Samui Island SAMUI Five Days and Four Nights Tour

Sumi Island

Day 1: Around Sumi Island

On the first day, I chose Huandao. Sumi Island is a 247-square-kilometer coconut island, which belongs to Thailand’s third largest island and is located in the Gulf of Thailand in southern Thailand. The main tour of Sumi Island is to enjoy the scenic spots on the island and swim, bathe in sunshine and stroll on the beach.

Departing from the hotel at nine in the morning, Follow the coastline to the island’s famous scenic spots: Viewing platform, Stone Shipo, Namon Falls (the largest waterfall on the island) can be used for elephant riding in the resort area of the waterfall. Watch tigers and bird fighting monkeys. For lunch, choose the seaside shop or resort at the dock. Next, there is the Giant Buddha Beach, where there is the largest golden Giant Buddha in southern Thailand-Paya Temple. Return to the hotel at about 5-6 pm. If you are interested, you can also swim and sunbathe at Chawen Beach. For dinner, you can choose the romantic and warm candlelight dinner in the open air on Chavin Beach.

The next day: Tao Island and Nanyuan Island

Tao Island is famous for diving throughout Thailand. Nanyuan Island is very close to Tao Island, and the distance between the boat is 10 minutes. Tao Island and Nanyuan Island are located near the northern part of Sumi Island, and the scenery is the essence of the whole Sumi District.

The driver will pick up at the hotel at 8 o’clock. After breakfast at the dock, take a speedboat to Tao Island, snorkeling for one hour, watching the beautiful scenery on the seabed and the free shuttle of fish schools in the sea world. After that, go to the crescent-shaped Nanyuan Island. Chinese food enjoys a buffet on Nanyuan Island. After the meal, you can visit Nanyuan Island or snorkel. You can return to Sumi Island by boat at about 3 pm and arrive at Sumi Island at 5 pm. For dinner, you can choose seafood dinner or authentic Thai food. After dinner, you can visit Chawen Night Market Street, the busiest on the island.

Antong National Forest Park

Day 3: Antong National Forest Park

Antong National Forest Park is located in the northern part of Sumi Island. It is a forest park composed of several beautiful and lively small islands, which can be used for boating, snorkeling, mountain climbing and forest swimming.

Pick up and drop off at the hotel at 7: 30, start from the dock at 8: 30 after changing tickets, arrive at Antong National Forest Park at 10: 00, snorkel for one hour, enjoy the buffet on the island, and then go boating, climbing mountains and swimming in the forest on the middle sea surrounded by several small islands with clear sea water and calm sea surface.

Return to Sumi Island at 3: 30 p.m. And arrive at Sumi Island at 5: 00 p.m. Dinner is up to you to choose. Of course, I will also recommend which one is better. The types of food are introduced. After dinner, you can experience Thai massage.

Day 4: Sea Fishing

The driver will take you to the vicinity of Giant Buddha Beach on Sumi Island at 9: 00 in the morning. Take a boat to the nearby sea area, Fishing is a relatively leisure sport. You can enjoy most of the time with your family on the boat. There are many kinds of fish in the sea. You can see beautiful spotted fish shuttling freely in the sea on the boat. In the afternoon, you can return to the shore and return to the hotel. After dinner, you can watch famous Thai boxing or go to the bustling pedestrian street in the fishing village.

Chavon Beach

Day 5: Chavon Beach

This day is mainly for leisure, Time is at your disposal, If you slow down on the island, you can walk on the beach or go to motor boats if you are interested. The morning air on Sumi Island is very fresh, The temperature is a little cool, because the arrangement is relatively leisure. After watching the sunrise, I will enjoy Thai breakfast. In the morning, I will swim, sunbathe, take photos and so on at the seaside of Chawen. In the afternoon, I will take you to the market to eat Thai lively fruits, buy souvenirs, coconut cakes, floating water lamps, latex products and so on. The time is arranged by you, and I can eat BBQ and so on for dinner.