After passing through the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, coming to Chiang Mai makes people like the city at once.

As if the rhythm has slowed down a lot, come and enjoy the beauty of the city quietly!

We arrived at Chiang Mai Railway Station on the morning of September 3. The small station was very fresh.

Clean platform


In public areas, many places that provide rest, mobile phones do not take particularly clear pictures.

It is worthy of being full of flowers, and flowers can be seen in details.

After checking in, I began to visit the ancient city.

At the first stop, we went to Chedillon Temple with 40 tickets.

There are very few visitors to the temples in Chiang Mai. When we went there, it seemed that the monks were having an early class and did not understand Thai. We only thought their atmosphere was very good.

The statues of several elephants on the great pagoda have also become incomplete with time.

The glittering reclining Buddha


After leaving the temple, wandering around the ancient city.

The alleys in the ancient city are quiet and fresh.

Petamen Plaza

Our lunch choice was cooking love, which was searched casually on the Internet. It was not bad. It was in the ancient city not far from Peta Gate.

After lunch, we returned to the inn to rest and prepare to go directly to the Saturday night market in the evening.

In Thailand during the rainy season, there will always be some showers in the evening, about 5 o’clock, and the duration is generally not more than half an hour.

The Saturday night market was at Chiang Mai Gate. When we arrived, it just started to shower. Seeing many roadside stalls outside Chiang Mai Gate, we went to buy some food. Later, we found out that the Saturday night market was in the long street diagonally opposite the road, and the whole street was full.

Fortunately, the shower passed and a rainbow appeared in the sky.

The first time I saw the double rainbow, the picture was very chaotic and still very beautiful.


Wooden lamp, essential oil soap, elephant, fruit juice

At six o’clock, the night market suddenly thought of music. All the people stood up and stood in awe. Later, they knew that the National Anthem would be played at eight o’clock in the morning and six o’clock in the evening in public places in Thailand, so they had to stand up and be quiet. Good faith, good strange as a foreigner.

After wandering in the night market for two hours, more and more people left. Fortunately, we went early. The evening sky.

Before I went, I thought it was a road. When I arrived, I found many branch paths and many points I wanted to shoot were to be found.


Girl, you sing so happily


Lucky Cat

Do you want to be so cute

The following one is very famous in Ningman Road, but I don’t know it is a what species either.

It’s fun to take a photo like this. Oh, it’s in the same place as the one above.

The street environment is also very good, and the flowers on the trees

Mango Tango, Thailand’s famous Bangkok dessert shop