I left the forest park, and when I returned to Gantanarat, it was already over 1: 00 noon, because there were too few cars going down the mountain in the forest park, so I went back to the hotel to get my luggage back, but unfortunately, I left an umbrella there, and the following journey was rained all the way

Arriving at the station, I just saw a bus to Uwen was about to leave, so I jumped on it. After all, Uwen, which is adjacent to Laos, is the cultural center of Thailand’s Ethan region. It just took this opportunity to see the nearly two-hour journey

Impression of Uwen:

The busiest time in Uwen every year is the “Candle Festival” at the end of July, when the streets are packed with tourists. There are also several universities here, among which the representative is “Uwen University”:

In the evening, I am going to take the 21: 30 bus to Bangkok-I originally wanted to go to Laos from here, but after thinking about it, the cost is about the same, because I still need to go to landing visa, Laos… Of course, there are many buses to Bangkok here, and the tickets are about 500B-600B. At that time, the ticket 600B was a high-grade car with a TV on each seat. Unfortunately, there were too many passengers on that bus…….

After a bumpy night, after four colors of chrysanthemum, Surin and Wu Lilan, I basically returned to the same road. The next day and tomorrow, I arrived at Bangkok North Station, so I hurried to Gaoshan Road to find a hotel. However, the former permanent one had not checked out yet, so I had to carry my luggage and go out for a walk. Unconsciously, I came to the Chao Phraya River again.

There was a long line of passengers in front of the Grand Palace:

However, the old wooden ferry cruise ships in the past are no longer visible and have been replaced by new cruise ships. The grand scene of thousands of boats competing for whistles in the Chao Phraya River in the past is gone forever… Chao Phraya River has become a scenic spot. To travel to the Chao Phraya River, you can add a tour group to the river and organize tourists to board a boat for sightseeing. Crossing the Chao Phraya River, I came to a temple with extremely strong incense. The temple is not far from Zheng Wang Temple. The towering pagoda in the temple is conspicuous.

Ringing the bell here means good luck:

After visiting the temple, it was nearly noon, so I immediately returned to Gaoshan Road. Someone must have checked out of the hotel there. In the afternoon, I am going to Siam Square, which is one of Bangkok’s most prosperous and modern commercial districts. The light rail elevated roads meet here. The characteristic shops in the commercial center are connected one by one, and the tourists visiting the shops are crowded.

I had a cup of fruitshake here, 80B, which is very expensive and more expensive than Patong Beach! It rained heavily and was very cold. In the rain (the umbrella was lost), I went to Chulalongkorn University, which is not far from here. This is Thailand’s first institution of higher learning, equivalent to the “Tsinghua of Peking University” in China.

Scenery of Chulalongkorn University Campus:

When I returned to Gaoshan Road that night, the lights were already on, and the night scene of Bangkok’s “Firetrees and Silver Flowers Never Sleep” was especially charming:

At night on the noisy mountain road, walk around with the surging passenger flow. There are insect feasts, transvestite performances, endless delicacies and various wonderful performances in the night market here… It is really not to be missed!

Insects-insects are actually very expensive, the cheapest is silkworm chrysalis, other insects start at least 5B each, mantis scorpion each is about 30B, so casually, all have to be 40-50B, all cooked in advance, drain all the juice in the insect body, plus seasonings, so there is no poison, no strange smell, only the taste of seasoning sweet sauce chili sauce……

The night is already very deep, but the brightly lit and noisy night market is still continuing tirelessly… This is the last night of this trip in Thailand, and I will leave for Angkor the next morning…….