First of all, it should be explained that this is an absolutely powerful process strategy from Bangkok to Koh Samui and Koh Tao! Yes, just like the process strategy of video games. Yes, it is easy for you to pass the test after watching it, but I am not sure whether you can experience the true meaning of the game and the fun in it. Don’t blame me for writing everything completely, so you don’t have to feel at risk. Again, this is a strategy only suitable for budget travelers who are not afraid of hardships on the road and only have intimate contact with sunny beaches. Please make sure you need to read it. . . . . . Are you sure, do you still want to continue watching? All right, here we go!

First, let’s know where you are going. Koh Samui Sumi Island has the same pronunciation as “Guo Shimei” in Cantonese. This is a large island in the southern part of the gulf of thailand, which is, of course, surrounded by the sea on all sides. To the northwest of the island is a na thon pier, which is mainly connected to the surat thani on the mainland of thailand. Famous beaches here include Chaweng beach and Lamai beach. The former has wider and noisy beaches, while the latter has better sandy and quiet and comfortable beaches, each taking its own needs. Most of the hotels are seaside apartments, with relatively few beach bungalows. Most of the same hotels provide garden view rooms or sea view rooms, and few hotels provide free Internet service, except for senior hotels. The island’s transportation is mainly based on privately operated pickup trucks or so-called meter taxis, but never meters. There are no large entertainment and shopping facilities on the island.

Then there is Koh Tao Tao Dao, Dao Dao and Gui Dao, which are all his translated names. The pronunciation is “Guo (Cantonese) to (Mandarin)”, ha ha. This is a small island to the north of Sumi. There is also a koh phangan among them, which has a very famous full/half moon party. Koh Tao is also one of the top 10 diving sites in the world. The only pier connecting the mainland here is at the end of the small town of mae haad. There is only one famous beach here, Sairee beach, which feels not much different from Chaweng in Sumi. Most hotels are based on bungalow, which is also a coexistence of garden view and sea view. The price is relatively low and the choice is relatively diverse. The traffic on the island is recommended to drive a motorcycle by oneself. The roads there are not wide and the space is not large enough. All right, all right, we really have to go!

Now that your flight has landed at Bangkok International Airport, how do you get to Koh Samui and Koh Tao? Here are several ways for you to choose from, and both return trips are applicable:

1. Take a direct flight from Thai Airlines or Bangkok Airlines to Sumi in Bangkok, which takes one hour, and the airport is on the island. The disadvantage is that the price is too high. This article also does not focus on this method.

2. Choose a plane from other airlines to surat thani, and then take a boat to Sumei. The ticket price is favorable. The disadvantage is that all the air, sea and land are used, and the journey takes 7-8 hours. The method of connecting travel by car and boat is the same as that in point 3 below. There are not many flights, please calculate the connection time of each point by yourself.

3. Take the Southern Railway to Chumporn at Bangkok Railway Station, and then find a connecting ticket to Koh Tao at the railway station. It is best to explain to him that you want to take the Lomprayah ship. The meaning of a connecting ticket is to take you directly to the island from your location, and any transfer will be arranged for you. Another way is to take the same southern railway to surat thani and then buy a connecting ticket to koh samui. There is also a ship to lomprayah, which recently opened. Both methods can be used, mainly depending on whether you want to play from Koh Samui or Koh Tao. Look at Google Earth and study it yourself. It is really not much different. It is estimated that the total time per journey will take 12-14 hours. The train can choose sleeper. For train prices, please refer to; The price of the connecting ticket is about 600-700 baht. Http://’s boat schedule can be found here.

4. Find the ticket office of lomprayah directly at khao san Rd in Bangkok to buy a connecting ticket. Tell him about koh samui or koh tao. He will arrange the route for you. This is the way of vip bus + boat. The time is also between 12 and 14 hours. The advantage is that you don’t have to run to each transfer point by yourself. The middle is seamless and will be arranged for you. The bus is relatively spacious and can lie down. There is a bathroom. This is my favorite way. It is convenient, worry-free and can save time. I basically arrive when I wake up at night. Although the process seems to take the longest time, it is actually the most time-saving route, because you have used the original sleeping time to travel, and you can really sleep, but children’s shoes that have no confidence in their own physique are still carefully considered! Please also refer to the departure time, and you can measure each method yourself.

