I. Overview

1. Thailand’s full name is the Kingdom of Thailand (Thai:), which is located in the central part of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Its west borders Myanmar and the Andaman Sea in the north, Laos in the northeast, Cambodia in the southeast, and Malaysia in the narrow peninsula in the south. Thailand is a country of Buddhism. Most Thais believe in Theravada Buddhism. Buddhists make up more than 90% of the country’s population.

2. Customs and Habits:

* Thais respect the king and members of the royal family very much. Thailand has regulations on punishment for crimes of disrespect to the royal family, which even foreigners cannot violate. Don’t talk or talk about the royal family casually. When members of the royal family attend, it is best to pay attention to the actions of others and follow suit.

* Thais regard the head as a sacred place, so don’t touch other people’s heads casually. If you accidentally touch another person’s head, you should apologize immediately and sincerely. It is especially taboo for outsiders to touch the heads of children (especially young monks). Children’s heads are only allowed to be touched by kings, monks and their parents.

* Thais think their left hand and feet are not clean. The left hand can only be used to take some unclean things. Taking important things with the left hand will attract aversion. In more formal occasions, both hands are required. The feet are humble and cannot kick the door or point things with their feet. Never flush the sole of your foot at Buddha. When you are seated, don’t tilt your feet and point your soles at others. The requirements for women are stricter, and their legs must be closed, otherwise they will be regarded as uncivilized and uneducated.

* Don’t make too intimate moves in public, such as hugging and kissing. Naked sunbathing is only allowed on some beaches.

* Do not wear sunglasses when talking with others, gesture moderately, and do not point your fingers at each other. When passing in front of others (whether they are sitting or standing), they must bow and apologize for not being able to work. This is especially true when women pass in front of others.

* Thais hold the Water Lantern Festival on December 15 every year in the Thai calendar. When watching the water lantern, they must pay attention. No matter how delicate and beautiful the water lantern is, they must never pick it up.

* Take off your shoes when entering the temple. Friends should wear neat and dignified clothes. It is best not to use dome shorts. Women should avoid touching monks. If they offer their belongings, they can ask men to do it on their behalf or put it directly on the table.

* Thailand forbids gambling, and even hotel rooms cannot play cards or mahjong.

* Thais are very clean, spitting and throwing things everywhere are considered to be very uneducated. Thais also attach great importance to the tidiness of toilets, so they should pay attention to keeping them clean whether going out or in hotels.

3. Important Festivals:

Songkran Festival (and Water Splashing Festival from April 12 to 15), Loy Krathong (the full moon in November) and National Day (the birthday of the King of Thailand on December 5)

II. Situation

1. King of Thailand: From the moment he first entered the school gate, Thais have firmly planted reverence for the king and the concept that the king is almost always correct and kind. Many Thais regard the king as their spiritual harbor and as an able man who is far better at governing the country than politicians.

The current King Bhumibol Adulyadej is King Rama IX of the Chariku Dynasty. During King Bhumibol’s 60-year rule over Thailand, there were 19 coups in Thailand (13 of which were successful), and 20 prime ministers successively formed 48 cabinets. King Bhumibol witnessed these political changes with a calm mind and has always stood firm. He has repeatedly stepped forward in critical moments to avert danger and helped the Thai people avoid disaster after disaster. He is Thailand’s longest-ruling monarch. For 60 years, King Bhumibol has traveled all over Thailand. He used royal funds to build water conservancy and power stations. He also planted his own experimental fields in the royal garden and set up a breeding and research center for improved varieties of rice, dairy farms and freshwater fish. What is most praised by the international community is his opium poppy substitution cultivation project in the mountainous areas of northern Thailand. In the past, opium was abundant there. Not only was it poor and backward, but many people were addicted to drugs. After visiting mountain tribes in 1969, the king set up a fund to help mountain people promote the cultivation of more than 300 cash crops such as Camellia oleifera, Hawaiian nuts, tea and coffee, benefiting more than 100,000 people. Mipeng himself is knowledgeable, versatile and generous, which has established his position in the minds of Thais. He likes to play piano and saxophone, and has performed with world famous jazz masters Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton and others. “He is the coolest king in the world,” Hampton wrote in an article published in the 1987 Thai magazine hello. In 1964, the Austrian Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts awarded King Bhumibol an honorary doctorate in music. King Bhumibol is also a good speedboat and windsurfer. He has represented Thailand in international speedboat competitions and won medals. He also sailed across the Gulf of Thailand. He is proficient in 7 foreign languages and has reached professional standards in painting and photography. By the end of last century, King Bhumibol had received 136 honorary degrees from universities around the world, making him the person with the largest number of honorary degrees in the world. In today’s world where the monarchy is declining day by day, there are not many monarchs like King Bhumibol who are popular with the public, have outstanding talents and have the influence of dominating the word.

