Day 4 (continued): From Chiang Mai to Phuket Island, Transvestite Show

Unlike other airlines, AirAsia only cares about the total weight of checked baggage, regardless of the number of pieces. When I booked the ticket, I bought a 20 kg check-in quota, which just settled the two heavy baggage and the three boarded the plane light.

It takes less than two hours to fly from Chiang Mai to Phuket Island. As we approached, we could see the sea water and ships below from the plane. Some islands are just like Guilin’s mountains and rivers. I doubt whether they are the legendary 007 Island.

When carrying my luggage, I noticed that a large table was set up in the middle of the conveyor belt, listing the taxi prices to major hotels all over the island, which cost 600 Thai baht to Padong. As soon as I got out of the luggage hall, many taxi drivers came up. I asked one, he wanted 650, so I followed him. As soon as he approached, he found that his car was parked on the other side of the isolation belt. There was no sign on the car. It turned out to be a black taxi (the hometown people called the black taxi “wild boar”, and Sichuan people ZH and Z were not divided). Asked him to spare the price, he refused, so he turned back to the exit. Like Chiang Mai, the legal taxi here is also assigned by a special person. After registration, you will be given a list with the taxi number and complaint telephone number on it. The fare is 650 Thai baht.

More than 40 minutes later, the mountain loop turned and the crescent-shaped Patong Beach appeared in front of our eyes. The beach is yellow in color and is not as fine as the sand grains on Cuba’s Lago Island. The advantage is that she is pillow in a mountain nest, and the cliffs at the north and south ends extend into the sea water, holding the beach in the middle like two arms. In this way, not only the blue sea and sky can be seen on the beach, but also the green mountains and trees can be seen, thus enriching the scenery.

The hotel booked in Patong is called “The Bliss”, a very elegant name. Compared with the hotel we stayed in Chiang Mai, the hotel was much smaller and the rooms were very narrow. The simple decoration style looks clean and comfortable, but many details are relatively crude. The biggest advantage is that the location is very good, just beside the beach. Our room faces the sea. If it weren’t for those ugly wires, we could see tourists splashing on the beach from the balcony.

Pack up properly and go to the lobby to inquire about the one-day tour of Phi Phi Island. The bid price is 1500B (ordinary) and 2100B (high grade). A few steps out of the hotel gate is the booth of a travel agency. Like the one in Chiang Mai, the shopkeeper is also a generous middle-aged woman. Phi Phi Island is far away and it takes an hour to take a speedboat. What worries me is that my mother may get seasick in a speedboat. However, if you change to a big boat, it will not only be slow, but also you will not be able to enter Mayan Bay. The female shopkeeper said skillfully that my mother was still very young and assured me that as long as she sat in the stern, there would be no problem. Finally, the deal was made at 1350B/digit.

After eating in a hurry, we walked to the theater of Simon’s transvestite show. The venue is very small from the outside, and the audience in the hall is bustling and very lively. Almost all the people in the queue bought them online and then changed their tickets. Our tickets were bought online the night before, 600B/person, and the seats chosen were the best, in the middle of the third row.

The performance itself is similar to what I expected. In order to cater to the Chinese audience, three programs are all Chinese. To be exact, it belongs to two Taiwanese and one mainland. ) One of the programs is a foreign language song sung by three “beauties” (of course, they are all lip-synching). The one on the left impressed me most, with a graceful and fresh smile. Compared with 99% of the real women in the world.

The dance level of the supporting actors is obviously much lower, which greatly reduces the standard of the whole performance. In particular, those supporting actors, either five short-bodied or thieves and rats, are in sharp contrast to the tall and beautiful female actors.

Although the audience was repeatedly reminded not to take photos and videos, there was still a South Asian woman who tried to take photos secretly and was warned by the staff. At this time, I noticed a South Asian man not far from me staring at the woman with very sharp eyes, obviously dissatisfied with her public humiliation of their ethnic group.

My mother’s evaluation of the performance was good, saying that it was not as vulgar as she had heard others say in advance. I guess those people must have gone to pornographic performances, which is not the same as this, but it is not easy to tell their mother clearly.

After the performance, the audience went out through the side door, while the actors lined up in the brightly lit aisle outside the door to take photos with the audience and earn tips. However, there are not many spectators who really spend money on taking photos. Most of them just hold up their cameras and mobile phones and shoot at these “acquired beauties” indiscriminately, causing a lot of noise. It happened that today was the King’s birthday. All the actors lit candles and sang together to celebrate the King’s birthday.

On the way back to the hotel, there were many painting shops, some of which were good at painting. One of the main themes of these paintings is various interpretations of Buddha statues. It’s a pity that it’s too big, otherwise it would be nice to buy one to hang in the living room.

The restaurants along the street all put their menus at the entrance. We noticed that both English and Russian were used, and only then did we realize that most of the white people here were Russians. Not surprisingly, Russia (especially the Far East), like China, is close to Thailand and naturally regards it as a “sunshine destination” to avoid the cold. This relationship is the same as that of the United States/Canada and Mexico/Caribbean.

