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Impression of Bangkok

Impression of Bangkok

Bangkok is to Thailand what Rome is to Italy. It is not only sacred but also romantic. There are resplendent temples and monks in robes everywhere, as well as a strong religious atmosphere and the openness, openness and enjoyment of Thais. All this has formed a strong and sharp contrast. No wonder, this place is praised as a paradise for tourists and a paradise on earth.

Thailand is a religious country, and the vast majority of its citizens believe in Buddhism. Therefore, it is also called “the country of smiles”. Buddhism has virtually and deeply influenced the life of Thais. In this country, even the descendants of the royal family went to temples to be monks for a period of time when they were young. No matter what class men, they must have this experience in their life. Therefore, Bangkok people are all gifted Buddhists. They hold a happy and simple concept of life, and are happy with life and death, peace and nature.

The resplendent and magnificent Grand Palace is a landmark building in Thailand and a must for everyone who travels to Bangkok. Although Thailand’s royal family has no real power, it has considerable appeal. The people respect and love the current King Bhumibol. From the portraits of the king all over the streets, it can be seen that the Thai people are the spiritual leaders who support them from the heart.

Take to the streets of Bangkok and feel the warmth of tropical sunshine. The sky is blue and the spires of pagodas are shining, which shows the faith of this country. Every pagoda has a story, just like every leaf, every wisp of wind, everyone has his own story. From time to time, the golden roofs, cornices and glazed tiles, the pavilions, towers and corridors, and the large and small Buddha statues are all brilliant in gold and jade, exquisitely carved, or tall and straight, magnificent.

Walking through the streets of Bangkok, I realized that the streets were connected by a stone bridge with a river under it. This is why I believe Bangkok is a city built on water, and the Siam nation is an active nation on water. Siam, meaning freedom. From Thais, we can easily see that kind of laziness and casual, it seems that no what can make them worry. Is this also a Zen realm?

The tranquility and holiness that are inadvertently touched go hand in hand. No matter walking through the Grand Palace and Jade Buddha Temple with devout heart, or floating quietly and slowly on the beautiful Chao Phraya River at night, there seems to be golden light everywhere, blurring Bangkok’s bright and long history. Looking at the undulating cornices of phoenix heads, white jade walls and glittering and translucent porcelain flowers, my heart was excited. Let you and I in front of Buddha pay tribute to Bangkok.

In my feeling, the Chao Phraya River is like the Yunhan Milky Way that poured down from nine days in an ancient Chinese poem. This beautiful mother river, dragging Yiyi’s long skirt, crosses through the middle of Bangkok and nurtures Bangkok, a beautiful city, with its sweet milk sweat.

Thai rice has long grains, sharp ends and white color. It is cooked into rice and is fragrant, soft, smooth and tender. It enjoys a high reputation in the world market. The Chao Phraya River is the basic guarantee of Thailand’s granary. It is no exaggeration to say that without Chao Phraya River, there would be no world-famous rice in Thailand. This shows how important the Chao Phraya River is in the minds of the Thai people.

The Chao Phraya River is not clear and has deposits from ancient history. Roaming on a cruise ship on the Chao Phraya River at night is another way to get a glimpse of Bangkok. Different from Hong Kong’s Victoria Bay cruise ship, watching the scenery on Bangkok cruise ship is like shuttling back and forth in the deep just visiting, where modern and ancient collide and merge. Order is maintained in disorder and vitality is revealed in stability. Bangkok is really a living city, real and attractive.

Bangkok in the dim light of night seems to be a dream city. During the day, numerous temples add a lot of solemn atmosphere to the city. However, under the shade of night, there were lights everywhere, and warblers sang and swallows danced. No matter which road in Bangkok, there are many foreign tourists. Roadside bars play freely and temple bells ring from time to time. This contradiction is harmoniously unified here. Ha ha. This is really a specialty only available in Bangkok.

In downtown Bangkok, it is a paradise for backpackers and shopaholics. Even during the day, there are many local men holding photos of men and women bathing together to solicit customers along the streets, not to mention at night, when the music of pole dancing and the laughter of men and women are heard in various bars. Many Western tourists came to Bangkok, turning this devout Buddhist country into a paradise for debauchery. And I also came here, as if I had forgotten my relatives, hometown and friends, and I lived and died with them, crowing and dancing.

In the Rumpini boxing ring, gamblers screamed at the top of their voices. A group of people who sold spiritual flesh were all scarred. This is the most desperate madness. Primitive barbarism and coldness are clearly revealed between boxing and meat. The background color of life suddenly fits and weakens. Life, the law of the jungle, was originally cruel.

This is a enchanting city. The more beautiful it is at night, the more strange it is. Cruising in a dream-like city, there are magnificent scenery, great beliefs, prosperity where beauty and ugliness coexist, and a love affair where life and death depend. Here, either atmosphere or delicacy, through your eyes, shows unique nobility and king’s spirit, giving birth to countless fantasies and lingering.

In the desperate situation of time and space, people find their own home. With the flowing Chao Phraya River, their hearts become devout and mellow overnight. People are afraid of the passage of time, but time is frozen here. Every time I walk a section of the road, I always miss it reluctantly. Every time I finish writing a story, I always care about the fragments of spring and summer. Bangkok can always stir your heartstrings in the quietest time, making you have to love her.

The Chao Phraya River links Bangkok bit by bit. If you want to travel all over Bangkok, as long as you follow the Chao Phraya River, you won’t miss anything.

Some people say that traveling to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, without going to the Grand Palace is like not going to the Forbidden City in Beijing. The resplendent and magnificent Grand Palace is a landmark building in Thailand and a must for everyone who travels to Bangkok.

Bangkok is a city kissed by Buddha. Walking in the streets, there are resplendent temples and monks in robes everywhere.

Buddhism has virtually and deeply influenced the life of Bangkok people. He is gifted with Buddha nature, with a smile on his face, holds a happy and simple concept of life, and is happy with life and death, peace and tranquillity, nature and happiness. This is the life of Bangkok people and Bangkok people.

Zheng Wang Temple on the Chao Phraya River and Zheng Wang at the top of the pagoda are brilliant stars in Thailand’s historical sky. Zheng Wang, a hero with the blood of the descendants of the dragon flowing on his body, is a hero who spilled blood on Thai soil.

The streets of Bangkok are full of exquisite pagodas, which may be convenient for people to pray and worship. The most popular incense is the four-sided Buddha in the commercial center. Every day, from morning till night, people come here in an endless stream. The worshippers jostled one after another, the sacred stage was brightly lit, and smoke curled up from the incense table.

The traffic in Bangkok is a bit bad, not only during the day but also at night.

Bangkok seems to be a dream city in the dim light of night. If temples give the city a solemn atmosphere during the day, then under the shade of night, it is full of lights, songs and dances.

Cruising in the dream-like Bangkok, there are magnificent scenery, great beliefs, prosperity where beauty and ugliness coexist, as well as life-and-death relationships and countless fantasy lingering. It’s like shuttling back and forth in the deep just visiting, modern and ancient collide and merge.

Practical Handbook for Thailand Travel (4) Phi Phi Island

PP Island: We only stayed for one night this time, so we felt too late. People who like Phi Phi Island should stay at least 2 nights. I have plenty of time to stay for 4 nights. I get up in the morning and eat breakfast in the sea breeze. I walk all the beaches of Phi Phi, big and small. I go to sea by boat to play snorkeling on the surrounding islands. I climb to Sunset Viewpoint in the evening and watch the sunset with my lover. I have a seafood candlelight dinner in the romantic seascape restaurant. I go back to my room and sit on the terrace to rest and count the stars… What a pleasant thing. [Traffic] Sea: Phi Phi Island is actually a small island between Phuket Island and Panya Bay. It takes 1.5-2 hours to take a boat from both places. Starting from Phuket Island has been introduced in the last article. If you start from Panya Bay, many people say that during the peak season, if your island tour focuses on Phi Phi Island, you can take the route of “Bangkok – Panya Bay – Phi Phi Island” and save a lot of money. Ships returning to Phuket Island from PP all require PM1.30 to reach the dock, etc. However, there are several ships with different sailing times, so you can ask your own ship number on the dock. Island: Phi Phi Island is divided into large and small Phi Phi, and generally lives in large Phi Phi Island. The small town on the island is not large, so you can walk around the whole town. If you want to go to the beach far away on the island, you must take a boat. “Accommodation” is still the previous sentence. Accommodation in peak season must be booked, especially in Phi Phi Island. Recommend a reservation website: http://www.phi-phi-hotel.com/ The response speed is very fast and the service is good. Phi-Phi Banyan Villa Resort: Through the above website, the peak season is converted to RMB 520 yuan for one night. The hotel is three minutes’ walk from the dock. The room is very comfortable and quiet, but only Garden view. The garden is full of flowers, the swimming pool is also very large and comfortable, and there are not many choices for breakfast. However, the restaurant is on the beach and the sea breeze is very comfortable. During the peak season, most hotels are at 7,800 RMB per night, so I personally think this hotel is still relatively cost-effective. Hotels on Phi Phi Island are generally am11.00 check out, pm2.00 check in. [Play] 1 Phi Phi is surrounded by many beaches, small islands: Monkey Beach, Maya Bay, long beach, Mosquito Island, Egg Island, Bamboo Island, etc. You can find a travel agency to arrange the island jump tour. It is also possible to rent a long-tailed boat for 3 hours (mask) in 1000b-1200b (it is said that it can be cut to 6 hours 1800b-2000b in off season). Egg Island-the best snorkeling ground. The island is very small and takes only 40 minutes to swim around. There are three good beaches on the island, which are Y-shaped. The best snorkeling ground is behind a big rock. The sea water is black. In fact, there are coral reefs below. There are many lovely small fish, Nemo and sea urchin. The water is deeper. The beach is white and the sea is clear. There are little monkeys on the island, but when there are many people, the monkeys hide. Maya Bay-200b to go ashore. The beach looks beautiful from a distance. The sand is white and the water is green. Bamboo Island-a good place for diving, the seabed is very beautiful, there are many corals here, and the color is mainly green. If you take part in the island jump tour, PACKAGE is diverse and cost-effective. You can take part according to your own interests and physical ability, but you should avoid repetition and combination of work and rest. Some people strongly recommend MAYA BAY CAMPING TOUR, starting from PP at 4: 00PM, returning to PP at 10: 00AM the next day, sleeping bags at MAYA beach, including dinner and breakfast, and time to swim and snorkel at MAYA and LASAMA beaches. There are a large number of soft and hard corals and fish. 1600B/person is limited to 25 people per night. If you sign up, you can stay in a hotel one night less and take part in a half-day tour. There are three dives in half a day and four dives in a day, divided into snorkeling and diving. DIVING’s point and SNORKELING’s point are together, of course it feels different. You can go to a far place, 3000B/2 DIVES, but diving consumes a lot of physical strength, and there is not necessarily a Chinese coach. Canoe: It can be cut to 300b/hour in peak season. It is also a good choice for two or three people to row to the nearby harbor or beach to snorkel. Remember to bring your life jacket. The sunset viewpoint of Phi Phi island is very famous. It will reach the top of the mountain before pm6.15 in February, and the sun will fall behind the opposite mountain island at about 6.30. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the dock to the foot of the mountain and at least 30 minutes to climb to ViewPoint. The mountain road is steep, it is hard to get up, and friends who are not very physically strong should go up early. After climbing 2/3, there will be a direction prompt sunset viewpoint 1, 2, 3, of which 1 is the highest point and of course the longest distance. The top of the mountain is full of flowers, and you can see the coastline of Phi Phi Island. The sunset scenery is also very beautiful and romantic. It is recommended to bring a bottle of water. The drinks on the top of the mountain are very expensive. [Eating] 1. There are many snack stalls along the street. Thai Pancake has far more fruit varieties than Phuket Patong, and the price is more suitable, only 15-20B. 2. There is a Jasmine Restaurant on the island. The things are good and the price is reasonable. It is recommended. It seems that the store only works at night. Business is very good. It is better to make a reservation first. 3. The seawalls of 3. PP Island are full of seafood restaurants. Compared with Phuket, they prefer barbecue. The price is not much different from Phuket’s big gear. Moreover, many of them provide free vegetable salad and Pha Thai, so they do not need to buy staple food alone. Sitting on the edge of the seawall, eating delicious seafood, blowing soft sea breeze, listening to gusty waves and watching the sea view under the moonlight. If you want to save money, you can also eat a barbecue shop. A barbecue fish has about 80 plants, plus two cans of Coke. More than 200 plants are enough for two people to eat. There is a Taipo pushing a cart of homemade snacks to sell near PP Port. They are cheap and delicious. One of them is hollowed out coconut shells and filled with frozen fish glue in ice powder. It is cold, smooth and sweet. Fried all kinds of fish balls, a large box of 20B. Pan cake 30B. Sleeve-fish is also very good and tender. 5 GAY BAY Street roast chicken wings 10B/string. Roasted corn 5 ~ 10B pineapple boat paella (100B), the most delicious American fried rice (60B) is the most affordable, and pineapple and mango are the best sand ice. [Other]: 1 The tap water on Phi Phi Island is salty, so don’t boil it with tap water to make tea-_-! ! Be careful not to drink when taking a bath. For matters needing attention in water sports, please read the relevant introduction of Phuket Island in the previous article. If diving meets sharks, don’t panic, sharks there will not attack people. If you get seasick, you must take carsickness medicine before sailing at sea. The sea to Phi Phi Island is stormy. Both restaurants and vendors on the coastal roads on the island are very expensive. They should go to the small streets perpendicular to it to eat or buy things. The price is cheap and they can bargain.

Bangkok 8-day Deep Free Travel Super Detailed Strategy

Preface: Based on the principle of sharing, this free trip experience in Bangkok, Thailand will be summarized to facilitate friends to go out and play.

Staff: My wife and I, my friend and his wife

Time: Early May 2011

Note: The following “B” denotes Thai baht and “Yuan” denotes RMB.

1. Prepare before going out

1.1 Passport Visa

1.1. 1 There is nothing to say about the passport. Go to the local public security bureau to handle it.

1.1. 2 Visa-free travel to Thailand will be granted until April 1, 2011. Currently, the visa fee is 230 yuan. It is the most convenient to find an agent to help you with it. The price ranges from 280 to 380 yuan.

1.2 Ticket: (Starting from Guangzhou) There are three airlines to choose from, namely China Southern Airlines, Thai Airlines and Asian Airlines.

1.2. 1 China Southern Airlines has morning flights, which are the most expensive and have good service.

1.2. 2 Thai Airlines almost arrived in the afternoon and arrived at night. The fare was about 1500 yuan one way (excluding taxes and fees).

