Back to Bangkok from Ayuthaya, it was four o’clock in the afternoon. Out of the south China peng (Bangkok) railway station, looking for a hotel to stay.

Under normal circumstances, there are always many hotels near the railway station in China. However, it is quite difficult to find a hotel near Bangkok Railway Station. I relaxed, not impatient, leisurely stroll in the street.

Finally, I found a hostel called loftel (youth hostel), with four people, 280 baht, or RMB 55 yuan, which can turn on air conditioning and is very cost-effective. There is also a golden Buddha temple nearby.

Walking in the street, I saw a food stall offering curry rice. That’s great! I have long heard of curry rice in Southeast Asia. Curry is yellow curry with spicy taste. At this time, I am tired and hungry, and I have a full meal.

There are many diners and the female vendor is busy. There is rice, all kinds of vegetables and meat, and yellow curry has been made into porridge. Walking over, he bravely opened his mouth and asked the price in his learned Thai language, “Ani-Goraka-Taolaika?” How much is this? , got the answer is “carefully bar”. I understand! The first “fine” refers to “four”, the second “fine” refers to “ten”, and the last “ba” pronunciation refers to “Thai baht”.

After studying Thai at home for more than a month, I use it at this time.

40 baht, big plate, rice, chicken nuggets, white gourd sticks, curry on top, enjoy.

On the Thai table, besides staple food, you will see condiment dishes. In the small dish is sour soup, floating on it are small green peppers cut into pieces. Although the peppers are small, they are full of spicy taste! In addition, the weather in Thailand is hot, and there is always a large glass of clear water. Under normal circumstances, ice cubes will be provided to customers.

Sitting among the Thai people, listening to the whisper of Thai is as happy as listening to accompaniment music! After eating one portion, people are basically full. I decided to be “greedy” and eat another portion.

It is not entirely the reason for greed. It is mainly because I want to sit for a while, extend my time and try my best to become one with the Thai people. Observe their eyes and look at their behavior. . .

The next morning, I came out of the inn to visit the Golden Buddha Temple. I saw several female high school students in school uniforms crossing the road. I had a brainwave and followed them.

In a foreign country, I don’t want to be a sex maniac at ease. The main purpose of following them is to observe the mental outlook of Thai high school students and to bump into luck to see if I can “mix” into their schools.

Who said that traveling is only about scenic spots? !

The school uniforms of Thai female high school students are really good-looking: white shirts, blue skirts, pure and generous, and the most finishing touch is the white cloth strips on the hair, light and naughty. Their faces were written with purity and vigor.

Came to the school gate, found this is a girls’ middle school. This thought to arrive here if want to go in must encounter the treatment that often happens in the country: guard, stare at you, check, block, scold, drive away… But I was wrong: no one did that to me. Instead, a few girls on duty smiled and waved at me.

At the thought of this moment, I am still deeply touched.

I saw foreign teachers coming to the school, and the headmaster called groups of students who came to school to visit the new teacher. I talked to the girls who were on duty for weeks. I first introduced my identity to them. I heard that I came to travel from China, and they were also very interested and learned a few words of Chinese from me.

While chatting, I watched the school badge on their uniforms. Seeing that I was very interested, the girl walked away. In a short time, she came back, holding a school badge. The school badge is golden and beautiful. Unexpectedly, it was bought for me, an exotic visitor, at my own expense.

Discovery, touching, thinking and freedom I firmly believe that these things are the true meaning of travel and the realm of travel!