By chance, I met and saw many photos and travel notes of self-help travelers, which aroused my deepest desire in my dusty heart and prompted me to make up my mind to set my first self-help tour in Thailand, a beautiful country with beautiful scenery.

First, looking for companions

To go to a strange country with no language, one cannot always use half-baked English and dumb language. One must also use the language of our Chinese nation from time to time. For me, one’s journey is lonely and it is necessary to find companions. So I used the travel notes I had seen to draw a beautiful picture for my playmates: From the grand palace built of gold, The Jade Buddha Temple carved with a whole piece of jadeite, Visit Phuket Island, PP Island’s infinite scenery and snorkeling to see colorful underwater corals and fish. Then I went to Chiang Mai, a rose in the north, to ride elephants through the jungle and the beautiful rural scenery and unique vacation houses in PAI County, as well as its world-famous SPA Thai massage, which attracted them all of a sudden and soon finalized the Thai tour of Grandma, Eiko, Xiaxia and me.

Second, book air tickets

People have decided, and the next step is to rob AirAsia’s special fares. It should be said that we are lucky. We just opened the flight from Wuhan to Bangkok in October this year, which is the nearest departure point to us. Although I didn’t catch the special fare for the first flight, I caught up with the big promotion in September. It’s also really interesting for AirAsia to snatch tickets, On September 18, the domestic route promotion was first launched. The price was really attractive. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai 68 yuan (excluding insurance) and from Phuket to Chiang Mai, it was only 109 yuan (excluding insurance). I hesitated for a long time at that time. Do I want to rob the domestic route first and then the international route? However, I was worried that if I robbed the cabbage price, what would I do if I could not rob the international special ticket at the same time? This cabbage is not a waste! If I were the only one, I might have a little try. It’s a big deal to waste these tens of dollars, but I have to be responsible to others, so I decided: I will give up not to rob on the 18th and rob the international segment on the evening of the 20th first. What happened later proved that my decision was correct. The next day, I checked the ticket snatching situation in the domestic section. The tickets were basically snatched in April, May and June next year, and they were almost snatched in July, August and September. It seems that the ticket snatching scene last night was still spectacular. On the evening of the 20th, I sat in front of the computer early and made all preparations before robbing the tickets. It is said that Firefox and IE8 grabbed tickets faster. So I downloaded Firefox. I can enter the waiting hall of AirAsia to queue up before clicking on the ticketing interface at 12 o’clock. Then I will wait and wait. When the beating number does not move, I will be able to enter the ticketing interface in a short time. The time given here is only 10 minutes. Determine the flight time, ticketing quantity, etc. If it exceeds 10 minutes, I will have to return to the waiting hall. At first, I was inexperienced. When I saw that the number did not move, I tried my best to click the key. As a result, I saw that the number flashed and queued up again. Later, I finally got in. When I looked at the tickets in April, there were no special tickets. They were all more than 1,000 one-way tickets. I was really glad that I didn’t rob the tickets for the domestic section in April. There were no special tickets for April, so I immediately turned to July, and so I chose the date and number of people and went down step by step, because I had never operated them before, and the final number actually became more than 5,000 (AirAsia had to pay for all its travel and seats, and all of them had to be removed). When I saw it wrong, I queued up again. The second time I entered, there was no ticket in July, so I chose the ticket for August. This time I was more careful about the location. In the end, I still had to pay more than 4,000. It was still wrong and I withdrew. Looking at the time, it was already 1: 30 a.m. And I decided to grab the tickets after 2: 00 p.m. as suggested by the old donkeys. I slept in bed tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep. I always felt that things had not been finished, so I got up again and sat back in front of the computer. The time was already 2: 00. When clicking on the ticket purchasing window of AirAsia again, it was easy to enter, and there were still tickets for August, so I took no time to slowly place them step by step. This time, the operation was finally successful. The four tickets included less than 4,000 yuan for insurance and 991 yuan for people. Two days later, I happened to visit AirAsia and found that there were still special tickets for the domestic section of my time, so I did not hesitate to grab two more tickets. On August 28, Bangkok to Jiami 89 yuan, on September 2, Phuket to Chiang Mai cost 126 yuan, and four flights cost 1206 yuan. As a rookie, it is not bad for me to achieve such results. This is thanks to the most valuable experience and lessons left by the predecessors, which made me avoid many detours and save a lot of expenses. Thank you sincerely!