All right! After saying goodbye to Chiang Mai, I also came to Phuket at the end of my birthday trip with the vision of the Thai movie “I Love You in Grade 3 and Grade 4”.

Just to visit Phuket’s dim sum shop and Prom Thep Cape in the movie, the famous PHI PHI Island is also in the bag of this trip.

Postscript: Originally this video should have been shared with you earlier-our Thai journey micro MV “One Person’s Departure, Two Person’s Travel” http: **/zWd0ce0, the tripod was lost during the trip shortly after the departure. With 2 more fearless childlike innocence, the application of support cameras in the on-the-spot environment is barely completed. I will fly to Sri Lanka this evening. I’d like to share with you that there is a familiar picture (taken by Canon 5D Mark II)

We have always loved this movie and the long-cherished innocence in the play. Since we first saw it in 2010, we have been looking forward to planning to take a walk in these shooting scenes. Phuket in the movie gives people a warm feeling, a small town where friends and neighbors live in harmony and do not dispute with the world. We also felt this way after the trip. Perhaps it was June or the off-season. We lived near Thalang Street in Phuket Town and only saw a few scattered European and American tourists in a few days. As for traveling, we seem to enjoy an attitude of living with local people more and more. As a result, we will feel deja vu once we stay. Of course, when we leave, we always feel the loss of leaving a familiar place.

Untitled _ Panorama 1

We arrived at Phuket at night. The sun was trying to penetrate the curtains in the early morning. We were also very lucky. June was supposed to be the unstable weather season in Southeast Asia. We can’t help but go out and look for “Phuket Snack Shop”.

We live in Thalang Road, Old Street, Phuket Town. As far as I know, “Phuket Dim Sum Shop” is on this road. Both roads are lined with buildings similar to Malacca’s Nanyang style. A circle diverging along this center is a one-way street. In the past few days, we have been driving motorcycles around here for many times.

The Bell Tower is a landmark building in Phuket Town. I took it above, the following is a screenshot of the movie, or the director’s shooting angle is intriguing!

(Screenshot of Movie)

Finally, I walked several roads and then took the loop to find the movie “Phuket Snack Shop”.

The Chaoshan descendants who are full of snacks every morning in the movie have become a book bar teahouse.

The signboard at the door was gone, and the wooden tables and chairs in the store were gone. The only unforgettable thing was the mottled wall. We motioned to the waiter to have a look. The depth of the store was deeper than expected. It was no different from the layout of the movie if there was no decoration inside. Although there were sundries piled up in the attic and the bamboo room across the patio, my mind was like playing back the movie “Chun” standing there and stirring the things in the pan lost. However, “Jane” is naively in the attic and “Na” MSN.

(The following is a screenshot of the movie)


Phuket Island-Prom Thep Cape, protruding from the southernmost tip of Phuket Island and 18 kilometers away from the city, means “the headland of God” in Thai. It is also called “Prom Thep Cape” by local people because a four-sided Buddha is enshrined on the viewing platform. The history of the fairy peninsula can be derived from the fact that navigators accidentally discovered the peninsula while driving from the mainland network Malaysia peninsula, thus opening the history of the fairy peninsula and becoming a well-known place for navigators and sailors.

People came to Phuket Island in Thailand, Turn right from Laxie Beach and walk about 2 kilometers to Shenxian Peninsula. Spectacular rock wall landscape is the main scenic feature of the fairy peninsula. The crisscross of boulders and palm trees under the rock wall is a unique coastal style in Southeast Asia. The magnificent momentum of current whirlpools and waves is a famous tourist attraction on Phuket Island. Koh Gaew can be seen from the fairy peninsula, and the most charming sunset on Phuket Island can be seen at dusk on the fairy peninsula. People can also travel northwest from Shenxian Peninsula to Naihan Beach to experience different surfing customs.

We started from Phuket TOWN according to the map, took several wrong roads, asked the way several times and finally arrived before sunset. In fact, the distance between the two is not far, and it will soon arrive along several main roads. This is a good place to watch the sunset. At dusk, the platform is full of vehicles and tourists come in droves. They all pay homage to the Buddha on all sides before waiting to watch the magnificent sunset.

