When I took Thai Airways,

So I went to Bangkok.

Taiwan to Bangkok No.3 Primary School,

I had a lethargy in the past,

I was too busy the day before and almost slept.

When I woke up, I watched the movie of the teenager Pi.

Since it is Thai Airways, the film may not have Chinese subtitles,

Therefore, it is very difficult to watch.

More than 10 Greater Beijing Lands in Bangkok,

Bangkok for my part,

It’s a sad place,

Because of many times,

Beginning to enter.

The same is true of the second time,

I was just wandering.

From the photos that left the image earlier,

The second time, the second time, the more time,

Because it is true, it is very careful.

Well-known clothing brands actually exist,

No, I’m not bashful to go shopping, hehe.

Soon, everyone went on again,

The journey of the exhibition watch,

Directly to Falkford.