Thailand is a tourist destination familiar to most Chinese, Because of its political turmoil, not many tourists have visited it in the past two years. The travel routes to Thailand are much cheaper than those in other Southeast Asian countries. This is also why I chose to go to Thailand for my National Day holiday. But I didn’t expect this trip to be the worst and most unforgettable experience in my life. I couldn’t help thinking about writing down this experience. Under the warm reception and deception of the sales staff of CITS, I signed contracts with several friends to go to Bangkok and Pattaya. Seven days and six nights. One of the issues we were most concerned about at that time was the self-funded project. We all said that we would not participate in any self-funded projects. The saleswoman also repeatedly explained that tourists would never be forced to take part in any self-funded program. This decided to take part in the team tour. On the first day, I started from the company and took the airport line 3. I saw a black and thin man at the station. Very characteristic, So I wrote down this face. Because the airport bus was late, I took the subway and went to the airport to meet the group members. After checking in, the leader of the National Travel Service said that one person was still missing. So everyone waited. Soon a man came up to talk to me. I saw the man I saw at the airport bus stop. It turned out that we were in a regiment. The whole regiment honored him as “alien”. As soon as we got on the plane, “alien” told us that he had a list of all of us and so on to show his different identities. At that time, we had a strange eye on him. After flying for three and a half hours, we finally arrived in Bangkok. It was already two o’clock in the morning, One o’clock local time. We met the local tour guide at the airport. He is short and looks very honest. He introduced himself by his surname Yun. Let him P cloud, It means Mr. Yun. P Yun asked us if we wanted to change the money soon after getting on the bus. Its exchange rate is 1: 4.4. I am very glad that I have changed my money in the Bank of China. The exchange rate is 1: 4.95 At that time, many members of the delegation were not satisfied with the exchange rate, But there is no way, Only change. We stayed in a good four-star hotel donated by the Thai government. It feels good. The first day passed like this. The second day was to go to several palaces in Bangkok. The schedule is very full, Everyone enjoyed themselves and returned. The tour guide said that he would go to shopping spots in several countries and Pattaya during the day tomorrow. So everyone went back to their rooms early and had a rest. On the third morning, I visited shopping spots in two countries. One is the leather center, One is the gem center. An uncle in our regiment bought a sapphire ring. equivalent to RMB 13, 700. I couldn’t help feeling very expensive. After lunch, He started on his way to Pattaya, The journey takes about four hours. As soon as you get on the bus, the local tour guide will send out a list of self-funded items for everyone to choose set A or set B. A is 1800 yuan, B is 2100 yuan. To be honest, when I look at the watch, There is only one seafood dinner in it. I am a little interested in it. Besides, most of these self-funded projects are similar to the activities of the national tour. At this time, “aliens” and “wake up”, Shout at the back: We all have B sets here, It was decided. Everyone looked at the back with strange eyes. After that, the tour guide said that you must choose one of the two sets. The word “must” really displeased us girls, So I told the leader of the National Travel Service that none of us would attend. Everyone closed their eyes and slept. Unfortunately, Our regiment seems to be rich except for a few of our girls, They all paid quickly, And it was set B. After that, the tour guide came to see the three of us. Our answers were the same. No. The tour guide began to say some noisy words in the car. So the three of us quarreled with him, Finally, under the guidance of the team leader, everyone returned to their original positions and rested. The next stop is the crocodile performance. A self-funded project. Everyone went in to watch the show, The three of us amused ourselves at the door and took photos. The leader joined us later. An hour later they came out. So I got on the bus and went to the next stop, Fruit Garden. Soon I arrived at the Fruit Garden, but unfortunately there were not many fruits on display. I took some fruits and sat on the side texting with my family. The tour guide P Yun came up. He said, “Are you really not attending?” The answer is yes, After that, he said something very uncomfortable. I gave it back with no money. At last he threaten me and said, “you have no money, Then you will have your family send money to redeem you. “I immediately called the leader and said he threatened me. He denied that he had threatened me, But it also said that it was impossible for you not to participate. The leader took him away. Began to talk with me. I saw that the diameter of the P cloud went to the other two girls. I forgot that the leader specifically mentioned what. In short, it means to give him some face or something, Let me think about it, Just take part in a few projects, So I offered to participate in three of the self-funded projects. Add up to 3, 400 pigs, About 700 yuan. The other two girls took part in four self-funded projects. The tour leader said he would communicate with the tour guide. That’s it. In the evening, Everyone in the group went to see “Asia’s Best” (self-funded project), A few of us girls took a walk outside by ourselves. I didn’t expect the tour guide to say to the three of us. If you don’t attend, You have no room to sleep tonight, Find the CITS to complain. The three of us were very angry at that time. Fortunately, the leader came along immediately. He heard what the guide said. The leader said it was impossible to sleep without a room. Let’s rest assured. But he also immediately collected the money for our own project. The next step is to watch the transvestite show. It is also a self-funded project, This SHO** is good, It is also the one of the three items I bought that is worth it. According to the schedule, The next day I went out to sea to play with the water. But the tour guide said the weather was bad and he could not go to sea. The itinerary needs to be changed. Let’s go back to the hotel first. When we get to the hotel, It’s also a sea view room, Although the hotel is almost the same as the first one, But I didn’t care. I got up for breakfast on the fourth morning, We heard a few people in the group saying that our hotel had been changed. That’s because we only took part in a few projects. The tour guide confiscated all the money, So