Backpack for 8 years, Except for the first few trips, I basically hit the road alone. Many people ask a person if you are not afraid, don’t you feel bored? Of course, many people have different fun with each other, but I think traveling is a very personal thing. On the road, I only watch the scenery I like and only eat the delicious food I like. Moreover, my travel is also very casual. In recent years, I seldom watch strategies when traveling. I just set up big traffic, which is basically WALK IN GUESTHOUSE. If you like this place for a few more days, you can leave immediately if you don’t like it. It has always been believed that girls who can laugh will not have too bad luck, so they will never forget to bring a heartfelt smile when traveling.

On Christmas Eve, I suddenly wanted to see the Black and White Temple. In fact, what I want to see is the Black Temple. I have visited the White Temple several times before because of my work. The first tour group to the Black and White Temple is ONE TOUR. There is also carpooling with others, However, it is not possible to fill up a car every day. Basically, ONE TOUR of the travel agency does not go to the Black Temple and the Golden Triangle of the White Temple goes together. It takes seven or eight hours to be on the bus a day, so I decided to go to the station and take GREEN BUS to the Black and White Temple, and I also wanted to explore this route to provide some information for my friends who will walk alone in the future.

One day in advance, I went to ARCADE BUS STATION to buy a round-trip GREEN BUS ticket to Chiang Rai. One way, 185B, of course, there are VIP. The car is in good condition. There are flight attendants on the car who also send water and snacks. Why did I buy it one day in advance because I want to take the earlier bus in the morning? I bought the 7 o’clock flight and the return trip was 5: 30. If I bought it on the same day, it basically started at 9: 00.

Going out at six in the morning, In Chiang Mai, it was opaque. It was foggy for a long time when the bus drove from the station. After two hours of mountain road, the fog still did not disperse. I have been complaining about why I didn’t look at the weather before booking tickets. However, a miracle occurred when I climbed over the mountain top and cleared thousands of miles. I can get off the bus in advance. Just tell the flight attendants that you are under the White Temple before getting on the bus.

WHITE TEMPLE is actually just a common name. Its real English name is WAT RONG KHUN and its Chinese name is Longkun Temple. This shocking building was built in 1998. The famous Thai architect MR CHALERMCHAI exhausted his body and mind to create the greatest work in his life. This building is a gift from this builder to Queen Shijili. It has not yet been completed, but she is already one of the most beautiful temples in many people’s hearts.

But there are two things that make me feel particularly uncomfortable in the White Temple. The first is that before I got on the bridge, I heard the staff holding the horn and saying in Chinese, “Go ahead quickly.” Go ahead quickly. I looked forward. There was an English sign on the bridge that no one was allowed to stay on the bridge. However, our Chinese aunt was stuck on the bridge regardless of the guests behind. The staff shouted several times and did not leave. As a result, the staff got up and drove them down. The second thing is that the White Temple is still under construction, and many things are not allowed to be touched. When I came out after visiting the White Temple, I heard the staff shouting in Chinese not to touch or touch on the horn. I don’t want to evaluate what for these events, but I think we need to at least respect others and their beliefs and habits when we go to a strange country. Travel is not that I have money and I have been to that place, but whether there is anything that can subtly become something that you can warm up your strength to move forward after you have been to these places. Just like now, my camera lens is rarely aimed at strangers, and I will ask others if they want to take pictures before taking pictures.

I can’t find MINI BUS to go to Chiang Rai Central Station from Baimiao. However, the popularity of English in Chiang Rai seems not so high. I asked a lot of people to ask me to charter a car or take a taxi. Finally, a Chinese tour guide drew me a picture of BUS SATAION. I thought it would take 20B to arrive smoothly, but I didn’t think this was the beginning of cheating. First of all, he drew me OUT CIT BUS STATION instead of CENTER BUS STATION with MINI BUS. According to this picture, I walked for 30 minutes on the main road that did not depend on the village in front and the shop behind. I asked the way and asked none of the three gas stations to understand English. What was even sadder was that the Chiang Rai Station written in Thai by the little girl who knew a little English in the coffee shop opposite the White Temple was actually Longkun Temple. Finally, I asked an uncle who could understand simple words and knew that it would take me at least an hour to walk to the station. Before I collapsed, the uncle decided to take me to the station by motorcycle.

Uncle took me all the way to the station but refused to charge me a penny, so I asked Uncle and I to take a photo together as a souvenir. However, I didn’t know until I asked at the platform that I had to go to CENTER BUS STATION to take MINI BUS, so I had to find a TUTU to go to that station again. This little brother who drives TUTU is the best English I have encountered on this trip. He sold me a chartered car all the way, saying that he would take me to the Black Temple and then take me back to 400B after I visited. However, I wanted to find a chartered car as early as Chiang Mai. Why did I bother to come here to charter a car? There was no obvious information on the Internet, so I just wanted to grope for it. Xiao Ge didn’t stop all the way, and at last I didn’t care about him, but when I finally arrived at the station, MINI BUS, who went to the black temple, had just left, so Xiao Ge drove at full power to help me catch the car, and also instructed the conductor to get off at the black temple and take care of my fare as long as 20B. In fact, the green one is not the bus to the Black Temple. The destination is to Mercer. It will pass the Black Temple halfway through. It takes a few minutes to enter one intersection and reach the Black Temple much closer than the other. And the blue bus is not the bus to the White Temple either. It only passes through the White Temple and can be under the White Temple. The bus stops are blue MINI BUS (White Temple) on platform 8 and blue-green MINI BUS (Black Temple) on platform 5 of Chiang Rai CENTER BUS STATION respectively. According to my one-day walk down the black and white temple, there is plenty of time, so if the lone friend tries to sit at Chiang Rai central station and then take MINI BUS to the white temple, then you will know the exact place to get on and off, because this is a passing bus and there is no unified bus stop.

Almost half an hour later, the conductor told me to get off the bus and said that the black house had arrived. In fact, it was called BLACK HOUSE in the local black temple in Chiang Rai. The conductor personally took me to the intersection and told me that if I stopped the bus across the road on the return trip, I smiled and said thank you to her and told her that you were very much like my aunt. She was very happy and took out her cell phone and took a photo with me.

Compared with the White Temple, the Black Temple is unknown to many people. The Black Temple is actually a Black House Museum designed and built by a local artist THAWAN DUCHANEE. It is located at the junction of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. It contains many precious antiques collected by him, as well as many specimens such as horns, skulls and python skins. The atmosphere is rather depressing, but the smell of death fascinates me.

I came out of the Black Temple at about 3: 30 and had to mention that the durian ice cream in the Black Temple canteen was the best I had ever eaten in Thailand. I walked across the road and waited for MINI BUS back to the city. But forty minutes passed, One car after another did not see the car returning to the city. Finally, the kind people of Chiang Rai drove me back to the station. In fact, there are very few MINI BUS that return to the city after 3: 30, but in fact there are many double roads and TUTU. If the double roads are on the way, the fare is 20B, which was told to me by my sister who drove me back to the station later. In addition, GREEN BUS you can get on the bus from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai OUT CIT BUS STATION and CENTER BUS STATION, and it is good to have a seat on the ticket.

During my journey, There are countless people who have helped me like this. Remember to go to the water market in Bangkok, The uncle who bought vegetables drove me to my destination in a tricycle. In India, I came out of Qianzhu Temple and missed the last bus because I filmed the divine cow. The last luxury trip VAN took me to Udaipur. Thank you, lovely people, and let me learn to help people in need within my power on the trip. Do you know that when I hear others say thank you to me, I think this is the most beautiful and sincere language in the world.