Husband’s whim, With the “kindness” of her husband’s unit, Arranged his impossible vacation, This is killing me, Looking at strategies, searching information, looking for air tickets, checking hotels, I knew I had prepared several months in advance, so I was in a hurry now. My husband’s “free trip” was really easy. First of all, I saw Ctrip’s free trip. I planned to go to Phuket alone, but my husband wanted to go to Bangkok’s Grand Palace (alas, it was my suggestion, Thailand’s characteristic), so I had to stay in Bangkok. Later, I saw that the charming RACHA wanted to live, but Ctrip had only one day, which was not enough, so I gave up Ctrip and decided to take care of it myself. Preparations: 1. Visa: The last thing I found was BB on Group Q. 20 yuan/person-the visa was completed and valid for 3 months. BB’s movements are quite fast and can be completed within a week (there are also * * ones on TB, 30 yuan/person, and the express fee is borne by themselves. As long as the passport and photos are available within 3 working days after delivery, they are valid for 30 days) 2. Air tickets: Ctrip/AirAsia/Thai Airways have seen them all, and they don’t want to do too much trouble. Compared with the Fenglan holiday of Thai Airways, they are more affordable. -8/7 is paid, Get the printed air ticket confirmation form 3. Accommodation: Phuket Patong Beach-Novotel Phuket Resort (Novotel Phuket Resort) Ctrip Reservation-8/17 Payment Completed, Get VOUCHER, Mark the reservation number and order number, Phuket THE RACHA-Visit the official website, Already contacted the reservation department, Prepare to participate in the promotion of LAST MINUTE SEPCIALS, Stay for 2 nights-later changed to HONEYMOON PACKAGE-8/18 deposit paid, Brush the VISA card of Zhaoxing Bank, Confirm all the details such as pick-up and drop-off, No VOUCHER, Then mark the reservation number. (Wednesday) Wednesday night BBQ flyer Bangkok CENTARA GRAND-CENTRAL WORLD HOTEL-Fenglan Holiday Send One Night Event-8/7 Payment Complete, Get the printed accommodation confirmation form 4. Play: VIRACH TOUR (UNCLE V)-The latest quotation is attached, TX people download and watch Ha 5. MONEY: Exchange THB, BOC 8/14 Selling Price: THB100=RMB20.15== > RMB1=THB4.9636. US Asia Insurance is insured online at http: // the “Leisurely Tour” Scheme II for 7 days, RMB70/person-8/21 paid, Print insurance confirmation form Final itinerary: D1 8/23 SUN Shanghai-Bangkok (Thai Airlines Fenglan Holiday) Flight Delayed, Missed the transfer flight to Phuket, Stay in Bangkok, Thai Airlines Arranges Accommodation: NOVOTEL AIRPORT HOTELDAY 1 Travels D2 8/24 MON Morning: Bangkok-Phuket Stay Afternoon: Rest, eat casually, Visit the beach, swim at night: Carrefour purchase, Walking down the bar street, Seafood dinners: NOVOTEL PHUKET RESORTDAY 2 Travels D3 8/25 TUE Morning: Hotel strolling CHECK-OUT Afternoon: Take a special bus to CHALONG BAY, Take the Clippers to THE RACHA, Visit the beach, swim at night: Booking snorkeling, SPA, Dinner to RAYA FATHER: THE RACHADAY 3 Travels D4 8/26 WED Morning: Snorkeling afternoon: Spa, Swimming evening: Four-wheel drive tour around the island at night: Romantic dinner: THE RACHADAY 4 Travel Notes D5 8/27 THU Morning: CHECK OUT Noon: Take the SPEED BOAT back to Phuket, Hotel shuttle to airport Afternoon: Phuket-Bangkok Evening: Take AIRPORT EXPRESS AE3 to CHECK IN CENTARA GRAND Night: Jianxing Hotel Eats Curry Crab, Four-sided Buddha lodge: Bangkok CENTARA GRAND-CENTRAL WORLD HOTEL DAY 5 Travels D6 8/28 FRI Morning: The Grand Palace, the Jade Buddha Temple, Sleeping Buddha Temple, Zheng Wang Temple Afternoon: Shopping-centralworld, Kingpower Duty Free Shop Evening: Shopping-big C, MK Seafood Hotpot: CENTARA GRAND-CENTRAL WORLD HOTELDAY 6 Travels D7 8/29 SAT9: 00 CHECK OUT take TAXI to the airport 11: 00 Bangkok-Shanghai 18: 00 Return to Warm Home DAY 7 Travel Fee List: √ Air ticket: 2x (RMB 1090 + tax 1240) = RMB 4, 660.00 √ Bangkok CENTARA GRAND: 2x (390 + breakfast 200) = 1, 180.00 √ Visa Fee: 2x 20 = 40.00 √ Phuket NOVOTEL: 2x £ ¤ 502 = £ ¤ 1, 004.00 √ US Asia Insurance: 2x $70= $140.00 √ THE RACHA: THB27,352.00/credit card exchange rate 4.83 = $5,670.00/cash exchange rate 5.00 = $7,000.00 Subtotal: $19,700.00 Preparations: a Phuket Airport-Hotel Find JOYLEE156 Carpooling b Phuket Activity c Bangkok Attempts to Take Subway/Light Rail from Hotel to Grand Palace d Body Sunscreen, Repair After Sunburn to Bangkok/Phuket Airport to Buy, Change by the Way e Beach Shoes Purchased f Husband Beach Pants to Phuket Island