With the anger of my boyfriend, I came to Thailand, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. I still remember that a month ago I promised to come to Thailand with my boyfriend for the winter because of his travel plan. But before he left, his sentence “I won’t go to thiland.” Made me at a loss. No one did it for me, the hotel could not be returned, and even the air tickets went in with him. I didn’t know what to do if I were someone else, but for me, I replied with him, “up to you! “On January 29, AirAsia’s special fare from Macao to Chiang Mai arrived at Chiang Mai Airport smoothly although it was almost an hour late. When I got off the plane and got out of the airport, I was hit by a heat wave. It was really hot and the air was very humid. It must have just rained. Out of the airport, an aunt, similar to the person in charge of the airport taxi, directed the tourists to get on the bus at the door. The fare is to be bought in it. 180B is one person. I think this is very cheating, so I didn’t take a taxi and chose tuktuk. 120B sent us to the youth tour we are going to, Kiki’s House 17/1 Rachapakinai Rd. Soi 1, Sipoom, Muang. The mixed room has a good environment but you will be happier if you meet good roommates.

House is in the alley in the northeast corner of the ancient city. When you first come to Chiang Mai, you will feel that such an alley is a headache, but after a long time, you will feel that the winding alley and the dazzling array of cafes will make you fall in love with it. Day1: In such a leisurely city, it is necessary to sleep until you wake up naturally in the morning. Don’t set goals and plans for yourself during the trip. If the time is framed by scenic spots, I suggest joining the group, at least it is much cheaper! The place where I live is very close to 7-11 (Chiang Mai is full of 7-11). I went there and bought truemove’s calling card (49B). The available balance is 5B. It seems that the monthly unlimited traffic on the Internet is 100B. At the same time, I also recommend happy card, but the price of this card is 299B, including 299 telephone charges and one week’s free Internet traffic. After buying the card, I walked all the way in the alley. When I was tired, I ate at a restaurant casually. I forgot that I ate what, but the total was 55B plus vanilla milkshake, which was not cheap in Chiang Mai, but it was very cheap in RMB. After the meal, I took my backpack and changed to a hotel, because there was a Polish boy in Kiki’s house who slept and snored at night. Because of this, I changed to a local family hotel. I lived alone in a large room with a balcony and an independent toilet, which was only 350B a night.

Since a lonely person has come, Now that I have changed to a separate room, I can’t even close myself up. Put down my luggage and I went to the night market at night. Just hang out there, hang out, When I met a gourmet street, I went in and had dinner. Outside the gourmet street were some seafood from what. Personally, I didn’t think it was cheap. The cheapest dish was 150B. As a student, I couldn’t bear to walk in so luxuriously. I walked to the end. There was a corner where the local food was very cheap and the most expensive was only 40B. During the meal, I met four Chinese, two women and one man from Xiamen. We chatted together and talked that today they met a Guangzhou girl who had an accident at the foot of Sutie Mountain. Her friend went up the mountain to play for some reason. She was left alone at the foot of the mountain and saw her crying alone. They took her to the local hospital before they came back. It’s getting late after eating, and I went back to the hotel after parting. Today is the past.

Day2, I got up early today, If you want to go to the bookstore to buy books, In the process of walking, I saw a temple (there are many temples in Chiang Mai, all of which are similar). When I entered, a boy asked me in English if I was Korean. I smiled and told him that I came from China, and then there were all kinds of words he loved China. We went to the temple together, and later learned that I wanted to buy books and went to find a place to sell books together. In this way, I played with this Korean boy for a day and felt that this was the meaning of traveling. There would always be unexpected gains. On this day, we didn’t go to what’s scenic spots. We just drank coffee in cafes and talked about the cultures of the two countries. In other people’s eyes, we should come from the same country with the same skin color, but we spoke English, which was really interesting. Day3, today is Friday, and it is also the Flower Festival. The strategy said that the first Sunday in February is the Flower Festival, but the fact is that there are flower shows from Friday to July. When I came here, I had a good relationship with the landlord’s daughter, a lovely high school student. After talking with her, she promised to take me shopping at night, so I met her at the gate of her school at about 4: 30 when she finished school. There was still some time before she finished school, so I went shopping at noon. I didn’t expect to be hit by a good thing, that is, there was a parade of flowers in Tapeimen. Chiang Mai was indeed a place where beautiful women were produced. One by one, it was really beautiful and tourists didn’t listen to the photos.