(Screenshot of Movie)



The lights in Phuket Town are very beautiful, and this white building has a high occurrence rate in the movie (the following is a screenshot of the movie)

I went to Kata Beach. According to the strategy, it is the most decent beach on Phuket Island, but the reality is a narrow beach. Foreigners are basking in the sun on the shore. The lively scenery is not recommended here for those who want peace.

It was school time and there was not enough time to go to Khao Rang Hill to watch the sunset. We walked into the school that passed several times a day. We had a strange and seemingly established habit. We saw everyone eating a box of lunch or a box of flour noodles as soon as school was over. We could also see that it was spicy. The sky was already so hot. It was not simple to taste Thailand’s spicy. We really admired them.

Khao Rang Hill is located in the center of Phuket Town. It is an excellent sightseeing spot. It can enjoy the scenery of Phuket when reaching the top. The advantage is that it cannot walk and can drive a motorcycle directly to the top. Before I left, I had already made this one of my places to go, and the landlord who stayed in Phuket also recommended us to go here for fun.

Just as we were sitting watching the sunset, we heard several tourists who spoke Cantonese very fluently. They should not know that there were two Chinese nearby. Just as they were discussing how to take a photo, we offered to help them. They were surprised and delighted, He said that he knew that there were many locals in this place, Fewer tourists will come, They are from Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Phuket also have houses, I have been living in Phuket for more than 6 years. Pointing to the seaside in the distance, he said that the houses were their own. Although I don’t know which one he is actually referring to, But I don’t think this is showing off. “These days my parents came from Hong Kong and took them around for fun. This place (Khao Rang Hill) is good. We often come here. It is quite quiet and comfortable. There is also a restaurant recommended below. The environment is OK and the price is not expensive. Let’s go together later. We have made a reservation. You have had good luck in coming for a few days. The weather in Thailand is generally unstable in June. It rained the previous Sunday. . . . “I envy and yearn for their living conditions, at least like taking a rest, but I will not bury people’s efforts behind the harvest.

In the evening, when we wandered around, we actually had longan water and other drinks here. We couldn’t contain ourselves and couldn’t understand Thai. We asked bottle by bottle that this was what and this was what. The peddler had a good smile and could taste it for free. He got a bottle of dark green. He said in English-like Mandarin: “Medicinal materials!” When he got a bottle of orange drink, he described it as “Super Mario”. . . (Hercules Arms), I don’t understand, little T said it was mushroom juice, I don’t quite agree. At noon the next day, I finally realized that what the peddler described was not mushroom juice, but a drink added with vitamin C. The peddler described it as full of energy after drinking.

As for PP Island, everyone should be very familiar with it. Do you want to go to PP Island? After a few days in Phuket, we all hesitated and finally booked tickets to see this paradise recommended by all.

We booked tickets at a small agent in an open restaurant and walked past several of the cheapest here. After the bargain, we bought 1000B tickets for two people to and from PP Island.

As we approached PP Island, the tourists on board screamed and were pleasantly surprised like us. Seeing the blue and glowing sea water in the Far Mayan Bay, everyone praised and felt that they did not regret coming.

We started snorkeling. I couldn’t swim. Little T went into the water first. Later, after several water explorations, I put on a life jacket and stripped off a life buoy. Finally, I dared to put down the railing I was holding. Later, I was not the only one to do double-layer protection.

Wearing frog shoes, I swam very far in a few strokes. Little T said that I was hurriedly looking for me with telephoto. I, who did not know how to swim, calmly waved to the boat beside me. In fact, I didn’t feel dangerous at that time. The ship was still far from me.

When the sun is shining on the sea in the afternoon, the sea water is the bluest at this time, which makes people heartache. From shallow to deep, the portrait is rendered. For travelers, heaven is a dream, tourists are tourists, life is life, but anyone can be a tourist here or live freely here.

Love, do you hear me?