5. Recently, surfing discovered a new way to go to Koh Tao in Bangkok… ultra-small plane! It was only opened on Valentine’s Day in 2011. The operating company is called Solar Air. His family’s plane is very mini, with only 18 seats! I don’t know what the flying height is, and I don’t know whether the flying is stable or not. I hope there will be feedback after sitting on children’s shoes. However, in Bangkok, I have to go to the old airport to take this plane, which is Don Muang Airport. His route is as follows: a direct flight from Bangkok to Chumporn airport, and then a lomprayah bus and boat will land on to Koh Tao. The whole price is 3250 baht per person, and the price includes all the expenses of air, sea and land. It is not cheap but it saves a lot of time! Interested children’s shoes log on to his website. Http:// Aspx

So how can I get to the railway station or khao san Rd at Bangkok airport? There are many ways. It is recommended to take taxi directly. It is more cost-effective for two people than to take public transportation. As for the way to take taxi, please see I wrote earlier. In addition, starting from August 2010, Bangkok Airport has opened a railway service to the urban area. The whole journey takes 45 baht and takes 30 minutes. The terminal is Phaya Thai Station of BTS (Light Rail), making it more convenient to enter the urban area. If you want to go to the railway station or Khao San Rd’s shoes, take the airport railway from B1 on the negative floor of the airport to the terminal, and then walk from the overpass to Phaya Thai Station. Here, you want to go to Khao San’s exit 1 or 3, and you want to go to the railway station from exit 2 or 4. Just take taxi directly. The price of the meter is 60-80 baht. For the location of lomprayah at the ticket office of khao san Rd, please refer to wp-content/uploads/2079. Gif and the location of Bangkok Railway Station is called Hua Lamphong. Turning back to the Airport Railway, there is a station called Makkasan, which temporarily provides check in and luggage check-in services for Thai Airlines and Bangkok Airlines, but it must be handled within 3-13 hours before the plane takes off. If necessary, you can refer to the same shoes.

After the above introduction, it is estimated that you have successfully landed in Koh Samui or Koh Tao. Let’s briefly introduce some matters on the island. Let’s talk about koh samui first. No matter which road you take, you will eventually board the boat at na thon pier in koh samui. As soon as you arrive here, many people will ask you whether you want to go to Chaweng beach or Lamai beach. In fact, the whole Koh Samui generally has only two kinds of cars for you to choose from. One is called pickup truck in China, which is to set up an iron cage at the back of the car with people sitting on both sides. They are called big tuk. It is usually 100 baht to go to Chaweng Beach from the dock, but it is recommended to wrap it in 300 baht to go to Lamai Beach’s shoes, because it is difficult to get together people to go to Lamai. The other is the so-called meter taxi, but never uses a meter. Well, I admit this is emphasized again! Those who are not short of money will find those who hold price tags, mostly those who are meter taxi. Generally, he can accept a price cut of 150-200 baht. No matter what kind of car you take, you should be able to take you directly to the front of the hotel. You should communicate with him well. The distance between Chaweng and Lamai is about 10km. It is recommended to take big tuk or drive by oneself for the same shoes to experience everywhere. It is not recommended to ride motorcycles, because there are many narrow roads, many uphill and downhill sections and sharp bends.

Speaking of hotels, by the way, I would like to talk about the reservation method. If you go to Koh Samui in the peak season, you’d better make a reservation first, because there are really many people, so it is not necessary in the off season. I recommend a website for reservation,, a good local hotel reservation network in Thailand, with fast speed, detailed pictures and descriptions and accuracy. Hotels on the beach usually provide free beach chairs for hotel guests, so enjoy them. However, practice has proved that even if it is not your hotel, you can use other people’s beach chairs. However, someone may immediately hand you a drink menu and ask you to buy a drink. You can order one casually. It is not expensive anyway. Ordinary hotels do not have many free Internet service. Generally, they need to buy wireless Internet authorization from the front desk. The price should be consulted with the front desk. At the end of this article, I will introduce you to the situation of mobile phone surfing the Internet. It is enough to chat about QQ, microblog or simple email.