In the evening, I came to Donut’s school and met one of her classmates, whose Chinese name was Feifei, majoring in English and Chinese. But when it comes to Chinese, I told her in Chinese why I chose this major, but she couldn’t understand.

Here we are, A night market here at the Southwest Gate, There is a lot of food in it, All sorts of things, By the way, it’s also a restaurant float and flowers. Day5, Today, I don’t have any plans and I just go out for a stroll. Walking along, I saw four little girls sitting in a courtyard doing manual labor classes. I took the initiative to go up and chat with them. They turned out to be local Senior Three students. At noon, the girls also invited me to eat Pizza. It was really nice for me. I met them and all of them left their mailboxes. I still keep in touch. Today I came to Chedilong Temple (the oldest temple), On my way back to the hotel, I saw a market where fruits were very cheap, ranging from 20 to 50B. Many people ate there. Sitting next to me was an elderly couple from France. We talked for a while and also talked about my boyfriend. The old lady always told me not to worry. I would meet many friends. It was really sweet. Soon a boy sitting next to me, Seemingly Chinese, When he was chatting with his friends, he said that he was from Foshan. I feel very kind, When I met a man from Guangdong, I chatted with him. Knowing that he and two friends from the same trade came here by themselves, When I was in Vietnam, I had a car accident. The two men were sent back to Beijing for rescue. He narrowly escaped a bullet. The 24th was better. Up to now, his arms have not been straight. Speaking of the car accident, his BMW X6 seemed to have lost 1.4 million cars to the side of the road, and his notebook and mobile phone were all broken. In this way, he continued to come to Chiang Mai alone. He was really a magical person. Indeed, he could meet many magical people and magical things during the trip. To be kind is to get the well-known little bird out of the market. The environment is very close and good. It seems that I also want to stay in this little bird youth tour next time I come. It is said that the boss is from Hong Kong and his name is Mike. He can also be found on Weibo. Today is Saturday and there is a Saturday night market. In the evening, we came to the market with empty stomachs, ready to look for all kinds of delicious food. Day5, today is Sunday and the last day of the Flower Festival. I chatted with Donut at my place of residence in the morning. She was applying nail polish and helped me apply it by the way. The two were naughty and happy.

A fraction of it is enough. Only China will kill people like this.

Day6, On the last day in Chiang Mai, I came to Chiang Mai University with my fellow Chinese, a very big university, really very big, but I don’t know if this is the largest compared with Hua Nong. There are free battery cars on campus. Considering that the battery cars in my school still charge 1.5 yuan, it is really a bit cheating! I met two sisters here. The lunch together at Chiang Mai University was very cheap and good. In the afternoon, we came to Mangotango recommended by many strategies to eat mango salad. When I arrived, I found that all of them were Chinese. None of them are foreigners, It seems that I have been fooled by the strategy again and have to say goodbye at night. Because I bought the bus to Bangkok, the afternoon plane on the 5th, Although he did not give up later, But I still want to be here, I like it very much here. On my way back, I received an offer from Groningen University. I wept with joy. At the same time, I was sad that my IELTS had not yet come out, but I was not afraid at all. I don’t know why I wanted to write a mail to the school to tell them that I wanted to enter the school again in March next year. The reason was that I wanted to travel and to be an English or Chinese teacher in Chiang Mai. After this trip, I found that life is just like this. The ups and downs in front of me are only temporary. Just like meeting a foreigner on the way, he said, just like what I said, IELTS is nothing, and breaking up with my boyfriend is nothing! “That’s not the end of the world! “Studying abroad can make me harvest in the trip I can still, then I still have what to worry about? The full name is 1660 round-trip air tickets for AirAsia, and then the total cost for a week, including air tickets and gifts from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, is 1,000. So this time it cost a total of 2600 yuan. I think the place where I live is 75 yuan a night. If I had known earlier that there was little bird, more than 20 yuan a night, I would have saved a lot of money a week! Finally, I would like to say that girls must go out of town alone. Raiders are a reference and their own personal experience is the truth! If you still have some questions after reading my post and want to ask me, I will answer them at any time like you.