Pattaya’s other business card is * *. I have lived in Holland for a year, and Amsterdam’s * * has naturally been there. Comparing the two, I can only say that things are different and each has its own advantages.

Amsterdam’s * * is built along the canal and can be visited by boat. Pattaya is along the street. Amsterdam’s * * are all dressed in luminous inner clothes posing in red windows. Pattaya’s is more complicated, with noisy dance halls and roaring banquets. Amsterdam talks about the price in the street and draws the curtain after the deal is concluded. Pattaya does not see such a sight very much. Speaking of Pattaya’s * *, it is more comprehensive, not only in meat markets, but also in casinos, business districts and night markets, while Amsterdam is linked to sex in everything. * * Only prostitutes, reality shows and Cheng @ people @ use @ shops are left. Therefore, the West is direct and the East is implicit. The West is single and the East is intricate.

Pattaya’s Chinese tourists are not very many either. In Amsterdam, Chinese tour groups with uniform signs are often seen visiting in droves. The scene is very funny. * * Knowing that there is no business, the female members of the tour group flirt with the men and should talk about the price. Then they burst out laughing and enjoyed themselves.

It may be a pity that the wine pool and meat forest will not come, but it is only a pity that they have come. Meat @ wants to cross-flow a street, sewers give off the smell of broken stars, walking just want to speed up the pace. Probably so.

See my photo album Experience Siam 0-5 for pictures. There are six albums in total.