1.2. 3 Emphasis is placed on AirAsia. AirAsia is a low-cost airline and can only book tickets on AirAsia’s homepage. Agents and booking websites (such as Kuxun and Ctrip) cannot find AirAsia tickets. The advantage is that it is cheap, often engaged in activities, lucky enough to cover taxes and fees within 1K can fly back and forth, and even some people have got more than 100 yuan of air tickets. The disadvantage is that time is the worst. Leave in the morning and arrive in the middle of the night. Accommodation and transportation after arrival need to be properly arranged. After AirAsia arrived in Bangkok, it was around 2: 00 a.m. local time. There were no buses or light rail subways, but only taxis. Hotels in Bangkok charge for one day no matter how late they stay. Moreover, it is not safe to be too late (one day I was robbed of my bag by a flying car at 3 o’clock in the morning. Although I was lucky and did not lose anything, I must pay attention!) . Finally, there is an extra charge for seat selection (popular seat 24 yuan, ordinary seat 12 yuan), on-board catering and luggage check-in (120 yuan RMB when China goes to Bangkok and 530B when Bangkok comes back). In addition, the flight attendants of AirAsia are quite beautiful and speak Mandarin with strange and interesting tones.

Suggestion: AirAsia definitely wants to save money. For those who have some savings and aim to enjoy life, it is better to choose China Southern Airlines and Thai Airlines.

1.3 Exchange of foreign exchange

1.3. 1 Renminbi

First of all, it needs to be made clear that Thailand is full of places to exchange foreign exchange, but most of them do not accept RMB. Even if RMB is exchanged, the exchange rate bought is extremely low. When I went, the international exchange rate was 1 yuan = 4.64 B (Thai baht), and the exchange rate for RMB was usually 1: 3.6 ~ 3.8, and very few places were 1: 4.

There are three ways not to suffer losses: First, change the Thai baht at home. The Bank of China can change, only on Monday, 2 days later. Most of the time, banks will say that they will not exchange the Thai baht for you (evil foreign exchange control). Second, it is to withdraw money from ATM in Thailand. UnionPay can be used in many parts of Thailand. When I withdraw money from the bank, ATM will automatically convert the balance in your account into Thai baht at today’s international exchange rate, with a handling fee of 0.5% (minimum 10 yuan RMB) per transaction. Third, find a place with UnionPay logo to spend, swipe the card, no handling fee.


I swipe the card is the best, but to swipe UnionPay, not VISA and Master, these two handling fees are very high, like 1.5%.

The airport can also exchange foreign exchange, most of which is not cost-effective, but it is possible to exchange foreign exchange when I arrive at the hall to pick up my luggage (don’t go out). At that time, the exchange rate given to me was 1: 4, and the exchange rate outside the small door was 1: 3.8. The best place to exchange foreign exchange is Super Rich. Walk from Siam’s four-sided Buddha to Big C. There are two houses in the second alley. It is the most reasonable place to exchange foreign exchange in Bangkok. The door is opened very late in the morning, only for 3 hours in the afternoon, and closes at 8 o’clock in the evening.

When I landed in Bangkok, I did not have Thai baht on me, but I had US knives and RMB in my hand. Facts have proved that this is no problem at all.

$1.3. 2

With a beautiful knife beside you, you are not afraid to go anywhere. All the places where foreign exchange is exchanged accept U.S. Dollars, and the exchange rate is similar. When I went, the international exchange rate was 1 U.S. Dollars = 30.26 B (Thai baht), and the places where foreign exchange is exchanged are 29.70-29.97, which is much more cost-effective than RMB.

1.3. 3 HK $

Why do you want to say Hong Kong dollar, because I found that some exchange points give exchange rate, Hong Kong dollar is higher than RMB! Therefore, friends in Guangdong can bring some Hong Kong dollars to exchange, which is definitely more cost-effective than RMB.

Tips: Thailand’s voltage is the same as China’s, but the jack is slightly different. Individual strategies reflect that Hotel’s jack does not match the domestic plug. There is no problem with the Hotel where I live. Most of them should be universal. If not, it is also convenient to go downstairs to 7-11 (Bangkok is full of streets) to buy a changeover plug.

II ` Flight and Entry

2.1 You will usually be issued a foreigner entry and exit registration card on the flight, all in English. It is a wise choice to fill it out on the flight, so that you can get off the plane and cross the customs as quickly as possible. It is worth noting that one of them is required. It is the place of residence in Bangkok. Just write the name of the Hotel. If you haven’t decided on the Hotel yet, write Khao San Road. Get off the plane and queue up at the customs clearance, otherwise it will take a long time. Then the staff will take the entry couplet and book the exit couplet on your passport. Don’t lose it, otherwise there will be trouble when you leave the country.

You will also be asked to fill in the Foreigner Entry and Exit Registration Card on the plane back, but you don’t have to fill in it again when you return home.

2.2 Bangkok has three airports, and all international arrivals are at Suvarnabhumi Airport. There are many duty-free shops at the airport, so those who like shopping should pay attention. Many raiders have written before that maps and calling cards should be taken. After on-the-spot investigation, I felt that I didn’t need to take the map in the airport. If I had a free map at TAXI stop, I would like to take one. This map is not particularly useful. As for calling cards, they can be sold at 7-11 convenience stores all over the street when they are not busy. There is no need to worry.

2.3 Transportation to the city

2.3. 1 Taxi

This is my recommendation. Taxi at the airport is very formal. Please take your luggage with your watch. There will be airport staff at the taxi stop, who will translate the place and hotel you are going to into Thai to the driver, and will also give you a list (for complaining about the driver, there is a complaint telephone number on it). This service is very useful to ensure that the driver can accurately deliver you to your destination. It is truly a tourist city and praises one. Take me as an example. Hotel took a taxi to 360B in Sukhumwit Soi.16 (including the high speed 70B, of course you can choose not to take the high speed; It seems that 50B airport tax is also included).

2.3. 2 Route AE

Route AE has a total of 1-4 lines to go to different parts of the city, as if each person is about 100B. Briefly list the route:

AE1 ~ Silom (business district, night market, bar)

AE2 ~ Banglupu (go to Khao San Road, backpacker gathering place)

AE3 ~ Sukhumvitt (business district, bar)

AE4 ~ Hua Lumpong Railway (Railway Station, Chinatown)

2.3. 3 Light Rail

It is also convenient to take the airport light rail to the terminal Makkasan Station and transfer to other means of transportation (close to the subway Phetchaburi). There are two types: ordinary and fast, the ordinary 15B, and the fast seems to be 120B. The actual situation is that the two types of cars are not a few minutes apart, so it is recommended to do the ordinary one.

2.3. 4 Hotel pick-up

Generally, hotels above the mid-range level will provide this service. If you book a hotel, you can ask it to pick it up by car. The cost is 2000B per trip. It is strongly recommended to choose this service for those who come from business and can be reimbursed.

2.4 Calling Card

No matter how many people go, it is still necessary to buy a local mobile phone card, at least you can call Hotel and Police. There are two kinds of mobile phone cards, Happy card and True card. Let’s talk about it in detail:

2.4. 1 Happy card. All 7-11 are available, 99B, including 35B. After buying the suggestion, ask the clerk to recharge 100B immediately, which is basically enough. It is characterized by cheap calls to China: +009 in front and * * domestic calls are cheaper, which is 3.5 B/min. This is what my wife and I bought. It seems to be 1B/min if we fight each other. In this way, I can make a phone call to greet my friends in China ~ there is also a small discovery that my Nokia 6300 can actually display the street name of my current location after installing Happy card, which is extremely accurate, so that I later used my mobile phone as GPRS! My wife’s HTC phone cannot be displayed!

2.4. 2 True card, it is said, is cheaper than happy card to return home. Friends who went together bought this kind of card, and it is cheaper to dial +005. However, facts have proved that this is more expensive than Happy, and it may also be an operational problem.

2.4. 3 GSM. The global service of international roaming has been opened. The roaming fee per minute is RMB 7 yuan. My friend’s wife reluctantly chose this. The boss made a phone call for more than 20 minutes, and I felt distressed ~

3 ` Accommodation

1. Luxury

There are many luxury hotels in Bangkok, many of which are settled in US dollars. The famous ones are Shangri-La, The Oriental, etc. The approximate price is over 4000B/day.

2. Medium and high grade

This class is even more. I lived in Somerset Lake Point Hotel on Sukhumvit Road at that time and felt quite good, so I advertised it. Small Suite is 2650B/day. It has an open kitchen and various Size pots and dishes, central air conditioning, drum washing machine, whirlpool tub, Kingsize queen bed, iron, safe and more. The two walls of the bedroom are all floor-to-ceiling windows. The hotel also offers sauna, gym, swimming pool and more, all free of charge. In particular, there are 2 swimming pools, TowerA is outside 7F and TowerB is in the city. I went with my friends for 2 mornings, but there was no one. It was just a package. Breakfast is mainly western food, with more than 20 dishes and good taste. Open hour 5: 30am-10: 00am, there will be 6 Thai little sisters to take care of the meal. The whole hotel is mostly European and American. Ask the waiter to take you to the nearest Sky Train and Subway in a DukDuk.

3. Backpacker Hotels

Concentrated in two places: Khao San Road and China Town

3.1 Khao San Road

It is the legendary Kaoshan Road. Taxi drivers all know this place. Where backpackers from all over the world gather, There are many cheap hotels here (basically with or without air conditioning, You can bargain, A large number of backpackers appear here every day, so it has developed into a community integrating hotels, restaurants, bars, ticketing and Internet cafes. The real Khao San Road actually has 2 or 3 streets, with about 50 bars. It is very popular at night and there are many small vendors. The ghosts walking here are all suspenders + shorts for women and vests + underpants for men, which is quite interesting. Air tickets, tickets and train tickets can be settled here, and there are also many buses that gather here every day to go to the surrounding areas. Consumption is cheaper. It is very close to the Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha Temple and other scenic spots. The disadvantage is that there is neither Sky Train nor Subway around, nor is it close to Boat Station, so you can only take a taxi or bus to go out.

Conscience advice: Friends living here must not choose hotels facing the street. The bars here have to be busy until 2:00 a.m. You will definitely not be able to sleep facing the street.

3.2 China Town

Many strategies say it is made up of three streets, but I find that the whole China Town has a very large range and it takes you a long time to walk out. There are two ways to get there: first, Boat on the Chao Phraya River will get off the boat at Rachawongse Station B5. Second, take the subway to the terminal Hua Lampong Station (South China Peng Railway Station) and walk for 10 minutes. Therefore, China Town is located in a good position, relying on various public transportation. There are hotels of all grades in it, but most of them are very affordable. Many people here can speak Mandarin, Cantonese or Chaozhou dialect. The streets are full of gold shops and seafood restaurants, especially those selling shark’s fin and bird’s nest, which are not large in appearance. It is said that many shops will sell fake bird’s nest. If you buy it, please be sure to find a knowledgeable companion. The road is narrow and there are many cars. It is quite prosperous. Stalls are set up in all the alleys. There are many fruit sellers on the roadside, especially durian, which is cheap and delicious and can be bought more. There are several temples around, one of which is said to be made of pure gold. Interested friends can visit it.

Suggestion: Some people say in strategy that this place is specially for beheading Chinese. I think the Chinese are already good at shanzhai. They must have certain identification ability when buying things, otherwise they will also be beheaded in China.

Tips: Map is in charge of the Hotel you live in. Generally, there are more than one version of luggage, which is very useful when taken together.


When the place of residence is settled, it is necessary to study how to travel. Bangkok has the following modes of transportation and their advantages and disadvantages:

4.1 Bus

Local people often sit and backpackers often sit, which has the advantage of absolutely saving money. There are two types of air conditioning and no air conditioning. It seems that those without air conditioning are only 2-3B (not sure, I haven’t sat on it). The disadvantage is that the traffic jam in Bangkok is very severe, at least much worse than that in Guangzhou. The traffic jam is Feng Dao’s masterpiece “Endless”. And there is no English station announcement!

4.2 Sky Train

This ticket price is a bit expensive, 15-40B. I think the locals above are more like the middle class, and the rest are foreigners like us. The biggest advantage is that there is no traffic jam and the air conditioner is sufficient, just like Hong Kong, so there is no peculiar smell on the car. There are 2 lines. It is very convenient to go to many places by this line, and it is also convenient to transfer. There are one-day passes and three-day passes, if I remember correctly, 100B and 280B respectively, but they cannot be used on Subway subway. This is more speechless.

Operating hours: 6:00 am – 24:00 pm.

4.3 Subway Metro

There is only one line, there are not many people, the ticket price is about 10 B to 30 B, the advantage is also no traffic jam. There are also one-day passes and three-day passes, but the same cannot be used on SkyTrain.

4.4 Taxi

In Bangkok, there are only two or more people, and taxis are more cost-effective than SkyTrain and Subway. The premise is no traffic jam! The traffic jam rule in Bangkok is that it must be blocked from Monday to Friday, especially in the afternoon and evening. Traffic jam on Saturday depends on one’s character, and traffic jam on Sunday. Taxi starts at 35B and then 2B per kilometer. If there is no traffic jam, you can basically go anywhere in the city around 100B. When I first arrived, I also asked the driver if he could use meter? “Later, it was found that all the Taxi passengers who took the bus in 8 days took the initiative to play the watch. Sometimes when you say a place, the driver will shake his head and refuse to take the bus, because there will be traffic jam, or he will ask you if you want to take the expressway. In short, 3-4 people taking a taxi is the wisest choice.

4.5 Boat Ship

4.6 Tuk-Tuk Doodle

A three-wheeled motor vehicle driven by local people is everywhere. We need to negotiate a good price in advance. The price has no advantage and is easy to be cheated and slaughtered. It is not very safe. It is recommended to sit once during the day and feel it. Don’t sit at night.

4.7 Motorcycle Motorcycle

Commonly known as motorcycle, just like before Guangzhou banned motorcycle, its advantages are cheap and its disadvantages are unsafe, especially at night, don’t sit down.

5. Shopping

This is certainly of interest to everyone. I will divide it into three parts, one part is the introduction of shopping location, the other part is the cost-effective purchase of what things, and finally I will talk about payment and tax refund.

5.1 Shopping Point

5.1. 1 Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery

It is located at Siam, the junction of Sky Train 2 lines, and is a big shopping point. There are three shopping mall, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery. These three places are connected by air corridors, which makes it easy to walk from one to the other. It is mainly famous brand, which is expensive and has many street shops along the street. Tourists and young people are the main buyers. Siam Discovery has IMAX cinemas, which are cheaper than those in China, but we didn’t go to see them because we couldn’t understand the subtitles. The whole place is very large, it takes most of the day to finish the tour, and there is a queue for taxis at night.

5.1. 2 M.B.K.

At the “National Stadium” station at SkyTrain’s destination, Siam is actually one stop away, and it takes 10 minutes to walk. Tiantie Pedestrian Corridor can directly enter M.B.K. This is a hypermarket mainly composed of small and medium-sized scattered shops, and there is also a department store and a large supermarket. It seems to be 7 floors, from electronic products to pure cotton T-shirts, and the price is relatively cheap. There are many places to eat upstairs. I’ll send you a small card at the door. It says that you can bring Passport to this 6F tomorrow to get a free cotton shopping bag. In fact, you can go directly to 6F to get Passport and ask Thailand MM for it. You can get it if you are polite. There is a 3B charge for going to the toilet here.

