Chiang Mai gives many people the impression of being “cold”, mostly because of Teresa Teng.

Visiting Chiang Mai Meiping Hotel, the last place where Teresa Teng bid farewell to the world, seems to be a must for every Chinese who comes to Chiang Mai, and even one of the important reasons for coming to Chiang Mai.

In the past, Ye Mengde evaluated Liu Yong’s influence: wherever there is well water, Liu Ci can be sung. At present, we can also say that where there are Chinese people, there are Teresa Teng’s songs. On the mouth, somewhere in memory.

Deng Lijun’s songs Doudou did not listen much on her own initiative. When she was the most brilliant, the “decadent music” lacked resonance for Doudou who had not yet begun to understand. Then she began to turn around and her feelings fluctuated. After listening to Deng Lijun again, she also lacked resonance and felt a little bored with the style.

However, there is no denying that even though the Iraqis have passed away for many years, Su Dalv’s “I Only Care about You”, Faye Wong’s “Nanhai Girl” and Xu Ruyun’s “On the Water Side” have all stayed there firmly. I like them to cover Teresa Teng’s songs. They are still affectionate and charming. They are sticky and stubborn. They have an extra emotional rationality and even external coldness that this era needs.

My favorite singing is “I only care about you”. Basically, I am a very contradictory person. On the plateau, when I can hear Tibetan boys sing “Eagle” boldly, I can ask others to sing again and again, or I can immediately sing “I only care about you” to the vast world in earnest and affectionately.

However, for the people I care about, I never seem to sing this song. Maybe I am embarrassed, maybe I dare not, maybe I don’t want to show my love card. How to do it is the most important thing.

Back to Chiang Mai and Teresa Teng.

Chiang Mai is Teresa Teng’s favorite small town. In the last four months before her death, she went to Chiang Mai three times and lived in Room 1502 of the Imperial Maeping Hotel. Teresa Teng suffered from asthma and Chiang Mai was picturesque, which was good for her health. She often came here to recuperate, ranging from a few days to a few months. In the last few years of her life, she basically lived in this quiet and watery town… This is a routine analysis of why Teresa Teng likes Chiang Mai…….

Meiping Hotel is not far from the ancient city. It takes five minutes to walk by bicycle from the ancient city of Tapeimen. When you have seen some special hotels, Meiping Hotel can only be said to be a very low-key four-star hotel with regular buildings and patchy gardens. What is commendable is that this lovely hotel will not hype the theme of Teresa Teng with great fanfare or even in a low profile. If it weren’t for reading the information and Pujin Hotel, you wouldn’t have made any association about Teresa Teng. This low profile is a respect for every distinguished guest of the present, but also for the deceased.

Doug did not take any photos at Meiping Hotel, nor did she find a way to visit the room where she stayed.

To me, these are not important, what is important is, it seems that I suddenly understand why the Iraqi heart and last time are entrusted here.

A friend said that the strategy said that there was a small Coke chicken soup noodle restaurant nearby, which was Teresa Teng’s favorite during her lifetime, so everyone rode all the way to find it in the summer heat, but finally they couldn’t find it.

Think about it, the Iraqis have been dead for 17 years.

At that moment rash into my mind was:

Ten years, dead and living dim and draw apart. I don’t try to remember, but forgetting is hard;

Why should the zither sad have fifty strings? Each string, each strain evokes but vanished springs;

However, the Iraqi Jinse was less than 50 years old and looked back in an instant. He had left the vast expanse for more than ten years.

Seventeen years of light and shadow, in Chiang Mai, Room 1502 has remained the same, and the small noodle shop has disappeared. This small town has been known to many people. Dense air routes have continuously brought backpackers from all over the world. Tranquility is no longer available everywhere and at any time. However, the rice wind and Lin Tao here are still the same, people are at ease as before, and hundreds of temples are quiet in the past.

Perhaps, on a certain day in a certain year and month, the Iraqis were also hit by this small town because of the comfort brought to people by a smile, a dog, a moment of meditation, dissolution in the market and luxury super five-star hotels.

Although she and I both grew up in the tropical and subtropical regions, the scenery of Chiang Mai is not very surprising, but perhaps we have passed the age of judging people by their appearance when we first saw this city.

The inner part of people is important, and the inner part of cities is sometimes very touching.

Chiang Mai produces beautiful women. Chiang Mai has no dazzling beauty, but it is not too difficult to fall in love with it, even today.

A few days later, the 17th anniversary of Teresa Teng’s death was a sacrifice.

You said that you would definitely come back here to see me. Can you know that I am looking forward to you every day? Don’t forget that you once said that you have deep feelings for me. I ask you not to forget me cruelly. Please stay and don’t stay away, listen to me to say a sincere word, how much I love you in my heart, I hope, I am already in your heart…….

Knock out these lyrics and find that they are very dangerous lyrics. When ordinary people sing them, they are easy to be vulgar and melodramatic and moan without illness.

But Teresa Teng won’t.

Although I prefer Faye Wong’s version.