It’s time to go to Thailand again. There’s no time to finish the previous 18 day diving trip in Thailand. I’ve stopped blogging for the time being, but I still want to post this very important article before I’m ready to leave to warn people who like to travel to Thailand in the future! We must help to publish the photo of the thief after reading it, so that the sisters who go to Bangkok in Thailand will survive! Met a thief @ Khao-San Road, Bangkok! Day16 (Preface: YQ is not my BF, and he will contract to travel in Bangkok, because the iron buddies who plan to travel with him are caught drunk driving in Shanghai, just the night before they buy the ticket and they are going to travel, they will be detained for 15 days… So he went from Shanghai to Bangkok in a dejected way for not wasting the ticket, with the anxiety of not speaking English. Just in time, I ended my diving trip in guidao from Sumei island to Bangkok on the same night as he arrived in Bangkok from Shanghai, so we discussed on the phone. We met at Kaoshan road the next morning after arriving.) In the morning, I was dragging my suitcase to meet my friend QY who was not far away. The Spanish thief came up to talk to me because I was in a hurry. He said he helped me to guide the way and said that it was his birthday party at night. I wanted to leave a phone to attend. I thought I would see my friend soon anyway. If I went, I would go to his party with my friend, so I left the electricity in a hurry Give it to him, and then I will meet up with my friend YQ from Tianjin who flies to Shanghai in 15 minutes. I ran into another brother XJ, a Beijing donkey friend, together with YQ. They bought tickets to go to the city the next day at Kaoshan road travel agency. Then they went to Bangkok’s largest shopping center for shopping together. Two brothers went for shopping together. I came back empty handed. After dinner, I came back to the hotel, and I knew that there was only one in my wallet There’s 800 baht in cash, thinking that I’ll go to the bank to get money later – at night, the three of us were invited by the thief’s phone together, and then he asked us to meet him at the door of McDonald’s on Kaoshan road and went to a bar in a remote alley nearby. On the way to the bar, the alley caught my attention. I pulled my old friend brother QY to stop and said, “don’t go. Why go to the bar so deep in the alley?”? Will it be robbed? Brother QY said: what are XJ and I afraid of? It should be OK. Later, I caught up with brother XJ, who was chatting with the thief in front of me in English, and said, “do we still want to go to such a remote place?”? Brother XJ said: I’m not afraid. This is the historic old bar alley mentioned by LP! When I got to the bar, I saw more than 10 other ghost tourists drinking there, and my heart began to let go…. when I got to the bar and sat down, I found that the thief’s so-called birthday party was actually drinking cheap beer, waiting to come and wait, the thief said that other friends who would come to the party would arrive very late, so he In fact, only three of us participated in the birthday party! (I didn’t know he was a thief at that time) (in fact, I was still muttering in my heart, but my two big men said: what are you afraid of if we protect you Day17 three of us (I, brother YQ and brother XJ) traveled to Bangkok city together. When we had to pay for drinks for lunch, we found that my wallet was only 100 baht. At this time, we knew that the Spanish chef who drank with us last night was actually a thief, and the bank cards in my wallet were all scattered… It was not my usual place

Photographs of Spanish thieves on Kao Shan Road are now released. Attached are two photos of the thieves.

If a single woman is accosted on Kaoshan Road in Bangkok, don’t believe it. Ha ha, I was stolen 700 Thai baht myself! (Fortunately, my wallet was only 800 pigs at that time), and I was preparing to withdraw money the next day… fortunately, I didn’t have time to withdraw money from the bank before being stolen!

Attached is a photo of the thief, who claimed to be from Barcelona, Spain, and worked as a cook in the Spanish Embassy in Bangkok. The reason for chatting up was to invite you to attend his birthday PARTY at night. In fact, it was not what PARTY, but just drank cheap beer and stole your wallet! ! !

On December 21, 2009, three of us (I, brother YQ and brother XJ) traveled to Bangkok city together. When we had to pay for drinks for lunch, we found that my wallet was only 100 baht. At this time, we knew that the Spanish chef who drank with us last night was actually a thief. The bank cards in my wallet were all scattered

It was about 7: 00 p.m. when I came back from the big city. At about 00PM, we went to another street parallel to the mountain road for dinner. We actually met the thief who accosted another Asian single girl tourist in the same way. The thief accosted the little single MM closely… In the noisy crowd, Brother QY and I passed them one meter apart. At that time, the thief saw us and pretended not to know us… after walking for almost 10 meters, the hiker brother QY wanted to go back and catch up with the girl and warned her, saying: this person has a birthday PARTY every day, and he accosted single women around kaoshan road every day… but I stopped brother QY for fear of many things! ! !

