Upper reaches of Thai water

In mid-February, our party of 24 started a six-day tour of Thailand on a Thai Airlines flight. During this trip to Thailand, what impressed me was not the resplendent and magnificent Thai Imperial Palace, nor the beautiful Pattaya, nor the beautiful and romantic transvestite performance, but the pleasant upper reaches of the water.

On the second day of our arrival in Bangkok, we took a long tail boat with Thai national characteristics to visit the Chao Phraya River under the guidance of the Royal Tour Guide. Chao Phraya River is Thailand’s most famous river and Thailand’s mother river. The scenery on both sides of the Chao Phraya River is very distinctive. There are not only magnificent famous scenic spots such as Zheng Wang Temple, Sleeping Buddha Temple and Royal Dragon Boat, but also various water families. This is also a famous water market. Boatmen paddle boats to sell fruits and other commodities to tourists, but now the market has shrunk, so it is rare.

Overlooking Zheng Wang Temple

On the Chao Phraya River

Water Family on Chao Phraya River


Scenery on both sides of Chao Phraya River

When the boat swam to the vicinity of the Sleeping Buddha Temple, we suddenly saw many, many big gray-black fish in the river competing for bread thrown by tourists. It is said that the fish here are very spiritual. They only swim around in front of the temple and cannot be seen once they pass the temple. Therefore, the local people never catch the fish here. We were also lucky enough to see a big white fish that was different from others. According to the tour guide, it was the “King of Fish” and was rarely seen. This is also a wonder of the Chao Phraya River.

Cruise Ships and Fish Schools in Chao Phraya River

White “King of Fish”

In the evening, we came to the moat of the ancient capital big city and took the ancient palace teak boat “Big City Princess” to visit the moat of the ancient capital big city. We went down the river, enjoying the scenic spots and historic sites on both sides of the river and the beautiful moat when the sun was setting. At the same time, we enjoyed a dinner with Thai cuisine as the main food on the boat. In this situation, some of the tourists could not contain their excitement and sang karaoke aloud…….

Scenic Spots and Monuments on Both Sides of Moat in Ancient Capital City

The beautiful scenery of the moat in the sunset.

After visiting other scenic spots in Bangkok, we arrived in Pattaya, which is famous for its beautiful bay and blue sea and sky, and started the third upstream water. Under the guidance of the tour guide, we all dressed up in short clothes, wore slippers on our feet, and took a speedboat to Jinsha Island. The speedboat split the wind and cut the waves, moving forward quickly, stirring up strings of high waves behind it. Looking around, the sea water here is really beautiful and relaxing. Taking a speedboat is also very exciting. A fast sprint or a sideways shake will cause a scream.

Take a speedboat at the Pattaya Sea.

When we were about to arrive at Jinsha Island, we changed to an ancient wooden glass boat. The boatman lifted the boards of the bilge. Coral, aquatic plants and various small fish in the sea appeared in front of our eyes. We are very excited to see beautiful sea creatures without diving. After arriving at Jinsha Island, we roamed on the beautiful and romantic beach, enjoying and enjoying the gifts given by nature.


Sands Island Beach

After lunch, I left Jinsha Island for the Four Seasons Water Market, which mainly sells all kinds of small commodities, local products and food and beverages. Most of the visitors to the market are tourists from all over the world. Its characteristic is that all shops are built on water and connected by various small bridges paved with wooden boards. The styles of each shop are very distinctive and look very harmonious. There are also boats parked by the river selling fruits and special foods to tourists. This water market is very large and bustling with tourists. After entering, it feels like a maze. We can only follow the signs on the ground. Red arrows represent entering and green arrows represent entering. Otherwise, we will really get lost. Businessmen here all use Chinese to solicit business, and many tourists have bought local specialties in large bags and returned home with full loads. The cold drink shop is doing very well. I bought a durian ice cream, which tastes very good and only costs 10 Thai baht. Although this time the upper reaches of the water are not by boat, they are also very distinctive and unforgettable.

Four Seasons Water Market

That night we came to the Gulf of Siam again. The Gulf of Siam at night was charming. Large cruise ships were parked on the sea. The lights were brilliant and looked like palaces from a distance. First, we boarded the ferry to swim in the Gulf of Siam at night, then we boarded the cruise ship “Oriental Princess” moored at sea and began the carnival night.


The “Oriental Princess” is actually like a bar. Its feature is that transvestites can get in close contact with tourists. Tourists can take photos with them (20 baht per person), watch their passionate performances, and join the group dance team to enjoy themselves at their warm invitation. All transvestites are graceful, fair-skinned, and can sing and dance well. They are really more women than women. But when he opened his mouth, he still had a coarse voice from a man. I asked the waiter to send a pot of fruit, and a transvestite ran politely and said, “OK, no problem.” I was still startled to hear his loud voice, because it was too out of proportion to her appearance. Because the transvestite is too flirtatious, some men are scared to hide in. The carnival ended with deafening music and group dancing. This last time, the upper reaches of the water were romantic and full of passion.

The transvestite kisses the tourists.