5.1. 3 Central World Plaze

The “Chit Lom” station in SkyTrain is also one station from Siam. There are delicious food and cinemas here, and shops are still mainly engaged in medium and high-grade goods. The famous four-sided Buddha is also at this stop. Legend has it that he is extremely spiritual, but he needs to come back to fulfill his promise. There is also Big C Supermarket nearby, but I feel there is nothing to visit.

5.1. 4 Emporium

Located near the “Phrom Phong” (E5) station in SkyTrain, there are a lot of things and few people in the department store. Tourists are the main ones and few locals visit. Diane Finn’s underwear has the largest number of styles here and the price is relatively low. If you want to buy Diane Finn, you can buy it here. The BOOTS store inside is quite large and has a complete range of things. Also, the Body Shop can be bought here.

5.1. 5 JATUJAK Weekend Market (JJ Market)

Known as the largest flea market in Southeast Asia, it is located at the SkyTrian terminal Mo Chit (N8), or the subway stations Chatuchak Park Station (a little walk out) and KampaengPhet (just walk out). It is said that it covers an area of 1 square kilometer and has more than 9,000 shops. Only on Saturdays and Sundays. There are 26 districts, all of which sell what. Things are rough, not exquisite and cheap. Now I regret that I didn’t buy some handicrafts or aromatherapy ovens here at that time. If the artwork you bought is too big to bring back to China, there is DHL booth on the street here, which provides international delivery service. If you buy it, you can send it directly to your home. Most of the places here are greenhouses one by one, and a small number of them are sold on the street. It is better to have a compass to enter the greenhouses. Every time I enter the greenhouses, I can’t find the direction very quickly. Many strategies suggest to bargain fiercely here, but according to my experience, most shopkeepers do not bargain with you at all. There is also the fact that there is no air conditioner at all. There are many people and it is very sultry. We should be psychologically prepared.

Suggestion: If you want to buy cheap souvenirs and handicrafts, buy them here, and if you want to buy high-grade handicrafts, go to the Shopping Mall mentioned earlier. (P14.) (P15.) (P16.) (P17.)

5.1. 6 Oduogo Market for Farmer

This market is next door to JJ Market. After JJ Market, continue to the west and cross a road. There is no strategy to mention that few people should have been here. In fact, it is also good here. In a greenhouse, the scale is also quite large. It is mainly selling food and fruits, with clean venues, rich kinds of fruits and moderate prices. It is a good place to buy fruits.

5.1. 7 SiLom area

It is located at the junction of “Sala Daeng” (S2) station and subway “SiLom” station in SkyTrain. Shopping is actually a SiLom Complex shopping mall, and the rest are roadside vendors. The whole street here is full of snacks and food stalls. The reason why this place is famous is not because of shopping, but because it is Bangkok’s oldest * *, Patpong night market, various bars and nightclubs. It is said that it has become a black market now. Some strategies say that when entering the door, a bottle of beer will be 100B, and when going out to pay the bill, it will be 600B. Some strategies also say that the place on the second floor will not go up. In short, it is quite complicated. Be careful when going at night. There are many high-end hotels around here.

5.1. 8 Khao San Road

5.1. 9 China Town

As mentioned earlier here, it is mainly a place selling gold jewelry and shark’s fin and bird’s nest. I would like to add that there are many people selling fruits or gadgets on the street. I feel that I have time to go shopping.

(P24. Chinatown Street) (P25. Chinatown Street, too many cars)

5.2 Worth Purchased Items

Generally speaking, the price level in Bangkok is not low. I think it is similar to Guangzhou. Many things are very expensive. In particular, things related to modernization are expensive. Therefore, don’t buy mobile phones in what and focus on labor-intensive products.

5.2. 1 Bra

Diane Finn’s Bra is 1/3 of the domestic price here, with a slightly older style and high cost performance. The prices of other brands are similar, which is a must for all women to buy when they go to Bangkok. It is recommended to buy it in Emporium. There are many styles.

5.2. 2 Cosmetics

the body shop.

5.2. 3 Cotton T-shirt

Thailand’s pure cotton products are exquisite in workmanship, low in price and high in cost performance. Many of them are 99B pieces in M.B.K., so you can buy more pieces to wear.

5.2. 4 Crafts and aromatherapy

Thailand’s handicrafts and aromatherapy are very distinctive. It’s great to buy them back and put them at home to commemorate them. If you have large items, you can directly DHL them. If you are willing to give up, go to a big shopping mall to buy it. It is very delicate. If you save money, go to JJ market to buy it.

5.2. 5 Watches

According to colleagues, Bangkok’s famous watches are about the same price as Hong Kong’s, not as cheap as Singapore’s, but certainly cheaper than China’s. Those who are interested can buy it.

5.2. 6 Converse Shoes

Bangkok has very few places to sell sports goods. Sports brands only see Nike, Adidas, Puma, Converse and Reebok. There are few poor stores and few things to sell. Perhaps Thais do not like sports ~ Except Converse shoes, other brands have no special advantages in price. Most of Converse canvas shoes are converted into RMB 200-300 yuan.

5.2. 7 Jeans

Mainly refers to Lee and Levi’s two brands, which are about half price in China. You can buy a few if you like.

5.2. 8 NaRaYa package

This thing is basically a must for Asian women, but it is really good, of good quality and style. The key is low price. Many branches: Central World has the largest number of people and has to queue up. There is one on Sala Daeng Road, but there are few small shops. There is also one on the first floor of M.B.K.; It is recommended to have one near Emporium, which is large (2 floors) and has many styles, but not many people. In each NaRaYa store, a group of women were sweeping goods with baskets and paying for a row of chairs for their husbands.

5.3 Payments and tax rebates

5.3. 1 Payment

The most cost-effective way is to swipe the card and swipe UnionPay’s savings card. It seems that there is no other fee, and the exchange rate is the exchange rate announced by UnionPay on that day. If the place where you buy things supports UnionPay, don’t pay cash. Be careful, When I swiped ICBC’s savings card at Boots, I was told that I could not enter their system (but the card had already been swiped), because my ICBC card number had 19 digits, and their system could enter up to 18 digits (sweat, small countries are small countries), because the money had already been swiped away, and finally they were busy for a while, and then I changed to swipe the card of the bank, which could avoid this problem.

5.3. 2 Tax refund

The Thai government stipulates that shops marked “Vat Refund for Tourist” can be refunded (basically large department stores can be refunded). If a store spends more than 2,000 B, it can show Passport and ask the clerk for a tax refund form. If the total amount of consumption on the tax refund form exceeds 5,000 B, it can refund 7% of the total amount of consumption at the airport. The specific method is to apply to the Vat Refund workbench at the airport, and remember to bring a luggage or bag, so that the staff will not check what you buy (generally not check, occasionally check empty-handed), choose cash tax refund, deduct 100B handling fee (other methods of tax refund handling fee is higher), and then go through security check to spend the money in duty-free shops.

Six ` Play

It is best to write down the name of the place you are going to and the name of the street on paper in English, and let the hotel people translate it into Thai for you and take it with you, so that you can definitely get twice the result with half the effort by asking the way or taking a taxi. Here are some scenic spots that I think I can go to.

6.1 Damnern Saduak Floating Market

Boats loaded with goods moored on the river channel, the traffic of boats was bustling, and the cries of hawking were heard one after another. This was the morning scene of the water market. The riverside roads on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are residents’ houses and have a lot of life atmosphere. The busiest time here is from 6: 00 a.m. to 9: 00 a.m. After 9: 00 a.m., the customers are basically left with tourists. The break time is 2: 00 p.m. This is a water community with residential buildings, temples and markets. It’s worth a visit!

It is more than 70 kilometers away from the city and takes 1.5 hours by car. My friend entrusted the hotel waiter to contact the taxi to take us to and from the water market at a cost of 1,500 B (no meter). The four of us arrived at the charter place (more than one charter point). The boss offered: a small boat with a motor, a boatman, and a 2-hour tour with a cost of 800B per person. Friends made a counter-offer of 700B per person and clinched a deal. There are also activities where elephants carry tourists across the river and watch monkeys. We didn’t take part. Looking back now, the fare may have been slaughtered. However, the tour was still very happy. The boatman Xiao Hei also served well. He also cut flowers on the shore and gave them to us. We gave Xiao Hei a tip of 100B. Things in the water market are more expensive, killing tourists. Just feel it, there is nothing to buy.

6.2 The Grand Palace

There is not much introduction to such famous places. Boat can be reached at N8, N9 and N10 stations. There are too many people, all travel agencies. There is a Chinese tour guide map, which stipulates that you cannot enter in vests and underpants. The murals inside are very interesting. I didn’t know they were narrative until I came back. If there is a team tour guide explaining there, I might as well listen to them.

Tickets: 350B (package tickets, including Jade Buddha Temple, etc.)

6.3 Sleeping Buddha Temple

Next door to the Grand Palace is the Sleeping Buddha Temple. In addition to the huge Sleeping Buddha, there is also one of Thailand’s most famous ancient massage schools, which can pay for massage. The queue price is 250B/h, not 500B/h.

Ticket: 50B

6.3 Wat Arun Dawn Temple

The Sleeping Buddha Temple went out to the dock and took a boat across the other side. The ticket was 3B. There is a big tower in the temple, which is very high, the stairs are very steep, pay attention to safety, climb up the scenery is good, and the top floor has yellow cloth to write wishes, remember to bring a water pen to go up. Lights will be turned on at night, and it is very spectacular to take a cruise ship from the Chao Phraya River.

Ticket: 20B(P34. )

6.4 Four-sided Buddha

As mentioned earlier, SkyTrain’s “Chit Lom” stood up and was on the side of the road. Legend has it that it is very clever and incense is very popular. No tickets, but it costs 20B to buy incense.

6.5 Lumphini Boxing Stadium Lumbini Thai Boxing Hall

Thailand’s most famous place to play Thai boxing is located near the subway “Lumphini Station”. There are competitions on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, which start at 5 and 6 pm. Legend has it that Tuesday was the best match. One ticket can watch 8-10 matches in a row, and the more you get to the back, the more exciting it will be. There is no air conditioner in it, feel the heat wave!

Fare: 1, 000B outside, 1, 500B medium, 2, 000B inside. It is said that it will be much cheaper to find local people or travel agencies.

Tips: Bangkok also has another place to watch Thai boxing, near the Democracy Monument.

6.6 Ayutthaya

I wanted to go to this place, but I didn’t go to it. Make a list of the information I asked. It is a little far from the city, about 70 kilometers away, and it will take one day to play. There are many trains to Peng Railway Station in South China, with a fare of 15B and a journey of 2 hours. Pack TAXI round trip, driver’s offer is 1,500 B, one way 1.5 hours.

6.7 Crocodile Farm Crocodile Tan

This place also wants to go but didn’t go to, the ticket price is 300B..

7 ‘Experience

7.1 Massage

The legendary “horse kills chicken” is full of Massage shops in Thailand. The technique is authentic and inexpensive. You must experience it. The small shops on the street are not very hygienic (especially SPA). Two Thai colleagues of Mrs. Wu recommended us to have an authentic shop “Healthy Land”. The head office is in SiLom. Because of traffic jam, we turned to its branch near Asok. My wife chose essential oil Spa mass, 800B/1.5 h. I chose Thai Massage, 450B/2h. Our feeling is very good!

(P36. )

7.2 Bars

It is concentrated in three places: Khao San Road, Kao Shan Road, Sala Daeng Killing Osama bin Laden Road and Nana Station. The last two places are * *.

7.3 Royal City Avenue

Commonly known as dance street, the whole street is a disco. Hong Kong often uses this place to make movies. I heard that police cars close roads at night and people disco-dance in the streets. After going here, I don’t feel satisfied with going to discos anywhere. Originally, I wanted to go and have a look. The hotel baggage boy told us that it started at 6: 00 p.m. and was Happy Hour from 7 to 8: 00 p.m. after 9: 00 p.m., and told us to take a taxi back before 8: 30 p.m., otherwise we would not be able to get a taxi. We saw that this place was a bit biased. There was nothing around it on the map. We didn’t go to it for safety reasons.

Eight ‘Food

Eating in Bangkok is generally not too expensive. One dish, ordinary restaurant 80-250B, street 35-50B. The amount of food is small, so it is popular to eat less and eat more. There are a lot of delicious food in Thailand, only some of which we have eaten are listed. It is absolutely guaranteed that the high-quality delicious food will come out for your reference. The order is from cheap to expensive.

8.1 First push all kinds of stalls on the street

(P38.) (P39.)

8.2 Fruits and fruit juices

8.3 Mango for Rice

8.4 Hainan Chicken Rice

8.5 S&P Restaurant

It was also brought to us by a friend of the gourmet and his wife. In fact, S&P has several branches and tastes good. However, the garlic prawn rice recommended online is not seen on the menu.

8.6 Lemon Grass Restaurant

The authentic Thai restaurant recommended by Thai colleagues is located in 5/1 Sukhumvit Soi 24 (opposite the Emporium). The place is not large, the environment is very good, the seats are relatively few, and the price is obviously higher than that of other restaurants. The four of us ate about 1,800 B in total here. I feel that although it is authentic, the taste is not as good as that of the food stalls. I admit that I am vulgar.

8.7 Hotel Marriot

Located on the side of the Chao Phraya River, it provides a night view cruise ship dinner on the Chao Phraya River. Only my wife and my friend’s wife went there (my friend and I went to Khao San Road Kaoshan Road to see beautiful women that night). According to my wife’s evaluation, the atmosphere on the boat was good and the service was also very good. The dishes were served one by one. After eating one dish, the dishes were collected once, and the taste was good. Per capita consumption is 1,800 B.

IX ` Other

9.1 Access to the toilet

Except for large department stores and scenic spots, the rest of the toilets need money. The cost is 3-5B. What is particularly interesting is that I was asked for 3B when I went to the toilet, and a European and American who followed me was asked for 5B. It seems that Asians have discounts ~

9.2 Access to the Internet

Bangkok is expensive to surf the Internet, usually 1B/minute, and some are 2B/minute. Although the hotel I stayed in is free to surf the Internet, it only provides 512K speed, and the faster one will be charged.

9.3 Region

There are several places in Bangkok that are especially large. It is very tiring to walk out. For example, Sukhumvit Road accounts for more than 1/10 of the map. If you want to walk to the next street, walk slowly ~

9.4 Beauty

The probability of seeing beautiful women is higher than that of any other city in China! There are so many beautiful women!

9.5 Animals

People and animals are very harmonious, especially birds. They are not very afraid of people and dare to eat the rest near street stalls in downtown areas.

9.6 Mosquito Control

Because the city is clean, there are not many mosquitoes! We stayed for 8 days and were not bitten by mosquitoes!