we changed the hotel. We should have lived in the high-rise hotel next door. The source of this sentence is “alien”. But we all think that the tour leader and tour guide are very afraid of this alien. It seems that his identity is somewhat unusual. He said he would come here several times a month. He knows all the people here very well. We often see him calling our leader aside to talk. After breakfast, In the morning we went to ride an elephant, Watching shows and fishing crocodiles, I’m still happy. After lunch, The tour guide asked us to go back to the hotel and rest for two hours. After that, I went to do a SPA (self-funded project). In these two hours, I ran out with the two women in the group, took a car and went out for a stroll. We gathered for the SPA at 3 pm. This shop looks like a family workshop. It’s relatively simple. But I’m in a good mood this day, I didn’t care too much. But it was supposed to be a two-hour SPA, It’s over in an hour, It also includes time for bathing and sauna. Coming out, I heard that an uncle in the group had a big fight with the tour guide. Because we each had to tip 50 pigs. In the end, uncle won. We didn’t even pay. The spa is over, It’s just over four o’clock, The tour guide asked us to go back to the hotel for dinner. This made everyone very dissatisfied. But finally returned to the hotel. The food that day was especially poor. Everyone is not in a good mood either, He can’t eat much. That “alien” there are picking things up again. He said that what won’t give tips for massage. He also said a lot of disgusting things, This has angered everyone, Everyone quarreled with him together. In the end, we said clearly that he was a teacher. In order to prove that he was not a trustee, He called the tour guide over and lambasted him for his poor service. As if to stand up for us. We are too lazy to watch them play. The evening is their own project again. I sat outside chatting with the team leader and waited. Only then did I begin to observe the night view of Pattaya. Pattaya’s bars are everywhere. Western men enrich the world. Suddenly I found that the men and women in this place, None of them look good, Especially the white people. The team leader said that these men were eliminated from the West. Living here is half a year. It makes sense, In such a mixed place, Those who have some status will not think of coming here to waste their lives. Finally, when their self-funded projects are over, Everyone asked whether to go to sea tomorrow. The tour guide still said he was not sure, He said he would not know until tomorrow morning. But what makes people angry is that all the other regiments are sure to go to sea. There was another quarrel with it at night. On the fifth day, We finally went out to sea. The weather was especially fine that day. Maybe God pity us. At the seaside, The mood is always so good, All the unhappiness was swept away. It was only an hour and a half of free activities at the seaside. It’s too short. In the afternoon, the tour guide took us to the Thai massage shop again. This hand is good. More authentic, It is already on the trip of the National Travel Service. The two-hour massage makes you feel relaxed. The next stop is the Oriental Princess. I saw on the merit that the Orient Princess was very good. So I was looking forward to it. But when I went, It’s the transvestite show. It’s just that the transvestite here will take the initiative to come up and let the man touch it. Of course, we still have to pay after the event. After watching the festival, it was only 7 o’clock. Everyone clamored for shopping. The tour guide could not help it, so he took us to a local SHOPPING MALL. The famous brand of real estate there is very cheap. If you have enough money, you will definitely miss it. After that, we went to eat bird’s nest and shark’s fin, which I bought back from 800 pigs. After eating, Not worth it. Sixth, Back to Bangkok. There were very few trips that day, Just go to shopping spots in two countries, So everyone clamored to go to duty-free shops, “that guide was kind enough to promise to take us there. On the bus, The tour guide took out a form of opinions for everyone to fill in. Personally, I think this is only a form. But it’s not nice not to write, I wrote a lot of English in the table. Anyway, the tour guide can’t understand it either. At noon, I ate in a Chinese restaurant. The tour guide took out a piece of paper and said that he had to register for duty-free shops. Let everyone sign, In this way, he can help us change shopping cards. People still believe him, They all brushed and signed their names on that piece of paper. I signed it, too. But when it was the turn of a little girl on our team, She pushed me and said, You see, it says what will sign it later. So I began to read the above passage. The general meaning is: Visitors volunteer to participate in the self-funded items on this trip, There is no compulsion. The tour guide is also too dishonest. As the trip was coming to an end, No more noise, Forget it. At the duty-free shop, It was full of Chinese tours, That should have been on the itinerary. Hey, After the tour guide has finished shopping, Everyone went to see the transvestite performance again, The difference is that, The performance was arranged in the itinerary of the National Travel Service, The content is similar to the transvestite performance we paid for at our own expense. Because we watched too much, I have no interest at all, I just want to leave early. Arrived at the airport late at night, An uncle from the regiment came to ask me about the tax refund. Before, I bought a sapphire ring. At that time, the tour guide agreed to refund the tax. But now the tour guide ignored him. I went to ask the airport staff. People looked at the ring and asked how much it was, I said more than 10,000, They immediately opened their eyes wide, I added that it was RMB, As a result, people’s mouths opened, And put his thumb up, “expensively”. At this time, uncle’s face was very ugly, I dare not say more. Of course, taxes cannot be refunded, Apart from duty-free shops, “and on the seventh day, At 2 a.m. local time, I set foot on the plane back home, I arrived at Shanghai Pudong Airport at 7: 00 a.m. China time. It feels good to go home. At the same time, I also warned myself never to take part in group tours in developing countries again. Finally, I added two words angrily and gloomily. During my few days in Thailand, I didn’t eat any Thai food. It was all Chinese food. And the alien, the people in the regiment also said that he was a gangster. If the National Travel Service gave him all our information, what would I do if he sent someone to trouble me one day? Because I am the one who buys the least items and also the one who resists the most. I feel flustered when I think about it.