From 26 north latitude to 13 north latitude, from 120 east longitude to 98 east longitude, I think I just did what I wanted to do. When you are still rubbing your eyes and your eyes are hazy, you can’t see that the sunrise in Kenting has dyed the horizon red. When you are still covering your ears and not waking up, you cannot hear Big Ben ticking in Greenwich. While you’re still on your way to work, You don’t realize the vast expanse of the Sahara. I think I just did what I wanted to do-to my first Thai trip. This trip is still a temporary one, because it is my first time abroad. I am afraid that in case something happens to what, my family will know where I am, so I decided to tell them. Arrive in Guangzhou on August 13, 2013, Chiang Mai on August 14, 2013, Pai District on August 15, 2013, Huaxin on August 19, 2013, Bangkok on August 21, 2013.

I was very uncomfortable on the train to Guangzhou, Because I wanted to save some money and took the bus to Kunming with a large number of people, As a result, the car was very crowded. But the first time I heard the car full of people speaking Cantonese, I felt good. After half a day’s drive to the airport, The early morning flight took two hours to Bangkok, (This is my first time on a plane, and my reaction is very severe. I feel bleeding in my ears.) After staying at the airport for one night, There were a lot of people and a lot of Chinese. I also saw a man disguised as a local tyrant using a super invincible and poor English diaocafe waiter. As a Chinese, I was ashamed enough at that moment and wanted to rush up and say sorry to the waiter. The Thai baht was changed at the airport because it could not be changed in Fuzhou and the exchange rate was lower than that in China. The next day, when I changed planes to Chiang Mai, I sat next to a very gentlemen uncle. I was called “Lady” for the first time and was very happy. They often go out to play with their whole family. Their wife is Japanese. Now the whole family lives in Germany and can speak Thai. I also showed us their photos in Beijing. We also took a picture together. What a lovely uncle. Oh, his eldest son is quite good. (appreciate that little English is enough for basic communication) Chiang Mai’s first impression when he arrived in Chiang Mai was very good, That kind of good is warm heart good, because the people there will be very friendly smile at you, the car will always give way to you, you will always have kind people to answer your questions, walking on the road is comfortable, what you see will make your mouth smile slightly, this feeling is especially obvious in Bangkok. I don’t know how many cups of fruit milk shake I have drunk, because I can’t eat any other Thai food. I feel nauseous when I smell the spice! However, I still have to score 99 points for Chiang Mai, because this city really gives me many, many surprises, and the shortage of 1 point is due to food. After visiting Shuanglong Temple, I went to Chiang Mai University. At the open day, Many departments and colleges are doing publicity, I like it very much, I had the opportunity to release the recorded video. When the students were going to leave, a teacher caught me and chatted with me. He could see that he liked China very much. As soon as he saw me from a distance, he asked me if I was from China. Then he praised Shanghai as a big city. Then he casually said a few words and I left. On the last day in Chiang Mai, Lili and I want to visit a museum near the ancient city. In fact, we didn’t want to waste this half-day’s time, but we stumbled into an old people’s home by mistake. We really crustily skin of head went in, thinking there would be a museum in it. The old people all looked at us in surprise. Later, when we came out, we met a grandmother with inconvenient legs and feet. She asked us in English, “Where are you from?” At that time, we were all surprised that she could speak English. Grandma was so enthusiastic that she told us to go out for a ride and help us stop Tuktuk. Her legs were not convenient and she still insisted on helping us. At that time, tears almost fell from her eyes when her heart was warm. Is there any reason why what will not go to such cities?

PAI Pai District is a fairy tale and a place suitable for taking photos, but I am willing to go there after I learn to ride a bicycle. It must be wonderful to go out on a bicycle in the morning and come back on a bicycle in the evening. Chiang Mai is a 3-hour drive from Pai District. It is half the way up the mountain and half the way down the mountain. I vomited to death. It is all because I drank a large cup of yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning! On the last day in Pai District, I reported to a travel agency. One-day tour of Pai District is regarded as, Riding an elephant, I went to the Grand Canyon over there… (I met a Swiss girl who came alone and said she was a student, Emma, how many brain cells had to die) while driving on the road, The driver taught us three sentences of Thai. Boys and girls talked about the difference between hello. Boys are Sawadhika (keep your mouth closed), girls are Sawadhika, and thank you, buckle the shed card, I love you, follow buy buy. There were relaxed Thai songs in the car. We were doing all kinds of little tricks behind the car. I opened the window in the car and shouted ‘PAI, follow buy buy’. Although I was a little embarrassed for a moment, I was very happy. On the return trip, because it was the last bus and there would be a border check on the way, To check the driver’s ID card, when we got off the bus to get some air, the soldiers on the roadside had a conversation. He praised me as “cute” in unskilled Chinese. I had to praise him as “handsome in hello” (really handsome, you know I love Brother Flathead) in English. He was a very friendly person. Why didn’t I ask email? The way back was very foggy at night, dense fog, occasionally the lights of the cars flickered bit by bit, are there goats on the roadside? It’s still a herd of cattle. I can’t remember it clearly. It’s really like a fairy tale fog Wizard of Oz.