9.7 Weather

Dry heat is more comfortable than damp heat in Guangdong. And where there is air conditioning, the air conditioning is fully turned on. The rain is mostly torrential and will stop soon.

9.8 Humanities

Most people believe in Buddhism, so they are very friendly. When you say hello, you will definitely respond to you. The pressure of life here is not great, the people’s happiness index is obviously higher than that of our country, there is no urban management, and small business vendors are very conscious.

9.9 Tips

Tipping is popular. The hotel cleans the room at 20B a day. Luggage 20B; Taxi driver 20-50B, Massage 50-100B, other services for you, depending on your satisfaction.

Summary of Free Travel in Chiang Mai, Thailand in January 11

Photo of Chiang Mai Travel Notes in Thailand Attached


This tour is the second overseas self-help tour for our family of three. The overall feeling is very good, comfortable and comfortable. It doesn’t cost much except air tickets. Three people spend a total of 2,000 yuan for 7 days. The round-trip air ticket cost 6,300 yuan. The average person is less than 3,000. Of course, we have tried our best to save money in all aspects of food, housing and transportation, which is why we have such a valuable holiday.


Transportation is the most expensive item. In order to save the cost of air tickets, we booked AirAsia’s Guangzhou-Chiang Mai air tickets six months in advance. All the round-trip flights were connected in Bangkok, with a total of four flights at 2100 yuan per person. As a result, one week before the trip, the air ticket for the same period of time was still 2100 people, especially the return air ticket was 50% cheaper than when it was originally booked, and only needed about 500 yuan. It’s true that the plan has not changed. Fast.

Apart from the convenience of connecting flights and the lack of drinks and snacks on board, the biggest problem may be that long-distance travel is mainly at night, and it is usually late at night after arriving at the destination, which may be harder for members of all ages. However, careful design of the trip will save travel time and accommodation expenses, so it is the best choice for poor travel.

This time our plane from Guangzhou to Bangkok also arrived in Bangkok at 1: 30 p.m. Due to the long customs entry formalities, it was already 3: 30 p.m. When we left the customs. The plane from Bangkok to Chiang Mai leaves at 6: 30 a.m. And needs to check in at 5: 00 a.m. So we found a place to sleep on the first floor. Many international flights in Bangkok are an important transit airport in Asia. Many travelers choose early flights, so they need to wait at the airport and find a quiet place to rest while waiting.

On the return trip, we flew from Chiang Mai to Bangkok at 12 noon and arrived at Bangkok Airport at 1: 30. The plane from Bangkok to Guangzhou is 6: 30 p.m. And returns to Guangzhou at 10: 30 p.m. Since there is no airport bus back to Qingyuan, we took a taxi to Huadu and drove the car parked in Huadu back to Qingyuan.

There is basically no public transportation in Chiang Mai. Locals go out by driving their own cars or motorcycles, or taking two cars, while travelers often choose to rent motorcycles or take two cars or doodle cars. Chiang Mai Airport is very close to Chiang Mai City, but only taxis can reach the city and there is no other public transportation. When we arrived in Chiang Mai, it took us 120B to take a taxi to the Chiang Mai Gate in the ancient city of Chiang Mai. The taxi price for the airport is uniform, and it is 120B to any hotel in the city. On the return trip from Chiang Mai ancient city to the airport, we chose to take a doodle bus, which took about 15 minutes to reach the airport from the hotel and cost 80B.

During our trip to Chiang Mai, we basically walked, only went to night markets and went to distant places, took two beep cars, two double cars and rented a motorcycle for one day. When renting a car, the shopkeeper told us that if you take children, you can sit for 3 people in a car, so long as you wear a helmet, there is no problem. Therefore, if you don’t want to walk too tired, renting a motorcycle is a very good choice, and you can choose to rent a bicycle when traveling alone. Rental of automatic motorcycles is 200B per day, manual motorcycles only need 150B, and bicycles are 50B. The doodle car is usually chartered, with a maximum of 3 people, some of them can take 4 people, and the two cars are carpooling. The cost is calculated on a per capita basis. Just tell the driver about the destination before getting on the bus. The three of us are usually asking 80B for a doodle car within 10 minutes, but the counter-offer is 50B; In 15 minutes, the price is 100B, but the counter-offer is 80B; Two cars are relatively cheaper, which can be about 10B cheaper.

The picture above shows a doodle car.


Chiang Mai is a very mature tourist city. There are basically only three types of people in the city: tourists, tourism practitioners, monks and students. Chiang Mai basically has no industry, only a large number of individual businessmen provide goods and services for tourism.

Therefore, the diet here is also divided into two types: the diet for travelers and the diet for locals. The food provided for tourists is mainly concentrated in hotels, guesthouse, bars, restaurants and other areas where foreigners are concentrated. The food provided is mainly western food and some Thai food, such as fried noodles, fried rice and so on. The food provided for the local people is concentrated in the market, the streets in the old city, etc., mainly soup powder, rice and Thai food. Thai cuisine is characterized by sour and spicy food and sweet food. During our stay in Chiang Mai, we basically looked for local restaurants to eat local food and seldom ate western food. I ate the most soup powder and fried rice. Thai fried powder has been eaten twice and I don’t like it very much because it is too sweet.

During my stay in Chiang Mai, I also found some strange local eating habits. Chiang Mai locals like to go to restaurants or roadside stalls outside to buy food, including fried fish and meat, rice, sauce food, etc., and like to put them in hard plastic bags. It seems that they don’t cook at home very much. On the road, locals are often seen opening food bags and grabbing rice with their hands and dipping it in sauce. There are a large number of food stalls in Chiang Mai Gate Market, and there are basically all kinds of local delicacies in Chiang Mai. The food stalls were still in the market in the morning. In the afternoon, they moved to the outside of the market and on Little Square across the road. In the evening, they were even more lively. Many foreign tourists came to try. More locals drove to the market and were busy until 12 o’clock in the evening before gradually closing the stalls. There are many choices of local diet here, but because it is a gear, hygiene is of course poor, which is not suitable for people with higher requirements in this respect, and of course there is less fun in this respect.

If you don’t choose western food, Chiang Mai food is very cheap. The three of us usually choose to buy cakes and milk for breakfast, or eat soup powder in restaurants, usually within 100B; Noon and evening are usually settled at local restaurants or market stalls, usually between 150B and 200B. The day before leaving, I ate McDonald’s and Pizza at noon, which cost 350B, and the local hot pot for dinner cost 310B, which was the most expensive.

The following is an introduction to some local snacks according to personal experience. The most recommended is a local restaurant, where we had the most delicious breakfast. The restaurant’s storefront is very small, in the middle of the west of the ancient city, facing the moat. To the north of the restaurant, there is a larger, cleaner and brighter restaurant, but no one eats in it. This store is full of locals eating, only one waiter can speak a little English. We ordered a porridge and a soup. The soup was pork soup with a local coriander and a bowl of rice. The porridge is cooked very smoothly. It is ribs porridge with half an egg. The egg is half cooked and slippery. This porridge has the essence of breakfast in Guangzhou’s restaurant. It is suspected that this restaurant was opened by overseas Chinese before. The soup has the fragrance of local coriander, somewhat similar to medlar leaf soup, and the rice served with it is the same.

Delicious pork ribs porridge

Soup and Rice

The second recommendation is a small restaurant in the alley opposite the east gate of Qingman Temple, which needs to walk about 100 meters from the main road. The shop was built in an open space in front of a residential building. The environment was very ordinary, but there were also many people eating inside. We had lunch here. The simple fried rice is delicious.

On the first day, we had local chicken and rice at a local restaurant on a north-south road south of Chiang Mai Gate Square. The gravy is very special and delicious. The store is located next to the northern starting point of the weekend night market, and there are several Western restaurants nearby. Later, I went to the weekend night market on the weekend night and wanted to eat again, but I missed it because the store did not open at night.

For dinner, it is suggested to eat hot pot at the hotpot restaurant outside Chiang Mai’s ancient city. There are two kinds of chafing dish in Chiang Mai. One is to cook soup in pottery pots, which we did not have time to try. The other is a charcoal stove aluminum pot, a buffet form. The meat is fried on a special pot, which is very fragrant, slippery and delicious. There is a very large restaurant near the city wall in the northeast corner of the ancient city. The guests are basically locals and few tourists. Basically, the second group of guests come after eating. Adults only need 109B, children have half price, and meat is free to eat. It is said that there are still more expensive ones that offer unlimited quantities of shrimp and other seafood, about 200B per person. We didn’t have time to try. These hot pots are all located outside the ancient city and not in the eastern area of the ancient city where hotels are concentrated, because the main consumers are local people, so it is better to know where there are them from the local people.

Chiang Mai Hot Pot

There is a market at Chiang Mai Gate in the southeast corner of the ancient city of Chiang Mai. The night market outside the market is an excellent place to eat and relax at night. There are all kinds of snacks, fruits, drinks and staple food. We had dinner here three times. Moreover, we eat only one of each kind of food here, and three people share it until we are full. Basically, every dinner is below 200B. It only takes 15B to shake the ice here. Soup powder, fried rice, pancakes and so on are basically 25B to 30B. Here is a mango rice highly recommended by online travel notes, which costs 40B. However, after eating it, we felt that it was really not suitable for our appetite, because the rice was so sweet that mangoes that ate rice and then noodles felt that mangoes were not sweet. We think the best food here is a banana and egg pancake made of beard and a soup powder in the square.

There are not many varieties of fruits in Thailand this season, only some common fruits such as bananas, watermelons, mangoes, pineapples, papaya, etc. The mangosteen and longan-like fruits seen last time in Phuket were not seen. The fruit here is also cheap. We ate 25B one kilogram of papaya for 2 days in a row. We bought a whole papaya after dinner every day and ate it to the fullest.

One thing I have to mention is drinking water. Chiang Mai’s tap water is yellow and yellow. Obviously, it is not filtered enough and cannot be drunk directly. When boiled, it dare not drink it. We bought 6 litres of drinking water at convenience stores. Of course, many restaurants provide ice and drinking water, which are put in a large bucket and need to be poured by themselves.

Chiang Mai has a lot of delicious food, which needs to put down all kinds of inherent prejudices and find in small shops in small streets and alleys.


Chiang Mai has accommodation places all over the ancient city and the southeast and west outside the ancient city. However, the main accommodation places are concentrated on both sides of the city wall to the east of the ancient city. There are two types of accommodation in Chiang Mai: hotels and hotels. Hotels are relatively expensive, and hotels, or Guesthouse, are relatively cheap. We live in a GH in the southeast corner of the ancient city on this trip. It is very convenient to go to Chiang Mai Gate Market, Weekend Night Market and Sunday Night Market. It takes less than ten minutes to walk. We live in a double room without air conditioning, with hot water and two beds, 250B a day. The air-conditioned room cost 350B, but there were no vacancies at that time. This GH is very simple, there is no what courtyard, but it is better than cheap. There are some GH double rooms with good environment that need about 700B. As for the air conditioner, I personally think it is unnecessary. Chiang Mai has a fresh climate. The temperature is between 18 and 22 degrees at night, and blankets are needed. It’s just that it gets hot when you take a nap.

The place where we stayed was in the inner lane, far away from the bustling bar area. We slept very quietly at night. Next to it was a temple. We heard many birds calling around 7 o’clock in the morning and the temple bell and chanting at 7: 30. While staying in the bar area east of Chiang Mai will be very convenient for nightlife, it will also be very noisy at night.

In fact, it is also a kind of enjoyment to slowly find exquisite and beautiful GH around the ancient city.

High-end boutique hotel in Gucheng, cheapest room 6500B per day


Chiang Mai is famous for its handicraft industry and night markets. Buying handicrafts as decorations and gifts is an essential reservation program for traveling to Chiang Mai, and visiting night markets is also an important part of traveling to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai has a night market every night. From Monday to Friday, it is in the eastern area outside the city. On Saturday, on the road outside Chiang Mai in the south of the city; Sunday’s night market is the most famous. It is located on the east-west street in the middle of the ancient city and is also the largest night market. Many craftsmen set up their own stalls, so they sell the most varieties and the cheapest prices. Visiting the Sunday night market is a program that cannot be missed when traveling to Chiang Mai. Many foreigners specially adjust their travel itinerary and arrange to spend Sunday in Chiang Mai. Therefore, the number of tourists during the weekend is the largest, and many GH are full.

The night market from Monday to Friday is called Night Bazzar. It starts to set up stalls every afternoon. They are all professional stalls, so the price is higher. Of course, there are many high-grade handicrafts. Saturday is similar to Sunday’s night market, except Sunday’s night market is larger. We started visiting the night market at 5 pm on Sunday and still did not finish at 10: 30 pm. Finally, due to light rain, the night market closed hastily, and we could only regret to end the gift purchase on that day. Therefore, it is suggested to go to the Sunday night market and start when you are optimistic, otherwise you will be very tired if you want to buy it later.

Sunday night market at 5: 30 p.m.

Night market handicrafts


The most famous tourist attractions in Chiang Mai are several temples with a long history, including Qingman Temple, Chidilong Temple, Pasin Temple and Shuanglong Temple on the mountain in the ancient city. There are countless other ancient temples, large and small, both inside and outside the ancient city. All temples are free to visit except Shuanglong Temple, which charges 30B to foreigners.

Chiang Mai is also famous for riding elephants. This is a packed one-day tour, including: visiting factories that use elephant excrement to make paper, watching elephant performances, riding elephants for one hour, riding ox carts for 20 minutes, rafting on bamboo rafts for half an hour, buffet, touching tigers (self-funded projects), and visiting orchid gardens. This tour item is generally provided by GH, hotels or street tour agents, with a charge of 700 to 800B, which is still worth participating in.

Another famous travel program is flying the jungle, flying over the jungle. It is a mid-air corridor built on the big trees in the tropical rain forest. Tourists wear safety ropes to experience downhill and mid-air stroll in the corridor. As the child’s leg was injured, we had to postpone the tour until we went to Chiang Mai in the future.

Apart from numerous temples in and around Chiang Mai’s ancient city, various GH and residential buildings are also worth visiting. Apart from the difference in architectural structure between China and the West, courtyard layout, pottery decoration, doll and animal decoration and so on all have their own characteristics, which are worth taking time to visit and discover one by one.

Other scenic spots include visiting ethnic minorities, visiting handicraft villages, rainforest hiking, etc., depending on personal interests. There are so many activities in Chiang Mai that you can get what you need and fully enjoy the free time in Chiang Mai. No wonder some travelers have been here for several months.

