In the experience parade, the last day is a Thai style collective wedding jointly organized by Thailand National Tourism Administration and Chinese portrait photography society. This is the most expected day after I know the whole trip, because I heard that it will be a grand royal wedding, and the wedding site preparation cost more than 1 million yuan, which can be expected to be grand! And I’m particularly curious about the traditional Thai wedding, and then I can look forward to my wedding in the future…

The venue for the group wedding is Pattaya-Nongnooch Tropical Garden, a Thai rural leisure resort not far from downtown Pattaya. It is said that there will be some Thai folk performances and elephant performances at ordinary times, as well as traditional wedding ceremonies and shaving ceremonies. It can be regarded as a leisure place where Thai national culture is displayed regularly. However, as the highlight of the day was the group wedding, we regret not to see these performances, hehe. . The wedding ceremony started in the afternoon and we were required to attend in formal attire. Before that, the large army had shorts and slippers every day. Today, all of them were dressed like changed individuals, and some of them were not used to it. A total of 46 couples, all from China, took part in this collective wedding. Joining hands with their partners to meet in such an exotic traditional Thai wedding is really quite in line with the theme of this activity-“a romantic journey, a lifetime of aftertaste!” “

Like all weddings, the bride and groom will always be the most eye-catching wedding protagonists on the wedding day, especially the bride! After some elaborate dressing, changing into traditional Thai hairstyles and clothes, and wearing exquisite jewelry, she is the most beautiful Thai bride today. There is also the host of the wedding (the beautiful woman of the Thai Travel Bureau who is our colleague this time) who is also the object of everyone’s competition for photos. This dress, this headdress and this makeup are all too beautiful! It is really enviable, jealous and hateful!

Thailand’s traditional wedding is full of strong Buddhist flavor. The wedding is a Buddhist ceremony at the beginning. Eminent monks chant sutras and pray for the new couple. The whole process is solemn but lively. Although I didn’t understand what they said about what, everyone on the scene folded their hands and the pious expression really made people feel the same way! With such blessings, we silently make a promise of love, and we will be happy forever in our life! After the chanting, the eminent monk sprinkled water on the new couple and baptized them, wishing them a long life together!

The end of the Buddhist ceremony is the beginning of the formal wedding ceremony. According to Thai customs at that time, monks or elders of both sides must wear “double happiness gauze circles” for the groom and bride. Shuangxi yarn circle is also called auspicious yarn circle. It is made up of a white yarn head and tail tied into a yarn circle and tied with a water bell, which is worn on the head of the new couple. These yarn circles must not be cut with scissors and will not be untied by the elders until the watering ceremony is over.

According to Thai wedding customs, the groom and bride will hold duck eggs and glutinous rice with their hands folded, of which duck eggs represent the early birth of a baby and glutinous rice symbolizes prosperity. There is also a flowerpot for connecting water under the palm of the two men’s hands. After wearing the double happiness gauze ring, the guests attending the wedding will also sprinkle water and bless the new couple in sequence. At the end of the ceremony, the elders will take off the double happiness gauze circle for the groom and bride, end the watering ceremony, and the wedding will come to an end.

In order to show sincerity, the groom must impress the bride with lithe and graceful music, dance and exquisite gifts when marrying the bride. However, we didn’t see this paragraph on that day either. Write it down here for everyone to imagine. Ha ha, I think the traditional Thai wedding should be several times more lively than what we saw on that day.

Thailand is rich in tourism resources, The weddings of the post-80s and 90s prefer romance and innovation, Come to Thailand to take wedding photos, spend honeymoons, Pattaya must be the first choice, This should also be the reason why the organizers held this collective wedding. From the resplendent grand palace to the clear blue seascape resort, Appreciate the scenery of Thailand, enjoy romantic holidays, take foreign wedding photos… From now on, you can have one more memory-hold a unique Thai wedding, or invite relatives and friends to witness this wonderful moment together, and come to a family wedding tour by the way. Ha ha, leave laughter and promise!