After cycling through Chiang Mai University, we got to the main road to Sutie Mountain. After cycling for a while, we found it was an uphill road. I was afraid LP and the children could not ride it, so I discussed with them whether to store the bicycle at the foot of the mountain and rent a Dudu car to the mountain. Just then came a doodle car, The driver is very enthusiastic (it should be for money), After bargaining, the deal was made at 300B, Pull us up and down the mountain, And we can play on the mountain as long as we want, We locked the car to the side of the road, I got on the doodle car. The altitude of this Sutie Mountain is not high, but the mountain road is really steep. Almost all the way is uphill. This is enough to prove how wise it was for me to choose to take the doodle car (because we still have to save our physical strength to complete the trip in the next few days). I took the doodle car to spin up quickly and walked for more than ten minutes.

I was sitting on the doodle bus to the top of Sutie Mountain.

I was sitting outside the car taken by the Doodle car to the top of Sutie Mountain. The driver of the Doodle car should have run much more on this road and drove very fast on the rugged mountain road.

The doodle car we took

Suthep Mountain is located about 6 kilometers south of Chiang Mai City in northern Thailand. It is one of Thailand’s famous tourist attractions and a famous Buddhist holy place in Thailand. “Sutie” means “Xianyou” in Thai, and it is called “Yuxianshan” or “Huixianshan” in local Chinese. Sutie Mountain is 1676 meters high. It is covered with white clouds. The climate is cool and pleasant. The trees on the mountain are verdant and flowers are blooming. Among them are the famous five-color roses in Chiang Mai City, which are magnificent, fragrant and dazzling. There is a famous Huijiao Waterfall among the strange rocks at the foot of Sutie Mountain. Huijiao means “Yuquan” in Thai. The waterfall splashes and is as clear as jade. Two kilometers north of Huijiao Waterfall, there is also Huacan Waterfall hanging among rocks.

There are many leisurely dogs.

There is an ancient temple halfway up Sutie Mountain, called Shuanglong Temple. The temple was built on a high platform and covers a vast area. It was supervised by King Guna of the Lana Dynasty in 1383. It was named after two magnificent colorful multi-headed dragons sculpted on the temple gate. On each of the two big faucets, there are six small faucets with their heads held high to the sky. The dragon body is tens of meters long and forms the railings on both sides of the stone grade of the temple. They are peculiar in shape and exquisitely carved. There are many Buddha statues in the temple, one of which is a Buddha statue who takes pictures of Buddha poems and sits in Zen. This Buddha statue is an important ancient Buddha statue in Thailand. There are only three similar ancient Buddha statues in the country, which were invited from Ceylon more than 700 years ago. There are many bronze bells hanging on both sides of the temple. Visitors take their sticks and strike the bells to pray for God’s blessing.

Shuanglong Temple may be named after these two dragons.

Long Dragon in Shuanglong Temple

I want to shoot them while walking, but they think I want to shoot the scene and get out of my way as soon as possible. They also say sorry, sorry to me.

Entering Shuanglong Temple is the only temple in Chiang Mai that charges fees. There is a ticket office nearby, but there is no ticket checking. However, when we get to such a place, we still buy tickets as required, and we can also keep the tickets back as a souvenir.

Entering the temple requires bare feet and shoes.

This temple is quite famous in Chiang Mai.

The temple is very clean, bare feet go in and turn around, feet are not dirty at all.

Every year, May 19 is Thailand’s “Ten Thousand Buddhas Festival”. Many good men and women from northern Thailand come here on foot to worship Buddha. Visitors can reach the top of Sutie Mountain by climbing more than 200 stone steps along the dragon body. There is a huge stupa on the top of the mountain. The tower body is covered with gold foil and towers into the sky. It is dazzling and magnificent in the sun. The remains of Sakyamuni are enshrined in the stupa. Around the stupa are historical paintings and statues of Buddhist holy monks from all dynasties in Thailand.

The weather is not very good, and the buildings are still shining with golden light.

The sculptures in the temples are also very exquisite.

The temple was very quiet and there were no loud noises from tourists.

In the main hall of the temple

This temple is also very distinctive

Most of the Buddha statues here are also gilded.

The golden buildings in the temple

The distinctive furnishings in the temple

These little dolls are cute, aren’t they

A cute little doll

There are elephant sculptures in various shapes.

It is similar to the bell tower in the temple in China. I don’t see where the drum is.

Standing on this Sutie Mountain overlooking Chiang Mai City

A clean and refreshing temple

Standing on this Sutie Mountain overlooking Chiang Mai City, it is a pity that the weather is not very good.

It is said that when the weather is fine, it is quite beautiful to stand here and watch the sunset.

Standing on this Sutie Mountain overlooking Chiang Mai City

The temple has a strange shape. It should be a lion.

The buildings in the temple are also very beautiful.

The dragons in Thai temples are not the same as those in China.

I don’t know if this is a chime, hehe

The eldest brother’s clock

Buildings in temples

There are many Buddha statues in the temple, which look almost the same as those in domestic temples.

You can’t take photos here standing, you can only take photos sitting or kneeling.

Sleeping Buddha in Temple

Legend has it that the site of the stupa where the Buddha’s bones were hidden was chosen by the elephant carrying the Buddha’s bones. The elephant stopped here, shouted three times, made a detour for three weeks, and knelt down on four feet. Pai Zhaoju, who was ready to transport Buddha’s bones, believed that this was the will of Buddha and immediately started construction here and built the stupa. The elephant also died on the spot when the Buddha’s bones were placed, so a white elephant statue more than 1 meter high was set up on the mountain to commemorate the elephant carrying the Buddha’s bones.

Buildings in temples

Buildings in temples

Buildings in temples

It should be used when holding what activities or for blessing. Each of them has money, and I don’t understand what is used for what.

A distinctive Buddha statue

I don’t know that there is a difference between what and Chinese Buddha. It should be about the same.

The bell tower in the temple

I made two turns in the temple. This is standing here again overlooking Chiang Mai City.

Standing on the top of the mountain overlooking Chiang Mai City, although the weather is not very good, I still took many pictures here.

The monks in the temple, I am afraid they will not be happy, so there is no close shot of these monks in the temple.

The environment in the temple is also very quiet and secluded.

A distinctive sculpture

I saw a kitten on the ground in the temple, and I saw several kittens in the temple. This is only the best one.

Thai-featured multi-headed dragon

The toilet in Shuanglong Temple needs to enter barefoot or change slippers placed at the door.

A distinctive sculpture

This monk should be an eminent monk. He is not on the top of the temple, but on the right side of the ladder that goes up to the temple.

The puppies here are also docile.

Foreigners who ride bicycles up the mountain, I also planned to ride bicycles up the mountain at first, because I gave up because I was afraid that they could not ride with my family. The mountain road in Sutie Mountain has many bends and steep slopes. I admire this young man very much.