“” “” “Ps: It’s not that I don’t want justice, Because there was such a thing before: when we asked brother QY of kaoshan road about the price of a cap, the vendor said 500 baht a cap, and then another brother XJ inserted a sentence and said, “do you know, this can be bought for only 2-3 dollars in LA (XJ works in LA of the United States), and then the vendor said in English bored: get out of here!” Then you buy it and sell it to me. … Brother XJ said a few words when he saw his bad attitude, Then the vulgar vendor said: F *U*CK YOU, Brother XJ does not show weakness, There was a quarrel… then the vendor told him to go to the middle of the road to prepare for the opening stop… fortunately QY and I tried our best to pull it apart… with what we had experienced before, I really don’t want these two guys to have more things… after all, we are in a foreign country. At that time, we still had to think: more is better than less… now it is a bit just to write and publish the photos of the thieves… I hope that the girl was not stolen! ! ! On his birthday PARTY, he kept telling my friends that he fell in love with my sister and me at first sight, and also said that he hoped to return to Hong Kong with me to visit my parents. Those words were warm and frightened my aunt’s heart. At the same time, he felt that he was too hypocritical and funny. Fortunately, I had two friends together…….

At that time, I was like a lady. I tried to choose from the corners of my mouth, smiled and said thank you all the time, but I kept scolding in my heart: your grandma’s, you are really a fool to be an aunt??? I believe in your it sweet words only when I am incompetent! I look at you left, right, horizontal and vertical. I am a gangster!!! … but brother XJ, who knows a lot, comforted me and said, “it’s OK, you think more! Spanish man is such a passionate character! “Fainting! (later, it turns out that our girls have a strong intuitive ability. Brother XJ, who has a lot of knowledge about foreign water, changed his foreign knowledge into “amniotic fluid” in his judgment.) When brother XJ left the table and picked up a 30 minute long-distance sweet phone call from her girlfriend… When another brother QY went to buy cigarettes on July 11, the so-called chef of the Spanish Embassy sat down opposite me, so I took pictures for him to have fun (I didn’t know he was a thief at that time)… Fortunately, I took two pictures for fun, so now it can be released to show the world Hey, hey! Please allow me to be proud of the stolen!

After taking the photo, he pulled a chair beside the side and moved the chair close to our table top. Then he put his bag on the chair and motioned me to put my shoulder bag and his bag together….

My usual bag is always in front of me, Because there is a passport in the bag, But I saw him put his bag on the chair himself, So I don’t have any vigilance at all… (I’m still too stupid to think about it now), I remember that I put my bag down for less than 2 minutes, and he got up and said he was in a hurry to go to the bathroom, but he came back soon (note: when he went to the bathroom, his bag was left on the chair, and I still thought this person trusted me, so I how didn’t think he stole my wallet)……

When my friend XJ brother returned to his seat after the phone call, we naturally carried our bags back to our bodies and gave the chair where the bags were placed to friend XJ.

It’s over 2 o’clock in the evening, so we don’t want to drink because we are going to * big city * the next morning. When we got up and left, the thief was very depressed and didn’t want us to leave. He also said that he wanted to drink with us all night and didn’t want us to leave… (in retrospect, he didn’t have time to leave my friend’s bag because he stole too little money My friend’s bags are all in front of his waist, so it’s not easy to steal them)… I used to read the strategy that he was stolen hundreds of dollars by bus in Thailand. Strangely, the thief still left ten dollars. The thief also left 100 baht for me this time. I don’t know if it’s a little bit of stolen German quality, or if it’s because he wants to confuse the thinking of the stolen to see if there’s any chance. At 3 o’clock that night, my phone rang several times. I hung up when the thief called, and finally shut down. Brother QY and I think the thief is trying to explain something and then ask us out… In retrospect, I was careless about the thief’s party. In any case, I should not let my bag go. I will write the details later when I have time!

This is a picture of the thief

If a single woman meets this person on a mountain road, she must be careful.

The full photo of the thief in Kaoshan Road was posted on the Internet to remind other single girls!

The man, who calls himself Philip, is from Spain and works as a cook at the Spanish Embassy in Thailand.

At that time, when I took a picture of him, I felt that this person looked a little dirty and ugly. What kind of chef did what work in the Spanish Embassy in Bangkok?

the pics of that thief we met


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