Pasin Temple

The Ancient City of Chiang Mai, Tapeimen

Chidilong Temple Pagoda Site

A friendly atmosphere

When traveling in Thailand, the greatest feeling is the friendly atmosphere. As a tourist, there is no need to worry about being cheated, being treated as a water fish and being fooled here. Thailand’s economy is based on tourism, No matter in Phuket Island, PP Island, Chiang Mai, Many locals depend on tourism for their livelihood, But they are not like the popular tourist attractions in the country. Holding the mentality of not slaughtering the white, not slaughtering the white, not cheating the white, not cheating the white, they will sincerely hope that the tourists will like this place, come again next time, and tell more people that this place is good. They don’t care whether the tourists will help themselves. They think that as long as the environment is good and there are more people coming, they will certainly get benefits. They are more concerned about maintaining the overall tourism environment and try their best to be themselves. Unlike the domestic people, they refuse to make their own efforts. They only want to take advantage of it. They only want to make a one-shot deal. They think that maintaining the tourism environment is a matter for the Government and never consider that they also need to contribute.

You can feel the friendly atmosphere at Bangkok Airport in Thailand. Families with children and the elderly are often given priority when queuing. Service personnel are always patient and smiling in responding to inquiries and handling business. Seeing confused passengers, they will always take the initiative and kindly remind them. When asking for directions and encountering language difficulties, he will even take the trouble to lead him personally, even if he is not at his post. When you encounter such treatment when you need help, and compare it with what happens at home, you will understand who is God in Thailand and who is the real God in China.

We took part in a one-day elephant riding tour in Chiang Mai. The tour guide took us to various projects. Many of them will have souvenirs for sale. When eating buffet, we will be in Tiger Kingdom Tiger Kingdom. There is a self-funded tiger touching project here. The tour guide will also actively recommend it. However, it will be stated that the purchase of these self-funded items and souvenirs is completely voluntary, and the guests do not consume the tour guide and absolutely do not show dissatisfaction. The following trip is still enthusiastically introduced to us and takes photos for us. The following monkey training class was cancelled after consulting us and did not force consumption. This one-day elephant ride, The tour guide and minibus driver only have us and another tourist all day. There are 4 people in total. We didn’t take part in any self-funded activities, and we didn’t buy any souvenirs except the photos of riding elephants. The actual income of tour guides and drivers from us should be very small. In the end, they were still smiling and enthusiastic. We could feel that their hospitality was from the heart, not just for money. Compared with the experience of domestic tour groups, after experiencing Thailand’s tourism services, I am no longer willing to participate in domestic tour groups. As for Thailand, I will definitely come again and tell more people about Thailand’s friendliness. I am also willing to take part in packaged tour groups in Thailand. Because I have a satisfactory feeling of traveling here, I can spend at ease.

Religious belief

The vast majority of Thai people believe in Buddhism, which can be said to be Thailand’s state religion. So Thailand is full of Buddhist temples. Similarly, Buddhism has penetrated into people’s daily life and directly affected people’s words and deeds here. The people here are optimistic, hospitable, satisfied with their current life, rarely cheating, and rarely greedy for petty gain. They believe that what is given and enshrined in this world will be returned to them by Buddha in the afterlife. They believe in reincarnation, believe in the cause of this world and the fruit of the afterlife, so they treat people kindly, do not get insatiable greed, only take their due labor remuneration. Even if they are poor, they only try their best to worship and hope for a better life in the afterlife, instead of stealing, robbing and abducting.

Religious beliefs do play a very important role in educating people and social harmony. After the Chinese broke through the four old ways, they lost their religious beliefs. With the reform and opening up, the spiritual desert has become money worship.

In Chiang Mai, one can feel the influence of Buddhism on people’s lives. Temples are spread all over the city and some temples also open schools to accept poor students. Every morning at 7 o’clock, the monk goes out to beg for alms. On the other hand, the believers prepared the food early. When the monk arrived, they would put the food into the monk’s food bowl and sit on the floor, reading the words and wishes in their hearts to the monk. The monk will not leave until the followers finish reading.

When visiting temples, we often see groups of local young people kneeling in front of Buddha to pray. In Guesthouse, in restaurants, you can also see many ceramic dolls and smiling Buddha worshippers. Many details of life reflect the influence of Buddhism and the satisfaction and joy of the people.


Toilets are in great need of books and special books. Temples in Chiang Mai are all over the ancient city and there must be a temple within 50 meters. There must be toilets in every temple, and they are all free of charge. The inside is still very clean, basically there are special personnel to clean. I looked at it and it seems that there are still many types of toilets in Chiang Mai. Toilets for tourists and believers will be beautiful and clean. Some large temples will have special toilets for monks nearby. These toilets are relatively simple and are all small single rooms. I saw in Shuanglong Temple that there are still three kinds of toilets: men, lady and women. Didn’t you know there was a what difference between lady and woman?

Many temples have clean toilets and need to take off their shoes to enter. Of course, they will have slippers ready. I also saw many local believers take off their shoes and enter the toilet without slippers. Compared with domestic tourist areas, it is really not the same. Perhaps this is mainly affected by whether users feel clean or not.

Also, Thailand’s toilet has a nozzle beside the toilet, which is said to be used to wash buttocks. Thailand and India are close neighbors and there are many Indian immigrants in the country. I believe it is normal to wipe your buttocks with your left hand and then wash your hands with a nozzle. Only for the Chinese, it is incredible.

[Bangkok News] Chiang Mai Shortly Visits Weekend Night Markets

It was Sunday, I have been waiting for this day in Chiang Mai for a long time. Before I came, I learned that Chiang Mai’s weekend night market is very special, so this night market visit must not be missed. A few days ago, I arranged to take part in the jungle rope sliding project on the morning of this day. When I was tired, I went back to the hotel to rest for noon. When I woke up in what, I went shopping in what, and then I went shopping until I didn’t want to go shopping any more. Isn’t this arrangement good? Ha ha.

As I wished, I was very excited on this morning, but I was not very tired. I went back to the hotel after lunch at noon, slept until almost 4 o’clock, got up and headed for the weekend market.

We walked along the street, looking at the dazzling array of goods on both sides of the street.

It is difficult to find two goods selling exactly the same things in the whole street.

These are some perfume peculiar to Thailand

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

Many of the goods here are handmade by themselves.

There were more people walking along the street.

I saw many barefoot stroll in the street.

We were dazzled by the dazzling array of commodities in the night market on weekends.

Weekend Night Market

Weekend Night Market

Weekend Night Market

Weekend Night Market

Weekend Night Market

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

The desire to put these things back to the hotel and then come out and go on shopping is increasing in our hands.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

These are models of cars and planes made of pop cans. They are exquisite and beautiful.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

There are also many special snacks on this street. We ate while walking and strolled while eating. We didn’t feel any desire to go back from 4 pm to 11 pm. We even forgot to eat dinner and didn’t feel hungry. Ha ha, maybe we ate too many snacks.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

A dazzling array of goods in the night market on weekends.

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Night Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

Weekend Market in Chiang Mai

The little girl performing at the weekend market in Chiang Mai

The little girl performing at the weekend market in Chiang Mai

Singers Selling CD Live at Chiang Mai Weekend Market

Chiang Mai Weekend Market

The Little Girl Performing at Chiang Mai Weekend Market

The Little Girl Performing at Chiang Mai Weekend Market

People who kill horses and chickens at Chiang Mai Weekend Market

It is strongly recommended that this is the real fair in Chiang Mai. People in dozens of miles around are selling their own belongings and handicrafts at a price that may be only 1/3 of that of Night Bazaar. Even Chiang Mai locals were dispatched, with half of the tourists and half of the locals patronizing. The goods sold are really dazzling, with few similarities. From the beginning of Tapeimen to several blocks in the ancient city, there are a sea of people and the scale is very large. On that day, we went from 4: 00 p.m. to 11: 00 p.m. when the market opened, and we still had some fun. When we went to Chiang Mai this weekend night market, we must not miss it.

The Different Charm of Dongba Garden

The Different Charm of Dongba Garden

March 2, 2011 is destined to be an unusual day. This is the last day of our Thai experience tour, and it is also an unforgettable day for 46 couples attending Thai weddings.

Dongba Garden is located in the suburb of Pattaya and covers a wide area. The garden is the best place to display Thailand’s national culture with small bridges, flowing water, pavilions, birds and flowers, and picturesque scenery.

The “Thai Group Wedding” jointly organized by Thailand’s National Tourism Administration and China Photography Association was held in this place.

We were also invited to attend this grand ceremony. Of course, we have to be very formal in dress. (This is Ha Mei dressed up to attend. I’m really afraid these high heels will twist her feet.)

The 46 couples from all over the country were all beaming and dressed in Thai wedding costumes. The groom is natural and unrestrained and handsome, the bride is graceful and graceful, with pearls around her head and lotus steps around her feet. A few of us took cameras to shoot in the crowd. We could shoot as we wanted. We had the demeanor of a reporter and were really addicted to reporters.

The wedding procedure is very cumbersome but quite grand. Under the guidance of the beautiful hostess, 46 couples worshipped the land and tasted cakes. Nine eminent monks came, and the newcomer listened to the monks singing their blessings, folding his hands and making a silent wish. The harmony of eminent monks singing sutras is very beautiful. Although I didn’t understand them singing some what, I could feel peace and calm in the sutras. The venerable monk sprinkled holy water to bless the people. His kind face and kind smile infected everyone attending the wedding.

Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports Changchun Peng also came to the wedding.

Minister Chunpeng said that more than 1.12 million Chinese tourists came to Thailand last year and they hoped to attract 1.5 million Chinese tourists to Thailand this year. He wished the Thai and Chinese people a long history of friendship and also wished the new people “a good union for a hundred years” in Chinese. His speech won warm applause from the audience. Samson, deputy director of Thailand’s National Tourism Administration, told reporters that Thailand has rich tourism resources, various hotels and a variety of delicacies, which will attract more Chinese newcomers to Thailand for weddings and honeymoons. This collective wedding is the beginning of Thailand’s development of China’s wedding tourism market. In the future, they will also hold weddings in popular tourist destinations such as Phuket, Sumi Island and Chiang Mai, and may even hold weddings in local villages.

The distinguished guests put wreaths on the new people, dotted their foreheads, put double happiness yarn knots on their heads, and sprinkled water to bless them. The wreath of the new couple is gorgeous and luxurious, and the smile of the new couple is happy and intoxicating. At this moment, I was tempted. I want to hold my son’s wedding in Dongba Garden. I want all lovers in the world to enjoy this happiness and blessing.

The grand and peaceful wedding was over, and the new people took the blessings of the Thai people to a new life. In the far back, Dongba Garden is flowing with faint lingering charm and faint fragrance. I also send my best wishes to them from the bottom of my heart: remember this wonderful moment and cherish the happiness in my hands!

The week-long experience tour brought me into contact with Thailand from all angles, and every angle brought me surprises. I don’t know whether Thailand should be compared to a charming girl, a charming bride, or a charming woman or a charming queen. Thailand is like a beautiful and amorous “witch”, full of charming spirits and strong temptations at all ages. This group of travel notes is far from describing Thailand’s amorous feelings, elegant demeanour, scenery, charm and charm, so I have the character “different”. I only hope that these books can lift the mysterious veil of Thailand, reveal a corner of absolute beauty, and let more people know that Thailand likes Thailand.

Play/Travel/Fun/Enjoy (Original)

A tourist goes out with his bag on his back and goes out for a walk, or takes a train, a plane or a self-driving. This kind of behavior is called what? Play, travel, plan or travel?

Is there any difference between the three? If you think about it carefully, there are some differences.

Tired of work, I made an appointment with several colleagues and friends to discuss which place nearby was fun and which scenic spot I had not been to. Then I drove on the bus and went there for a stroll. Everyone chatted happily while walking. When they arrived at noon, they had a picnic, or found a local restaurant to eat and enjoy the right and happiness to eat. After that, I took another photo. This is called-play.

Newspaper a tour group, take the whole family and enjoy the experience of “getting on the bus to sleep and getting off the bus to urinate”. The famous tourist attractions have arrived. Wow! There are many tourists who rub their shoulders and heel. Follow the tour guide into the scenic spot, look in all directions, listen to the tour guide Yunshan fog cover to speak, I will see wherever the tour guide lets me see, the tour guide said what I will listen to what, the tour guide lets me go but dare not stop, then put a V or pose in the scenery finger to let relatives take photos, go to the tourist product stall to buy souvenir souvenirs, sit on the cable car and go straight to the peak. Anyway, I don’t lack money. This is called traveling.

There is also a kind of travel called travel: travel, first of all, pay attention to the body is not moving, the heart is far away. The choice of travel destination is even based on a dream, a novel, a story in my youth, with a little fantasy color, isn’t it? Before you go, you should read other people’s travel notes and refer to other people’s photos. In this case, I often can’t get a companion, so I gritted my teeth, picked up my luggage and walked out of the house. I came to the local youth hostel to meet new friends. Everyone went to an original ecological scenic spot together. In a foreign land, travelers often have more interest in local customs and human feelings than in the scenery. They talk to landlords, stroll through farmers’ markets or bazaars in the streets, chat with local villagers, stop, stare, stare blankly at attractive places in the scenic spot, or simply stop, stay and stroll around casually and unhurriedly. This kind of travel requires a pair of iron feet, a stomach that can withstand hunger, and a heart that can withstand loneliness. The harvest is not only travel-stained, but also the true qi of heaven and earth and the unity of heaven and man. Recently, I read the travel notes of Chiang Mai, Thailand, which were “begging all the way” by many friends, and vividly explained the way of “traveling”.

Freedom did the same, based on this experience, wrote the following sour text:

1 “Walk” on the Road

The fishing village, the fishing boat, the fisherman

One of the Free Travels in Western Sichuan: The Body Is Not Moving, The Heart Is Far Away,

4 Ancient Town Stay at Night Listening to Rain

5 Free Tour to Shaanxi and Shanxi II: The Love of Rice Fat Wounds Wuding River

6 Free Travelling in Western Sichuan: The Tangle in Front of Tagong Temple

7 Ride Tour Series 3: Top of Wild Mountain

8 Tour to Bayu Series 7: Meet Peach Blossom Spring Again by Apeng River

9 Free Travelling in Western Sichuan: Imagination of International Youth Hostel

The Story of Yedu

I believe many Duoduo birds have similar travel experiences with Freestyle.

At this point, it suddenly occurred to me that I missed a way of traveling, which is called riding. This is a comfortable and favorite way of traveling. Its charm will be discussed in another article.

One point: The photos are not original and are matched for online search. Thanks to the original author.

Mysterious and Open, Thailand


Language has been hindering me from going abroad for the first ten years. Lazy and stupid, I can’t remember words anyway, so I have to wander around the country. In recent years, friends around me said that Thailand’s islands and temples are very beautiful and they have the idea of going again, that is, they are not free to follow the tour group. I think if you don’t know English, you have to go abroad with a group. Do you have to go abroad with friends who can speak English? Even if I learn English, do I want to go to Germany, France and Spain? I don’t believe this evil. I made up my mind not to learn any language and took Thailand as my first stop to the world.

