Phuket Wedding Dress Free Travel Strategy

November 25-December 1, 2012 is our Phuket wedding dress trip.

Preparation before departure

Preparation 1: Air tickets and hotels

Every year from November to March is the peak season in Phuket. All air tickets and hotels have increased in price. Most people who want to travel will choose to book hotels and air tickets 2-4 months in advance, so they have enough time to choose airlines and stay in hotels. We traveled freely. It took less than a month from the decision to go to Phuket to the trip, so we chose to book air tickets and hotels at the travel agency.

Preparation 2: Daily necessities, sunscreen and simple medical drugs

Toothbrushes and toothpaste are not provided in hotels in Thailand, but it is quite convenient to buy them there, with low price and excellent quality. It is also necessary to carry simple medical drugs, such as: Band-Aid, antidiarrheal (there are more seafood over there, it is recommended to prepare), cold medicine, heatstroke prevention medicine and other commonly used drugs.

Preparation 3: Clothes, Camera, Swimming Supplies

The temperature is over 30 degrees, and summer clothes are the main ones. It is recommended to carry a smock with ultra-thin long sleeves for sun protection. Even 50 + + sunscreen over there cannot completely prevent the sun.

Break: Phuket Travel Tips 1—–

Cash and bank cards:

1. Domestic Bank of China can exchange Thai baht.

2. The Chinese Customs stipulates that each person can carry up to 20,000 yuan or the equivalent foreign currency equivalent of 5,000 US dollars.

3. When shopping in Phuket Island, large shops can use UnionPay, MasterCard and VISA cards. It is recommended that you deposit your money into the cards. Different banks and cards have different situations. Please consult the issuing bank on how to use bank cards in Phuket Island.

4. Reference Exchange Rate (subject to the bank’s real-time quotation)

US $1 equals about 6.78 RMB and US $1 equals about 32.15 Thai baht.

1 RMB equals about US $0.15 and 100 Thai baht equals about US $3.11.

(Strictly speaking, it is the most cost-effective way to exchange RMB for US dollars and then US dollars for Thai baht. It seems a bit awkward, hehe)

Cameras, DV and the like can be carried according to personal preferences, but the value of single items exceeding 5000RMB must be declared to the customs in advance. Of course, the sea view over there is quite beautiful. If you don’t leave some souvenirs, you will regret it.

Calling Card:

1 Phuket island dial domestic landline: 0086 + (the first digit is 0 omitted) area code + telephone number

Phuket Island Dial Domestic Mobile Phone: 0086 + Mobile Phone Number

Domestic dial Phuket landline: 0066 +76 + telephone number

Domestic dial Phuket Island mobile phone: 0066 + (the first digit is 0, omitted and not dialed) mobile phone number

2. You can buy a prepaid card at the 7-Eleven convenience store. It is best to ask the clerk to help you charge it.

Exchange: Thai baht can be exchanged at airports, banks, hotels and foreign currency exchange offices in tourist spots on Phuket Island. Transportation: Phuket Island drives on the left, which is opposite to that in China. Please look right before looking left when crossing the road and obey the traffic rules.