Coming out of the Grand Palace, we immediately ran to the Sleeping Buddha Temple.

Walking along the high wall of the Grand Palace, completely exposed in the strong sunshine, the heat is very test of will.

The street separated from the high wall street is full of stalls along the border. In order to hide from the sun, it took a lot of effort to cross the traffic to the opposite side. Look at the stalls, which are multifarious and sell what. What seduces me most is Thai snacks. To be honest, what has not eaten anything except drinking water since I went out in the morning. Not to save money, mainly in the grand palace except for drinks, there is no food. Of course, our limited time is also a problem. After watching the Jade Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace, it is almost 4 pm. If we eat something, we may not have time to have a good look at the Sleeping Buddha Temple. I had to endure it. My husband made a wish to invite me to a Thai meal in Chinatown at night.

If it is not a matter of time, it is also fun to visit these stalls.

Walking on the bare concrete floor, which was scorched by the scorching sun, the head was scorching sun, flanked by both directions, and it was impossible to become an iron man without wanting to become an iron man.

Finally came to the intersection of the Sleeping Buddha Temple.

When I was still in China, I saw a blog about the Sleeping Buddha Temple. Only from this did I know about the Sleeping Buddha Temple. It is said that the groups of domestic travel agencies usually do not go to the Sleeping Buddha Temple, but only to the Jade Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace. At that time, what impressed me most was that the Sleeping Buddha Temple was a relatively old temple, covering a large area of more than 80,000 square meters. It has the largest reclining Buddha in the world. The reclining Buddha is 46 meters long and 15 meters high. Fritillaria is inlaid in eyes and toes. However, there is not much attention to it, which is still the temple with the largest number of pagodas in the world. Although there are more than 1,000 pagodas, because I just visited Tallinn of Shaolin Temple on the 11th of last year, I think the styles of Buddhism are similar, except for a larger number. But after seeing the Sleeping Buddha Temple, it was not only the huge Sleeping Buddha that made people stare, but also the delicacy and uniqueness of the countless pagodas completely overturned my impression. This is really different from Tallinn in Shaolin Temple, not of an order of magnitude. These towers make people feel no depression, only that they are all works of art.

The ticket for the Sleeping Buddha Temple is 100B B. Originally, I thought the Sleeping Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace were together, but in fact they were not.

There are many tourists in the Sleeping Buddha Temple. There is a regular program in the Sleeping Buddha Temple. Each tourist can take a alms bowl with small change and then put the coins in the alms bowl one by one into the copper alms bowl against the wall. It is said that after this process, there will be good luck. I am no exception, earnestly put the coins in the alms bowl one by one into the alms bowl. It was really pleasant to hear the crisp tinkling sound of coins in the alms bowl.

Speaking of which, I can’t help praising the Thais again. It is completely free for every visitor to take a alms bowl, and there is no so-called merit box in what. Such religion has an invisible appeal and makes people instinctively feel awe, much like temples in Tibet.

Coming out of the main hall of the Sleeping Buddha Temple, I began to visit the more than 1,000 towers. As soon as I saw the tower, I knew that the tower here was completely different from the tower in the Tallinn of Shaolin Temple. The surfaces of these towers are pasted with porcelain tiles in different shapes. Two words: beautiful!