When we got off the plane, we took a van to Bangkok and collapsed in Pullman Hotel, which is located in downtown Bangkok. When we got off, we saw its open facade. The doorman had already welcomed us to help carry the luggage. Peter had already heard on the bus that when the doorman helped carry the luggage, he had to pay 20 tips.

There is a unique cave in the hotel. It is completely decorated with large glass. The whole hall is bright. At the same time, it uses white orchids as partitions in a unique way, making the hall form independent spaces one by one. The first floor gives me a simple and atmospheric feeling. When we entered the hall, the staff had already delivered cups of thirst-quenching juice, which tasted sweet. There is another scenery in the bar waiting for the hotel manager. There are musical instruments playing in the front table and many foreign wines are displayed in the middle. As you can imagine, when night falls, this should be a good place to drink some wine, listen to music and relax yourself.

When we leave the bar and walk into the guest room, you can feel that the privacy is guaranteed here. When we get on the elevator, you have to plug in your room card to press the floor before you can enter your room.

After visiting the double rooms of this hotel, As well as single rooms, I am most impressed by the fact that this hotel pays great attention to details. It will create some romance and surprises for you inadvertently. When you walk into the edge of the bathtub, you will find a fresh bird of paradise standing in the corner. When you are taking a bath, this bird of paradise will accompany you and make you feel warm when enjoying alone.

When you put on a comfortable pajamas, you can sit at the small table and enjoy the freshest fruits, or you can sit at the desk and write down your travel story, where you will have the happiness of returning home.

When we stayed in this hotel, I had the big bed alone. The soft bed made me dream at once. When the alarm clock rang, the warm bed did not want to let me get up.

In the evening, we came to the restaurant, which has various kinds of delicious food. I want to give it a try if the color lures me.

I’m a detail-minded person, However, this hotel pays great attention to details. It will leave some flowers at the corner. You can often find different decorations in this hotel. When passing through the hall, beautiful fish will accompany you one by one, and the green color in the courtyard will also make you shine at the moment. It is a hotel worth staying in and you will enjoy warmth and romance.