The name “Ode to Yefeng” gives people a very mysterious feeling, which makes people yearn for this place all the time-“the name is indeed better than Pai District”. It is also this feeling that prompts me to leave Pai District as soon as possible and rush over to find out. The next morning when I was on the outskirts of Pai District, I came to the station in the small town and was ready to go there.

After nearly three hours of turbulence on the winding cloud-shrouded mountain road, he finally arrived.

From Chiang Mai to Yefengsong, Pai District is actually the midpoint. However, the first impression brought by Yefengsong was not very good. The road was too wide and there were too many cars. Apart from a few old local farmers who built canopies and sold colorful mushrooms on the roadside, what did not remember the rest. It seemed mediocre and had no characteristics. At this time, I suddenly regretted leaving PAI too early, and suddenly realized why booking tickets from Pai can be as far away as Bangkok, even Laos, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Hanoi in Vietnam, Yangon in Myanmar and Kathmandu in Nepal. However, when it comes to Yefengsong, I always say so coldly, “Go to the station and buy it yourself.”

The station was at the foot of a hill on the outskirts. As soon as our “land flight” arrived and it was still raining heavily, several people came in. I said I wanted to go to “Jim Guesthouse” on the central lake. They took out a table from their arms, which listed the price of going to every inn in the city, “50B”. One of them said, I also saw that it was on the price list and you could not make a counter-offer.

The inn you stayed in is on the Qiongkun Lake in the “Central District”. The family hotels here are all concentrated on the lake, and the price is generally 200-400B,

It is a small town surrounded by mountains. It is very clean and peaceful. Only occasional flights to Chiang Mai will break the peace of this small town. Although the atmosphere of petty bourgeoisie here is indeed not the same as that of Pai District, and there are obviously fewer tourists, it is also a good choice to stay here for two days and breathe fresh air.

There is a Buddhist temple with strong incense by the lake. The majestic pagoda in the temple is like the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. It is Burmese-style.

The setting sun is setting, and the pagoda in the center of the Buddhist temple surrounded by the lakeside mountains is especially charming with its golden spire shining brightly under the sunshine.

Many tourists who come here come for the name of “Changjing Village”, There are many travel agencies in Yefengsong Street. Outside, there are large posters of long-necked beauties, Only after running in did I know that there are a total of three Changjing villages nearby. It seems that I can only join a local travel agency to go there. The nearest Changjing village is called “HuiLeTao”. If I go there by charter, I will have to go 1000B, and there is another one further away. If I go there, I will take a bus first and then take a boat. Of course, the price is higher-1500B one-day tour. The one recommended on LP has been abandoned. However, if you can find a companion, the price for going to “HuiLeTao” is 700B (all above include 250B tickets), so you ask the boss to find more tourists to carpool together. However, the boss shook his head with a wry smile and said that it is the off season and there are few tourists. Besides, only tourists from China, Japan and South Korea are interested in it, and western tourists are not very interested in it. But thankfully, the boss finally found a Japanese tourist who wanted to go there, thus the cost of going there was finally reduced a lot.

So the next morning, with some excitement, we embarked on the journey to the nearest Changjing village “HuiLeTao”.

Elephant Tribe Along the Way:

Finally came to the famous “Changjing Village”:

The driver, that is, the owner of the travel agency, told us that he was only waiting outside for one hour. I felt unwilling. After all, the main purpose of coming here was to see this. Why did he only stay for such a short time? ! !


Some people may ask why these girls wear collars at a young age. There are many versions of the explanation for this phenomenon. The more credible one is because they are afraid that they will be taken away by tigers in the nearby mountain forests and wear collars, so that tigers will not be able to bite their necks… and these collars are gradually added with age.

Perhaps others will ask, Why is it that the face is painted with powder, piece by piece, which is quite ugly-perhaps you think so, but this is Burmese custom. The Long Neck people originally lived in Myanmar, but later they came to Thailand due to the turmoil in northern Myanmar. After all, there is only one river (Salween-Nujiang River in China) between here and Myanmar, and the Thai government regards them as refugees.


I saw many tourists coming, and I was extremely busy watching the beautiful long-necked women here, playing guitar, dancing and soliciting guests with smiles…….


After leaving the village, Looking at it, it happened to be inside for an hour. I really don’t want to stay any longer, I thought the boss’s time was really accurate, At this moment, the boss said it was still early, He asked us if we would go to more places. He also listed many, many places, what Falls, Yuweng Cave and a Buddhist temple on the top of the surrounding mountain. Later, we promised to go to all three places. The boss offered him another 700B per person. However, the Japanese tourist felt that it was expensive. After some bargaining, the boss finally promised 500B per person, just 1000B for two people.

It took about half an hour to get to the “Yuweng Cave”:

It’s just a hole with many big fish in it, but we don’t want to catch them. We just want to watch from the side. Tickets 100B, Thai King and Prime Minister Yingluck have also been here. We can see her beautiful image of being close to the people in the photo all the way. It is also a popular science education base for Thai teenagers. However, we didn’t have much interest and didn’t stay in it for an hour. After getting on the bus, the car drove for nearly half an hour to reach the largest and most beautiful waterfall nearby:

When watching the waterfall, it happened to be drizzling, and the cold wind mixed with raindrops was blowing, and the chill was unforgettable.

After seeing this scenic spot, The rain stopped again, So I went to the last scenic spot of our trip-“Great Buddha Pagoda Temple”, There are two most famous temples in Yefengsong. One is on the lake and the other is on the top of a small hill around. In fact, standing in the temple by the lake, one can see the Buddhist temple on the top of the mountain. There is a Burmese pagoda standing high on the top of the mountain. When our car returned to the city that day, it went to the top of the mountain along Panshan Road.

However, when we went, the pagoda in the temple was just under repair. Standing on the platform in the temple, it was indeed a good choice to look out at the beautiful scenery of Yefengsong surrounded by mountains.

“Ode to the Fengsong of the Night” finally came this time, which was the end of a wish. When I thought of leaving here tomorrow, I felt a little reluctant to give up…….

After going down the mountain, he said goodbye to the Japanese tourists. The Japanese folded his hands and prayed for a safe journey. In fact, the Japanese are still friendly. The Japanese tourist said that he would travel to China next year (2013) and expected him to have a more wonderful journey in China…….

Introduction: 1. You can take a “land flight” from Chiang Mai or Pai District bus station to come to Yefengsong. There are more cars in Chiang Mai, basically every hour. The same is true for Yefengsong returning to Chiang Mai. The latest car is 21:30 p.m. and the night train happens to return to Chiang Mai at dawn. Chiang Mai also has real flights to Yefengsong, but civil aviation does not seem to be able to compete for “land flights”.

2. When you come to Fengsong at night, tourists eat, live and travel on the central (Qiongkun) lake. There are many family hotels on the lake, usually 200-400B.. The environment is not bad, basically there are courtyards full of exotic flowers and grasses. There are also many restaurants by the lake…….

3. To go to Changjing Village, you may as well go to another remote Changjing Village that requires a boat trip. You can consult with the local travel agency. The nearby one is too small and commercialized. The tickets are 250B B.

4. If you want to explore karst caves in northern Thailand or hike in northern Thailand, you can start from here or from Pai District. In fact, it is better to start from Pai District, because you must first reach a small town called “sponing” in the middle of Pai and Yefengsong, go to karst caves or ethnic villages in northern Thailand, and then travel to the remote mountains to the north from there. The one-day tour from Yefengsong to there is priced at about 2000B per person.