1. Sanpashiu Temple is located in Supan Li Wu County, 2 hours north of Bangkok. Although this temple has existed for more than 700 years, the murals are keeping up with the times. Careful tourists find that cartoon images such as Doraemon are hidden in the murals during the viewing process. Therefore, it is also called the most fashionable temple in history by the media.

2. The four doraemon statues in front of the temple convey the Confucian idea of “seeing no evil, hearing no evil, speaking no evil and moving no evil”. But is the power really off in the front

3 or 9 years ago, the temple was renovated to create murals of Buddha’s reincarnation, so a painter named Rajian was invited to paint in the temple for 6 years. Because the painter likes cats very much, he secretly painted his favorite cartoon character Doraemon in an inconspicuous place. In the end, even the painter himself could not remember how much he painted and where he hid it.

4. Perhaps it is because the contents of the murals are immoral. Monks cover their eyes and dare not look at them more when they pass by. For so many years, no one has discovered the secrets hidden in the paintings.






11. There must be tinker bell in the picture, but now I can’t find it out

10, scribbling on the door was kicked out by the daughter-in-law


13. Found a Tinker Bell in the vast number of murals. When excited, poking it with your hand is actually an unconscious action, but it will really cause damage to the murals.

14. Civilized visit starts with me. If Tinker Bell gets angry, the consequences will be very serious.

15. This tourist is filming what. I was delighted when I looked closely.

16, kung fu panda waves to me

17. Angry Birds

18. With IPAD, who still plays glass balls now? I didn’t expect to play glass balls on the ground with my new friends a few days later, and then an adventure happened. These are all later words for the time being.

20, a lot of people in the temple to burn incense, look at the robotic cat is only three of us. Because christians are forbidden to worship Buddha and burn incense in temples. But I wonder how the ladies would feel when they saw the picture below

21, the Buddha sitting in the church, on the roof lying on the salvation hero ultraman

22. Did you consider the feelings of Buddha and God when you drew these things? However, the temple did not blame the painter and even said magnanimously: The Doraemons in the murals attract children to visit the temple. All interested tourists are welcome to find them.

23. Uncle, the enthusiastic tour guide in the temple, without his advice, I would definitely not have found a Doraemon.


24. The temple not only does not charge tickets, but also provides free ice water.

25. Unplugged freezer

26. The temple not only does not charge tickets for free drinking water, but also provides a sumptuous free buffet. As soon as I entered the temple gate, the enthusiastic monks pushed me to the table without hesitation. As for those looking for what, the Doraemon, they had a full meal first.

27, see I only filled a little rice noodles and Fried fish, the staff to bring fruit bowl and jelly. When the domestic temple can also be so good

Address of the temple: Shangbaxiu Temple is located in Suphaburi, Supan Li Wu County, 150 kilometers from Bangkok. The way of arrival is: 1. Chartered bus to 2. Take the light rail BTSN3VICTOR station, transfer the van to the local long-distance bus station and take two buses. I suggest that it is best to charter a bus, because the temple is located in a remote area and there are no living double strips and motorcycle at the gate. When I returned, I stood on the country road for half an hour before getting a motorcycle. Also, because the temple staff are warm and friendly and take care of food, if everyone can bring some small toys such as Doraemon key chains in return, they will be very happy.