The following is an introduction to the situation of taking part in a one-day tour and half-day tour in Koh Samui. Those who have been to the same shoe may notice that the travel service in Thailand is relatively comprehensive. There are many travel agencies all over the street. You can buy various types of air tickets, boat tickets, train tickets and sign up for a one-day tour. The one-day tour that Koh Samui can take part in is mainly a tour around the island (including riding elephants). Angthong national marine park; There is also a game called cable rides, which is a game of shuttling through the woods by using overhead sliding ropes. It is quite exciting. Of course, there is also a one-day snorkeling tour for koh tao + koh nangyuan, but it is not recommended. They all went to koh samui and did not go to koh tao to stay for a few days. It is too wasteful. I won’t say these prices, because this kind of small shop goes one by one. As long as you ask the price once, it is basically the same nearby. If you are not at ease, ask more. Then you can buy tickets from Koh Samui to Koh Tao from these small shops, so look for Lomprayah’s ship. I forgot to tell you before, in fact, this company’s ship is a catamaran high-speed ship, which saves time and is stable (when the wind and waves are not big). The price is basically the same. However, you will find that the quotation from the small shop will be slightly higher than that from Lomprayah’s official website, which is normal, because the tickets booked from the small shop include hotel pick up service, that is, he will send a car to the hotel to pick you up to the dock. This is where I think Thai tourism services are good. All these one-day tours or connecting trips do not need to find their own way to go to what, but all include pick-up and drop-off services. Therefore, when buying tickets, you should leave the hotel name and room number and wait for the driver in the lobby at the appointed time. Generally, it is good to sign up or buy tickets one day in advance. After signing up, the shop will give you a small envelope with a voucher in it, and then you will have to give it to the driver who picked you up.

I’m going to Koh Tao soon. Excite! According to the appointed time, the driver will come to pick you up in the lobby, and may pick up several fellow passers-by along the way. It will take about 40 minutes to arrive at the Lomprayah Company dock in Koh Samui. First, check in at the corresponding destination window to get the ticket, and then you can sit and wait for the boat. Of course, if you want to board the ship early, you’d better stand at the entrance first. There will be a stop in the middle of the ship’s journey. This is the koh phangan mentioned earlier in the middle of koh samui and koh tao. Listen to the radio on the ship and don’t get off wrong.

When you arrive at Koh Tao, you will see some people on the dock who are specially receiving tourists holding cards with the name of the client or the name of his hotel. Please contact him directly. If you haven’t found a hotel yet, or if the hotel doesn’t have a pick-up service, then don’t go too far. Just find a small shop that rents motorcycles on the way out of the dock on a big slope, rent them and start taking risks. Although the area on the island is not very large, you will be very depressed if you do not have a motorcycle to walk on everything. There are two situations in renting motorcycles, which I have encountered before, and I must use my passport as collateral.

In the first case, the car condition is very new and beautiful, earning 200 baht a day. And before giving it to you, the boss will introduce you to the car body. If there were scratches, he will mark them on a piece of paper with motorcycle graphics. At this time, you must pay more attention to the situation on each part than the exam to make sure there are any scars. Then the boss will ask you to sign the car rental contract to prove that you have confirmed the condition of the car. At this moment, you should pay attention to the fact that the compensation price of each component will be listed on the back of the general contract, and even if there are only scratches and no damages, you will also have to compensate the price of the component in full. When he returns the car, he will take it seriously with you, so he will use a magnifying glass to give you trouble.

The second situation is that motorcycles already have many scratches and look older. This kind of motorcycle costs 150 baht a day. It is also to sign the same contract, but at this moment the boss is much more casual. He doesn’t confirm with you where there are scratches and damages. Just sign and confirm. Of course, you can’t be careless. Scratches can be ignored, but the damaged places must be paid attention to. Well, this time he didn’t mark out on the paper where there was a problem, so you can rest assured to use it. There is no big problem. When he returned the car, he returned your passport without even looking at it. Let’s see which shoes are more suitable for you.

Koh Tao is mostly a small bungalow on the beach. Generally speaking, it is not a full/half moon party in Koh phangan that has no room to live in. You just walk around on a motorcycle and find a place you like to settle down. Since Koh Tao’s things are separated by many hills on both sides, the road is not very easy to walk, but the general living facilities are relatively perfect in the west, and those who want to visit the east will have to take risks. From west to east, many roads are silt and stone, and they are especially steep. No matter how skilled the same shoe is, you must be careful. Motorcycle accidents are very common. If the car falls to the ground, you have to pay a lot of money. More importantly, if people are injured and go to soak in seawater, will you? Therefore, if you encounter steep mountain roads, please do what you can, don’t try to be brave, safety comes first. Then why go east? It is because there are few people there that they can have a close contact with nature. Ha ha.

There is nothing to say on this island. During the day, everyone basks in the sand beach in front of the room, swims, or takes part in snorkeling around the island (there will be a brief introduction below). At night, they go to the seaside bar of Sairee Beach, eating and drinking, listening to heavy metal music and watching the flame show. At the end of the day, people are completely relaxed. Those who like to visit small shops can also find some small shops with souvenirs or special clothes in mae haad village at the dock or sairee village to the north.

