1. In Chiang Mai, ancient temples and modern buildings stand side by side and stroll through the ancient city. Inadvertently, they meet temples with white walls and red tiles. The golden cornices add radiance to each other in the sun. The unique northern Thai pagoda is majestic and unique. Many female students will strike up a conversation with tourists under the pagoda of Chedillon Temple in the above picture to practice English. Over time, this has become the English corner of the temple. But I didn’t see a girl in the English corner today.

2. Chedilong Temple is located at the southern end of Chiang Mai’s Old City Street and was founded in 1411 A.D. Later, due to a major earthquake and wind disaster, the spire of the pagoda collapsed overnight, revealing the golden Buddha inside the pagoda.

3. Now it has become a tourist landmark in the city. After turning around the pagoda, I didn’t see any tourists. Where did everyone go?

4, 原来大家都去跑步了

5. The moment the first player crosses the line,

6. The prizes from the second place to the N place are all exquisite medals, ranking in no particular order.

7. The exhausted players did not think much of the medal, which was smaller than the matchbox, and their disappointment was beyond words.

8. The calm female athletes expressed their happiness that they could easily win the prize without sweating.

9. There are also a large number of players who focus on participating in the competition on the road. .

10. At the same time, the temple was having a boring morning class. When I heard the bursts of laughter outside the window, the little fat monk was absent-minded.



13. Couples can be seen walking hand in hand everywhere in temples.

14, or pray in front of Buddha



17. The two girls made a decisive detour across the road.

18. Girls’ school uniforms are quite good-looking. As for the boys’ version, I didn’t see any boys wearing it to go shopping anyway.

19. There is only one school in the city, but the styles of school uniforms are colorful, and even they are matched with the standard waist chain of non-mainstream school uniforms in “Blood University”

20. The old monk has been worried that his disciples’ picking up girls will delay their spiritual practice. Today, he saw someone picking fruit, and then he came up with a clever plan.


22, but this does not look like the rhythm of climbing trees.



25. It can be eaten except bark. Its fiber content is 60 times that of beef. It tastes like sugar cane and is crunchy.


27. In the atmosphere of hot training in the whole city in full swing, there are actually a small group of people who are too lazy to move even when walking. Look at those people who sweat like rain, run, pull out trees, play flute and keep fit in the scorching sun. Are you ashamed? I just want to say one thing to you lazy people: where did you get the car?

28. Temples in the afterglow of the sunset, looking at Buddha statues with calm faces and slightly raised corners of the mouth, unconsciously become steadfast. Most temples here go in and out at night without closing their doors, just like public facilities in community streets. In Chiang Mai, temples are a part of life and religion is a way of life.

29. Chiang Mai is also full of vitality in the evening. Locomotive riders gather at the gate of the city to show off their skills.

30, the competition site low hands like a cloud, a trip around the pile turn back run down and knocked down countless piles


32. A fruit vendor couldn’t watch it any more. He personally went on stage to demonstrate the imperfect piling. The drivers and onlookers were shocked again. This time I lived on the top floor next door to IMMHOTEL opposite the ancient city. Who knew the reason for the low house price. He slept in the roar of the motorcycle every night and woke up in the morning with shouts and cheers.