A bustling city-Bangkok-Kaoshan Road

Making * * pieces in China is a sneaky underground activity, and there are stalls on Kaoshan Road that are made openly.

Tired of walking, spend 200 baht to enjoy a very comfortable Thai massage

I don’t know why I always want to make my hair like this beautiful woman, but I can’t do it.

If you really want to escape, you can escape here… forget time, forget space, forget everything you know. You can do this.

Of course, what you don’t miss here is watching a Thai boxing match.

I have always wanted to dream of having such a tall and handsome person… seeing this photo hooks up my memories of the past…

There are many kinds of street happiness, drinking is one of them.

Look at this performer and artist

I forgot to bring some back when I left.

Roast small squid in the stove

The old man lived in Bangkok for more than 30 years, pushing his car to peddle on Kaoshan Road every night, wishing him a flaming business.

What impressed me most was a cup of authentic squeezed juice.

Eat, drink and have fun to your heart’s content. You are not afraid of cash. You are waiting for you in a cash withdrawal car on the street. What a considerate service

A sincere smile

Although the time in Bangkok is short, the beautiful impression will remain in my memory forever.