The day before I left Thailand, I was sitting in a cabin in Pai and heard Eldest Brother Cheng from Malaysia say that he had had four adventures in Thailand. He said that Thailand is a country that makes people believe in the law of fate. Every time he comes, he can inexplicably meet friends scattered all over the world who have not contacted for a long time, and there are many inexplicable encounters.

I think so.

This trip to Thailand is not a kind of fate. Knowing about the activities of swimming a lot at the right time; He wrote an appropriate travel note and was lucky to win the prize. Xiao Hong, a small partner who happened to walk through Pakistan and India together, also slowly moved from Vietnam and Cambodia to Thailand, so he had the right companion.

It is only natural that everything will follow suit.

Late at night on December 10, I flew to Bangkok with Kankan and Princess Apple. At that time, I did not know that this city, which I once wanted to give up, had already prepared for me a lively encounter in how.

Today’s Tips:

About how to get to Bangkok. Thanks to kankan for recommending the route from wuhan to bangkok. According to observation, the price of this route is relatively stable and it is really an excellent choice to go to Bangkok. As for the journey from the airport to Kaoshan Road, because it was too late to arrive, we could only take a taxi. The driver was kind and the price was reasonable, 300B..

About where to live. If you are like me, it is your first time to go to Bangkok. I suggest living on Kaoshan Road. First of all, it is very close to everywhere, especially the famous Grand Palace, and it is only a walk. Secondly, Kaoshan Road’s tourism industry is extremely perfect. No matter where you want to go, you will have a suitable price and take over the delivery. Last but not least, the backpack atmosphere here is so strong that when you walk into the street and see all kinds of people from all over the world, you can’t help sighing: Oh, I am really, really traveling! !

11 December:

Sleep until you wake up naturally, wearing a T-shirt and flip-flops, you throw yourself into the vast flow of people on Kaoshan Road.

As food, of course, first find food.

The second is naturally to go to the famous Grand Palace. I followed Xiaohong to walk and look east and west, looking to see a trace of the conflict between the red and yellow shirts. However, pedestrians are leisurely and comfortable, cars are orderly and calm disappointingly. Xiaohong laughed at me with the attitude of a Bangkok boss: “silly, who will accompany you so early!!”

It was already 12 noon, and it was still so early… so early… what kind of rhythm was this…

Suddenly, an uncle jumped out of the roadside and asked, “Where are U from?”


Oh, Chinese, I am an overseas Chinese from Thailand.

Nani? What a coincidence?

Are you going to the grand palace? Do you know that there are ten Buddhas besides four Buddhas, so beautiful!! And it is only opened once a year, today!!!

Nani? What a coincidence?

Uncle immediately took out a pen and paper and drew a detailed map to teach us how to reach the beautiful ten-sided Buddha.

Xiaohong and I instantly felt the warmth of our compatriots.

Farewell to the enthusiastic uncle, Xiaohong and I continued to move forward according to the map he gave us. Unexpectedly, another uncle jumped out of the roadside, mentioned the ten-sided Buddha again, and taught us how to tutu and how to go by boat. He even taught us a few Thai words, such as “how much is it?” It’s too expensive. “Saying so, we won’t be cheated.

Just as it happened, a tutu came to us. Uncle enthusiastically offered for us and 20B went to the ferry.

What a nice person.

Xiaohong and I instantly felt the warmth of the Thai people.

Arriving at the ferry, an aunt was greeted. The bait was still the beautiful ten-sided Buddha, one hour, 1200B. Nani? Do you think we are pure local tyrants?

Xiaohong and I finally realized that along the way, the two uncles and one tutu were actually supporting each other. The ultimate goal was to lead us to the aunt and place us deeply together.

What they didn’t expect was that Xiaohong and I were veteran wanderers for many years. We quickly recognized the situation and found the ferry. It took us 3B to cross the Chao Phraya River and grope for the high Zheng Wang Temple.

Along the way, we spoke sympathetically of these painstaking supporters, believing that their designs were closely linked and their performances were just right. Unfortunately, we finally escaped. Because of this, we are not unhappy at all, but find it extremely interesting.

Looking at the very close temple of Zheng Wang, it was looking at the mountain and running dead horses. We walked through countless alleys, entered two temples, molested a group of young novices who were taking exams, and finally praised the aunt who sold fragrant pears in Korla, Xinjiang…

Zheng Wang Temple finally stands high in front of us.

Zheng Wang Temple, also known as Liming Temple, is called the Eiffel Tower in Bangkok. The slope of the upper and lower steps is extremely high and very narrow. Common blondes and blue-eyed beauties are shaking and standing in the middle, making loud and loud screams, leading countless handsome men with the same blondes and blue-eyed to bow down.

Heroes must be saved. Beauty.

Look, look, how brave Dodo birds are.

Standing on the tower, you can overlook the whole of Bangkok, including the Grand Palace.

The tower body was surrounded by a circle of yellow cloth for tourists to leave messages and sign.

No matter where it is, the scene of writing messages seriously always looks very beautiful.

What is better is a couple at the gate of Zheng Wang Temple. He held tweezers in his hand and gently pulled out her white hair. He looked focused and she closed her eyes gently.

The moment I quietly pressed the shutter, I wet my eyes.

After traveling for a long time, the scenery is completely second, and what you encounter, smell and feel on the road is the most fascinating.

Therefore, when we arrived at the gate of the Grand Palace, we learned that the Grand Palace was closed early today without any regret.

I strongly urged Xiao Hong to take me to the Democracy Monument, which is said to be the gathering place of demonstrators.

