The master said, “men and women eat and drink. The court also advocated: “food, sex, sex!” From the north and south of the world 5 food men and women holding the “food sex also” for the purpose, will reach out to every corner of Thailand, hehe.. Renowned

Day 1: start foraging in padang street, O (studying studying) O ~ morning just step into phuket, hungry, randomly into * * a restaurant.. After looking at the menu, I felt I had chosen the wrong restaurant, but I was tired, hungry and thirsty. I share this with S BABY 2 packages (490 baht, price is not cheap oh), looks good, but taste is general, feeling is not enough that the tea garden in guangzhou (eat Thai food and the food) tunnel oh

My friends simply ordered a Fried phnom penh rice noodles (150 baht) and it was OK, they said

In the evening, we decided to have a super Thai seafood meal at our Patong Premier Resort, which is the front of the food stall. Su MM said it was the best meal of the whole trip (250 baht per person, with only one pineapple meal left, half fish, half Fried rice). This one is all male class, see their appearance looks like to come from Nepal, the boss here compares certain profiteers absolute is an honest person, praise a. In phuket, the boss will basically speak a few words of Chinese, and all can bargain, but the successful bargain don’t be happy! Seafood is cheap for you, others will secretly increase your price, or short weight, or the wrong plate, seriously, even exaggerate, you will be speechless after serving. (here to fight a profiteer, then too angry, forget to write down the name of the food stall. The boss of the nepalese brother’s stall on the left speaks fluent Chinese, with large Chinese characters hanging from the stall. The dishonest dealer is on the left hand side of the food stall with Chinese characters on it! Boss is a male a female, that female full mouth smile face, smile hidden knife, you say expensive with her, typical answer sends you fruit bowl. Still say others don’t send, give you. Profiteer logo: boss a male a female, love to send you fruit bowl. Hoisin sauce, yummy

Look how happy S BABY is eating.

After that, we moved to Tiger Bar to carry out the night charm to the end

The lead singer knew we were Chinese and sang a song for us, thanks so much! Each of us ordered Fruit shakes, only S BABY ordered cocktail, and she was a little bit tipsy.

You can see a lot of FRUIT SHAKE shops on PP island

Unfortunately, due to the group, can not enjoy the food, they left in a hurry…

Day 3: flip PATONG ate two days Thai food, need new taste, eat Japanese food in Thailand, O (studying studying) O ~ go to the local famous FUJI restaurant (350 baht per person), い ら っ し ゃ い ま せ, welcome view ~ ha ha, really sorry, forget to take pictures delicacies, is swept and empty, a mess, dereliction of duty dereliction of duty

Conclusion, it’s worth trying, but don’t be as crazy as we are, after that, ha ha night, chose a restaurant with a lot of ghost guy gathering, the original restaurant is cheaper than the food stall, remember, it’s more cost-effective to go to the restaurant ~ try it in one go, coconut sauce, red curry, green curry…


Conclusion: not too big feeling, do not know whether Thai curry taste on the same? This fish, personally, tastes terrible. the sauce is also super hot, 5A hot hot

Thai food

Mango — great! Big tree pineapple — awesome! Pass the traffic light and rainbow area

Night, all-pervasive stimulation of our visual nerve… After the human flesh market, back to the normal night market… See seafood again, see seafood again —

coming to Zebra Bar..

I ordered ginger ale, S BABY Cocktail, and both men ordered beer and Cocktail~ worth recommending S BABY’s MAGAITA (100 baht), which features a rim of salt at the top, salty and sweet, perfect for ladies ~1.5 Oz tequila 3/4 Oz cranberry 3/4 QZ lemon juice shake the rim with salt

He says it’s only available in this part of southeast Asia because you need very fresh herbs to make it. Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the official name of this cocktail.

Everyone is drunk I wake up alone…

Day 4: head to emperor island and coral island for a group lunch

Although there are few choices, the fruit and vegetables are also quite good, and the Tom Tom kung taste is quite good. In the evening, I ate an unknown fish (350 baht), as if I had seen snorkeling before

Very big, half steamed, half baked, oh oh D5: sleep to wake up naturally, noon to find a small shop, eat a fan soup ~ (forget to take photos, ha ha) continue to go foraging ing… Eyeing a fruit cart…

Sweet mango eat more, try the local sour mango, the specialty is to add sugar + spicy powder, taste sour, spicy, sweet — good! There are guava, there is a processed sweet guava, you can try oh! The afternoon sun is fierce, looking for a place to hide and eat. Caught up in the AD… Ice cream.

Thai tea with milk

And to the evening oh ~ continue to look for snacks in.. Finally found the legendary mango glutinous rice ~

Discover the special Thai snacks

S BABY look so intoxicated oh..

Must-eat Thai coconut ice cream — awesome!!

Light coconut flavor, sweet ice cream, crunchy peanut kernel, soft coconut meat… Yummy ~(after all!!)/~ evening taste extends to the SIAM MALL… On the negative floor of Siam mall is the world of FOOD. There are many people waiting in line at a jipan house. We also join in the fun.

The degree of curry hot have to choose, ha ha, not bad oh oh ~

Day 7: to ayutthaya to try the Thai seafood dry wet Fried river noodles first to a seafood dry Fried river noodles.

She ate the Thai ice cream bar, which is often eaten by the local people. There are many kinds of ice cream bars

Day 8: the Food Market at Central World has a variety of options, as well as Thai steamed buns and coriander cakes, as well as authentic Thai drinks (with green vermicilli in them) that I still don’t know the name of after drinking for many times.) Fast food tastes good, too

Ha ha, just kidding ~~8 days of travel there are so many delicious food to remember… Diet men and women will continue to adhere to the spirit of “food and sex”, carry forward the essence of Confucius, mencius, and kuzi.