Because the king’s 12.5 birthday has just passed, foreign photos can be seen everywhere in the streets. When the king was young, he was very much like Andy Lau. Is there any wood?

2. Before leaving, the situation in Thailand began to be turbulent. At first, I was really worried about traveling to Thailand alone. However, according to my observation, during my stay in Bangkok, I did not see any demonstrations or demonstrators at all. Everything is peaceful, just like what.

Fuse: Amnesty for Thaksin Annoys Opposition

The focus of this political turmoil is still former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who has been in exile for seven years. In September 2006, then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra stepped down due to a military coup. Although he has been in exile, Thaksin has always been the focus of Thailand’s political arena. Pro-Thaksin and anti-Thaksin factions, the so-called “red” and “yellow” factions, have emerged in Thai politics. These two forces fought with each other and took turns to take power, forming almost all of Thai politics.

The trigger of this anti-government wave is an “amnesty bill” that will help Thaksin return home. The bill supported by the Thai Party was eventually rejected by the parliament, which strengthened the opposition’s view that the Yingluck government was Thaksin’s “puppet” and found an opportunity to launch anti-government demonstrations. Suthep, the main leader of the rally and a former Democratic Party member, said Thaksin was the source of corruption and social division in Thailand. Only by completely eradicating the “Thaksin regime” can true democracy be realized.

3. Precautions for Tourism

III. Thailand Visa

Thailand is a country that allows landing visa, but China’s border inspection will not release it unless there is a visa from a third country. So let’s be honest with the visa. At present, many travel websites can apply for visas, such as www.chuguoqu.com. As long as you have 2 2-inch white background photos and passport notebooks, you will be OK. Generally, you can receive a good visa within a week.

4. Weather

It is located in the tropics. Most areas have a tropical monsoon climate. It is hot all the year round and the temperature difference is not large all the year round. It can be said that “the four seasons are like summer”. November to January of the following year is the best season for Thailand to travel, followed by April to October.

5. Time Difference

Thailand belongs to the 7th East Zone, one hour later than Beijing time in China. 8 o’clock in Thailand is equivalent to 9 o’clock in Beijing. Moreover, all departure times on the air ticket are the local time of the place of departure, and all arrival times are the local time of the place of arrival.

