I don’t know since when, there have been more strategies on the Internet about Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and Bai [PAI]. There are a lot of praise, seducing my heart, and not calm ~ ~ ~

Before, I only wandered around within the scope of China. I didn’t think of stepping out of the country. I also thought: Egypt or Greece is the first choice for going out of the circle! However, in recent years, these two places are in uproar! Not that I am afraid of SI, but that my relatives will bear the unnecessary worries. Then change, change ~ ~ ~

How about a little closer? Southeast Asia? Vietnam, Philippines and other snacks will definitely not consider it for five years! Thailand? Well, coconut silk ~ Cambodia? Mm-hmm! Angkor’s name is well known! I told my thoughts to a chatting friend who often weaves English scarf and a brother-in-law who is keen on traveling (hey, of course, I have selfishness: because I think my English is extremely bad, I am worried that I will be scalded out and quack!), reached a preliminary consensus! This brother-in-law belongs to the typical “action school”, After finalizing the travel time, Immediately began to plan for booking tickets, And actively spread “fool posts” on the Internet, Try to get a few more people into the team, Gaga ~ ~ ~ It is said that it is recognized that the best number of boarders is 2 men and 2 women ~ all kinds of benefits ~ ~ ~ Iraq has also formed a temporary group. All the people who enter the group are interested in the itinerary (initial itinerary-Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Bai-“i.e. PAI”, Bangkok, Pattaya, Sumi, Siem Reap Angkor,,,,). They discuss together and talk nonsense ~ Finally, a Dongguan brother-in-law paper and a young man who aspires to “cross the five Southeast Asian countries” have set up a ticket! Ticket issue! Go to Cheng first! No one wants to run! ! ! Kunming “Chiang Mai, China Eastern Airlines, RMB including tax is less than 1200 (special thanks: thanks to the outstanding and great help of the Dongguan brother-in-law RP! My round-trip air ticket and Thai-Cambodian visa are all entrusted to her, and there is no difference!); Sure! Can there be an arrow back when opening a bow? However, planning is not as good as change ~ ~ ~ is it a good excuse? Because the travel time is still early after the Lantern Festival in Year of the Snake. The “action school” brother-in-law gave birth to another demon moth: determined to go to the Persian Zoroastrianism altar to seek sutras during the Spring Festival! My bitter mouth and Buddha’s heart urged me: save some money, save some money! -Hey hey! Wooden! Huh? What about the “Five Kingdoms Crossing” prawns? After waiting for a long time, ehao came: 1. Prawn hand was injured accidentally, and all plans were reimbursed! 2. The “activists” holiday cannot be determined for the time being! ? Pull boom! ! ! What should I do? ? ? I have a butcher, can I eat pigs with hair? NO! ! ! Even if I am alone, I still decide not to hesitate! Who is afraid of who! Communicate with Dongguan’s brother-in-law: I won’t change my schedule anyway. What about you? I got a positive answer: no change! The Lantern Festival is a reunion night for thousands of families and embarks on a journey. The night train goes to Kunming first! The so-called “inland open city” where I am located has no flight to Chiang Mai, the first stop of the flight plan. Yunnan has been dry and rainy in recent years. Of course, the spring city cannot be left alone. The sunshine is still pouring out like pours ~ ~ ~ and Dongguan’s brother-in-law have successfully met! The plane in the evening is not urgent. Green Lake, Red-billed Gull! Birds are flying all over the sky! Like a horror disaster movie! -My brother-in-law’s heart is hungry ~ ~ ~ Based on the memory of the past, I propose to eat rice noodles at the “New World” next to Yuantong Temple, the representative of the “New Bridge Rice Noodles”. Personally, I think it is better than the time-honored brands “Qiaoxiang Garden” and “Jianxin Garden”! Arrive at Changshui International Airport-ho! The building is magnificent enough! But according to the bricklayer, there is a problem with the site selection and it is easy to fog? (For details, please refer to the website “Changshui Airport Smashed Due to Foggy Flight Delay”) 18:00. GO! Kiss ROSE ~ Chiang Mai in northern Thailand!