Raiders from Bangkok, Thailand to Hua Xin by Train

29 February 2012

I found that there are very few strategies to go to Hua Xin by train on the Internet, so I want to take advantage of my trip to Thailand in the middle of this month to write a simple strategy for your reference. I will not repeat all kinds of precautions for going to Thailand here. Websites and forums are full of such strategies. I will only talk about them through my personal experience.

The destination of my trip is Tao Island (Guidao) to study diving license. The itinerary is planned to go south all the way. There are three main stops: Bangkok, Hua Xin and Tao Island.

The reason for choosing to take the train: the price is low and the quality is good-you will know the specific price in what after I see it. There is a large space for taking the train, which is not like a bus. You can only sit and can’t walk. Experience the local customs and human feelings-many local people take trains, and VIP buses are usually tourists, so taking trains can get close to the local people.

Starting point: Bangkok South China Peng Railway Station (I marked it with red arrows on the English map: Bangkok Railway Station, Hua Lamphong)

End point: Hua Hin Railway Station

Time and Fare:

There will be a departure from Bangkok within 2 hours. Each train has different models. See the following figure for the specific time and fare. On the left is the stop time from Bangkok from north to south, and on the right is the stop time from south to north. On the left side of the lower part are descriptions of different types of trains, and on the right are fares corresponding to different grades of seats.

Accommodation: Because I originally planned to try out the Thai train, I booked my accommodation at the Atone-in-Hualumpong Hotel next to the railway station. The hotel is 10 minutes’ walk from the railway station. I booked it on AGODA. The cost performance is very good. The wife of shop-owner is very polite. The hotel is also very comfortable and quiet. Recommended! The only disadvantage is that hotels are difficult to find, and ordinary taxi drivers will go around two or three circles to ask local talents to find them.

Transportation to the railway station: 1. Rail Transit: The most economical and convenient way is to take Bangkok’s rail transit. As shown in the picture, Silom Line is the Longline to Hua Lamphong South China Peng Station. You can see the golden Bangkok Central Railway Station 5 meters from the station entrance. 2. Take a taxi: Show the driver a map at the railway station. There will be no more stupid drivers who don’t know him.

Personal experience:

1. Ticket purchase: Originally, I was going to take the 8 o’clock train to Hua Xin the next morning. Wait until 4: Arriving at the railway station at 30 o’clock, he said that the reservation time for that day had passed, Tickets for the next day are no longer available, Let me come and buy it the next morning… Afraid of not being able to buy a train ticket the next day, I got up early in the morning and arrived at the railway station at 7: 10. Told that the 8 o’clock train was full, Can only sit at 9: The 20 ‘s, All right, one more hour, let me have breakfast and go back to the hotel to tidy up, At 9:20, there was only a third-class bus (that is, the old-fashioned green car in China), but the fare was 44 baht, which surprised me, equivalent to less than RMB 10 yuan. It made me sigh with emotion for a long time ~ there was a picture to prove it: (there was no passport and handling fee for buying tickets, there was no platform ticket checking, only ticket checking on the bus and on the way, so please keep the ticket)

2. By train: Because I was sitting in the last carriage of the train, Therefore, I also paid attention to the following, Half of the last section is for passengers, A quarter of them are for monks, Another quarter is for train attendants, The car will be marked with signs in English and Thai. There are many local people taking this kind of train. There is no air conditioner in the carriage. There is a shaking head electric fan above every two seats. The windows are fully open and there are shaded windows. Personally, I think it is still a very happy experience for backpackers who are not particularly afraid of heat to take this train and become one with the local people. Of course, there are also many foreigners taking this economical train.

3. Regarding the delay: The less than 10 yuan’s ticket price made me wander on the bus for 4.5 hours, one hour later than the scheduled time. Fortunately, I still had relatively plenty of time, so it also made the ticket in 8 yuan more valuable. Therefore, in Thailand, whether taking the bus or the train, I tried to leave some ample time.

Finally, if there are any improper or wrong points in the expression process, I hope you will correct me. Thank you!