HUAXIN went to Hua Xin by taxi. At one time, he was worried that the companion of the other car would be abducted because the driver could not speak English and did not know the hotel address. The drivers of the two cars did not communicate well in advance, but fortunately, they both arrived safely in the end. The place where we live is at sea. When we sleep, we will shake a little and hear the sound of the sea beating against wooden stakes. When I first arrived, I was sitting in my room watching the sea. I just got the recording of San Mao on my microblog. At that time, I listened, sat, watched and listened to her when Jose died. I listened to her saying the word in “This World”, wiping your blood and wiping my tears. I heard tears fall, sometimes sensational is really understandable. Although Hua Xin is a place where the sea is not beautiful, there are few Chinese. In the evening, many restaurants on the roadside will have LIVE BAND. This is great. We went out to eat seascape rice that day. The restaurant is also great. The night view is very good! Give her 60 points. I didn’t like it or get bored. There was an episode in the middle. It was when I was shopping with Mi at night, I accidentally went to a street in the chicken shop. Nima, my little heart was frightened.

BANGKOK, the drivers at the Bangkok railway station should have known us all by now, Because they recognized us when we arrived at the railway station this time, It is estimated that the last time I went to Hua Xin to cut prices and kill too hard, I remember us, This time I didn’t pay much attention to them, Run directly to take the bus to Kaoshan Road, The bus in Bangkok is charged by some people. The conductor will take a long iron cylinder-like thing with coins jingling inside. It takes some time to find a hotel in the middle of the night. When asking for directions, he was warmly treated by a boy and told me that I love you. Later, he found out that they regard I love you as hello’s greeting. There is an episode here, that is, we have 8 people, but I only booked a room for 7 people, and I still thought that I could squeeze it. I thought that the hotel would not have how. As a result, people were all nodding their heads, so I paid another 200B. However, the room I lived in had no hot water, which was cheating. At that time, I didn’t look at the reservation carefully. Then the famous Kaoshan Road feels a bit like Student Street. Even if there are many foreigners, there will be people drinking on the roadside in broad daylight, and many people on the roadside are doing mass. Some vendors here will enthusiastically say “hello, I love you” in Chinese, but some do not like doing Chinese business. I met a vendor who muttered “white wear” (looking at bracelets at that time)

I met a very warm-hearted man on the way. Tell us that the grand palace is full of monks praying before 12 o’clock. If we don’t let in, we are recommended to take a boat tour. Who knows he will be the boatman’s partner, cheating father, what bullshit broken boat, there is no water market at all, it is a dirty river, and there is a disgusting super invincible lizard. Who wants to see it? Please, what’s more abominable is that he is grateful to him and has taken a photo with him now! ! ! Later, because of the large number of people in the Grand Palace, Tickets are also very expensive, Me, Mi and Mocha didn’t go in, I went to the Sleeping Buddha Temple instead. On the way back, there was a heavy rain. The three of us got lost again, Trapped by heavy rain, Later, I walked to a mini roadside coffee shop. After a little hot coffee, I asked WiFi (we forgot the hotel address because we didn’t understand the language, and our mobile phone didn’t open a foreign package, so we could only check the reservation order online) or WiFi of a shelved unit next door. Later, when the rain was less, we stopped a TU TU, showed him the address, and after agreeing on the price, he nodded and drove. Later, he found that the driver uncle could not speak English, and Bangkok was very crowded and blocked in the evening! At the end of the day, he said Thai let us out of the car, this time! Mochi seems to be able to understand the word “get off the bus”, because getting off the bus in Zhuang language is the same pronunciation, and then they have an irrelevant communication. I really convinced them how they did it! The reason why we didn’t get off the bus was that we had no idea where the hotel was or where it was coming. Later, when I was stuck at the intersection, The driver raised the price of 50B to 100B, We all have to play dumb and say i dont know, But he insisted, I’m in a hurry, Sitting in the car, he shouted to the driver of a motorcycle passing by and told him the situation. He talked enthusiastically for a while, The driver agreed to maintain the original price, Later, I generally thought we were “too powerful” and gave us thumbs up. However, I still think the impact of Zhuang and Thai is too amusing.) When I returned to the hotel, I was completely drenched. @-@ The next day, I went to visit BIG C and the famous Bangkok bag to buy some souvenirs. Moreover, I went to the four-sided Buddha to say goodbye. This is an incredible Buddha. If it is effective, I will fulfill my promise. I hope my hope will come true. Although I don’t understand the language of Buddhism, I think Buddhism does. Every time I feel like I want to leave in Bangkok, there are always kind people who make me not want to leave. To me, this is the charm of a city. I will also go to Bangkok. It seems that I can enjoy these places in Thailand, because there will be boys talking to me in every place. Is this even an affair? But why is the age either too old or too young? The little boy who asked me about my email immediately panicked when he heard that I was a university. The high school student was indeed a little young. Although Hua Xin’s uncle enthusiastically hoped to see u next time, today today, I didn’t catch a cold with you, uncle. It was the boy who hated and enthusiastically showed me the way on 7-11. Why did you bring a girl with you? About how I survived these 10 days, It’s all due to 7-11. For the whole 10 days, I felt that we were almost through 7-11. And then there’s one thing I have to confess, When I was in a family in Hua Xin on July 11, I was so thirsty that I took a large cup of Sprite. Then because I was so thirsty that I couldn’t wait to check out at the counter, I took a big drink. Then, I planned to pay the bill, but I saw that he was much empty, so I took another full cup, and then I went to the front desk to pay the bill contentedly.