Day 5: Phi Phi Island Day Tour

Early in the morning, the van came to the hotel to pick us up. Half an hour later, we arrived at the dock. Later, 70 or 80 tourists came one after another. Runs a company called Anurak Seacanoe. Organizers gave each tourist a colored piece of paper to stick to his chest. Different colors represent different speedboats. It was said to be a dock, but there was no trestle bridge. Everyone was wading on the water boat. There are about 20 people on our speedboat. Except for the three of us and two Indian couples, the others are all white. Before I asked, the tour guide (a dark and capable young man) arranged my mother and I to sit down at the stern and face the bow. Indeed, the stern bump is the smallest, and it is up and down, so I don’t feel dizzy. However, due to its close proximity to the engine, the noise is very loud and the petrol smell is very heavy at low speed. Moreover, the back of the seat at the stern is very short, and the back of the seat will be punctured with a jerk. Fortunately, my mother did not feel too unwell.

In addition to the tour guide and the helm, there were two young men of seventeen or eighteen with the ship. One is responsible for recording tourists and the other is responsible for maintaining the engine. During the rapid driving of the speedboat, one of the two men was suspended from the side of the ship and the other was crouching on the stern edge to sleep without any protection measures. Let me worry and admire.

After bouncing in the sea breeze and droplets for an hour, he finally came to the famous Mayan Bay. At this time, it was the rush hour, and dozens of speedboats crowded on the shore. On the shore, the beach was as crowded and noisy as a market, and the tour guide gave us half an hour, so we were neither in the mood nor in the atmosphere to savor the paradise-like beauty in front of us. We had to stroll around in a hurry and take photos of our mother at the same time. At this time, I regretted not booking the hotel on Phi Phi Island (due to price and transportation reasons at that time). If we live on the island, we can rent a boat to come here when there are few people, which will definitely be a completely different feeling.

After that, they passed through Monkey Island, Bird’s Nest Cave and other scenic spots, but they all passed by. Then we stopped in a calm water area and began to prepare for snorkeling. I tried to put a breathing mask on my mother’s head. But she was very unaccustomed and had to give up.

Because I was wearing a life jacket this time, it was much easier to go into the water than when I first snorkeled in Cuba. The sea is only about ten meters deep. Most of the fish in the water is a yellow fish with dark markings. It swims in groups. It is very beautiful and sometimes within easy reach. But really stretched out his hand to catch, but always can’t catch. The main reason is that fish are too flexible, and the refractive index of water is different from that of air, so people’s judgment of distance and angle in water is not accurate.

I swam for a while and returned to the boat. I didn’t expect that after the boat stopped, it was shaking very hard from side to side. I immediately fainted and quickly returned to the water. I lay on the water and closed my eyes. I didn’t come up from the water until everyone got on the boat. What surprised me was that my mother did not get seasick after shaking on it for so long. It seems that carsickness medicine is still very effective.

After lunch in a large canteen, we came to another island: Khai island. The beach here is much better than Patong. Unfortunately, like Maya Bay, it is also crowded with beach chairs. Well, the tour guide gave us an hour and a half to rest, bask in the sun and swim here. We also cut watermelons and pineapples and sent them to all tourists for us to enjoy.

My mother can’t swim. I took her hand and came to the water carefully. This piece of water is very shallow and clear. A group of beautiful tropical fish shuttled between tourists, which surprised my mother and made up for the regret of not snorkeling just now. The Indian on the same boat didn’t bring swimming trunks, but he was wearing white triangle underwear, blue mirror and big belly fluttering in the water. He was also charmingly naive.

Returning to the shore, the tour guide told us that the video shot by the young man would be made into DVD, 1100B. After much hesitation, I finally decided to buy it. When I got home, the quality of the film was very poor. Thirty percent are our fragments and the other 70 percent are those of the four Indians. It seems that no white man has been fooled. Compared with Laoyin, I am a bigger sucker.

After returning to the hotel, I found that I had no change of clothes. I went out to the booth where I bought a one-day tour yesterday and asked. Only then did I know that they also took the laundry job. 50B/kg and 70B/kg for urgent cases. So he left them a bag of dirty clothes.

Although she didn’t walk during the day, her mother was very tired. After asking, I realized that my mother could only keep her balance by holding the backrest with one hand sideways because her feet could not reach the ground when riding in the speedboat. Of course, she was very tired after such a long time. My mother fell asleep, but my friends and I wanted to enjoy Patong’s famous nightlife. Go out along the seaside street to the north, the right side is full of high-end hotels and restaurants, there are many small shops, selling handicrafts, fake handbags and so on, a dazzling array of beautiful things in eyes. We stopped at the door of a shop and the owner asked, “Just looking? “I asked curiously,” How do you know? “The shopkeeper’s wife curled her pie mouth:” Because you are Chinese! “The implication is: Chinese people only watch but not buy. This is the first time I feel unfriendly in Thailand.

Walking, you came to the notorious Soi Bangla Street. At this time, this street has been closed to traffic and has become a pedestrian street. On both sides of the street are bars and nightclubs, with colorful lights and loud music. There are also girls dancing pole dances in windows or balconies to solicit guests. The streets were crowded with people. Almost every step, some people asked if they wanted to watch the ping pong show (a pornographic performance) or find a girl to recruit. Compared with the “* *” I imagined, this is really even worse.

Tomorrow we will leave Patong for Caron Beach, only to realize that we have never had a chance to walk on Patong Beach, let alone go into the water. Unwilling to waste the hotel’s biggest selling point in vain, we decided to walk back from the beach. Accidentally, the tide wet trouser legs. Alas, the loss outweights the gain.

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