Day 9 got up in the morning, I have no way to endure my pig head face, d skin is sweet, good meat sour! ! ! The cost of applying sun oil is too high, I decided to go to the hotel’s SPA SHOP to do FACIAL, I know a young lady’s words: you are too serious. You have to go to the * * who specializes in making FACIAL fruit d machine first, so I rushed to the left to ROYAL GARDEN PLAZA. There are really three or four professional * * in this shopping mall. I went to one on the third floor of the left. Because it is lunch time, there is no one. My sister suggested me to make 1500THB (333RMB) set meal when she saw my pig head noodles. For the left, I threw caution to the wind! ! ! ! ! ! The process was very comfortable. She first used D to help me bask in D’s dead skin, then used D’s cold GEL to help me apply noodles, repeated the left many times, and constantly massaged me to absorb it. After living, she used a machine to help me suck it. There was heavy steam. Fifth, she talked and laughed. It was really comfortable to die. Ha ha ha ha. If she could afford it, it was really cool to turn it over every day. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! ! ! Unfortunately, I bear five, one is enough! ! ! ! After finishing FACIAL, I will go to crazy SHOPPING in the afternoon, PATTAYA OUTLET MALL! ! ! Listening to the lecture is Thailand’s largest OUTLET. There are really many brands and many commodities. However, it is better than everyone knows. In fact, the fifth is the imaginary level. Many people say that Thailand’s purchase of Diane Finn is a good level. The problem is that the level is not necessarily suitable for itself. Underwear D can also be bought indiscriminately. The fruit D suitable for oneself is five levels, so all five are absolutely flat. However, having D foreign trade garment stores is really a few benefits, which is in line with my consumption level. In about 3 minutes, my place has already had large bags and small bags. Finally, I went to TESCO LOTUS, a giant supermarket on the left, to buy a left suitcase. Ha ha, only 250THB (55.5 RMB) is sold until it is rotten! ! ! Put in the sun d also go in, into a box full of sun! ! ! Turn to the city, I go to the left room should be the Chinese open food stall “Feitian spinach”, ha ha, the name is d strange, good taste, good feeling of cantonese cuisine, but also add left d Thai taste, rich meal, satisfaction, ha ha, the price is heavy and affordable! ! ! Tonight, I will go to WALKING STREET again to see and see, a place with colorful lights, a place that I can’t imagine to be so open, a place that seems to be far away from the left world and allows everyone to sink. The three parallelism sentences are my feelings. As the process involves indecent elements, I will introduce them five times! ! ! Let everyone fantasize! ! ! At the end of the day’s trip, it’s time to rest again! ! !