6. Currency, Exchange Rate and Tips

1. Currency: The Thai currency unit is “baht”, English Baht, pronounced “ba”.

2. The exchange rate is currently about 5.27 Thai baht in 1 yuan (the exchange rate is changing at any time). Therefore, it is quite cost-effective to go shopping and traveling in Thailand now. Especially when I swiped the UnionPay card, I went back to check the bill and the exchange rate was almost 5.2, for fear that I would be overjoyed. I changed the exchange rate three times. For the first time in China, I had to make an appointment with the People’s Bank of China in advance. The exchange rate was 5.19. At that time, I felt very cheating. The second time I arrived at the Thai airport, I found that Thailand was a lot of cheating. The exchange rate at the airport was the lowest, only 4.58, so I could exchange some in advance at home and at least leave some money for taxi to the hotel. For the third time, on the streets of Bangkok, the bank changed, 4.93, which was relatively better. Looking at other people’s strategies, they all recommended Super Rich near Big C. It is said that the exchange rate is the highest, but I didn’t see it at all. On the last day of the hotel, because there was not enough cash and the hotel could not brush UnionPay, I went directly to the ATM to withdraw cash. After checking back home, the exchange rate is almost 5.2. The Bank of Thailand will charge a handling fee of 50 Thai baht (each transaction) and 23.52 RMB for 6,000 Thai baht. This is actually much more cost-effective than Thailand’s direct exchange of foreign exchange.

3. Tip:

In addition to the 10% service charge that most hotels and restaurants will add to their bills, there are other places where tips may be required. Of course, these are not necessary, but rather a kind of etiquette. In addition, when tipping, don’t give coins, because coins are for beggars, so tip at least 20 baht.

* Ancient massage: You can give it flexibly depending on the service quality or professional level of the masseur, about 50 ~ 100 yuan Thai baht.

* Elephant riding in the jungle: pay the elephant trainer about Thai baht 50 yuan each time.

* Photographing with transvestites: about 50 ~ 100 yuan Thai baht per person each time.

* Luggage tip: One room is about to be given to luggage clerk Taizhu 20 yuan at a time.

* Bedside tip: One room (2 people) gives about Thai baht 20 yuan every day.

* Hotel staff are good and can give tips at their discretion, usually about 20 Thai baht or about US $1 at a time. The proportion of tips in restaurants is 10%.

7. Mobile Phone Card

Super recommendation Happy Tourist card, Taobao has. It is installed on the plane. Once you get off the plane, turn on the machine and receive a short message to confirm it, you can start using it immediately. (Remember, if you are using an Apple phone, remember to bring a small needle or something like that and open the SIM card slot, which will break me.)

8. Power Socket

Thailand’s power jacks are all two holes, 220V and 50H. The plugs of the three-hole socket are different and need converters. The two-hole socket is the same, so there is no need for a converter. Converters are sold in 7-11 on the streets of Thailand, but it is cheaper to buy them in China.

IX. UnionPay Card

In Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket Island and Pattaya, Thailand, there are more than 2,000 Taiwanese POS machines that can use UnionPay credit cards to swipe their cards. More than 8,000 ATM machines such as Kasikorn Bank, TMB Military Bank of Thailand and SCB Bank of Thailand (Purple) can use UnionPay cards to directly withdraw Thai baht. It is suggested to withdraw cash from the ATM of Thailand’s Thai China Farmers Bank. The bank’s service is very good. The ATM has an all-Chinese artificial interface and its logo color is green.


1. Credit cards (credit cards) need to pay interest or have higher handling fees to withdraw cash. It is recommended to use debit cards (savings cards) as much as possible for ATM withdrawal.

2. Credit cards are limited by credit lines, which may result in high fees exceeding the credit lines. Savings cards are recommended for large consumption.

3. In addition to withdrawing cash, UnionPay cards can also be used by credit card in most major shopping malls and stores in Thailand.

4. Please enter the password when swiping the card, regardless of debit card or credit card. If the card does not have a password, please press to confirm directly.

5. Some stores or ATM may not have posted the “UnionPay” logo at present. It is recommended that you take the initiative to ask the store cashier or bank service personnel.

