My cousin immigrated to Canada, my nephew married a Thai beauty, and returned to Bangkok in December to hold a wedding. My wife and I were invited to attend. After application and preparation, on December 7, 2013, with uneasy feelings and no fear of demonstrations in Thailand, he stepped out of the country for the first time to attend weddings, play in the country of angels and linger on the beach waves.

The itinerary is as follows:

D1: Arrive in Bangkok by Asian Flight

D2: Attend weddings all day

D3: Bangkok amusement. Visit the water market and Zheng Wang Temple during the day and the Chao Phraya River at night.

D4: Bangkok flies to Phuket and takes a boat to PP Island to visit the market.

D5: In the morning, the long tail boat swims on the small PP island, snorkels, in the afternoon, walks on the beach, swims and goes to the market, and horses kill chickens.

D6: Take a boat back to Phuket Island, go to Jiangxi Leng (large shopping shop) in the afternoon and watch the transvestite performance in the evening.

D7: Walking on Phuket Patong Beach, Swimming, Shopping in Jiangxi Cold Shopping, Magic at Night (World Class Entertainment Night City)

D8: Phuket arrived in Bangkok and strolled through the streets of Bangkok.

D9: Return to Wuhan by Asian Flight

On the second day of arriving in Bangkok, according to the plan, I attended the wedding all day and felt the grand and ostentatious Chinese wedding and the sacredness and warmth of Thai wedding.

In order to fully reflect the characteristics and habits of the bride and groom’s original nationality, the wedding ceremony was held in Chinese and Thai styles respectively.

In the morning, the wedding ceremony of Chinese and Thai style will be held, and in the afternoon, the large-scale Chinese cocktail party will be held.

Wedding Hotel-Bangkok Four Seasons Hotel

There are many similarities between Thai weddings and Chinese weddings, such as elaborate arrangement of the wedding scene, attendance of relatives and friends to observe and bless, etc. However, more emphasis is placed on the elder’s blessing to the new couple and the etiquette of attending relatives and guests. For example, the venerable elders acted as witnesses, and the elders of both sides of the new couple came to power one by one to send their best wishes to the new couple. Relatives and guests are all dressed in formal attire, men’s suits and women’s dresses, and the guests who attended in the morning all changed into different formal attire in the afternoon, which shows that the guests are very particular about etiquette.

The bride began to dress up carefully at 2: 00 a.m., changing into traditional Tess clothes, combing traditional hairstyles and wearing the most exquisite jewelry.

Dressed in traditional Thai costumes, the happy groom and bride.

The first is to receive relatives.

When the good time comes, The groom and the family shouted trumpets, The best man was led to the front of the wedding hall by the witness holding the gift plate in his hand. He saw the bride’s family and bridesmaids waiting in groups of two people holding the door line in front of the hall. In order to enter the hall, the groom must quickly answer all kinds of questions they raised according to local customs and respectfully hand the red envelope with Thai baht to the bride’s family and bridesmaids.

Entering the wedding hall, the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony will be held first.

The parents of both sides sent flowers, rings and gifts, and then the new couple offered tea to the elders, who blessed them.

At this moment, something embarrassing nearly happened. As our gift money had already been given to our cousin first, seeing the elders coming to power one by one to bless us, I was worried that I had no red envelopes on me, so I called us. Fortunately, my sister-in-law took our red envelopes with me, which relieved the embarrassment. Ha ha.

Different from the domestic, the newcomer will give gifts back to each blessing elder.

Grandma, who was in her 80s, asked slowly in Chinese:





Laughter, the only words I understood during the whole wedding.

In-laws give red envelopes-passbooks, the amount is not small.

After a short rest, the traditional Thai wedding ceremony will be held.

The newcomer worshipped the Buddha, kowtowed and worshipped the Buddha, and then both sat on the low couch.

First of all, the bride’s elders wear wreaths for the groom and the bride, and then the elders wear “double happiness rings” on the heads of the groom and the bride respectively. “Shuangxi Ring” is two yarn loops made of Thai yarn, the size of a bowl mouth, and another holy yarn connects the two yarn loops. The couple wear it at the same time, implying that they will always be of one mind.

Then, the bride’s elders lit three times with jelly on the forehead of the groom and the bride respectively, implying good luck.

Then, the new couple folded their hands, and their parents and elders came forward one by one to take out the holy water collected from the local temple from the holy water bowl and slowly sprinkled it on the new couple’s wrists to bless the new couple with water, implying a firm grasp of happiness.

Finally, the elderly took off the auspicious yarn. According to Thai tradition, those who are first removed from the gauze ring will take over the power in the family.

Lunch buffet.

In the afternoon, a large-scale Chinese cocktail party was held with grand ostentation and

The welcome door, wedding table, flowers and dining table are all decorated with flowers, and ice sculpture is beside the door.

Different from China, ceremonies are held on stage and meals are held off stage.

Both parents, brothers and sisters took turns to take the stage to congratulate each other, while the newcomers danced and thanked each other.

Pity me for not knowing English and Thai. Everyone is happy. I am also happy. Everyone applauds. I applaud too. Ha ha.

Food and beverage are different from those in China. Each dish served is assigned to the dish by a special person. The dish will be taken as needed. After eating, the dish will be taken away.

Shark’s fin and suckling pig took turns to play.

At 21:29 local time and 22:29 domestic time, we are still eating the wedding banquet.

The bridal chamber arranged by the hotel

In December 2013, I stepped out of the country for the first time and attended the Thai wedding for the first time. I felt exotic customs, eating meat, meat and Thailand were happy.

Thank you for your hospitality! Thank you for the omnipotent network!

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