So far, I have only learned five English words: Hi, OK, NO, 3Q, in vain. Of course, I must do a good job in the attack class before going out. I will go to the place names, scenic spots, hostels, stations, meals, supermarkets, and other common words, maps printed out and marked in Chinese and English. Thailand, where the toilet is located, said that they did not understand WC. I wrote Thai on a small note? (found online), put it in your pocket and take it out at any time. Every time you want to go to the toilet, you show it to Thais and they will point it out to me immediately. In foreign countries, I regard myself as deaf and dumb. With my eyes and body movements, I will go to the local supermarket for shopping. It is common for me to bargain with small traders. It is very simple to let the traders lose the price to the calculator, and then I will enter the price that I think is acceptable. When vendors see that there are many tourists like us, they will naturally make me understand that they are very useful in Thailand’s 24-day trip and language is really not a problem.


When I went to Thailand, my friend and I were both illiterate in English. What I admire is that she has a strong sense of direction. Take the map and you will know how to get there (there will be free local travel maps in Thai ports, airports, stations, etc.), I can’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest. After each city, she rented a motorcycle first, It is easy to find a car rental agency in Thailand, The price is 150-250 baht/24 hours, About 30-50 yuan is equivalent to the people, and then she hitches me to find accommodation. Sometimes she finds accommodation and picks me up later. It is convenient to go to any scenic spot with a car, which greatly reduces the travel cost and saves a lot of time for hitchhiking and waiting for a bus. More importantly, she can get anywhere to the motorcycle. We often drive directly to the seaside with a motorcycle. When leaving the city, she took me to the station or dock before returning the car. No deposit is required for renting a car, Some need passports, Some only record passport numbers, Some don’t even want a passport deposit, Once in Chiang Mai, we rented a new car that only traveled 80 kilometers. The owner of the car dealership only charged us 400 Thai baht for two days, and the passport was not registered or secured. When we left Chiang Mai, the car dealership had not opened until more than 9 o’clock. My friend had to ask the hotel owner to help return it. My friend said that Thais believed too much in the masses, and if they met a greedy person, they would lose a lot. The train ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is 305 baht, and the taxi from Bangkok’s Kaoshan Road to the railway station is 60 baht, so it is very cheap to travel to Thailand.


As long as you have time, you can find a very cheap and good landscape hotel, and our accommodation cost in Thailand is about 250-500 Thai baht/room. The most expensive is PP Island 500 baht, which is a characteristic Mao Cao bamboo shed. Chiang Mai is the cheapest and warmest 250 baht. Paan Island is the best 400 baht seascape villa. Opening the door is the sea, beach, swimming pool, bar and outdoor massage hall. Most of them are villas, only hotels in Bangkok and Jiami, and the overall feeling is good.


Driving the car into the village and experiencing the life of the local people is the most interesting and fruitful thing I think. I brought some small gifts to the local people to close the distance with the local people. The simple local people asked me to share the cakes they made. Of course, it is not the kind of pleasing food, but what I want is this taste. What I remember most is that in Guidao, the boss invited me to try her craft with her own breakfast every morning. Thais eat very little, and what they bring is only enough to plug my teeth. When I was sitting on the balcony at night, I would be invited to taste the coffee she cooked. I motioned with my hand that I could not sleep after drinking it. I didn’t expect her to pour another glass of milk and bring it. In Thailand, if we don’t pick a bowl of rice flour 20 baht and a bowl of fried rice 40 baht, we usually eat casually in the morning and Chinese food, and when we calm down at night, we will go to the bar to make up for it. We spent the least dinner + 160 baht of fruit juice, and the most expensive dinner was 860 baht on PP Island. We didn’t enter the bar but winked at the foreigners at the door and went back to rest for a while. Everything started from economy and didn’t dare to let go.

I met a couple who could speak Chinese in Chiang Mai. American couples working in Yunnan, China, The wife came to Chiang Mai to have children, I asked why I was not born in China. The medical conditions in China are better than those in Chiang Mai. Husband and wife said that Chinese doctors all speak Chinese and communication is difficult. Moreover, it costs at least several thousand yuan to have children. The staff in Chiang Mai Hospital can speak English. The cost of having children is low. The money saved can live in Chiang Mai for several months, so they decided to have children in Chiang Mai. They asked how long we had been here. How long are you going to stay? I said I’ve been in Thailand for 22 days, From south to north, I went to Bangkok, Guidao, Paan Island, Sumi Island, Surat Thani, Jiami, PP and Chiang Mai. I stayed in each place for two or three days. When he went to Chiang Rai, the next city tomorrow, his head shook like a wave drum. After shaking for a long time, he changed his tone and said, Why do you rush into the scenic spots with your camera and shoot them again like a war, and you can run so many places in 22 days? You are not traveling, traveling is wandering slowly. They go to a city for less than half a month and more than half a year. I said that we are picking points. First, we should watch what for fun. What is not fun. We will not take detours next time we come again. Moreover, the Chinese people have precious time. They are in a hurry to go home to earn money and come out when they earn enough. He has been chanting that he does not understand. I said that I grew up in China for decades and did not understand. Do you understand Chinese idioms? The Chinese do it according to idioms. In fact, the main reason is poor. It is enough to go out and have a look. It is satisfied. It is good. It is too selfish and irresponsible to stay outside for several months.

Recommended Highlights: Chiang Mai

Less than Chiang Mai, I don’t know the beauty of Chiang Mai’s mountains and waters. Under my eyes, Chiang Mai Shuanglong Temple shows a natural scenery. The distant mountains are intoxicating. A close look at towering ancient trees and luxuriant forests surround the temple layer by layer. The unique layer of eaves and portraits make the temple solemn and magnificent with rich artistic colors. This has always been a place for them to discuss, sing and entertain. People living here are happy. No matter where you go, you will be attracted by her.

The fascinating night market is the most lively and crowded place in a day. People from all over the world walked through it. All kinds of handicrafts, clothing and food dazzled me. There were not only local products but also products from other Asian countries. A beautiful boss greeted me with a smile from a long distance. He didn’t want to disappoint international friends. We bought two sets of clothes amid bright lights and bargaining.

I believe many people have seen the transvestite performance. Yes, this is a characteristic of Thailand. But when I saw the transvestite holding condoms to promote AIDS prevention in the streets, I felt heartache for these people who have become popular, are hard to make money on the stage, and are fighting against fate.

There are many national holidays in Thailand. For example, December 5 is the birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol-Adulyadej, and it is also Thailand’s National Day. There are also many religious festivals, such as the Ten Thousand Buddhas Festival, the Three Treasures Festival, the Water Lantern Festival, the Spring Ploughing Festival, the Song Gan Festival, and so on. When I went, I happened to meet hundreds of people around the temple, singing and dancing tirelessly and happily. Because I didn’t know English and Thai, I still didn’t understand it was what Festival.

This has a history of 1,000 years and a population of 65.4 million. There are more than 30 ethnic groups. Thailand is the main ethnic group, accounting for 40% of the total population. 90% of the residents believe in Buddhism and Islam. Thai is the main language in the area, but people can communicate in English in major tourist areas. It is also the focus of famous Buddhist temples in the world.

In Thailand, monasteries have traditionally been divided into three categories, 1. Stone palace buildings (Pimai Stone Palace in Khorat Prefecture, Payilong Stone Palace in Wulinan Prefecture, etc.), 2. Pagoda buildings (seven towers in Chiang Mai and four towers in Nanben Prefecture), 3. Palace buildings (Du Xiguan Hall in Bangkok’s Grand Palace and Buddha Foot Pavilion in Beibiao Prefecture). The temple is characterized by wood carving, stained glass and gold foil ceramic inlay. The multi-storey roof is upturned with two auspices, the towering spire is compact, and there will be short temples nearby, forming a complete group and emitting brilliant artistic light under the sunlight.

Apart from green hills, green waters and temples, Chiang Mai attracts me with price and climate. The consumption here is half that of Bangkok. Until now, I often think of the hostel where I live, with a standard room of 250 Thai baht and a motorcycle rent of 200 baht. Two people eat less than 300 plants a day, and each person spends equivalent to RMB 80 yuan a day. The temperature is about 22 to 25 degrees all the year round, which is very comfortable and worthy of being a tourist attraction.

This is just to introduce my personal experience. Those friends who do not understand the language and have common interests, bravely take this step and leave for Thailand immediately.

Enjoy a brilliant summer of sunshine in Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, March 2012)

From June 9 to June 16, 2016, I started my first long vacation this year-Thailand (Bangkok + Phuket).

This is my first time abroad. I am very excited and looking forward to it.

This trip is a three-person trip between my cousin and my sister-in-law (it seems a bit like a light bulb, ha ha, who let my little bitch have no time). Originally, another colleague was traveling with her, but she couldn’t get away before she left, so she had to give up on the trip.

We chose the flight of AirAsia. As early as March, we had already booked the air tickets and hotels on AirAsia’s official website. The bundles were very cheap, including 4 air tickets from Guangzhou to Bangkok, Bangkok to Phuket, Phuket to Bangkok, Bangkok to Guangzhou, 6 nights in Bangkok, 3 nights in Phuket, and 1800 for one person. (Why do you want to book 6 nights instead of 3 nights in Bangkok? No way, AirAsia’s bundled sales, but it is still very cheap, it doesn’t matter.)

This tour is as follows:

D1: Guangzhou will fly to Bangkok on June 10. In the afternoon, I will visit the Chaduzha Weekend Market and visit the Chao Phraya River at night (dinner on board)

D2: Visit the Grand Palace and Sleeping Buddha Temple during the day on June 11, and fly to Phuket from Bangkok at 9: 45 p.m.

D3: On June 12, Emperor Island took a one-day tour during the day and watched the transvestite performance at night.

D4: June 13: One-day tour of PP Island during the day and Magic Paradise at night.

D5: On June 14, I strolled around Patong Beach during the day, enjoyed Thai massage in Let’s Relax in the afternoon, then went shopping (around Big C) and flew to Bangkok at 9: 45 p.m. By Phuket.

D6: All day shopping on June 15, mainly in SAIM area, Bangkok will fly back to Guangzhou at 7: 10 p.m.

D7: June 16 Guangzhou loiters or flies back to Nanning


Air ticket + accommodation 1800RMB

400B for Grand Palace and 100B for Sleeping Buddha Temple, equivalent to 100 RMB

Night tour of Chao Phraya River 1100B, equivalent to 220RMB

Phuket: PP Island Day Tour + Emperor Island Day Tour + Transvestite Show + Magic Paradise = 5800B (free ride from airport to hotel), equivalent to 1160RMB

Let’s Relax Thai massage, 2 hours 45 minutes 1100B, equivalent to 220RMB

Fare: 40B once, 8 times per person = 320B equivalent to 65RMB

In this way, everyone actually spends 4000-5000RMB.


I brought the recently newly started Sony Micro NEX-5N with a pullover of 18-55.


English! Plus body language, ha ha

As we all know, Thailand gradually entered the rainy season in June. Just one week before we went, it rained for a whole week on Phuket Island. However, our luck is very good. Every day in Thailand is sunny, so the films are very beautiful. Thank God!

The main itinerary is as above, and the details will be explained with the pictures later!

Let’s go! Guangzhou-Bangkok

Because it is cheap, we can only take the red-eye flight at night, AirAsia FD3649, leaving at 23:55! We know that the later the flight is, the easier it will be to delay. We haven’t been able to board the plane until the departure time, and no staff came to explain the reason. We just sat like this. The two foreigners next to us played cricket barefoot. Ha ha. The flight was delayed for a full hour.

It is said that duty-free shops here are cheaper than those in Hong Kong.

If you want to buy something, buy it quickly and will not pass here when you return to Guangzhou.


1. The air conditioner in Guangzhou Airport Terminal is very powerful. It will be very cold after staying for a long time. People who are afraid of the cold had better wear trousers and prepare an extra long-sleeved garment.

2. The duty-free shops at Guangzhou Airport are also very powerful. Those who want to buy things quickly buy them. When they come back to Guangzhou Airport, they will not pass through the duty-free shops.

Finally boarded the plane. This is the passenger cabin of AirAsia. In order to save money, AirAsia’s seats are very narrow and uncomfortable to sit on, but there is no way. Who will make him cheap?

During the whole flight, Central Asian Airlines does not provide free water and food. If you want to drink water, you can either buy it at your own expense or bring a bottle directly and install free drinking water provided by the airport near the boarding gate. Both hot and cold are available, which is quite good!

At the time of departure, we didn’t buy a luggage check-in ticket. We only relied on the free carry-on 7KG of luggage. In fact, our luggage exceeded the standard. At first, we were still very worried, but when we heard that the departure luggage was not strict, we took the plane smoothly.

When departing from China, AirAsia flights have to change boarding passes at L1-4 counter, which is said to be the case for all departing from China. However, in foreign countries, everyone can print their boarding passes online. I booked seats online at home in advance and played 4 boarding passes, which is much more convenient. Of course, you can also choose to send the two-dimensional code to the mobile phone and print it on the machine on the phone.

After about 3 hours of flight, we arrived at Bangkok International Airport!

There are also many shops here, which are open 24 hours a day! In fact, MM people can buy very cheap sunscreen here. They don’t have to bring it from home. BOOTS stores have Bangkok’s 70 + sunscreen for sale, equivalent to about RMB 60 yuan, which is cheap and practical!

L ‘Or é al at Thailand Airport is also the cheapest. If you want to buy more, buy more!

On the flight, the stewardess will issue you an entry registration card, fill it out as required, and get off the plane and go directly through the border inspection!

When you get out of the terminal, you will find that there are many bank counters, change money and ATMs. However, it is not cost-effective to exchange money at the airport. The exchange rate is only 4.0 or so, which is too low. If you are not in a hurry, you can go out to the city and exchange it again. The exchange rate will rise to about 4.5. (It is said that purple banks have the highest exchange rate, which I have not compared.)

We are not so troublesome, because we have set up a bank’s savings card in China, and there is no handling fee for withdrawals from other places around the world (on machines with UnionPay logo), so we can take Thai baht anytime and anywhere without worrying about the exchange rate.

It was already over 3 o’clock when we got out of the terminal (Thailand’s time was one hour slower than China’s). Fortunately, we had a strategy in advance. Magic Food, which is quite famous beside Gate 8 on the first floor, had a midnight snack. The things here are quite cheap, with an average of about 10 yuan equivalent to RMB. You can choose different fast foods by exchanging coupons at the counter. Like the food cities in domestic shopping malls, you have many choices and the prices are favorable.

We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel after eating and drinking. In fact, we can take the subway line during the day, but we arrived too early and had to take TAXI. Speaking of TAXI, I am a little strange. On the same day when we took a taxi from the airport to the hotel, the driver only charged the actual price of 300B, but on the other day when we came back from Phuket and took a taxi from the airport to the same hotel, the driver and we charged 50B of the airport service fee and 45B of the high-speed fee, thus we took a taxi to the hotel for 100B more.

This is our hotel IMM fusion on Sukhumvit, next to the BTS station, less than 2 minutes away, very convenient.