6. UnionPay Thailand 24-hour Service Hotline: 0018-001-2066-5999

10. Tax Refund

Tax refund procedures for shopping: Tourists who buy goods in Thailand can request a refund of 7% * * when returning home. After purchasing the goods marked “VAT REFUND FOR TOURISTS”, And on the same day in a store (can be in different counters, the tickets are issued by this store) to spend over 2000B, You can fill in a “VAT REFUND APPLICATION FOR TOURIST FORM” with your passport on the day of shopping. Then print a “ORIGINAL TAX INVOICES Original Tax Certificate” (the service center or the special tax refund counter asks for the P.P.10 form and receipt, and requires the clerk to fill in two tax refund forms, and affix the ticket on the form and stamp it). When the total value of goods applying for tax refund accumulated under the same passport exceeds 5,000 Thai baht, the tax refund can be made at the airport on the day of departure. Taxes not exceeding 3000 will be paid in THB cash, and taxes exceeding 3000B will be paid through bank bills of exchange or in-card transfers. All these will be subject to a handling fee of 100B per transaction and the transfer fee of bills of exchange. Note: The same passport personal data should be used to fill in the application form to centralize the quota. Only the goods paid at the checkout counter are the store counters, while those paid directly at the counters are private counters, and the consumption amount will not be recorded in the accumulated amount.

Seal of tax refund form: After arriving at the airport, go to VAT REFUND (INSPECTION) OFFICE first and show your passport and tax refund form. The purchased goods listed on the tax refund form are checked by the officials (generally no inspection is required). The officials will stamp the tax refund form. Go to the departure hall to find VAT Refund counter, show your passport and tax refund form, and you will be refunded 7% * * of the accumulated consumption amount on each tax refund form.


Last month, I received two important phone calls, one from my hometown unit, and two months later I officially retired to learn about the basic situation of some families. The other was from the staff who traveled to Duoduo, saying that my travel notes were selected for the ultimate award of “Let’s go abroad to Thailand Station”. The former is what I expected, while the latter is really an accident! Because there are too many bosses in the forum. Later, I carefully analyzed the three Duoduo birds who went to Thailand, and I couldn’t help admiring the cleverness of the decision makers. The three people represented three classes respectively, and I represented the basic civilians who were purely illiterate abroad. At that time, I was excited and accepted the gift. After thinking about it, I felt a little regretful: I didn’t know anything about English, Thailand’s political situation was unstable, and I was still free to travel alone. I couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat on my back! Fortunately, the family was very supportive. They said that it was really not possible. They just stayed in a place in Thailand to play and did not wander around.

When the second spring of my life comes, give me a big gift. When I live up to my great trust, I will go forward bravely… Fortunately, I still have nearly a month to read more strategies online.

The first step is to book a plane ticket immediately! Because December is the peak tourist season in Thailand, one price per day. Chunqiu AirAsia is the first choice for our working class. Therefore, I booked a large round-trip transportation from Shanghai to Bangkok in the spring and autumn, and a small round-trip transportation from AirAsia Bangkok to Jiami. Major traffic is less than 2K and minor traffic is nearly 600. There is an episode here. The website of AirAsia was unable to book tickets after a night of ordeal. It was useless to change many browsers. The next day, I called AirAsia and replied that I had tried Firefox. It was strange and it was really successful! When the air ticket was booked, it was really that there was no turning back. I carefully handed in my itinerary to the organizers of the event.

The second step is to apply for a visa (because Weibo was also included in the top 20 of many Thailand tours three years ago, the time was short, I didn’t have a passport, so I gave up the final competition and applied for a passport afterwards). I called the Thai Consulate in Shanghai. The formalities were a little annoying and the cost was 230 yuan. Adopting the opinions of netizens, Taobao found a reputable and many of our partners: the price was 244 yuan, and it was promised to be completed in a week, and Shunfeng postage. The material is very simple: one passport and two recent 2-inch photos. Out of prudence, I sent the materials to Xuhui Store and signed the contract.

I sent it on Friday, and the next Friday I received a call from customer service, saying that I had signed it and received the visa. It was another great excitement.

