After breakfast on March 1, leave your luggage at the front desk of the Sea Sand Sun Hotel and get in our station wagon and head for Grant Island.

Grant Island is a small coral reef about 10 kilometers away from Pattaya Beach (according to its official website, the island is 4 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide, with nearly 1,000 residents on the island). It may be rarely threatened by seawater pollution and the environment is especially good: the island is surprisingly clean, the seawater is blue and clear to the bottom, and the beach is white and bright and delicate. It is said that Grant Island is still a well-preserved virgin land. I don’t know how much wealth has been created for Thailand by such a beautiful natural environment. Now this world environment is a potential wealth and a resource for sustainable development. Of course, I also hope that this virgin land that has not been reclaimed will always maintain its unique purity and beauty.

I have never been to famous beaches, but there is absolutely no sight of Long Island beaches in New York, no atmosphere of Boston beaches, and even less the so-called “beaches” littered with stones in Genoa. However, this beach, which is only about 10 meters wide, is naturally and delicately arranged, giving people another feeling of forgetting the noise and troubles.

I don’t know if this beach is really too beautiful, we can’t bear to trample on it. Or is the scenery too charming for us to disturb. Our entire team seems to have not walked 15 meters since stepping off the speedboat except myself. When I was wandering alone on the beach, which was sometimes immersed in the sea water, I suddenly found that only Chinese that I could understand was playing on this quiet beach, sometimes mixed with some Korean, while those Europeans and Americans were quietly or silently enjoying the world. Perhaps this is the difference between travel!

For a short hour, we didn’t even have a chance to calm down and enjoy a while. When we got on the speedboat and left, we thought to ourselves: if time permits, we can lie on the couch on the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky, or we can arrange some water activities (such as towing umbrellas, water skiing, diving, water motorcycles and exciting banana boats, etc.) to regain our childlike innocence and play with water freely. On this golden beach in Pattaya, enjoy the leisure artistic conception of sunshine, blue sky and blue sea, and then you will completely forget the hustle and bustle of the city!

Cicero said, “The world is a book, not to get enough from travel, but to get rest for the soul.” Spend some time on Grant Island, not only to see the beautiful scenery, but also to give the soul a full rest, why not?