The overall environment of the hotel is also very good and looks quite distinctive.

WIFI is especially important for me when my mobile phone has no signal, and the WiFi signal here is very good, which is much better than the WiFi signal that our hotel in Phuket is always unable to connect to. Of course, this is another story.

They all sell such gadgets. Brother said, “How do I feel like I am accompanying you to the Peace Shopping Mall?” –!

This is sugar wrapped in leaves. The taste… depends on personal preference!

A string of 3, inexpensive, 20B

I don’t know it’s what. It’s not good to drink. I think it’s all saccharin.

There are also many of these fried seafood… … …

Roasted squid… … …

In Thailand, you must eat more fruits!

There are also magic tricks on the streets…

Very cute shoes, I also bought a pair, ha ha

There are many small shops going inside, selling all kinds of small ornaments.

Lovely clay flowers, we all like it very much, bought some back to send friends

The price of horse killing chicken, we chose 45 minutes, equivalent to 50 RMB

This is the way the market is. If you have time in the weekend market, you must come and have a good look.

Fresh juice ~ ~

Mango rice, equivalent to 10RMB

A lot of gadgets

This is a popsicle

Hand-knitted rope

Milk tea is quite delicious! It’s thick!

This is coconut ice cream… … …

After visiting the weekend market, it was already 5: 00 p.m. At this time, we quickly took the subway to the Chao Phraya River, because we had to swim the Chao Phraya River at night and have a buffet on the boat!

In fact, friends who have plenty of time can arrange a night tour of the Chao Phraya River and a day tour of the Grand Palace on one day, because they are nearby. However, as we have to catch a plane to Phuket tomorrow night and have no time to stay in Bangkok at night, we chose to play today.

In fact, we didn’t do a good job in advance. We only knew that there was a night tour and we didn’t know where to board the ship, so we chose to take BTS and transfer to Saphan Taksin on line S6, because there was a dock outside the subway.

There was a service desk at the dock. We told the staff that we were going to swim at night and have dinner on the boat. She took us to the reception desk. This is the cruise ship Princess Zhaopaya. They offered 1300B for one person and we cut it to 1100B.

At 7 o’clock sharp, the staff took us to another dock by boat, where the original official boarding place was!

Cruise time 2 hours

This is where to board the ship.

There will be such a waiter who will put a small sticker on you. We are on the 7: 45 boat.

This is the kind of ship

Princess Zhaopaya Cruise Ship

On the upper and lower floors, we are sitting on the upper floor, where it is open in the air. It is good to blow air, but it is not good to rain.

Boarding the ship… … …

There is a welcome drink at each table, which is quite delicious.

There are still many people! Buffet form, eat casually!

Night view on the bank of the river!

It’s quite cool to watch while eating…

When everyone finished eating, they went to the deck to sing and dance. At the table next to us was a group of South Korean smectas. They were so excited that they pulled blacks from other countries to dance all the time.

The tour lasts 2 hours, 7: 45-9: 45

This is the end of the first day’s trip. Take a taxi back to the hotel from here, 120B.

D2: Visit the Grand Palace and Sleeping Buddha Temple during the day on June 11, and fly to Phuket from Bangkok at 9: 45 p.m.

Early in the morning, we set off for the Grand Palace. Children, remember to put on trousers instead of slippers and suspenders.

I put on the pants I bought yesterday in Zaduzha and set off! The weather is still fine today…

Tickets for the Grand Palace have increased in price! 400B, but it’s not too expensive to convert it into RMB. Since all of them have come to Thailand, they must come and have a look ~ ~

But I don’t know if I don’t go, and when I go, I get a fright. Almost all the tour groups in the Grand Palace are Chinese groups-! There are Chinese everywhere… … …

Queuing up to buy tickets, fortunately there are not many people… … …


Look, many people do this…

The Thai palace is really willing to use “materials” ~ ~ everywhere is resplendent and magnificent…

This is the door god, the hag, Thailand’s door god is different from China’s, is facing inward, China is facing outward ~

The weather is good, that is, everything looks good ~ ~

Their flowers, sun-tinged red, look exceptionally fine!

This is a long corridor, which records the story of the war between human beings and demons with paintings. I heard the tour guide nearby say that those who wear less are good people…

This is the litchi juice sold outside … … 25B

Ha ha, see our Lord Guan in Thailand!

It is said that this is a Thai king who especially likes Chinese culture and built such a palace for his mother.

It is about Sir Zhong, Eight Immortals and Chinese bonsai.

It’s hot, have a popsicle ~

It’s durian

Soldiers on guard

After visiting the Grand Palace, we took a TUTU bus to Kaoshan Road for lunch.

Kaoshan Road, a famous bar street, but there is no place for us to have lunch…

It was so hot at noon that we didn’t want to sit in an open bar for lunch…

So, we found a Japanese restaurant with air conditioning-!

Beer ~ ~

Matcha Milk Tea ~

Ice cream

Doesn’t it look good? We had a great meal, less than 1000B, the key is to have air conditioning, ha ha ~

This is the Japanese restaurant, on the second floor ~

This is Uncle M of Thailand. He is saying: Savadhika!

After eating, continue to take a taxi to the Sleeping Buddha Temple ~ ~

Tickets to Sleeping Buddha Temple 100B, one bottle of water ~ ~

Very large

Big feet…

There is a row of jars here, which can be exchanged for small change and coins with the staff, and they can be put all the way over … so the sound of “ding ding ding” is often heard here.

There are many cats lying on the ground outside ~

Next to it is Avalokitesvara

I like this roof very much.

At 5 or 6 o’clock, we hurried to the airport and took a plane to Phuket.

By the way at the airport, we settled the dinner.

This is Winter Yin Skill Noodle

There is a BOOTS in the airport that can buy cheap sunscreen.

Because I staggered my cousin and sister-in-law when booking tickets. They were on the 8: 45 p.m. Flight and I was on the 9: 45 p.m. Flight.

So, I put them on the flight and wandered around the terminal.

It is said that the WiFi in Bangkok’s terminal is free, but it can take one hour to fill in the form to get the WiFi password at the information service desk.

As for my original flight that took off at 9: 45, AirAsia had to delay boarding until 10: 50! Therefore, my flight landed slowly at Phuket Airport at 12 o’clock…

However, during the period when I was delayed, my cousin and sister-in-law had already agreed on the itinerary of Phuket’s one-day tour at the airport travel agency.

Well, because we plan to go to Emperor Island and PP Island in Phuket, it is more convenient to follow the group, because we save the trouble of finding a car to and from the dock.

At the same time, we also booked tickets for the evening performance and the performance in Magic Paradise. We suggested that everyone arrange the round-trip bus in advance, because some friends did not arrange the car to go back in advance, and finally it cost 800B to take the TUTU bus.

Finally, we and the travel agency finalized the emperor island, PP island, transvestite performance, magic paradise performance together (including the special bus to and from each scenic spot), 5800B one person.

This is our hotel Siralanna, just a street behind Patong Beach. The environment is good. If you want quiet, stay away from hotels near the beach,

Entering the hotel, I saw two small elephants with towels on the bed.

Room Entrance


The overall environment is still good.

Bath articles

Breakfast buffet included

Breakfast is good, with bread, porridge and powder ~ ~ I find that most of the people living here are Chinese!

On the third day, after breakfast, we set off!

Ttips: In particular, we should remind everyone not to drink milk or tea before going to sea! ! Because the speedboat is too fierce, it will faint and vomit! !

Remember to ask the tour guide for seasickness medicine before departure. It would be better to take it half an hour in advance!

The dock has arrived, and the weather is fine today ~ ~

Go to sea

A ship of people, all countries have ~

It takes about half an hour to get to Emperor Island.

The water was so clear that the fish could be seen on the boat

This is the snorkeling site ~

The Thais on board took a picture of me.

It’s so beautiful

Mullet caught by crew ~

Mavericks on the shore.

Eat buffet here at noon ~

Panorama of the beach…

There are many shells and coral fragments on the beach.

Happy and happy ~ ~

I am the one who was kicked…

I picked up coral and made this, ha ha ~ ~

I jump!

After returning from Emperor Island, we went directly to this restaurant near the hotel for dinner.

The cost performance is quite high ~

At 7 o’clock, a car came to pick us up to watch the transvestite show.

This SIMON show is located near Patong Beach, less than 10 minutes away from our hotel

After watching it, I felt that it was actually ordinary, that is, the transvestite danced on the stage.

However, if we come to Thailand without watching the transvestite performance, we will not be considered to have been to Thailand, so we still chose to watch it.

The toilet is quite beautiful, ha ha, so I couldn’t help taking a picture.

Entering the stadium, it was such a stage that I could not take photos after the performance, so I obediently put away the camera.

After the performance, the demons will come out to take photos with everyone. It is always known that you have to pay for a photo taken. 100B is a person. Note that you have to give all the photos taken by several transvestites with you. As soon as you take a photo in the past, they will all come over and only give one of them. They don’t do it…

The demon in pink clothes is the best in business. It is estimated that everyone prefers the pure and sweet demon ~ ~

You see, the photos are taken one by one. Brother said this demon is a bit like Liu Yan ~

This is definitely a comedian. She won the most applause on the stage because she always played some funny characters and ran to the audience.

Everyone did all they could, and I felt like a demon recruiting guests on the roadside ~ ~ ha, ha, ha

If you want to save money, just want to see the transvestite, don’t want to see their performance, then you go outside the stage to hold, they will come out to give you a good shot at the end of each match ~ ha ha

Day 4: PP Island

Today, we set out for PP Island early in the morning to absorb

Yesterday’s lesson, today we didn’t drink milk, so we didn’t get seasick at all!

It takes one hour to get to PP Island by boat from Patong Beach. Similarly, before departure, the tour guide will ask you if you want to rent flippers. 100B a day, everyone pay attention to this! Flippers are still very necessary, because my brother didn’t rent flippers today and was pricked by coral. It was horrible ~ ~ The small thorns stayed in his feet. The pain of the thorns was easy to break when picked out with needles. The long one was curved.

Why didn’t you rent flippers today, because yesterday they dived on Emperor Island, which was relatively deep and their feet couldn’t reach the bottom, so they felt that they didn’t need to rent it today. As a result, they went to the snorkeling site on PP Island and found that it was very shallow and it was easy to step on the coral under the bottom. Brother was caught accidentally… Therefore, it is suggested that everyone rent it ~ ~ Safety comes first!

In one hour, we arrived at the first stop of PP Island.

PP Island has a lot of trips and has to go to 3 small islands, so naturally it is not as leisurely as Emperor Island.

After stopping here for half an hour, we continued to board the ship and headed for the next place: Monkey Island.

The water here is still very clear, and you can see the fish in the water.

This is Monkey Island. There are many monkeys on an island. They all want to ask people what to eat. It’s a bit fierce. Don’t get too close.

Perhaps people throw their food to them, so the water in this area is very dirty.

It is said that bird’s nest producers here…

Then, we continued to rush to the snorkeling site…

It’s not far from Monkey Island. It’s only a few minutes away

Throw a loaf of bread down and many fish will swim over.

However, the water here is very shallow, and it is here that my brother was pricked to his feet.

Look, there are many fish ~

This is a picture taken in the water with Canon underwater camera D10, ha ha

At noon, we came to the main island of PP Island for lunch.

The dishes are a little short ~ ~ not as good as the buffet on Emperor Island yesterday.

After eating, visit the island at will.

Continue to bask in my bag, ha ha

Then we went to the last island, where we were going to swim ~ ~

This island is very beautiful. It is very beautiful.

Continue to spell these words with coral fragments, ha ha

For Xiao Jian

Found a foreign beauty…

We had a pleasant afternoon here

The ship’s crew will prepare delicious fruit for you, and you can eat it at will.

Cold drinks and ice cream are also sold on the island.

When we came back from PP Island, we booked the Magic Paradise at night. It was said that the ticket for the Magic Paradise was the most expensive, 2000B, equivalent to 400RMB. In fact, it was a paradise. There were no amusement items. We watched them all. The most important thing was a performance at 9 o’clock. In the form of epic, we said that a totem of Thailand, elephant. The equivalent of 400 yuan is to have a dinner and watch a performance. If you don’t think it is worth it, you can not go. It is nothing more than some dances and elephant performances.

Here are the tickets

Entrance to Paradise

Dinner is self-service, there are still many choices, we are in Area F, here are all Chinese-!

The Chinese are too strong to go anywhere…

It’s pretty inside

The 9 o’clock performance is not allowed to bring cameras in. If they find out that it is to be hosted, I think it is very troublesome. Fortunately, my micro-list is relatively small, and they didn’t find out…

This is the place for the performance.

This is the toilet, ha ha ~

I like this fluorescent color very much.

This is the car arranged by Magic Paradise after the end to pick up and drop off tourists, but it is necessary to buy tickets in advance. It is said that the paint on the car body is very beautiful. Take a closer look at made in USA.

Day 5: Wandering around Patong Beach, I went to let’s Relax for a Thai massage in the afternoon. It was so cool…

Patong Beach

We played this! 1300B ~ ~ I took a lap in the sky, and in retrospect it was not worth it, ha ha ~

But since I haven’t played, let’s play

After that, we went to have a massage ~ we chose 1100B, 2 hours and 45 minutes, and the whole set was done, which was so cool…

When we went, it was just under renovation, so the staff sent us to another place. The environment was very good.

There is also tea to drink after the massage. This tea called Pandon is sweet and delicious.

This is a spider elephant seen in BIG C. We think it is very funny ~ ~

It is said that there is a BATA shoe store in BIG C, and Chinese people who come here will choose to buy this brand of shoes, because compared with the domestic price, the sales here are simply too cheap ~ ~ the three of us bought 10 pairs of shoes to go back, just like they came to make goods!

The dinner was eaten in a Thai restaurant called Jin in BIG C Square. It was very enjoyable, especially pineapple rice, which was very good! Everyone must eat pineapple rice when they go to Thailand!

We finished eating one pineapple rice and ordered another!

In the evening, we left the hotel and took a bus to the airport 700B. Everyone can bargain. 500B is not a problem.

Phuket’s airport does not have free WiFi, only some dining places will have their own WiFi.

We wandered around Bangkok, shopping everywhere. We got off at Siam Station by bus. On the first floor of Siam Paragon, there is luggage storage beside the supermarket. We left all the big boxes there for free. There is a supermarket next to it. Those who need to buy some special snacks can choose to stroll there. The shopping malls in Siam area are all connected together, which is very suitable for shopping. There are all kinds of goods from high-end to low-end. Let’s get what we need.

MBK Shopping Mall, the T-shirts here are very cheap, 90B one is available.

We also bought a lot of NARAYA Bangkok bags on the first floor here. It is very good to give them back to relatives and friends.

I also bought a dress for my family 33, ha ha

In this way, our tour to Thailand ended on the 6th. Thank God for giving us such good weather. Thailand is a good place with low consumption and beautiful scenic spots. There is no situation of domestic tourist attractions killing tourists. I will continue to go to Thailand in the future when I have the chance! !