The third step is to book a hotel. I want to stay in Thailand for six nights, of which two nights are arranged by the Thai Travel Bureau and four nights must be booked by myself. At present, Youduo has no overseas post station, Therefore, I fixed my eyes on several major websites in China and felt that the prices were very high. As a big man, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I didn’t go for leisure and vacation, nor did I go for shopping and corruption. I was satisfied to be able to appreciate the strange scenery and humanities. I located my accommodation in the youth tour near Kaoshan Road, because the scenic spot I was going to was not far from it. Accidentally, I broke into Yagoda Agoda. After repeated comparisons, I booked a Swalin residence. The netizen’s evaluation was very good. First, it was 10 minutes away from Kaoshan Road and 20 minutes away from the Grand Palace, and it was quiet in the middle of the noise. Second, there is a little sister who works in China and can provide many conveniences. Third, the price is very cheap, more than 70 yuan a night, including breakfast! I chose four people, and when I booked it, I wondered why I didn’t fill in the gender information. Afterwards, it proved that I caught up with a world trend, a mixed residence of avant-garde fashion! I booked the first two nights of my arrival in Bangkok and the night before my departure here, and the result was very satisfactory! Jiami booked a youth tour for one night, which was very close to the official holiday hotel and cost more than 70 yuan.

The fourth step is to change the Thai baht. It is said on the Internet that you will go to the Bank of China to change this thing. A friend of her child has just returned from Thailand. She said ICBC can also do it and it is more cost-effective. One afternoon, I went to the nearby ICBC and changed to Thai baht without an appointment, because my figure was not large, I changed 6,000 Thai baht, and then I changed some at the ATM in Thailand.

Step 5: Fill in the draft entry and exit registration form. I downloaded a sample form of Thailand’s entry and exit registration form on the Internet, filled in the relevant items, and was prepared for danger. This preparation made it easy for me to go through customs. I didn’t ask anyone who didn’t know English (these three forms were given to you by the airport when I left the country. When I entered Thailand’s border inspection, I took the above two forms, stamped you with the exit registration card, and then booked them on your passport).

Now it is time that everything is ready and only the east wind is needed. In order to be familiar with some simple languages, I have installed two more softwares on my mobile phone. It is said that Wu Nong’s soft language, and Thai women’s pronunciation is even softer Mann, with endless lasting appeal, which has long drawn people to the country that makes people yearn for… Sometimes some English words that they cannot understand can also be translated properly.

Hua 50 yuan bought a Thai mobile phone card online, but my mobile phone is telecom, so I borrowed a mobile phone. During the seven days in Thailand, it was more than enough to make phone calls online.

The preparations are gradually ready and the heart is gradually steadfast. Unexpectedly, another yellow shirt army came out. CCTV’s rendering really made people nervous again! A few days before departure, smog was rampant in Shencheng and flights were delayed in large numbers. It was really a good thing! However, my heart has already calmed down at this time. A big man has nothing to fear. He just hopes that the weather will improve as soon as possible and take off normally.

Everything is developing in a good direction. At that time, the spring and autumn will be full of tourists flying to Bangkok.

When Bangkok was close to thousands of lights, I had a simple fast food at the airport and was ready to take a taxi to my destination. I was new here. It was safer and the cost could not be saved. The guide sign of Suwannabe Airport is Thai, English and Chinese, so without much effort, I came to TAXI and took out the order for Swalin residential buildings. According to the above address, the airport staff helped you contact your taxi driver. All the way was an elevated road, during which the driver asked me twice for money to pay tolls, once 25 baht and once 50 baht. From east to west, the car passed through almost the whole of Bangkok and came to the Swalin residential building in the small alley. The watch showed 470. I gave the driver 500. Instead of looking for it, he held out five fingers (tips). After giving 50, he repeatedly said OK. This taxi ride is the most expensive one in the whole trip, but in terms of conversion, it is only 120NMB, which is not expensive compared with Shanghai. There is a saying on the Internet that about 400 people can get to the city. I feel that the driver did not detour. When I asked others the next day, the price was about the same.