There are not many special travel agency on the island. If you want to sign up for a snorkeling tour around the island or a boat ticket, you can book it through your hotel front desk. The price is also very consistent, including shuttle service. Usually, I will take you to 3 or 4 snorkeling points in the morning, then have lunch on the boat, and then I will take you to Koh Nangyuan, where I will stay for about two hours. The island fee of 100 baht must be paid, and plastic bottles cannot be brought up, which supports vexation and protection. If there are four or more people, When you sign up, the other party may suggest that you use 2500 baht to pack the next long tail boat, that is, the long tail boat, and then the place and time to go are relatively free, that is, the boat looks dangerous and unreliable, but it is OK without big waves. I have tried to be dragged, tossed and tossed by it under big waves.

And what… Well, let’s introduce the food again. Whether you are in what Beach or Village, there will be various restaurants, large and small, to choose from on both sides of the main road, as well as roadside stalls. Restaurants usually offer western food (French, Italian, ordinary western food) and Thai food at the same time, and the taste is actually very close, so the only choice you can choose is the environment and price. It is recommended to have a cup of fresh juice or juice shake per meal, which is cheap and tastes good. In fact, it is quite necessary to know the English words of various foods before going out, so that you can at least see what it is and what it is. The authentic Thai dishes should not be introduced too much. Let’s briefly say that tom Yum Goong (Winter Yin Gong) means Thai sour and spicy shrimp soup, and Goong means Thai shrimp, so you will sometimes see that tom yum shrimp/seafood/chicken what has different meat materials in Thai sour and spicy soup. Then there is Thai fried powder, which is also good. It is called Pad thai what what and has different meat materials. Then there is the Thai salad that must be tasted, the Thai transliteration is som dam, so you will see that some menus will say som dam… + papaya is Thai green papaya salad, some are mango, and shrimp can be added. On this trip, I found that the menus of many restaurants also translated pad thai into fried noodle, som dam into thai salad, and goong into shrimp or prawn, which was more intuitive and clear than before.

Well, the above has basically written about the food, housing and transportation of Koh Samui and Koh Tao. Below, at the end, let’s talk about some suggestions for Bangkok to find accommodation. Recently, I also met several friends who have asked questions. If you like the same shoes in the youth dormitory or inn, please make a detour. Here, you will not talk about this aspect. First of all, find out your main itinerary when staying in Bangkok. Most foreign backpackers suggest to live in Khao San Rd. We Chinese backpackers don’t need to follow them all. After all, it is a gathering place for Europeans and Americans. I didn’t feel the local characteristics of what when I went there. It was just a bunch of local small businessmen surrounded by a lot of European and American ghosts. However, if you like to see scenic spots, such as what Palace, Buddhist Temple, Museum, etc., it is still recommended that you live in Khao San Rd, which is convenient and can be walked to some places. If you like shopping, looking at the city and using rail transit, Silom is your only choice. This is the junction of BtS and subway. BtS station is called Sala Daeng and subway station is called Silom. It is close to siam, the most prosperous commercial center. This is a city that never sleeps at night. There are night markets, bar, massage shops and daily necessities shops that are open all night. Of course, there are all kinds of food shops. There are many paths to the south of Silom Rd. There are many newly opened private hotels in it. The price is a little higher, ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 baht, but it is convenient and comfortable to live in. I strongly recommend this area. Well… it’s almost the same. The place names of my whole strategy are basically written in English, which you must understand. If you don’t believe you look at the Chinese name in the Chinese map to find a place, I promise you will die of depression! No one plans to translate place names with electronic dictionaries……

It’s really the last thing, about mobile phones. Most tourists use two mobile phone network providers, truemove and dtac’s happy sim, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Http:// and are introduced. Just look at prepaid card. Both can be found at the exit of the airport’s entry floor. Let me introduce Truemove’s. His service shop is at the exit. As you can see at a glance, tourists basically buy inter sim prepaid cards, which are valid for one year after activation. The first purchase fee is 49 baht. You can choose to recharge 50, 150, 300 or more immediately, depending on your own needs. Using 006 + country code + telephone number to call back to China is 3 baht per minute, using 00600 + country code + telephone number is 1 baht per minute, depending on your own needs. As for the mobile phone surfing the Internet, it is recommended to use his traffic package. For 50MB traffic within 30 days, only 50 baht is needed. QQ, microblog and email are all fine! See Htm for details

Are you tired? I’m tired of writing! Ha ha, you readers, if you think there is something wrong with my younger brother’s writing, please discuss and correct it together! If you want to reprint it, please feel free and do not indicate the source. This is free to share the content! Thank you

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