Pattaya, located 154 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, Thailand, has an urban area of more than 20 square kilometers. It is famous for its sunshine, sand beaches and seafood. It is known as “Oriental Hawaii”. It is a world-famous emerging seaside resort and is of course full of Thailand’s unique culture and nightlife. The 40-kilometer-long Pattaya Beach is sunny, blue in sky and green in water, with charming scenery and pleasant climate. About 10 kilometers from the coast, there is a beautiful coral island. The crescent-like beach embraces the blue and thorough sea water. The sand grains are white and soft, and the water quality of the sea area is clean. Occasionally, the same pure white shells and corals are picked up. Passing through the offshore platform halfway, the offshore parachute project can be carried out. As the beach is gentle, both the upper and lower speedboats have to trudge through the water.