On the morning of the sixth day, I got up early and went climbing the mountain. It was still dark outside, but people were already coming to the morning market under the New Life Hotel. At first, the mountain was somewhat steep and took a lot of effort. I made a mistake at the beginning. During the 4KM journey, I had to climb 700 steps to see the road behind the White Tower. But I didn’t see the White Pagoda, so I came back from another road. It was nearly 6 o’clock when I came back, and I was wondering if I would like to take another hike. Later, I decided to go and see the White Pagoda and the scenery over there. The 700 steps are not long, but there are also some distances. When I reached the end, I looked at the stars and lights surrounded by the mountains from afar. When the wind blew, I felt that what’s troubles and worries could also be eliminated under the shadow of the newborn sunshine. On the top of the mountain, I met a couple who came to Bangkok for vacation. Looking at the world in such sunshine is how’s romance. The journey around the White Pagoda is steeper, but the scenery in the mountains is more windy. During the stop-and-go hike, the Bangkok couple drove up and gave me a ride. In the sea of people, we are in a hurry, but we met at a certain point. This is the so-called fate. After breakfast, I went riding with a Dutch girl. I always thought that the horses were tall and powerful, but when the horses came, I was happy: because they were really mini. A local man drove the two horses and set off. On the way, you can see Aka, Lahu and Chinese villages. Later, I heard that many mountain tribes do not have Thai nationality, so they cannot leave the tribe. The trip took about 4 hours (500 baht), and it was similar on foot. It was already over 12 o’clock when I returned to the hotel. The boss said that he had already helped us contact the bus down the mountain and left at 1: 30. Xinsheng Hotel provides food, which is more to the appetite of the Chinese people. When I went down the mountain, I met the first person, a young man from Taiwan. When chatting, he said that he graduated from the graduate school this year and came to Mesler on a graduation trip to find a story. Mesler’s story is a small spray under the long river of history and a small story that has been neglected. However, what ordinary people care about is these as tiny stories as themselves. In the torrent of time, we are doomed to be unable to leave our shadow. He said that ordinary Taiwanese have a concept in their hearts: if they become independent, the mainland will attack. I definitely told him that I would fight if Taiwan dared to declare independence. He also said that the relationship between Taiwan and Japan is not bad, and many young Taiwanese like to travel to Japan. Some old people may hate the Japanese, but most young people do not, because young people do not understand that period of history. Will history be forgotten like this? Taiwanese are more tolerant of the Ah Bian scandal, especially in Tainan. Today, some Taiwanese are aborigines, some are native Taiwanese like Ah Bian, and some are mainlanders who followed the Kuomintang in the past. But now many have merged. Ah Bian has always been regarded as a flag-like figure of the people of this province. Because he is not like Ma Ying-jeou of the Kuomintang, he has really grown up step by step from civilians. Through his own struggle from a poor family, he became a famous lawyer and Taiwan’s top leader, so his body reposes the dream of success of the native people. Taiwanese can see the power of dreams in the original him, which is why green camp always makes an issue of provincial nationality when campaigning, and why he still has so many supporters even if there are cheating cases. Moreover, Taiwan did not dare to declare independence, even when Ah Bian was there. Because if a real war breaks out, no one can bear such consequences. He also said that he also wanted to travel to the mainland because there were so many scenery. I said that many young people in mainland China also want to travel to Taiwan. Only understanding can lead to dialogue. There are so many misunderstandings between us because we don’t know each other’s real life. The second person I met was a young Thai tour guide. I just graduated this year. I used to work in Chiang Mai and now I am in Chiang Rai. Her father is Chinese, her mother is Thai, and she has a twin sister. Because her grandparents didn’t like girls, she and her mother stayed in Thailand and her father and sister returned to China. She was only over one year old when she separated from her father and sister and had never seen her father before. But from the photos left by my mother, I saw my father. Now I sometimes contact my sister through the Internet. Now the mother remarries and the stepfather takes a boy, her brother. Her brother is now working in Bangkok. They dare not get married because they do not have enough money to support their parents. She also said that she would like to save some money to visit her biological father in China and also want to marry a Chinese. It was she who told me that the “Changjing Village” projects in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai tour groups are actually in one area. There are many long necks in that area, and many foreigners want to see them. Some also call them “human soul”. She said she also knew four reasons for the “long neck”, but many tour guides did not know. Her story is really like a story. The two people I met during the trip, as well as the couple in front of me, gave me a feeling of “not one step earlier or one step later, I happened to meet”. The pleasure of traveling is generally the same.