The third stop, Maya Bay, takes 200B to land: the bay is not large, surrounded by cliffs as high as 100 meters on three sides, and has only a narrow outlet to the sea. It is like an isolated fairyland on earth. The movie “Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed here. The bay looks very beautiful from a distance. The sand is white and the water is green. The feet feel that the sand is as fine as flour when stepping on it. It is super comfortable. We cheered happily on the beach, ran, jumped, soaked in the sea and played in the sand. Careful Aaron recorded all this for us with our camera, and also left the secret of his lover’s beach in the camera. Only when he came back did he be pleasantly surprised to see it.

Lover’s secret on the beach, why is it called lover? A wise man can see at a glance.

The fourth stop at sea to watch the sunset: leaving Maya Bay at nearly 6 o’clock, we sat on a gently swaying boat and quietly watched the sun slowly fall into the sea. What a happy enjoyment it was. What a happy enjoyment it is to sit on a gently swaying boat and quietly watch the sun slowly fall into the sea. Sitting on a gently swaying boat, I quietly watched the sun slowly fall into the sea. Not far from the sea, there were scattered boats sharing the sunset. There were long-tailed boats, yachts and sailing boats. As a result, people watching the scenery also became a scenery in each other’s eyes.

The sky is changing different colors all the time. Have you been shocked?

In order to thank Aaron for his one-day company, In the evening, I asked him to have a seafood dinner at the beach together (a total of 2000b for four people is not expensive and can eat well). After listening to his introduction of the local conditions and customs of Thailand, he also learned that the hotels and facilities on the island were almost rebuilt after the tsunami in 2004. I also silently prayed for the victims of that time. Now everything is back to prosperity. People cherish the life in front of them even more and live a real, natural, enthusiastic and unrestrained life without regrets.

DAY 4: Deep dive offshore in the morning and sail to outlying islands in the afternoon.

The place where the yellow ship berths is the deep dive point near the sea.

The offshore deep diving site is in the shallow sea outside the Ton Sai Bay. Standing on the shore, you can see that the diving depth is about 10-16 meters. Coach Aaron taught some major diving items and gestures (about 15 minutes), Most of them are a coach who takes two guests to the sea. The diving time is about 45 minutes (depending on everyone’s physical adaptability). The next step is to change into diving suit, tie more than 10 kg of lead around his waist, carry 20 kg of oxygen cylinder on his back, wear flippers, sit in the stern to adapt to this heavy dress and be pulled down by the coach.

The sea water is very clear, visibility is very high, don’t think it is very shallow, listen to Aaron said it is 15 meters deep below. We are going to dive from here, fish and fish, I’ll come ~ (≥ ≤)/~ La La La.

As soon as you enter the sea, the mask will enter the water (it is not a big problem to drain the water according to the drainage method taught by the coach). Then the tinnitus is very severe and the ears are very painful (if you feel uncomfortable, pinch your nose and use your ears to relieve pressure. Never go up and down again and again, which makes it more difficult to learn to dive deeply). Aaron will ask us whether it is OK or not every time he dives to a depth, so that we can slowly adapt to the underwater pressure. After diving for a long time, the throat will be dry and sore and hot (get used to it after overcoming it). Diving into the sea is another scene. All kinds of fish swim around leisurely and carefree. There are also all kinds of corals. The soft corals in full bloom like flowers are swinging with the contraction of the waves. It is very beautiful! ! Aaron took us to swim into a seabed cave with thousands of small transparent silver fish. It felt like it would shine and be spectacular. ! I was dazzled and couldn’t help reaching out to touch it. The fish and fish dodged. When I took back my hand, the fish and fish swam close again. The underwater world was so novel and mysterious to me.

When he left, he left Aaron’s contact information: Travel Agency-Haima Diving Club (the only diving company on the island with 4 Chinese coaches). The service includes airport pick-up and drop-off, hotel reservation, Phuket play, big and small Phi Phi, round-the-island tour, deep diving and many other items. According to your specific requirements, there will be local escort. It is suggested to find Long, whose Chinese name is Mu Zhiming. Warm and cheerful Chinese are very good at playing.

Three, return to Bangkok Airport shopping

When playing in Phuket-Phi Phi, I don’t do much shopping, mainly because I don’t like to carry a lot of things like aunts and aunts, and I don’t have much fun. I stayed at the airport for shopping. I originally planned to check in early to enter the duty-free shop in the International Hall so as to have enough time to shop. As it turns out, We take off at 11:50, The queue didn’t start until 9 o’clock (why is it 3 hours in advance, if it can be 6, 7, 8 hours in advance), After queuing up to pass the long security check, there is not much time left for you to watch and choose slowly, so you must know that you need to buy what things before, quickly look for quick credit cards and quickly run to the boarding gate. When you get on the plane at 11: 40, you will only have a pile of Thai baht and big steel. It is advisable to leave some time for shopping in Phuket.

Back in Guilin, Sitting at his desk the next day, It feels like a body, The heart is still there. Phuket Phi Phi, For a long time, I couldn’t get back to my mind. Close your eyes or PP’s blue sea, warm sand beaches, beautiful fish schools, carnival beaches and lively streets, The mood once fell to a low ebb, Just like the feeling of falling from heaven to earth, the dream seems to have never happened before. It is like waking up from a dream. In retrospect, everything is so unreal. Only those photos and those people and events that can be recalled can constantly remind me that it is true. There are really such beautiful places in the world that I have really been to. I also said to myself, “PHIPHI, I will go back! “.