Swalin dwellings

When I entered Swalin’s residential buildings, I saw my name on the whiteboard at a glance. In a foreign country, a warm current surged in my heart…

Swarin’s residential buildings are basically inhabited by foreigners, and there are very few Chinese. That night, my upper berth was a black man, and the upper and lower berths next door were an American couple. For the first time in such an environment, Inevitably feel embarrassed, But fortunately, I fell asleep early, Foreigners have all gone to Kaoshan Road for trouble. I got up early the next morning, but they were asleep. In addition, there was a soft barrier in front of the bed. Besides, foreigners could show good basic qualities on these occasions (drunken is another matter) and hid in the small shop to form a unified system, regardless of spring, summer, winter and autumn, IKEA bedding and quiet environment. They slept soundly for three nights.

Although the words are not clear, foreigners are generally very friendly and always take the initiative to greet you. The eyes are the windows of the heart and each other can reflect people’s sincerity.

This residential building is opened by Bangkok people. The front desk is a Chinese girl named Xiaomin, a former backpacker. When she came, she never left! With her, my trip to Bangkok saved me a lot of heart and money.

The next day, Xiao Min gave me a Chinese map, marking the locations of Kaoshan Road and the Grand Palace. With this map, I am not worried about what either. My sense of direction is still good! On this day, I walked for 10 kilometers and made a big crossing from ancient times to present…

Under the contact of Xiao Min, the trip on the third day was even more exciting. It took only 190B to appreciate the unique culture of Danonsado Aquatic Market, and it was a comfortable Toyota car pick-up (Bangkok’s mini buses are basically this kind of car). You know, Bangkok is nearly 100 kilometers away from there!

Bangkok Langman Airport

In the afternoon, the mini bus to Bangkok’s Langman Airport is also Xiaomin’s contact, 150B. By Jiami, it was completely dark. There are two bus routes at the airport, one to Jiami Town and the other to Onan Beach. The fare is 150B. As long as you say “Onan” here, they will understand. I only say “Onan” and “BB” here, and they parked their cars at the door of BB (actually the basement of Onan Bay Resort) (Onan Beach is a few kilometers away, and they deliver the guests one by one, which is commendable).

Holiday Inn Onan Beach

The next day I stayed at Holiday Inn Onan Beach and felt like I had gone from hell to heaven.

During the three days and nights in Jiamionan, I took three morning lights and two sunsets, perhaps the hanging eyes of God. The sunset on the last night was unforgettable all my life.

When returning to Bangkok from Jiami, the sun had not set. After leaving the airport, I have completely lost my reserve when I first arrived in Bangkok. I can have a leisurely experience of Bangkok’s public transportation. First, take A1 Airport Express to the light rail station in the downtown area, and then take N3 to Kaoshan Road. In the meantime, when asking for directions, just say “Kaoshan”. Everyone knows. Thais are very friendly. They will write you a small note for fear that you don’t understand. Everyone knows Arabic numerals. It took twice as long to get to Swaling, but the Thai baht only cost 36.5 B, saving money to eat a delicious fast food on the roadside.

On the last day, we have to say goodbye to Bangkok. It’s not far from the Monument to Democracy. I’d like to see it. Listen to Xiaomin’s introduction, don’t be nervous, you go and have a look, maybe there are still people in charge of food! As a result, this is really the case. The sit-in demonstrators are still there. The logistical support is very strong. There are food, drink, tents and mosquito nets, but there is no tension. This is really a cultural landscape that cannot be seen anywhere.

Swalin dwellings

Goodbye, Swalin residential buildings, from the beginning to the end, it is you who have brought me to a satisfactory end in Thailand!

In a short period of one week, I stayed in the basement youth tour and enjoyed luxury hotels. I experienced the unique culture, appreciated the scenery of Jiami, and overfulfilled my itinerary (visited the demonstration site)!

From uneasy to full load, the first post station is the key! An illiterate trip to Thailand ended in the sunset at Bangkok’s Suwannabe Airport…