Ha ha, I also hope everyone can like my travel notes and support me a lot!

Finally, the sunscreen I use is snow muscle essence 50 + sunscreen, which is very easy to use, refreshing and not greasy, and has good sunscreen effect. I haven’t been tanned very much.

Nice to meet you. Thailand (Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Pai District – Koh Samet – Pattaya. Introduction)

After returning from Thailand for more than ten days, I finally have time to calm down and sort out the strategy. This is a pure strategy. I hope I can help my friends who will go in the future.

The trip lasted for ten days, actually nine days. On September 1, Wuhan Tianhe Airport flew to Bangkok Langman, and on the morning of September 10, Langman flew to Tianhe Airport.

The average cost is 5000 yuan, excluding shopping.

The air ticket was purchased three months in advance, and AirAsia flew directly, plus 20kg of luggage, with a round-trip air ticket of 1300 yuan per capita.

Telephone cards are bought in advance in China. Universal Taobao is cheaper than buying it in Thailand. Happy cards have 1.5 G traffic in 7 days. Of course, after 7 days, the traffic is gone, and there are still 100 plants that can be used to make phone calls. Mobile phones have poor signals and may only receive 2G networks. All Netcom or Unicom can connect to 4G networks.

Regarding currency exchange: Before we went, we exchanged 5,000 RMB Thai baht at BOC at an exchange rate of about 5.06. When we bought food on the plane, we felt that it was calculated at an exchange rate of 4.5. The window for changing money at the airport is about 4.7, so it is suggested that it is more cost-effective to exchange some Thai baht appropriately in China. If you shop 711, you can pay Alipay, but I haven’t used it. Some restaurants in Chiang Mai and Pai District offer WeChat payment. Duty-free shop shopping card is very cost-effective, directly according to the exchange rate of the day, and there is no handling fee.

In Thailand, ATM machines with UnionPay logo can directly take Thai baht, which can be seen everywhere in the streets. Generally speaking, it is very convenient.

Visa: You can apply for a visa in advance when you go to Thailand. You can find a merchant to handle it on Taobao. The price is around 248. Generally, you only need to determine which consular area you are in and then prepare two 2-inch white registration photos. It is easy to handle, usually 7-10 days. You can also choose to fly to landing visa after Thailand. Now the cost in landing visa is 2,000 plants, and it may take an hour or two to queue up when your character is not good. Therefore, it is suggested to do a good job in advance.

This trip is:

Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Pai District- Koh Samet – Pattaya – Bangkok

Accommodation: You Duoduo, Huamanlou, Chiang Mai, You Duoduo Inn and Tai Mei Manor in Pai District are both good, and you can also have friendly Chinese service. Other places can be booked on AGODA or Booking. AGODA can be paid with Alipay, which is more convenient. After the decision is made, you can print a copy as a voucher to facilitate your check-in, mainly with English and Thai addresses on it. It will also be more convenient to find a place to take a taxi. I used agoda. Before I went, my mobile phone got on and off the APP and I could go to Thailand for direct navigation and positioning.

Tips: Accommodation in Thailand is calculated by people, so the standard room can only accommodate two people. I will see such information as extra beds when booking. Personally, I think it is better to add beds when the odd number requires extra beds. The three of us in our party are either looking for three people or standard rooms with extra beds.

Tipping: To add, Thailand is a country that pays attention to tipping, so when someone helps to carry boxes or check out, they can give some tips appropriately, usually 20 plants. Giving coins is said to be an act of despising people, but living in youth tours can be ignored. My stay in Bangkok is a hostel and I don’t want tips. If the taxi driver’s service is very good, he can also give some tips, but usually there are fractions of the taxi, so he can not change the change, and some drivers are not very good at the service and are not willing to change the change.


Bangkok: Bangkok is a city with heavy traffic, so there are frequent traffic jams.

Langman Airport to the city center: The airport bus is actually similar to the bus. There are two routes A1 and A2.

A1: Langman Airport-Mochit2 (North Bus Station). You can change to Tiantie at Mochit to go to the city center. This is also the bus stop from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

A2: Langman Airport-Victory Monument. Victory Monument is in the city center. The fare is 30.

Attached is Bangkok Traffic Transfer Map

Bangkok Tiantie is relatively expensive. Once I took three stops at 28 Thai baht, which felt more expensive than that in China. However, if the day is earlier and you have to go to several places, it is recommended that you buy one-day pass, with a package of 140 baht per day, which can be used indefinitely on the same day, but only BTS, dark green and light green lines in the above picture. This is more cost-effective and will not cause traffic jams.

BTS rail transit includes the northern bus station (mo chit) and the eastern bus station (Ekkami). Mo Chit is heading for Chiang Mai, and this is also the stop for the Chaduzha Weekend Market. Ekkami goes to Pattaya by car for 2 hours and the fare is 108 Thai baht. Siam Siam Business Circle is also on the rail transit line, and shopping is also very convenient. Saphan Taksin is the last stop of the dark green line. You can go to the Riverside Night Market at Exit 2 over there. There are free ships to pick up and drop off at night, which runs every half hour. Just see many people queuing up. There is also a kind of boat with 20 plants, don’t take the wrong seat!

Riverside Night Market

When there is traffic jam, the car will jump the watch if it cannot move.

There is also the Tutu car, this may be a bit of a random asking price, depending on the character, remember to ask more and cut the price by the way!

Chinatown is not far from Peng Railway Station in South China. You may as well walk there when you have enough time. The railway station provided storage service. At that time, we had 100 suitcases a day, which was quite convenient.

South China Peng Railway Station

Bangkok to Chiang Mai train:

If you stay in Bangkok for a few more days and then go to Chiang Mai, it will be too late to buy a train ticket after you arrive in Bangkok. You can buy it in advance on Universal Taobao in a hurry. You can send it to the hotel you stay in. If it is early enough, you can even send it to China and also mail it. Is the handling fee is relatively high, a person about 30. If they are all girls, they can also choose women’s and children’s carriages without extra charge, which is very good!

Never try to buy tickets on Thailand’s official website. Of course, there may be changes in the future.

I have tried the so-called strategy on the Internet, and the latest one is probably several months ago. It is said that you can register yourself and pay for it. After practice, I found that now I can only choose the time and train number you need on the official website, then fill in the email box, passport information and seat grade of the passengers, and then there is no next step. The next day I received the other party’s email in my email, which is probably a payment link. The result shows whether a person wants a handling fee of 200 or 300 plants, excluding the 3% handling fee paid by credit card, which is simply more expensive than Taobao!

Chiang Mai Railway Station

Chiang Mai Transportation:

Chiang Mai has the largest number of two cars. There are basically 20 cars per person in the ancient city and 30 cars around the ancient city. The railway station and bus station are a little far away from the ancient city, which is more expensive. The three of us have a total of 150 plants from the railway station to the Huamanlou Tour Duoduo Inn in Chiang Mai.

Sometimes if it is difficult for the driver to find the bus address and the language is not very good for communication, he can make a phone call and let the driver speak Thai to the other party. He has tried several times. This is the most convenient and effective method!

For those who can ride motorcycles, renting a car is a very good choice. I have seen the online price before, about 200 plants a day. However, it should be noted that Thailand is driving on the left.

Chiang Mai to Pai District:

There is an aya service on the right side of Chiang Mai Railway Station Square, which can provide minibuses to Pai District. It runs every hour and can arrive in three hours. There is a 15-minute rest on the road and the fare is 150. Before, I saw WeChat paying attention to Aya Service’s public number on the Internet. I can book the minibus at the back on the first day and choose where to get on the bus. They will pick it up directly at the hotel. The return trip can also be sent to Chiang Mai Railway Station, Chiang Mai Bus Station or Chiang Mai Ancient City. However, I am not very good in character. I made a reservation on the first day, but I didn’t come to pick it up the next day, saying there was no order. Therefore, if you take the train to Chiang Mai, it is suggested to book tickets in advance.

There is also one of the most awesome ways, riding a motorcycle to Pai District. It is said that there are 762 turns. I can only worship my friends who go by bike!

People who are carsick suggest to prepare some carsickness medicine. Otherwise, you may vomit and vomit to Pai District!

You can also choose to ride a motorcycle or charter a car in Pai District County. There are also many travel agencies in the town that provide one-day and half-day tours.

Chiang Mai to Koh Samet:

You can buy a ticket to Luo Yong at Window 6 of Chiang Mai Bus Station. However, if the best bus needs to be bought in advance, you can also turn to Universal Taobao to book tickets and print them out directly as electronic tickets, or download electronic orders to the station and ask them to help print them. You will also be told how many platforms to get on the bus. Someone will ask you and tell you at the waiting position.

Sunset glow at Chiang Mai bus station, planes flying in the sky!

NCA buses provide food and drinks, and you can take them with you without buying food. According to my experience, everyone will provide a box of juice, a bottle of spring water, a can of Pepsi, a box of lunch and a box of sandwiches. It was distributed in two time periods. Chiang Mai-This bus to Luo Yong will pass through Pattaya, and it is also very convenient to go to Pattaya.

Luo Yong – Koh Samet Island

After arriving at the bus station in Luo Yong, you can choose to take a taxi or a two-car bus to the bus terminal. I have seen the strategy on the Internet. It costs 500 cars per bus, which is still quite expensive. Some Chinese still take this bus. We share 500 cars with our compatriots to the bus terminal, 100 cars per person.

There are said to be two docks on the other side of the Banpei dock. One is the big ship dock and the other is the speedboat dock. We should have been sent to the speedboat dock. Finally, we chose to take the speedboat to the island, and then the big boat returned. A total of 350 plants were sent to the beach of the hotel. Moreover, there was no need to buy tickets to the island. Koh Samet Island itself is a national forest park with 200 tickets. The speedboats are all sent to Owangduan Beach, where you can avoid tour groups. The sea water is also excellent. There are 100 large ships to and from the island. Tickets are needed to get to the island. Living on Diamond Beach is relatively suitable for taking large ships.

Aowangduan Beach

Transportation on Koh Samet Island:

Koh Samet Island is not big, you can rent motorcycles, and even have two or four sightseeing battery cars. The price is much higher than that of other places. It is calculated by the hour. Of course, there is enough time, and it is also good to walk. It takes us half an hour to walk from Aowangduan to Diamond Beach.

There are many two cars on the island, which is their TAX. The more people there are, the more cost-effective they will be.

Flame Show, also known as Fire Dance Show

It is a project that cannot be missed on Sammy Island. It is said that there are several beaches, but the most famous one is Diamond Beach, which can be found by navigation in Ploy Bar and Google Maps. It is most convenient to have dinner and watch the show there, but the food is really bad and expensive. In fact, you can walk over to 8 o’clock and watch it.

Fire Dance Show

When you get off the boat and come out of the dock, you will see a 711. There is a minibus at the door. You can take a minibus to Pattaya or Bangkok. No matter you go to Pattaya or Bangkok, there are 200 plants. Bangkok should be sent to the station. Pattaya can ask the other party to send it to the hotel you stay in, and it will be sent to the other party even if it is difficult to find it.


In Pattaya, we have two goals, the transvestite show and the pedestrian street. We suggest booking tickets on Taobao on the first day, like the Tiffany transvestite show we ordered. If we buy it directly at the show, we need 2,000 Thai baht and 85 RMB on Taobao. The transvestite show cannot be photographed. It is very strict and cannot be lucky. After the program, you can take a photo with the transvestite, 100 Thai baht. Watch the show and send a glass of juice.

The show was not very far from the pedestrian street, and I passed by when I took the bus, so I decided to go there. However, many red-light districts in Pattaya at night were full of lights, the girls were fine, and the men were hooked up sometime. It’s not very messy either. Even a large family of tour groups came out. It’s good to have a look.

Pattaya to Bangkok Transportation:

You can take a bus to bus terminal, Take the bus to Pattaya, Personally, I feel that Pattaya, a two-car car, is the most expensive, It’s also a bit of a wild asking price, However, on the road, I saw that many local people can try to stop the two cars. Looking at the map, I probably know the direction. I should be able to get there on the straight road. It will be much cheaper. It is also a good experience. We tried it once and it was very good. We got off the bus farthest and last. The driver also took us to the station.

Pattaya has quite a number of buses to the eastern bus station in Bangkok. The ticket window has written about the bus station in the northern part of Mo Chit or the bus station in the eastern part of Ekkami. The number of buses to the eastern part is the largest, while the number to the northern part is relatively small. We are to Ekkami, 108.


First of all, the price is not expensive in other places except Koh Samet Island. The three of us spend 300-450 plants each time. Bangkok is slightly more expensive. Chiang Mai and Pattaya in Pai District do not have more than 400 plants.

Bangkok went to Watergate and ate the famous Watergate chicken rice. Although the queue was very long, it was also fast, cheap and delicious. Mainly to eat chicken rice, chicken oil rice and all kinds of chicken, pork is also very delicious! Soup is served when meals are ordered.

Watergate Chicken Rice

It is still very convenient to order food in Thailand. There will be Thai and English, and even some restaurants have Chinese. Generally, the food can be served with chicken, pork, beef or seafood. The price is generally 45 Thai baht, because we are not used to seafood. Chicken is the most, and one dish is about 50-80 plants.

In Thailand, you have the opportunity to try Xiadongyingong Soup, Green Papaya Salad, Fried River Powder, Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice, Mango Glutinous Rice, Thai North Curry Noodles and various mixed dishes of chicken, pork and seafood. Only what can be seen on the menu. I don’t necessarily have the specific name. Delicious food is the most important. Night markets also have a lot of food and cannot be missed. Red curry is spicy, yellow curry and green curry taste lighter, fresh flavor is the main! Some dishes have sweet taste. You can ask when ordering. If you are not used to eating, you can not have sweet taste.

7-11: I really don’t know that I can go to the 7-11 convenience store when eating what in Thailand. Although the store is not large, I still eat a lot of drinks of various flavors, yogurt, potato chips and seaweed, and various snacks. There are also lunches, hamburgers, milk tea and coffee, especially when transferring to other places, which is the right place to eat, you can go shopping! In Thailand, 711 blossoms everywhere, and I go shopping every day. Sometimes it is also good to buy some back to my room for midnight snack.

Shopping and tax refund:

In boots and some shopping malls with “Refund for Tourist” signs or signs, yellow tax refund forms are issued at the tax refund counter with receipts and passports after shopping for more than 2,000 Thai baht. Most of the goods in duty-free shops are duty-free, and a small part also need tax refund. When you go to the airport, you can see the customs tax refund office written in Chinese. You can affix a seal and sign it. After passing the security check, there will be a tax refund window to collect the money. Now there is no handling fee for tax refund. It was said that there was a handling fee of 100 plants before.

Finally, I would like to say that it is not a problem to go to Thai language at all. As long as you can speak a little English and bring your smile, I believe there will be a pleasant journey!

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