In a muddle-headed way, he won a grand prize-the organizers should not have expected that some of the winners of the micro-travel notes would travel to Thailand from overseas-and finally made the trip after many difficulties. From the soaring international air tickets at any time, we can get a discount ticket that happens to be able to catch up with the time. In Spain, where the language was not clear, it took a lot of time to find out that the consulate in Barcelona had been withdrawn. From Barcelona to Shanghai via Qatar, I was worried that I could not sign a Thai visa and had to sign a Cambodian visa in case of landing visa. Finally, I got a Thai visa on the day before taking off by chance… I haven’t started yet, and there are too many stories.

And why do I have to go to Thailand, fly back to Thailand, and carry all my wealth-23 kg suitcase, a double shoulder and a computer bag-to Thailand? I believe the following words will give the answer. If you want me to make a program forecast here, I can only say one word: value!

Initial impression

This is not the first time to go to the tropics in winter, but the temperature difference from Shanghai to Bangkok is more severe than that from Chengdu to Karachi last time. The last time was at night, everything was all right when I took off my cotton-padded jacket. This time it was in the afternoon, changing into shirts and sandals, but I was sweating like a pig as soon as I got out of the airport. Thailandissohot, literally.

There is a college classmate of Hong Kong nationality who often walks in Southeast Asia. Thailand has been there more than a dozen times. This is also a magical person. I can’t say for sure. I’ll remember it another day. The way he talked about Thailand was about to be so happy that people and gods were angry, which made me itch and hate. But I really want to write it down. What didn’t seem to be able to convey the cheap tone in his tone. Every time I think of his contacts in Southeast Asia, I always feel resentful and push myself to others, so that when I come back, I dare not be too ostentatious and still keep a low profile.

There is also a netizen who has been living recently and is determined to live in his daily life. Small foods, small markets and small street corners set each other off.

Thailand, in the impression given to me by these two people, on the one hand, it is the legend of all kinds of amorous feelings, and on the other hand, it is the cultivation place of introverted, gentle and small feelings and small tastes. After I have seen it myself, I don’t know how to sort the adjectives full of stomach. It is noisy and quiet, it is romantic and elegant, it is busy and relaxed. It is Pattaya with colorful lights, and it is also the Jade Buddha Temple with pure heart and few desires. It is Koh Samet Island with clear water and white sand. It is also Bangkok’s Chinatown, which is full of voices.

It is said that when the Five Mountains return, they do not look at the mountains, and when the Huangshan Mountains return, they do not look at If you want to ask me if Thailand returns without looking at what or women, it should not be possible, but there should still be some without eating fruits or looking at the sea. If you want to choose Thailand’s business card, transvestites, beaches and tropical fruits are definitely the top three. Just let me recount one by one.