I thought I could see the infuriating scene. Facts have proved that I was wrong…

There are many people. Everyone walked and sat on the big square in front of the monument, with sheds built everywhere. There were special personnel to provide food, free medicine distribution, and even stalls to kill chickens. Everyone ate, drank, listened to the speech, watched the performance, talked and laughed, it was just a happy patty.

Alas, only beautiful Yingluck is disappointed.

Tip of the Day: Don’t trust anyone’s recommended trip on the way to the Grand Palace, even if he looks warm and kind. After seeing the Grand Palace, you can find the nearest Meinan Ferry and cross the river to Zheng Wang Temple for 3B. Ticket 50B, worth it.

12 December:

Personally, I like public transportation very much. The bus is like a microcosm of society. If you can take the bus freely, it will give you a strong sense of integration.

Before I went to Thailand, I heard that the bus in Bangkok was very terrible. The station was completely Thai and I didn’t know where it was. However, Xiao Hong, a small partner, is a bus expert. He can often turn corruption into magic and make full use of bus traffic in Thailand.

For example, our itinerary today. Kaoshan Road-511bus-Bus Station-78bus-Dannenshado Water Market-minibus-Ampawa-tutu-Train Market-minibus-Bangkok Shengli Monument-509bus-Kaoshan Road.

After a circle, the transportation fee was RMB 49 yuan, giving away a lot of interesting things free of charge.

The bus in Thailand is very interesting. There is a red button beside the bus exit door. If there is no one waiting on some platforms, the driver will probably not stop. If you want to get off, you can hit the red button and the driver will stop naturally.

Speaking of Bangkok’s water market, of course, it is best to go to Ampava, where “Du Lala’s Promotion” was filmed, to be simple and peaceful. Unfortunately, it is only available on weekends, so we had to go to Dennenshado.

It is said that Dennenshado is very commercial. However, the overall feeling was very good except for a little unhappiness at the alighting point.

We paid 300B to hire a boat for 2 hours. The boat swung on the water and sold all kinds of goods around. If you take a fancy to it, you can let the boatman lean over. I didn’t eat breakfast. I was so hungry that I saw the powder seller’s eyes flashing immediately. The boatman motioned me to calm down. He shouted at the aunt, who rowed the boat and swung along. Filled with a bowl of powder, the boatman went on without hesitation. I was anxious: “I haven’t finished eating yet. Where is the bowl? What about the bowl!!”

Boyle waved her hand: “Put you on board!!”

The price of food was not far from that of Kaoshan Road. The boatman was not angry when he saw that we didn’t buy any goods. He cheerfully looked for lizards along the road and called us to see.

Because of his due diligence, even the stingy ones could not help tipping us at last.

After landing, we walked to the alighting point and did not see the bus. An uncle said, “bus station, it’s far away.”

He got on a bun and called us, Go, bus station.

But, we were scared by yesterday’s uncle, unknown so, did not dare to get on the bus.

He was furious and gave a loud roar: free! Free! !

He took us to the station and instructed us where to buy tickets.

We finally met a living Lei Feng…

The minibus driver to Ampava was an interesting guy, teasing the beautiful woman in the back seat all the way. And asked me to take a picture of him. When I really aimed the camera at him, he flashed aside at a speed that was very inconsistent with his fat body and laughed heartily at each other.

Ampawa, which is not a weekend, is indeed extremely cold and cheerless. Xiaohong, who witnessed the weekend feast with his own eyes, said: Thailand is such a magical place. After sleeping, what and what are gone, and it is different everywhere…

Well, let’s go to the famous train market.

Live experience and watching videos are really two different things, otherwise, there would be no need for everyone to travel far and wide.

Seeing the train coming from a distance, the old monk walked leisurely on the railway tracks, and the stall owners were still collecting the stalls slowly. I really caught them in a hurry. The train crashed with a clash among the apples, bananas, potatoes and even above them. The tourists were excited. The vendors calmly talked and laughed. When the train was over, they slowly set up canopies, set up stalls and started buying and selling.

The most important thing is that this train is not a decoration, it really plays a traffic role. This is Meigong Station. There are a group of girls beside the train who are preparing to take the train to school.

If you want to go to Bangkok, you can transfer to bus after two stops by train. The ticket is 10B, which is less than RMB in 2 yuan. It is really cheap.

It’s a pity that we have to catch the bus to Chiang Mai at night and have no time to experience it.

At 7 p.m., we followed the sister of Chiang Mai’s ticket agency through numerous alleys on Kaoshan Road and finally arrived at the place where we got on the bus.

The buddy standing in front is Bangkok’s last impression on me. How long is he going to walk and how much he loves this shoe? It doesn’t count to carry two pairs on his back, and one pair on his feet is exactly the same. Xiao Hong and I kept discussing whether he could tell which pair was which pair until we got on the bus.

When the car starts, it is time to bid farewell to Bangkok. This vivid and fragrant city has given me countless encounters and surprises. I think I will definitely come again.

Maybe soon, maybe very far away, who knows?

Today’s Tips:

If you have time, you may as well try Bangkok Bus. The price is much higher than that of light rail subway. Don’t be afraid of the bug in Thai announcing the station. You can say hello to the conductor in advance and call you when you arrive.

After Route 78 arrives at Dannenshado, it will directly alight at the first cruise point. It is very expensive and has a bad attitude. It takes 1000b for two hours. You can continue to walk forward, and someone will greet you not far away. 300b.

Return to Bangkok from the train market, near Victory Monument. Walk towards Shengli Monument and cross the overpass to see the bus hub station with countless buses. Both Route 509 and Route 12 can reach Kaoshan Road.