There are two places that must be visited in this “Take You Abroad-Thailand Station” activity, one is Jiami and the other is Chiang Rai. Between Jiami and Chiang Rai, I resolutely chose Jiami because I advocate nature and am infatuated with mountains and rivers. Besides, Jiami has the most beautiful Onan beach and the most romantic PP island (PP used to belong to Phuket, but actually belongs to Jiami). Judging from the map, the sunset on the beach of Kamionan will make people intoxicated, and if you go to PP Island, the journey is closer than Phuket.

I booked a round-trip air ticket to Bangkok to Jiami on AirAsia’s official website. The cabbage-like price was surprising, and it only cost 559 yuan in total. Some people say that the Asian voyage Ricard is too dead, only 7 kilograms. I don’t think so. There is only one cheap price in the world. How can you have a cheap air ticket and check it for you free of charge? One of my SLR camera bags is not weighty when hung on my chest. A backpack behind me is not large and people have not looked at it. The booking was successful. AirAsia did not notify you by text message. It only sent five electronic tickets to your mailbox, all of which said that the first three tickets would be printed. In fact, it only looked at the first ticket to get the boarding ticket, and even only needed to remember the six-digit order number.

This time, the organizer booked us two nights of accommodation for the Holiday Inn on December 14 and 15. The night ahead of schedule, he booked BB Youth Hostel not far from the Holiday Inn in Yagas. In fact, it is the basement of the Holiday Inn in Onan Bay. It costs more than 70 yuan per night, and the conditions are more simple. One night will be enough.

On the 13th, it was more than a little bit when I returned to Swalin residence from Nendanshado Water Market. Xiaomin booked a mini bus (150B) at 2 o’clock for me. After a short rest, the car arrived as promised, carrying several backpackers from all over the world to Bangkok’s old airport, Langman Airport. Langman Airport is located just north of Bangkok. It took about an hour on the ground to reach its destination. Entering the airport, although there is not a Chinese sign at the Pixel Wannabe Airport, I saw the striking red of AirAsia from a distance. Just as I was searching carefully for my flight, a staff member took the initiative to come up and ask. I showed her the printed electronic air ticket. She raised three fingers and everything was in silence. I went straight to check-in number three. What makes me even warmer is that when I got the boarding pass, the staff specially circled the boarding gate, boarding time and seat number on the all-English sign, and told me in Chinese. My heart was warm. The plane took off on time, heading for the charming Jiami, the charming Onan…

It was already nightfall at Dejiami Airport. Some people at the exit solicited business and could not speak Thai, but if you just say “Onan”, those people could understand. I pointed to the address on the order and said “BB” in my mouth. They nodded frequently, bought 150B tickets at the airport and boarded their bus. There are also taxis that can go to Onan, 600B, which is very distinctive.

Here, I would like to greatly praise the bus at Jiami Airport. Onan Beach is several kilometers long and there are many hotels. However, no matter which hotel you go to, the driver will take the guests to the gate of the hotel you want to go one by one according to the statistics when getting on the bus. In this strange place, BB, you are the first harbor I take refuge in!

In the early hours of the morning, the sound of the waves in Onan Bay seemed to call me. I got up very early, but over 100 meters, I came to the beach. The crescent-like Onan Bay is silent, and occasionally foreigners break its silence. I sigh with emotion: if in China, such a beautiful place, at this moment, it must be full of long guns and short guns…

At noon, I couldn’t wait to check into the Holiday Inn on Onan Beach. Thanks to the thoughtful arrangement of the Thai Tourism Bureau, I specially arranged our room on the fourth floor of the highest place, with an oversized viewing balcony, where I could enjoy the sea and sunset. From BB Youth Alms to Holiday Inn, it is like from hell to heaven.

The architectural style of Holiday Inn is amazing. Its appearance is not conspicuous and it is in perfect harmony with the environment. However, the facilities inside are unique and humanized everywhere. The swimming pool water surrounds every corner of the hotel. No matter which room you are in, you can jump into the pool and chop the waves.

In order to come to Jiami for the sunset, I came to the beach early in the afternoon, for fear of missing the perfect Guang Chen every minute. This time, it was Duoduo who sent me to Jiami. People are not vegetation. How can they be ruthless? We have to let Duoduo enjoy the picturesque scenery first.

How many couples, who have traveled thousands of miles, are probably chasing that beautiful moment and reposing their feelings of not changing when the sea dries up and the rocks crumble.

Tomorrow’s sunset may be more brilliant, which is the hope of everyone on Onan Beach.

The trip to PP Island the next day totaled 1800B, which was also a value-for-money blue trip. High-speed speedboats, golden beaches, blue seas, and snorkeling, which makes people in close contact with fish, place you in a pure, beautiful and sci-fi world…

I returned to the hotel at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, took a rest, and immediately killed me on the beach. From the astronomical phenomena coming back from the sea, I had a hunch that today’s sunset might be more powerful! Everything comes to him who waits. As the sunset gradually goes down to the west, the clouds in the sky are constantly changing, just like a master of fine arts, waving a large sum of money like rafters, stirring the huge palette of the sky and wantonly spreading it, demonstrating the most beautiful picture of the sunset in the world!

Jiami, I came for your sunset, and you didn’t disappoint me in the end!

During the three days in Jiami, I got up early and took pictures of three morning lights and two sunsets. On the beach of several kilometers, I was alone in running. It was really a great experience! From the original choice to the final verification, I would like to say: the sunset on Jiami Beach is unparalleled in the world!