Bright White Temple in Chiang Lai-Ghost of Black House

The heart drifts with dreams-say go and travel.

In the ancient city of Chiang Mai, I reported a group to go to the White Temple and Black House in Chiang Rai. Because renting a motorcycle can only take one person, while we are three people, so we are relieved with the group. A person 700 Taizhu (140 yuan RMB) is in charge of a lunch, and the price is also cut down. Tell them the hotel address and the station wagon will pick you up directly at the hotel the next morning.

Starting at 7: 00 a.m. on February 5, it is about 3 hours’ drive from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. Drive for more than an hour to visit a hot spring first. The small car in the figure below is our station wagon.

I saw two hot spring eyes in this place, and the others were all houses selling souvenirs. They are all newly built and not very old. There was no forced consumption, the tour guide only told everyone to move freely after returning to the bus.

In fact, the water from the hot spring passes through the cement tank, and no one cares how long you soak it. Figure below



In fact, these eggs are cooked in advance and sold by a small seller of 20 Thai pearls and a small blue. Thailand’s consumption is really inexpensive.

The following figure shows the elder sister selling eggs.

Continue to set out and turn off the road in about an hour. Everyone saw the White Temple at once. First, let’s talk about my first feeling when I saw the White Temple. Vision is strongly impacted. When I saw such a silver-clad, glittering and translucent temple like a palace, I felt beautiful! Look at the following photo I took, does it feel too beautiful? I didn’t say photography.

Look at a closer photo


Briefly talk about the White Temple, and then look at the photos I took. The White Temple was designed and built by CharlermchaiKositpipat, a well-known Thai artist (he is a painter). The exterior of this modern Buddhist temple is decorated with fragments of mirrors, reflecting dazzling silver light in the sun. Most temples in Thailand are resplendent and glittering. The White Temple is unique and unique for its pure white.

It has been 19 years since the White Temple, but it has never charged tourists a penny. Don’t say to continue construction in 19 years, that is, the cost of maintenance and sanitation is a big expense. It can be seen that Mr. Chalinchai is not a person that can be described by big local tyrants.

This has long been charged in our China. In our China, a beach or a natural stone can be used to encircle the cash register!

Keep looking at the photos. The following picture shows the bridge entering the White Temple.

Beside the bridge are sculptures of many hands, representing people who go to hell. This should be the explanation. Figure below


The following image is saying: You drop, have sin drop, can’t enter drop.

The following figure seems to be saying: OK, let’s be merciful and you drop into hell.

Have you heard Taiwanese singer Zheng Zhihua’s “Sailor”? There is a sentence in it: “Saying insincere words and wearing a mask of hypocrisy”. The reality of society is like lyrics. Many people say heaven is beautiful. But when you go to pay New Year’s greetings to those who say heaven is beautiful, if you really say: I wish anyone a happy New Year and the whole family to go to heaven, the best place as soon as possible. I think you will be beaten. What do you mean by saying that it is very beautiful and you don’t want to go?

My real idea is: the last place I want to go is a beautiful paradise that many people say! My favorite thing is money that many people regard as dirt! I know I am a poor smoker.

No more gossip. Before entering the main hall, the following figure

Photographs are not allowed in the main hall. In fact, there is a huge Buddha mural hand-painted by Khositphiphat. There were also painters on the scene who continued to process the auxiliary paintings beside the murals. No photos, so there are no photos.

The following picture shows coming out of another door.





The following figure shows a part of the corridor in the courtyard.



The lawn in front of the toilet in the following figure

The following picture of White Temple taken from another angle after coming out,


After dinner, continue to set off for the dark room. Turn off the highway in about an hour. Enter an alley. I saw the black house. There are no tickets and no charges here. Figure below


The exterior of this black house is built of teak. They are all in black and dark brown tone. The tour guide told us that the house was painted with colored oil instead of black paint. There are many specimens of animals in the house. There is no entrance guard and you can enter or leave at will. It’s where he keeps his antiques. It is also his private museum.

Follow my camera. The following figure shows the main house.

The following figure enters the main hall of the black house.


The following figure shows the statue of the black owner in the main hall.

Below is the building in the courtyard behind the main hall.

Next to these buildings is a thatched shed building with several rooms. Figure below

There are complete elephant bones, air-dried snake specimens, a large number of cow skulls and shells, and it is said that some items are even cultural relics collected for thousands of years. These collectibles are not simply placed, but are recreated and re-expressed with the eyes and techniques of artists’ creation. Figure below

Of course, there are also a large number of killing tools used by human beings. Figure below


Another one was taken by the writer of this article beside the black house. Travel is very casual, so wear slippers.

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