be

TAXI sign, and then tell the staff where you live in Chiang Mai, the staff will write a song list for you, and the vehicle can choose.

If you have more people or luggage, you can choose SUV with a price of 150B. Of course, you can also come out to find TUTU or put together two strips. TUTU100B or so.

However, it is recommended to take a taxi directly.

Traffic from NCA Station or Aka Bus Terminal to Gucheng:

Basically is double, if package double 100B or so, if SHARE double basic 40-50B, TUTU see you bargain level is average


Ancient city traffic:

As long as you go anywhere in Chiang Mai ancient city, the two lanes are 20B. Stop the two lanes and ask the driver if you can’t get to the place you go. Get off and give it to 20B.

One person can do it

Chiang Mai Accommodation;

There are a lot of accommodation in Chiang Mai, with various prices. If you like the ancient city, you can live in the ancient city. If you don’t like the ancient city, Ningman Road and Peace River

Both sides are good choices, and this time I stayed in Chiang Mai for 35 days and lived in three places, two GUEST HOUSE and one rented respectively.

Month house, but according to my experience, no matter where you live, please consider the quietness of the accommodation. Nowadays, more and more tourists are traveling to Chiang Mai.

There are many people and cars. Chiang Mai is full of motorcycles. The sound can really keep you awake at night. The hotel in the quiet alley is mine.

Two choices.

This is GUESTHOUSE, where my second family lives. It is quiet and comfortable. There is a beautiful courtyard in a small alley. It is ranked in the top 6 in HOSTLEWORLD. It is old.

Outside more, the boss is very enthusiastic, although the room is simple but quite clean, the room is cleaned twice a day, and the toilet is also quite clean.

Washing clothes 40B/KG, I live in DORM a bed about 30 RMB

I don’t know the reason of what, the picture capacity exceeds the limit and I can’t send the picture. This time I didn’t bother to do post-processing for the picture because I took many films.

Change to small size, is the original picture hair film, have know the kiss, please tell me how to deal with

After finishing the English school course in the following month, I went to rent a house. Most of the apartments in Chiang Mai are located in KAD on HUAY KAEW Road.

SUAN KAEW is near the mall, because there are several 7-11 houses with convenient life, and there is a TOP MARKET, which has apartments from 3500B a month.

To 25000B, but many apartments need to be rented for 3 or 6 months, and the rent for one month is relatively higher, of course along this line.

There are also many apartments near Chiang Mai University on the road. Many foreigners rent houses near shopping malls because foreigners have long holidays.

Of course, there are many Chinese like me who take English courses. There are supermarkets and food courts on the lower floor of this shopping mall. The food is cheap and delicious.

I am a semi-vegetarian person. I like GREEN SALA in the supermarket best. 30B is cheap, delicious and sufficient. The taste of lettuce with good raw materials cannot be compared in China.

In addition, when we are all eating genetically modified foods, Thailand does not allow genetically modified products.

Chiang Mai Market:

Many friends who have been to Chiang Mai know Saturday market and Sunday market, There are lots of cheap things in the market these two nights. There are a lot of delicious snacks, but in recent years I feel that these two markets are not as good as before. Good young people design fewer and fewer things. The prices of goods and goods are also rising every year. It is very difficult for me to find anything interesting when I visit these two markets now. In fact, I am a person who seldom goes shopping at home or abroad. I am very interested in clothes and bags, and I don’t know much about famous brands. I also get the so-called awareness of some famous brands because I help my friends or girlfriends bring things when I work. However, every time I go out to travel, the market, the market and the school, I have to look at them.

In a chat with my friend Bema in Chiang Mai, I learned about this flea market, which only sets up stalls on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The market is far from the old city near the Royal College. From the ancient city seat double 40B, In the end, the driver did not know this place and asked many people to get there. This is a place that makes me crazy. I can see my favorite small objects here in recent years. I went there three times in my last week in Chiang Mai. It is hard to say exactly what attracted me so much. For me, what I enjoyed buying second-hand things was the story behind it. I would like to share two stories with you.

The first story: about love and time

Because this market is rarely known to tourists, Face of China can hardly be seen, So when I appeared in the market for the third time, all the stores said to me in a friendly way, hello or Sowatika, When I appeared in front of this Thai doll with different styles, the store owner was an elegant Thai mother with exquisite makeup. I like to tell me that the five dolls are 30 years old and are birthday gifts from her grandmother when she was a child. I have been with her for 30 years. “That is very precious to you. Why do you want to sell her?” I asked. “Grandma has been thinking of her for a long time after her death. I hope to sell these five dolls to the people in Butong so that they can know the story of my grandmother and my miss and love for her. I think it is very meaningful to commemorate her in this way.” After listening to her, whether it is true or false, even for this story, I am worth taking one of them.

The Second Story: About Coffee and Music

When I was wandering around this market for the first time, I was suddenly attracted by the aroma of coffee. I was a person who loved coffee very much. Behind me came a song praising me for SO BEAUTIFUL. I smiled at him and said THANGK YOU just passed by. When I came to the market for the second time, He greeted me gracefully and said I REMEMBER YOU, After taking a seat, he personally made coffee and invited me to drink coffee. While I was drinking coffee, he played and sang on his guitar. In small talk, I knew his name was YUTHASART B, and there was a country music band composed of four old men, named CHING MAI COUNTRY MUSIC STROLLER, who sang in a hotel by the Ping River every night. On weekends, he came to the market to let everyone enjoy his coffee and music. Drinking coffee and listening to music, my heart is warm, and I like to do pure things like this. In a materialistic country, everyone is so impetuous. I am also very glad that I can like and persist in my work and devote myself to it.

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